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Chapter 956

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This guy had actually started to pay attention to Chu Yang's sword! This made Chu Yang feel a little funny .

His eyes are quite discerning . He could actually see that my sword is not ordinary!

Chu Yang said coldly, "I only use my sword to kill people, and I'll never give it away . If you kill me, the sword will be yours, and I'll also give my woman to you . But if you can't kill me, not only you can't get both of them, your life will also not be yours anymore!"

Lan Ruoyun snorted and shouted, "Who shall kill him for me this time?"

Aside, Grand Uncle Han said in a low voice, "Fifth Jin, you shall go . "

A macho responded to him and stepped out . In his hand was a Purple Gold Dagger . He looked at Chu Yang and said, "Kid, I'm…"

"You're a wicked slave!" Chu Yang blurted out .

Fifth Jin's face instantly changed color . "You!"

"You're a wicked slave!" Chu Yang raised his sword . "Let's fight now! I'm not interested in hearing your name!"

Fifth Jin let out a loud roar, raised his dagger and dashed forward .

Chu Yang laughed, raised his sword and greeted Fifth Jin . The duo was instantly entangled into one .

"Grand Uncle Han, Fifth Jin should be able to take him down, I think?" Lan Ruoyun looked uneasily and quietly into the distance . His eyes reddened as he thought of how he should deal with such a beauty when he got her into his hands… With this thought, he even felt ants in his pants . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

"Fifth Jin is a second stage Martial Saint . It'll be a piece of cake for him to take down this kid," Grand Uncle Han said lightly, "Other than the two brothers from the Jin clan and me, other people here will only die if they go fight against that kid . "

"Good, good," Lan Ruoyun said happily .

"But… Seventh young master, even if this teenager dies in our hands, you can't spread this matter out . If it's spread out, it'll definitely create a great mess for our clan!"

Grand Uncle Han warned anxiously, "Only some secluded high-stage Supreme Martial Artist is capable of nurturing such an apprentice . If he comes up to us… our whole Lan clan will be over . And… we even may not be able to protect you!"

Lan Ruoyun said indifferently, "No matter how powerful he is, how can he be stronger than the nine great clans of the Nine Heavens?"

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Grand Uncle Han sighed and didn't speak . He thought: You're so ignorant . There're really quite a number of people who don't fear the nine great clans…

The most obvious examples would be Ning Tianya, Bu Liuqing, Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou… Whichever big clans provoked them would have to suffer a great catastrophe!

The battle became more and more intense .

Aside from the battlefield, Zi Xieqing shrank her two small hands in her sleeves and started doing some weird gestures again . A Tao state aura that's invisible to naked eyes flew continuously from the battlefield into her hands .

She was more careful in controlling the Tao state aura as compared to when she did so in the Black Blood Forest; all the Tao state energy was grasped entirely by her, and not a bit of it leaked out into the surroundings .

As such, only Zi Xieqing and Chu Yang knew that Chu Yang himself had entered into the Tao state . Others would not notice this at all!

Even this first stage Supreme Martial Artist next to Lan Ruoyun would definitely not notice this teenager's real identity . This had led him to continuously make wrong judgments, thus creating the best battling experience for Chu Yang .

Chu Yang had completely sunk into a fierce battle!

This Fifth Jin was a real second stage Saint level expert! The moment he took actions, Chu Yang felt a great pressure, as if a great mountain was pressing on him .

The opponent's Purple-Gold Dagger was like a wild and powerful dragon . Each stroke that it made carried with it sounds of wind and thunder .

And, although his body was large in size, it was very flexible . His body moved together with the dagger as if he and the dagger were one body . Purely looking from the skillfulness in dagger techniques, he was the only person among all whom Chu Yang had met who could be matched with Dong Wushang .

But Dong Wushang was far behind Fifth Jin in terms of fighting strength .

Chu Yang had fallen into a disadvantaged side just as the battle started .

But as he entered into the Tao state the next moment, he was no longer at a fatal position anymore; In the Tao state, he could see the opponent's dagger movements very clearly .

Although Chu Yang was still in a disadvantageous position, he would definitely not die .

He concentrated on exercising the soft water sword intent and fought steadily . While that soft water sword intent sought to protect himself, it also winded up the opponent bit by bit…

The battle reached a stalemate .

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Chu Yang also got a deeper understanding as he fought . For once, he even comprehended the opponent's dagger realm amidst the dagger light .

Although the pressure that Fifth Jin exerted on Chu Yang was great, it's a vast difference as compared to that given by Zi Xieqing . Chu Yang had been fighting with Zi Xieqing every day for these few days, and he had long gotten used to battling under such great pressure . At this moment, although he was at the downside, he still could deal with it with ease .

Previously, as he battled with Zi Xieqing, although it's intense and he also felt great pressure, Chu Yang himself knew that he wouldn't die .

But, it's always fear which really spurred people to improve themselves! Only pressure under immense fear could create a terrible outburst of his potential .

This fear included the fear of dying, or the fear of losing things that he cherished…

So, dealing with this life-and-death threat at this moment was then considered a true battling practice for Chu Yang!

And only in such battles could one gain the so-called real martial experience and battling experience!

Chu Yang's sword was like soft water that was flowing continuously, while Fifth Jin's dagger was like a great mountain which was slamming heavily into the sea .

Although the sea bore the forces passively, and although the mountain would ignite billowy sprays when it crashed into the sea, it would become calm afterward .

But the mountain would sink into the bottom of the sea and never produce any effects again .

The duo's battle was exactly going on in such circumstances repetitively .

Chu Yang continuously changed his movements, which went from the Fleeting Snow Cloud Movements to the Spirit Movements, which belonged to the first generation sword master, then to the Ghost Movements, Star Movements, and Sky-Leaping Movements, all of which the sword spirit had taught to him recently…

He consecutively changed 30 or 40 movements . Some were gentle, some were illusory, while others were weird…

In short, although Fifth Jin was completely at the upper hand, the feeling that he had nowhere to exert his force made him, who was occupying 90% of the attack, feel utterly sullen!

Because from the moment they started the battle till now, the weapons of both sides had only contacted for a few dozens of times . After that, they never contacted .

What's the feeling if one thrust his dagger powerfully, yet it only landed in a void?

As time passed, this Grand Uncle Han next to Lan Ruoyun slowly started to feel something not right .

Because Chu Yang's sword momentum had changed . Originally, it was a calm sea, but now, it was slightly rippling, as if there was wind sweeping across the surface of the sea, causing it to sparkle .

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Grand Uncle Han also suddenly discovered that the battling circumstances had changed quietly . Originally, Fifth Jin stood 90% of the attack, but now, it had changed to 80% .

The opponent was starting to make counterattacks!

Chu Yang's sword momentum changed again just when Grand Uncle Han realized this .

The sparkling sea started to have some sprays . Looking towards the horizon, they seemed to look like a layer of a silvery wave rolling over . At the same time, Fifth Jin's dagger was also moving a little more sluggishly by then .

Chu Yang's original 10% attack had already turned to that of 30%!

Grand Uncle Han stroked his beard gently, looking worried .

Is the opponent doing this deliberately, or is this his final move?

When he was hesitating, Chu Yang's sword momentum changed again .

The sword started to move more and more speedily, like waves which were becoming more and more turbulent one after the next .

Fifth Jin was forced to retract his dagger and defend himself first before carrying out the next attack .

Each of the two took half of the offensive now .

Chu Yang had actually equalized the battling circumstance .

Everyone who watched the battle was dumbstruck at such a reversal of circumstance . Not considering Grand Uncle Han, Fifth Jin's capability was only second to his big brother Fourth Jin, and was always ranked second in the clan .

He was a second stage Martial Saint!

He was an almost legendary existence in the martial world! But at this moment, after fighting for two hours with a teenager, he actually had to stop attacking and instead defend himself?

This was simply inconceivable!

Where did this strange teenager spark out from?!

But at this moment, the circumstance in the field suddenly changed dramatically!

Chu Yang let out a long shout and his sword shook furiously . "Turn The Nine Heavens' Thunder Into Raging Waves!"

Sword light suddenly spread out!

Waves suddenly surged in the sea . They were so towering that they seemed to be connected with the sky . Streams of sword light shone amidst the waves, making them look so vividly like lightning, which was at this instant cheering for the turbulent waves!

The huge waves drowned Fifth Jin completely!

Just before the blink of an eye, both sides were still at equal attacking grounds, but at this moment, Fifth Jin had no grounds to attack Chu Yang anymore . He could only desperately defend himself!

Yes, desperately defend himself!

And because of this, he might perhaps not be able to defend himself successfully!

The opponent had laid out his soft water sword intent at the very beginning layer by layer . Although Fifth Jin had cut away all of them, they didn't disappear .

At this moment, under the lead of Chu Yang's sword momentum, all those scattered soft water swords had once again organized together!

One wisp of sword intent alone couldn't affect Fifth Jin's dagger movements, but since Chu Yang had laid the soft water sword intent from the beginning, there were already more than millions of wisps of sword intent? Now, having them accumulated together, an astounding force was produced!

Fifth Jin's dagger had already started to deviate from its intended direction due to the force .

No matter how much force he used, and although his face had become red as he tried to exert force with all his might, he still couldn't steer his dagger in the right direction .

For battles between experts, a slight mistake could produce a vast difference!

Fifth Jin had no way of saving his situation already, and could only desperately try to hold on .

With a few swishing sounds, blood scattered out of Fifth Jin's body . He let out a loud roar, and desperately waved his dagger!

"Fourth Jin, save your brother!" Grand Uncle Han originally wanted to save Fifth Jin by himself, but he was self-respecting, so he ordered Fourth Jin to do so .

But, it was too late!

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