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Chapter 975

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Zhou Yade's words made Sun Chengcai even more nervous . Sun Chengcai said imploringly, "Brother Zhou, brother in law, if something really happens this time around and I can't deal with it, please help me…"

Zhou Yade sighed . "As long as nothing big happens, I still can take out some weight from my Law Enforcement Hall… Everyone will more or less give me some face… You shall rest assured . "

Sun Chengcai became less worried .

At this moment, that fat shopkeeper of the Tianfu Inn finally rolled in like a ball, shouting at the same time, "Old Master Sun, it's terrible this time around… If you can quickly go there, there may still be some hope…"

Sun Chengcai shouted, "Shut up! Say slowly! What serious matter has happened? That deserves you to be so flustered? Where are your manners to howl like this in my Sun clan's hall?"

That fat shopkeeper's face was full of sweat . "It's the two young masters . They've started a conflict with someone in the inn…"

"Started a conflict?" Sun Chengcai felt more relieved when he heard this . As long as it's only a conflict, it's easy to be dealt with .

"Is it only a conflict? What's the background of the other party?" Sun Chengcai held up his teacup and drank slowly and extremely calmly . "Talk about the details slowly . "

The fat shopkeeper was so anxious that he kept hitting his ass . He said, "Today, a warrior from the Zhuge clan sent a guest into our inn; this guest is very young and handsome . He wears black clothes, and looks to have a very good temper…"

"Speak the key point . " Sun Chengcai was even more relieved . Looks to have a very good temper? Now, all those people who get bullied are those with good temper . Looks like my sons aren't at the disadvantaged side . That's good enough…

"This guest has brought two females along with him . One is an adult woman, and another is a girl . The adult woman has her face covered, and she looks very charming… The two young masters somehow knew about it…" the fat shopkeeper stuttered . He really wanted to slap his own mouth .

I normally could speak very glibly . Why did I end up stuttering today?

"Brought a woman?" Sun Chengcai was startled . His teacup stopped moving near his mouth .

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"I don't think she's the one," Zhou Yade said from aside, "I heard that the woman whom the 'Bane of Fops' has brought along isn't veiled…"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Sun Chengcai's face relaxed . He blew his tea and said, "What's next?"

"Later, the two young masters, together with the young masters from the Qian clan, Zhao clan, Li clan and Zhen clan went to see the woman and wanted to rob her…" the fat shopkeeper stuttered .

"Okay . What's next?" Sun Chengcai said lightly, "They didn't kill her, I suppose?"

The fat shopkeeper looked at the Sun clan's clan master in surprise: Do you think I would come to report this to you if your sons had gotten the upper hand and hadn't gotten into great trouble?

"No… That guest took out an identity jade token, and there's a poem on it…" the fat shopkeeper said .

"Identity jade token? A poem? What poem?" Zhou Yade's heart skipped a beat and couldn't bear himself from asking first . He prayed silently in his heart: Jade token? Poem? God, please don't tell me that it's that poem…

"Poem… I still remember it; It's… Heaven and earth of the vast South-East are cold, Law-enforcement makes my life more meaningful; with righteousness and fearlessness, I live up to the Nine Heavens!"

The fat shopkeeper said as he gesticulated, "I felt that something's wrong with it . It seems to be the token of the law-enforcement master of the South-East region…"



Two teacups landed on the ground at the same time and shattered into pieces .

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At the first sentence of the poem, the teacups of Sun Chengcai and Zhou Yade had already landed onto the ground at the same time . Tea water splashed onto the duo's robes, but they seemed to haven't sensed it at all . The duo had the same expression: wide eyes and agape mouth . They looked blankly at the fat shopkeeper . The four eyes seemed to have bulged out at the same time, almost falling onto the ground .

At this moment, the duo had even almost forgotten to breathe!

After startling for a moment, they yelled at the same time, "What!?"

The duo felt their hearts turn cold: The young masters of the Sun clan has tried to rob a woman from Han Xiaoran… Law-Enforcement Master Han???

This… this… What is this even! Even if they don't want to live anymore… they shouldn't do such a thing .

"What happened next?" Sun Chengcai felt his heart beating like a drum . Sweat on his face streamed down like a waterfall, and he didn't even realize that his sweat had dripped into his eyes . He only looked blankly at the fat shopkeeper, and keeping the last hope with him, he said, "The two young masters should have retreated when they saw this jade token?"

"They didn't…" the fat shopkeeper replied bitterly .

"They apologized?" Zhou Yade said in a manner as if he was moaning .

"No, they didn't…" the fat shopkeeper wiped away a handful of sweat .

"Then what the hell did they do!? What's their reaction when they see the poem?" Sun Chengcai roared furiously and almost jumped up .

"The big young master praised… Good poem, good poem… good literary skills…" the fat shopkeeper said nervously .

Three banging sounds heard .

It turned out that the three people present were so shocked by the words 'good poem, good literary skills' that they had fallen backward along with their chairs…

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"Bastard…" Sun Chengcai laid stunningly on the ground for a while before he moaned with a distorted face . He wanted to cry, but he had no tears . "The identity jade token of the law-enforcement master… He actually praised that it's a good poem…"

"We're over, we're over…" Zhou Yade, who had boasted that he could resolve any problems for his brother-in-law, lay dispiritedly on the ground . He didn't even have the strength to climb up . "Your Sun clan has harmed me so much… Sun Chengcai, you've really got two good sons… Which one among the tens of billions of people in the Nine Heavens not know about the identity tokens of the law-enforcement masters? Your son actually doesn't know… It's alright if he just doesn't know, but he actually praised that it's a good poem . It's still alright if he just praised . At most he'll be seen as someone unknowledgeable… But he actually went to rob the law-enforcement master's woman!"

He jumped up abruptly and his two eyes were red . "What the hell did I do in my previous life? Why do I have such an in-law in this life!"

"What's next?" Sun Chengcai said restlessly, still carrying the last hope with him .

"Then I've come to report this to you…" the fat shopkeeper said as he shuddered .

The three people in the hall lay exhaustedly on the ground .

"What shall we do? Brother-in-law…" It seemed that Sun Chengcai couldn't climb up .

"How do I know?" Zhou Yade said angrily, "This matter has nothing to do with me at all . From today onwards, our two clans shall cut off any relationship we have with each other . I don't know you, and neither do you know me!"

Sun Chengcai said angrily, "F**k your mother off! You don't want to care about this? Zhou Yade, if not for our Sun clan, how can you lead such a comfortable life here? How many purple crystals did you take? How many girls you've played with? How many bribery cases have you engaged in? I shall tell you, you won't be any better for this matter . If our Sun clan is over, I'll try as hard as I can to make you our scapegoat…"

"Alright alright… You bastard…" Zhou Yade said restlessly, "You can only rely on me this time… Damn it! Why are you still daydreaming? Quickly invite your Sun clan's elders out and prepare a gift so that we can go to make an apology! Stop roaring?!"

"Yes yes yes . " Sun Chengcai took a tumble and immediately jumped up . He shouted, "Girl, quickly ask our few elders to come out . You shall tell my wife to prepare a great gift . The bigger the better! It's also alright to get all our Sun clan's fortune out… Hurry! Hurry! Hurry hurry hurry!"

He gave a stack of orders . The few servants and warriors who'd just rushed in rushed out again .

After Sun Chengcai finished roaring, he landed his ass solidly on the ground . His face was already tearful . "Oh my God, what sins has our Sun clan done? Which has caused such a great disaster! God, please be merciful and allow our Sun clan to get past this…"

Zhou Yade said angrily, "What sins? Don't you know? Your two sons are lechers . As long as they have their eyes caught on some girls, no matter whether they're married or otherwise, your two sons would just want to get them . How many times did you stop them? Such a big disaster is also caused by your connivance . You also have a responsibility in this!"

Sun Chengcai let out a long sigh and muttered, "What's the use of saying this now…" Then he lowered his head dispiritedly .

Hurried footsteps came from the backcourt . A plump woman rushed out . "Sun Chengcai, are you mad? Do you actually want to give away the whole clan's fortune? Is your brain muddled?"

Sun Chengcai was furious . It also happened that at the moment, he had nowhere to vent his anger . So he jumped up and slapped heavily on his wife's face . "Bastard! I told you to prepare the gift, yet you're still babbling here . Do you want to die? If not for the two brutes that you've raised up, how will I go so far as to giving away all our clan's property?!"

"Ah? It's Duanmo and Canzhang?" Covering her face, the plump woman was about to flare up when he heard Sun Chengcai's words . She screamed in horror, "What happened to them?"

"Quickly go prepare now!" Sun Chengcai jumped up and roared . "If you don't do it fast, our two sons will be dead . So will it be the same for our whole clan!"

The plump woman nodded repeatedly and terrifically, and ran back .

With a flash, three elders walked out . "Chengcai, what has happened?"

Sun Chengcai was just about to answer when he heard a great commotion coming from outside, as if something big had happened .

Footsteps sounds were heard . A warrior, full of sweat, rushed in . He said hurriedly, "Something bad has happened!"

"What!" Sun Chengcai pulled a thread of his own beard down . Stamping heavily, he roared furiously, "Say quickly!"

"Our two young masters and their attendants, together with the few young masters from the Zhao clan, Li clan, Qian clan and Zheng clan, were tied up into one bunch, and now they're dragged through the street towards our direction… Now, a fight is going on among them!" the warrior said hurriedly .

"A fight?" Sun Chengcai's round face instantly flattened again, and his eyeballs protruded out of his face . He roared fearfully, "Who's fighting with who?"

"There're people from our clan, and also people from the Li clan, Zhao clan, Zheng clan… and Qian clan . All of them want to save their own young masters out… so they've started a fight… There's only one person against them, but… he's very powerful . That person has already created a river of blood…"

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