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Chapter 961

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As what Zi Xieqing had said, Chu Yang truly felt that it's really too cheap in dealing with such a crook by just killing him with one strike!

He really deserved to endure the cruelest forms of torture in the world before he should die!

But even if that's the case, it could only vent the hatred by a tiny percent, and not completely slake it .

As Lan Ruoyun's mind was controlled by Chu Yang, what Lan Ruoyun had said was absolutely his true mind! And, it's absolutely his voice in the most open form .

So despicable, so shameless!

Chu Yang utterly raged as he looked at this bastard smiling obscenely, so Chu Yang thrust his sword forth violently! And he started to chop Lan Ruoyun beginning from his feet, as if Chu Yang was mincing meat . Lan Ruoyun rolled back and forth on the ground, ceaselessly letting out shrill cries .

"I'll kill your father, mother, ancestors and all those people who protect you!" Chu Yang roared, "Your whole clan is full of crooks, crooks, crooks!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

What kind of clans were the nine great clans? What kind of people did these clans consist?

Experts . And they had strong divine senses .

How could Lan Ruoyun's family members not know about him doing such ruthless things? How could his parents not know? How could his elders not know?

Chu Yang would definitely not believe if they really didn't know .

If it was even said that the upper levels of the Lan clan didn't know about such things, there would definitely be no one in the whole Nine Heavens who would believe it!

This was too ridiculous!

But even though they knew about Lan Ruoyun's behaviors, they not only didn't obstruct him but also made such a person to be the seventh master of the clan…

What attitude the Lan clan held was conceivable!

Chu Yang had already sworn a blood oath in his heart: Regardless of how the other clans react, I must definitely exterminate the whole Lan clan!

When he made this decision, he even didn't consider that Lan Meixian from the Lan clan was actually his mother's teacher…

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Lan Ruoyun's groaning sounds gradually weakened .

Chu Yang raised his sword, wanting to end Lan Ruoyun's life .

"Wait . " Zi Xieqing stopped Chu Yang .

"Why?" Chu Yang turned around and asked .

"You can't kill him!" Zi Xieqing saw blackness revealing between Lan Ruoyun's brows, and said cautiously, "You'll have great troubles if you kill him . And you'll be exposed . "

"Why?" Chu Yang asked strangely, "There's no one around here . What's wrong in killing him? No one will know . "

"Look at the blackness between his brows . It's very strange . From what I know, it belongs to the divine senses of a Supreme Martial Artist . This Supreme Martial Artist had put in great efforts to implant it on Lan Ruoyun, and he's someone who cares about Lan Ruoyun very much . "

"And this Supreme Martial Artist will immediately know if Lan Ruoyun is killed!" Zi Xieqing said, "This is a secret technique in the Nine Heavens: Double-Souls Connection, One Heart in 10,000 miles! This guy's identity… isn't simple . "

Chu Yang snorted . "So what if it's troublesome? How can I let go of the dog's life of this bastard just because it's troublesome to kill him? It's definitely impossible that I will spare him!"

Zi Xieqing blinked her eyes . "You shall carry him and come with me . Don't let him die first . We shall go find Wei Wuyan on the way . "

Chu Yang didn't know what Zi Xieqing was up to, so he could only grab Lan Ruoyun and follow after Zi Xieqing .

Zi Xieqing carried Chu Le'er on her back and led the way, while Chu Yang followed behind . Outside a stretch of forest, Zi Xieqing let out a strange howl .

The disturbance was suddenly stirred up within the forest . Not for long, a big group of wolves swarmed out .

"Throw him in," Zi Xieqing said wryly .

"Haha… I see . This is a good idea . Let that Supreme Martial Artist go find trouble on this pack of wolves!" Chu Yang laughed, grabbed Lan Ruoyun, and threw him towards the wolves . Smelling the reek of blood, the wolves howled and rushed towards Lan Ruoyun .

Before Lan Ruoyun could cry, he was already dismembered by the wolves .

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A wisp of black air rose from Lan Ruoyun's corpse, and with the speed of lightning, it shot into the head of one of the wolves

That wolf seemed to feel very uncomfortable . It actually spun a few rounds dizzily and ran away with its tail caught between its legs .

Chu Yang said a little pitifully, "It's a pity that there's no powerful tenth grade or eleventh grade spirit beast here . Otherwise, it still could create some troubles for the Lan clan if Lan Ruoyun was to be thrown onto it . "

Zi Xieqing said, "Powerful spirit beasts… There used to be a Human Face Spider here, but I was disgusted by those things, so I drove it out of here . "

Chu Yang smiled dryly . "That inner core and Poison Pill of that Human Face Spider is with me now . "

"You've killed it?" Zi Xieqing looked very strange .

"No, it's Wei Wuyan . " As Chu Yang said, he described again of what happened that day .

Zi Xieqing actually burst into laughter . "Your luck is really not bad . "

The duo sped along the way . This time around, the duo cautiously avoided the groups of people who're searching in the mountains, and directly went towards the place where Wei Wuyan and his teacher were hiding .

Because those people who're searching the mountains were already getting closer and closer to there .

If Chu Yang and Zi Xieqing delayed further, Wei Wuyan and his teacher might really probably be killed…

After traveling for thousands of feet, they reached a cliff .

Zi Xieqing stopped, pointed to the opposite cliff and said, "Wei Wuyan and his teacher are there . The whole wall is covered with vines, which have covered the entire cave entrance . It's hard to see the cave from here with naked eyes . "

Chu Yang sighed . "Old Wei's life is really not easy . "

Zi Xieqing was silent for a while and said, "Although his teacher isn't responsible, Wei Wuyan is a good man who's hard to come by! But, he's a little too pedantic . This kind of person will suffer great losses in the martial world . "

Chu Yang nodded agreeably .

When the duo was about to go on, they suddenly heard swift sounds coming from a distance, as if there were quite a number of people rushing towards Chu Yang's direction .

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Chu Yang and Zi Xieqing instantly crouched down, flashed away from their path and cliff, and hid behind a thick growth of grass that's more than ten feet high .

People flew past here continuously . Not for long, there were already up to 30 people here . Four figures flew up onto a big tree and looked into the distance from the tree top .

Clanking sounds were heard, and following which, the fragrance of tea was spread out . Two people came forth smilingly, joking along their way .

The duo really knew about enjoying . They actually started making tea in the wild mountains .

One asked softly and smilingly to the other, "Brother Ye, do you have any discoveries on your side?"

The moment this person opened his mouth, his sound, tone, and the confidence and imposing bearing that he imposed, as if everything was within his control, instantly made Chu Yang thought of Diwu Qingrou .

Following which, another 'charming' voice sounded, "Ah, you're disgusting… Hehehe… Brother Zhuge, since you don't have any discoveries on your side, how will I have any discoveries on my side… Hehehe…"

As this sound came out, Chu Yang not only had goosebumps all over his body, there even appeared an image of a giggling woman in his mind .

Third master of the Ye clan .

Ye Shiyu .

It turned out that this had come!

It's actually Ye Shiyu from the Ye clan! What conditions had Lang Yilang promised to the Ye clan that made the Ye clan dispatch such an important character?

Seeing Chu Yang's strange expression, Zi Xieqing passed a mind message to Chu Yang . "You recognize this person?"

"This is the third master of the Ye clan, Ye Shiyu . " Chu Yang passed a mind message back .

"This is really awful . " Zi Xieqing silently lifted up half a portion of her sleeves and said, "Look . "

Chu Yang looked at Zi Xieqing's snow-white arms and saw it densely filled with goosebumps . He almost laughed out .

"This is really disgusting… He should be a man?" Zi Xieqing frowned .

Chu Yang could even clearly see the hair on Zi Xieqing's neck standing upright, which showed how much shock this Master Ye Shiyu had created on her .

Ye Wutian laughed silently in his heart: Zi Xieqing, with such cultivation of hers, is even frightened to such an extent . This shows how unparalleled his enchantment power is in the Nine Heavens!

If Ye Shiyu were to know about this, he'll surely be very proud of himself!

But that master from the Zhuge clan was very calm and he smiled slightly . "I really didn't expect that it's actually so troublesome to find him, even after getting exact information on Hong Wuliang . Brother Ye, we've endured many hardships along our journey . Now you look a little worn out . "

"Woo woo woo… I dislike you… You annoying Zhuge Wen . I hate people to talk about this question the most, yet you still say it… I really hate you . Humph!"

Ye Shiyu pouted his lips, twisted his waist and ass, and sat opposite Zhuge Wen, revealing an angry look . Then, he fumbled out a little mirror from his chest, examining carefully at his 'worn out' face, lamenting non-stop, "What should I do? What should I do? I'm really worn out… What a beauty to my flower-like countenance… Woo woo, I shouldn't have come out this round, but those guys just wanted to send me out . Humph! Next time, I shan't listen to them… Alas, what a pity…"

As he said, he dexterously took out a box of cosmetic powder, and actually used comb, sprays and eyebrow pencil to do makeup carefully .

Zhuge Wen smiled lightly . "Brother Ye, you really like beauty . "

This fellow said calmly and gracefully, and wasn't shocked at Ye Shiyu's extraordinary behavior at all, clearly showing how good his endurance level and cultivation was!

Ye clan twisted his waist like a water snake, and said 'shyly', "Oh my dear, we girls are different from you guys . How can I not love beauty?"

Then he sighed faintly . "I'm so tired . Humph! Zhuge Wen, can you help me massage my shoulders? Please?"

Zhuge Wen smiled bitterly . "Brother Ye, forgive me . You know that I have an obsession with cleanliness . "

Ye clan instantly became coquettish and began stamping his feet . "What do you mean by 'you have an obsession with cleanliness? Am I very dirty? Am I very dirty? Zhuge Wen! Say! Say! Say say say… If you don't explain to me clearly today, I'll creep into your bed tonight…"

He looked very agitated as he stamped his feet, twisted his waist and shook his ass .

Zhuge Wen still remained composed, but Chu Yang, who was in the grass, almost was going to faint: Freak! What a freak! There's actually such a marvel in the world… This is really intolerable…

I really don't know how this Zhuge Wen managed to bear him, Chu Yang praised in his heart: People from the Zhuge clan are indeed different from the rest…

This fellow sounds so composed . Damn, he's going to catch up with Diwu Qingrou soon…

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