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Chapter 960

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Grand Uncle Han felt extremely strange!

He had rushed up wildly because he wanted to put up a desperate battle!

Only a battle could clear him of his humiliation! Regardless of whether he won or lost the battle!

His chest was already going to explode from rage .

But no matter how he rushed, and although he felt that he was speeding forth at the speed of lightning, the fact was that he was still spinning on the same spot . While Zi Xieqing was standing just directly opposite him and a few feet away from him, it seemed to him that she was very far away and he couldn't get to her no matter what .

But Zi Xieqing still continued to slap on his face non-stop like a thunderstorm, such that this actually produced a rhythmic and pleasing sound .

Grand Uncle Han tried to run for a long time . After suffering from innumerable slaps on his face, he finally recovered his stupor .

Is this the legendary '10,000 miles in an inch of time'?!

This was a special technique that only ninth stage Supreme Martial Artists could comprehend! This technique required the use of some forces to create a unique realm, such that as long as one was trapped in it, no matter what cultivation he had, he might not be able to escape this realm even if he ran in it for his whole life!

Once the technique was extended out, even if one ran wildly for tens or thousands of miles, he would in fact be just spinning on the same spot .

Cold sweat instantly crept up Grand Uncle Han's body . His brain also became clearer now .

With a shout, he spat out a mouthful of blood, then he turned around, wanting to escape .

He was hopeless today . If he continued to resist against Zi Xieqing, not only seventh young master and the rest were going to die, he himself also might have to die here . At the thought of this, he immediately wanted to escape for his life .

He turned back and ran, but he had forgotten that he was still trapped in this realm of '10,000 miles in an inch of time' . Thus, although he was running back in the realm, he was actually still running at the same spot .

Zi Xieqing frowned . "Why? You're still not contented in running forward? Do you still want to run backward? Alright, I shall fulfill your desire!"

She raised her leg, and kicked forth violently .

From the eyes of the bystanders, this Grand Uncle Han was willingly delivering his face for Zi Xieqing to slap on; and this wasn't enough, as he actually turned back and pointed his ass up, so that Zi Xieqing could kick on it…

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Everyone felt dizzy .

We've been with Supreme Martial Artist Han for so many years, and we've never heard before that he actually is so b*tchy… What's happening? How can a person be addicted to being beaten?

This is so strange .

But Zi Xieqing gave a reasonable explanation . She said, "You're also not young already . More than 1,000 years old? 1,800 or 1,900 years old?? Do you feel very uncomfortable that you've not been beaten for so many years? Have you gotten back some feelings after this round of beating? And realized that this taste is actually so fresh and unforgettable?… So you will allow me to beat you again and again?"

"Are you done? If you are, then get out of here . I'm very tired of kicking you," Zi Xieqing said .

As she said, she continued to kick relentlessly .

But what a pity . Supreme Martial Artist Han indeed wanted to get out, but how to? He could only shout and curse indignantly as he endured the kicks!

The previous demeanor he had was all gone .

Everyone felt their eyes ready to jump out from their eye sockets as they watched the scene . This really reeks…

A Supreme Martial Artist was being battered so badly, yet he didn't even fight back at all .

This matter was really eerie!

And as Zi Xieqing beat Supreme Martial Artist Han wildly, she still could control Fourth Jin, press on to Lan Ruoyun, and oversee the other seven people to not allow them to escape . She could multi-task really well .

What's more, her divine senses were still cast to a distance away, keeping a watch on the situations of Wei Wuyan and his teacher…

Finally, Supreme Martial Artist Han's cursing sound gradually decreased in volume .

With one kick by Zi Xieqing, he was thrown up into midair . Then, following which was a punch on him by her .

With a bang, Supreme Martial Artist flew into the distance . Upon landing on the ground, he twitched a little and fainted .

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Zi Xieqing had already beaten off his cultivation!

Aside, Chu Yang knew that this represented Zi Xieqing had enough of this 'Grand Uncle Han' already .

She didn't want to drag on him any further .

She looked coldly at the other . "All of you… I suppose you don't have any hopes already?"

The seven nodded repeatedly . Their faces were full of terror .

They could neither fight over her nor escape from her . Even a Supreme Martial Artist had landed in such a circumstance by fighting with her . Who else could dare to provoke her?

Zi Xieqing ordered, "Fourth Jin should be carried out his sentence now . The seven of you shall be responsible for this . You, you, and both of you shall carry out the sentence . You shall be the supervisor; you… you… you… the four of you shall be the audience . "

"Strike on him 365 times with a dagger . One complete piece of flesh should be off from him with each strike; If he dies before he endures 365 strikes, I'll also carry out death sentences on the seven of you . "

Zi Xieqing said lightly .

The seven people were instantly stunned!

This is so cruel!

Aside, Chu Yang had grown a little impatient . It seemed that this madam was really too lonely after living in the Black Blood Forest for so long, as she wasted too much time in dealing with a few bad guys . He said restlessly, "Forget it . Stop tormenting anymore, and kill them quickly . We also need to hurry on with our journey . "

Zi Xieqing looked back and smiled, saying, "I originally didn't want to torment them . As what they had said, I shouldn't have taken them so seriously; I could just kill them with one strike . But, I won't tolerate bullies! I must use the cruelest method to torture them to death! Even if they revive, I also want them to not dare be evildoers!"

Chu Yang sighed deeply .

Chu Le'er clasped her fists and said, "Sister Zi, I support you!"

Although Chu Le'er was young, she deeply hated the threats that these people could pose to women .

Zi Xieqing said coldly, "Chu Yang, you're a man, and you'll never know how much women hate these lady-killers… and how many women's happiness is ruined in their hands . Not only do they rob people, but to avoid further implications, they often exterminate their whole families . This is just because these women look beautiful!"

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"But, is it the fault of women that they look beautiful? The beauty of women is originally a form of the grace of Heaven . But because of these scums, the beauty of women has become a source that these women's family are killed!" Zi Xieqing said lightly, "So, I must kill these people as long as I see them! Killing one of such people can save countless women, and their families and kins . "

Chu Yang took a tumble . "So, you reveal your true appearance when you follow me, because you're trying to lure these lechers and rascals out, and kill them one by one?"

Zi Xieqing smiled and nodded . "Chu Yang, don't think that killing people is bad . All these people who develop ill intentions from my beauty all deserve to die! I'm enforcing justice on behalf of Heaven . Killing these people is not a sin, but instead, it's great merit! The more of these people you kill, the more women there are who'll live happily because of you, Chu Yang! Do you understand?"

Chu Yang was silent for a long time, before he finally let out a long sigh . "I've understood! This may be a redemption of conscience, and from a certain extent, it'll weaken our inner demons! Because… I'll feel that I've done a good deed . I'll naturally become open-minded and have no fear for anything!"

Zi Xieqing revealed a commendable look . "That's right, this is a kind of spiritual cultivation! I didn't expect you to understand my meaning so quickly . "

Chu Yang smiled . "If that's the case, let me enforce justice . "

Zi Xieqing laughed . "You're still blaming me for being slow… Forget it . I'll let you manage this . "

As she said, she rapidly swept past those experts from the Lan clan, landing a slap on each of them, causing their nerves and bones to break and their cultivations, abolished!

Chu Yang went forward with his sword in his hand . With a strike on each of these people, all of them were killed crisply .

If Zi Xieqing were to take actions, she would have to waste a long time .

Chu Yang didn't want to wait further .

As the sword went through Fourth Jin, he revealed a desperate look in his eyes, and he fell slowly and restlessly onto the ground . After which, his body actually shrank slowly to become a pile of white bones, which were then blown away with the wind .

The Nine Tribulations Sword had devoured his life energy!

All these people were sure to die . Besides, the weakest among these people had a Monarch level cultivation . There's even a Supreme Martial Artist here . For the Nine Tribulations Sword, they were a great source of energy, and it's a pity to waste it .

So, Chu Yang unhesitatingly extended the devouring power of the Nine Tribulations Sword, and swallowed all the life essences of these experts, which would be transformed into nutrients for the Nine Tribulations Sword .

Zi Xieqing slightly frowned and gazed at the bones under Chu Yang's sword being blown away, seemingly thinking of something .

Chu Yang also sighed slightly in his heart as he pierced his sword into Supreme Martial Artist Han's throat .

So what if one cultivates for 2,000 years and is a Supreme Martial Artist?

Everything will be gone when one stab goes down into him! As if he hasn't existed in the world before!

Everything will be like thin air .

The last one who's killed was of course Lan Ruoyun .

Not waiting for Zi Xieqing to abolish his cultivation, he had long been like a puddle of mud, lying restlessly on the ground . Seeing Chu Yang coming over, he shouted repeatedly, "You… Don't come here, don't kill me… I'm the seventh master of the Lan clan, you… you… If you kill me, the Lan clan won't let you go… I plead you… to let me off!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

In the end, he actually shouted for help .

Chu Yang frowned, feeling very strange in his heart: Which of the young masters from the nine great clans whom he had seen weren't scheming and undemonstrative? Ye Shifeng, Li Batian, Ye Mengse… How outstanding they are!

Only such kind of figure deserves to be masters on the direct line of descent .

But why is this seventh young master from the Lan clan so gutless?

How can such a timid and weak person who bullies the weak and fears the strong be the seventh young master of the Lan clan?

"Just by you… How did you deserve to be a master from the nine great clans?" Chu Yang looked disgustingly at him . "I'm very disappointed with the nine great clans as I look at you . "

Lan Ruoyun cried, "How do I know… I was fixed as the seventh young master just when I was born… I didn't have a say over this…"

Chu Yang looked coldly at him . "How old are you?"

"I… am 27…" Lan Ruoyun looked at him timidly .

"How many women have you trampled on these few years? Speak the truth!" Chu Yang shouted as he stared at him .

Lan Ruoyun felt his mind involuntarily being controlled . He said dreamily, "I really can't remember… 200 or 300 maybe…" As he said, he even revealed a reminiscent look on his face and smiled . "The thing I like best is to rob beauties and to have battles with their husbands…"

Chu Yang was directly detonated by this sentence of Lan Ruoyun . Before he finished speaking, a surge of fury rushed up to Chu Yang's head . He shouted, "Bastard!" And he violently slammed down his sword .

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