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Chapter 957

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If Grand Uncle Han hadn't hesitated and taken actions personally, he still might save Fifth Jin . But instead, he ordered Fourth Jin to do so .

From issuing the order to Fourth Jin hearing the order and executing it, it after all needed time!

If it's ordinary battles, such a bit of time wouldn't have any harm to the overall situation .

But, under Chu Yang's sword, such a bit of time was enough for him to take a fatal shot!

Because the sword light had already merged to form a raging sea at this moment! The whole sea was turbulent now! While Fifth Jin was lingering on with his last breath in this sea of sword light and sword energy .

As Fourth Jin roared as he jumped out, he heard the last shrill cry of his younger brother .

"Ah ~~~ I'm not satisfied…"

Chu Yang waved his sword like a wind, steering away from the Purple Gold Dagger . With a flash of the sword tip, one eyeball of Fifth Jin flew out . With another flash, black liquid flowed out from his other eye . Immediately after which, under the lead of Chu Yang's sword, all the sword energy instantaneously gathered in the middle and slashed towards Fifth Jin .

Following which, amidst the waves of sword light, blood, as well as pieces of flesh and bones, continuously flew out, reaching for the sky…

Chu Yang pulled back his sword and retreated, panting heavily . His face was pale and bloodless .

Although he had already retreated, the raging waves of sword light in the battlefield still remained, and it was even still slashing fiercely in all directions! Fourth Jin rushed into the field as he roared and wildly wielded his dagger to slash apart the sword energy . He couldn't help but let out a heaven-shattering shrill cry, "Brother!!!"

The raging waves of sword light scattered away . Everyone could see Fourth Jin standing in the field and holding his younger brother in his arms, screaming and crying towards the sky!

Countless pieces of flesh were above the heads of the two of them as if they had endured through a blood rain .

Fourth Jin cried shrilly, as tears rolled down his eyes .

Then, with one hand carrying his brother's corpse, he strode towards Chu Yang and shouted furiously, "Kid, you've killed my brother! You actually dared to kill my brother! You actually dare… Ah ah ah! I want to kill you! Tear you into pieces…"

Only when his arms swayed as he walked did everyone discover how Fifth Jin looked like now . They involuntarily gasped!

There wasn't even a bit of flesh over his body . Even his internal organs were all dug out . And Fourth Jin had no choice but to hold on to his brother's spine!

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There were only Fifth Jin's bones left . There's even not a bit of blood on them .

He looked as if he's a skull that had been buried underground for hundreds of years . It's so clean that there's no skin, flesh and blood on it .

Chu Yang's face was pale . He said coldly, "So what if I killed your brother? If you also want to die, I'll fulfill your wish!"

Fourth Jin looked up to the sky and roared . Both his eyes were red . "Come! You little brute! Let me kill you!"

At this moment, a voice sounded softly . "Chu Yang, you shan't fight anymore . Your body will only be hurt if you continue . Leave the rest to me . "

Chu Yang turned around, smiled, and said, "Alright . "

It's Zi Xieqing who was talking .

Chu Yang had already fully exhausted his strength after fighting for two consecutive rounds . How could he continue to fight? Not only Zi Xieqing knew this point, but Chu Yang also knew it . Even every one of the ten opponents also knew it!

It could be seen that this teenager, a Sovereign of swords, was already a spent arrow!

Zi Xieqing, with her white dress fluttering, flashed in front of Chu Yang .

Blocking Chu Yang from the opponents .

Chu Yang smiled lightly, turned around without worrying for anything, and strode towards Chu Le'er . Then, he sat his ass gradually on the ground, and panted heavily for breath .

Chu Le'er caringly massaged Chu Yang's shoulders .

"Big brother, I think something's not right," Chu Le'er said softly, "This Sister Zi is obviously very powerful, but she wants you to stand up in front of her and be her shield for everything . I'm very uncomfortable about this . "Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Chu Yang smiled and pinched her little nose . "You actually realized this?"

He paused for a while and said, "Don't you know that she wants me to go into the Tao state and collect my Tao state energy?"

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"No . " Chu Le'er shook her head heavily, shaking off Chu Yang's hand from her nose . "I don't think it's that simple . "

"Naturally it isn't that simple," Chu Yang said smilingly, "But, on the whole, this is beneficial for me . Because I need her to press me to achieve my life goals . So, although I'm not clear of her identity, and she indeed is using me as a shield… but… have you thought of this: By her own capability, there's no need for her to have any shields!"

Chu Le'er thought for a while and instantly understood .

Actually, this matter was only a problem of perspective; you only seemed to see that Chu Yang was always fighting for others, and was at the forefront for everything . So you felt unfair for him .

But if you turned back to think again: How would Zi Xieqing need someone else's help with her own capability? How would she need a flower guardian? There's absolutely no need for her to do that! Not to mention a few fops, lechers or rascals, even if a peak Supreme Martial Artist was here, how would he be Zi Xieqing's opponent?

Even if Ning Tianya and Bu Liuqing wanted to fend for her, perhaps she might not even value their help .

Just as Chu Yang had said, it wasn't her that's exploiting Chu Yang when he stood up for her now, but it was actually Chu Yang that's exploiting her!

Exploiting these battles after battles to improve his own cultivation!

Exploiting these battles after battles to solidify his own divine spirit!

Exploiting these endless battles to improve his cultivation even closer to his target!

Because Chu Yang's goal was to consolidate the Nine Heavens without using the Nine Tribulations Sword! So as to protect his own brothers .

If there's no strong pressure spurring behind him and if Chu Yang only relied on his own efforts, he might probably not reach this goal even if he's given 10,000 years!

But it's greatly different with Zi Xieqing by his side .

Because Zi Xieqing would always spur him by finding different opponents for him to fight with, and make his cultivation improve through battling! Even if there were no enemies, Zi Xieqing would fight against him . This had virtually improved Chu Yang's cultivation by more than a hundred times that he would if he was by himself .

And the best thing of all was… Once he encountered some strong enemies that he couldn't resist against, Zi Xieqing would definitely watch himself to die .

Because if he died, she wouldn't find a second person that could provide her the Tao state energy continuously .

So, this was equivalent to Chu Yang having a super bodyguard!

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Chu Yang felt a bit strange . There were clearly so many benefits that he himself could gain . Why did Chu Le'er only see him as the one being exploited…

At this moment, Fourth Jin was startled as he saw Zi Xieqing standing gracefully in front of him .

Not only him, even Lan Ruoyun and the rest were also startled .

Such a delicate beauty… actually wants to fight?

Her arms and legs are so thin and tender and can be blown off by just blowing at her . How can she even fight?

Only that Grand Uncle Han next to Lan Ruoyun revealed a skeptical and grim look on his face: How did this woman get in front of that teenager? Why didn't I see clearly? I clearly didn't blink just now…

Is this woman actually an unparalleled expert?

Grand Uncle Han frowned as he thought quietly, not noticing that Lan Ruoyun had already gotten closer to Zi Xieqing the moment he saw Zi Xieqing come up .

Grand Uncle Han originally wanted to stop Lan Ruoyun, but he suddenly remembered: If she's really an unparalleled expert, why didn't she retaliate when she was teased by seventh young master just now?

So, he gave up on blocking Lan Ruoyun .

"Hahaha… Beauty, are you kidding?" Lan Ruoyun swaggered forward, his face beaming obscenely . He said, "How about having a fight with me? I shall let them all go, and we two shall fight by ourselves? I'll let you fight in whichever way you want… Do you want to fight on the bed? Or fight here? Or in the water? Otherwise, we can go up the tree to fight? Hahaha… What do you think?"

Zi Xieqing looked at Lan Ruoyun coldly and emotionlessly, then she suddenly smiled lightly . "Your ancestors 10,000 years ago wouldn't dare to say this to me . Your Lan clan is really bold . "

She suddenly extended her white and flower-like hands .

Looking at this pair of small hands, Lan Ruoyun instantly felt restless . He said, smiling licentiously, "Your little hands are really white . Is it soft too… . " And he extended his hand, wanting to touch them .

At this moment, a strange 'Woo~~' sound rang in the air .

Lan Ruoyun was 20 feet away from Zi Xieqing, but it seemed he was sucked forward to her with his feet off the ground .

At this moment, Zi Xieqing's small, soft and tender hand suddenly became sharp and threatening claws . Like an iron tong, they buckled on Lan Ruoyun's head .

"Kneel down!" Zi Xieqing said lightly with a cold face . With a slight exertion of force, Lan Ruoyun directly knelt down onto the ground .

Like a piece of decayed wood .

This made everyone startled .

Grand Uncle Han flew over and looked even a little shockingly at Zi Xieqing . He said, "Miss, our young master is young and not sensible . Please spare him this time for the sake of our Lan clan's face . "

He paused for a while and said, "If you can let him go, we'll leave immediately and never bother you again!"

'An expert can see the truth as soon as he takes a sniff . ' The fact that Zi Xieqing could easily suck Lan Ruoyun from 20 feet away into her own hands made Grand Uncle Han instantly understand that the power of this woman was very probably not beneath that of himself .

He couldn't help but feel bitter in his heart .

His instincts were indeed true . The Lan clan had sure enough gotten into big trouble . The only hope was that the Lan clan's reputation as one of the nine great clans could stop the opponent from creating greater troubles .

He definitely had no time to rescue seventh young master because the opponent could easily kill him with a pinch… Besides, he was also unconfident in directly battling with this woman…

Lan Ruoyun, who was kneeling on the ground, was in greater disbelief . His whole face revealed an incredible look .

He wouldn't even dream that this unparalleled beauty that had so tempted him to bring back home had actually turned into such a horrible demoness so suddenly .

This, this is really… What's exactly going on here…

Lan Ruoyun wanted to cry .

Zi Xieqing smiled . "Lan clan?"

Grand Uncle Han nodded . "Yes . "

Zi Xieqing smiled warmly . "Lan clan, you actually want to use Lan clan to suppress me… Hahaha, but, what shit is the Lan clan?!"

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