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Chapter 945

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Chu Yang wanted to cry . He said, "The moment I allowed you to follow me, I've already become a Base Sovereign…"

Zi Xieqing laughed and said, "This is a huge blessing for you . I may not have agreed to others if they asked for me to follow them…"

Chu Yang rolled his eyes . Thinking that he had to be abused every day and deal with the endless troubles that this demoness would create for him by interacting with those lady-killers and perverts every day… Chu Yang felt his heart overwhelmed with grief .

"Why is my life so bitter…" Chu Yang looked up to the sky and let out a long sigh .

At this moment, Chu Le'er and Wei Wuyan had walked back . Seeing the state that Chu Yang was in, Chu Le'er let out a scream and ran forward . "Big brother… why are you so badly beaten…"

Chu Yang revealed a bitter smile . "I'm already very contented that I'm alive…"

Wei Wuyan shook his head . "You're really… Hey?" Suddenly his two eyes almost popped out . "You've broken through again? Damn it…"

He turned around blankly . "You…" He took a deep gasp as he suddenly saw Zi Xieqing's face . He directly fell into a daze!

Chu Le'er also exclaimed dreamily, "So beautiful…"

Wei Wuyan also muttered, "Yes, so beautiful…"

Chu Yang felt sadder in his heart!

What do you know! You've only seen beauty, but I'm seeing endless troubles!

Seeing that Wei Wuyan, with his high endurance level, was also dazzled, Chu Yang was in utter despair .

Looks like I can't ever shirk this trouble .

Seven days later .

Chu Yang sat with his legs crossed on the ground . He was in full spirit and breathing deeply .

Wei Wuyan stood dispiritedly at one side, with a face full of envy and hatred .

In these seven days, he had seen Chu Yang easily enter the Tao state for eleven times! This number almost made Wei Wuyan crazy!

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In these seven days, he saw with his own eyes that Chu Yang advanced from a sixth stage Sword Sovereign to the seventh stage Sword Sovereign, then the eighth stage and ninth stage Sword Sovereign . Now, with spiritual energy rushing in his body again, his cultivation had arrived at the peak of a ninth stage Sword Sovereign level!

Then, just today, he witnessed Chu Yang and Zi Xieqing battling again!

In this battle, Chu Yang entered the Tao state once again, and he broke through the Sword Sovereign level to become a first stage Sovereign of swords!

This was a miracle!

Wei Wuyan personally witnessed this miracle!

"So outrageous!" Wei Wuyan muttered, "Such cultivation speed is really the first in the world!"

"First in the world?" Zi Xieqing said lightly as she looked at Chu Yang breathing deeply, "This is the first in the world? Haha… There was once someone who advanced from an ordinary person to a Supreme Martial Artist in one day! Can you believe that?"

"No!" Wei Wuyan shook his head violently, saying, "I won't believe it even if I'm beaten to death! If that's so, what's the significance of us cultivating and living for thousands or tens of thousands of years?"

Zi Xieqing said lightly, "I didn't let you believe it anyway . "

Chu Le'er looked at Zi Xieqing happily, full of envy in her eyes . After thinking for a long time, she took out from her chest a purple crystal hairpin which was of the shape of a dog . It was the one crafted for her by Wan Renjie . She held it to Zi Xieqing unwillingly . "Sister Zi, you're so beautiful . You'll definitely be more beautiful if you put this on . "

Zi Xieqing smiled warmly . "I don't need this . You shall wear it for yourself . I've been used to not wearing ornaments for many years . "

Chu Le'er said enviously, "Yes, sister, you're a born beauty . Even if you don't wear it, your beauty will still be unparalleled in the world . "

Zi Xieqing stroked Chu Le'er's hair and said softly, "Le'er, you'll be more beautiful than me when you grow up . "

"Really?" Chu Le'er asked hopefully .

"Yes . " Zi Xieqing nodded her head affirmatively .

Chu Le'er instantly became happy .

After a long time, Chu Yang woke up from his body regulation . Zi Xieqing's eyes met with those of Chu Yang . "What medicines are still lacking for Le'er's illness?"

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Zi Xieqing asked .

"Nine-Colored Lotus," Chu Yang said unreservedly .

"Nine-Colored Lotus…"Zi Xieqing frowned . "Where does that thing grow?"

In these few days, when Zi Xieqing had nothing to do, she would be together with Chu Le'er . Zi Xieqing was very fond of this little girl, so Zi Xieqing was also very concerned about her .

Chu Yang rolled his eyes and said, "It's not in the Black Blood Forest anyway . "

After these few days of interactions, he had seen that although Zi Xieqing's age wasn't young, and could be considered an old monster who's hundreds of thousands of years old, she didn't know quite much about things beyond cultivations .

She also knew less about worldly wisdom . There's hardly any merits in what she said .

But this was also pardonable . One could understand just by listening to her experience: Her cultivation space suddenly collapsed and she reached a new plane . There's no one there and only spiritual energy… That meant that she cultivated for tens of thousands of years before she tore apart the void and left…

How would she know about other things without anyone to talk to?

Civilization was passed down by human beings .

Since then, she traveled through dozens of planes just to find someone . This created lesser time for her to learn new things . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting .

And with her personality and cultivation, she really didn't need to bother to learn: With her cultivation, nothing would pose any threat to her wherever she went…

"Le'er requires some elixirs in your place," Chu Yang said, "Especially this Black Blood Poisonous Core Vine and Mysterious Yin Bone-Destroying Water . "

Zi Xieqing said without even thinking, "You want them? Take them if you want . "

Then she asked, "Do you want anything else?"

Chu Yang's eyes lit up, and he said, "You have other elixirs here?"

"I don't get injured easily . So I've conveniently picked some heavenly treasures from the continents of a few planes that I've been through . " Zi Xieqing said lightly, "I'll give it to you if you want . "

"Give me give me! Give all to me!" Chu Yang rubbed his hands, unable to contain his excitement . At this moment, he didn't feel that there would be any troubles with Zi Xieqing following him…

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There're actually such harvests that fall from the sky…

Elixirs from other planes… Hohoho… There are certainly some extraordinary things .

Zi Xieqing nodded slightly . "Here . "

With a brush, a black pile of elixirs appeared in front of them . "These are from the Black Blood Forest . "

With another brush, another pile appeared . "These are from the Dream Continent . "

"These are from the Ziyan Continent . "

"These are from the Pingyang Continent…"

"This is…"

Looking at the piles of small hills in front of him, Chu Yang was so excited that his face became contorted .

"Wow haha, great!" And he was going forth to absorb all of them up . The sword spirit also danced excitedly in the Nine Tribulations Space: Quality elixirs! They're all quality elixirs…

"I can give you those from the Black Blood Forest . " Zi Xieqing waved her hand and kept away the rest .

"Then…" Chu Yang was dumbstruck . "What about the rest?"

Looking at the remaining black elixirs in front of him, Chu Yang suddenly felt utterly disappointed . Originally, if the others weren't taken out, Chu Yang would also be extremely contented with these elixirs! And it would be that kind of contentment that's beyond his expectation .

But now, he felt quite discontented to look at the only pile before his eyes .

"Those will be my reward for you . I'll give you one elixir for each time I obtain Tao state energy from you . Mode of payment shall be cash on delivery . No credit shall be given on my part," Zi Xieqing said impartially .

"Oh…" Chu Yang instantly felt disheartened . "You actually have this plan . "

Zi Xieqing smiled . "If I don't use strategies to grasp you, won't I be exploited to death by you? Don't you think that I've not realized your cunningness!"

"How will I be that bad…" Chu Yang touched his nose embarrassedly . Rolling his eyes, he said, "If that's the case, I've let you collect my Tao state energy for 19 times more than half a month . So you should also give me 19 elixirs . "

As he said, he extended his hands boldly .

"I can give them to you . " Zi Xieqing didn't hesitate at all . She randomly grabbed 19 elixirs and threw them onto the ground as if they're garbage . "Here . I'll give you all these . "

Chu Yang said angrily, "Couldn't you be softer? The spiritual energy of these would run out if they're broken!"

Zi Xieqing pouted her mouth in disdain .

Chu Yang could completely understand her expression: Let it run out then . Anyway, they're useless to me…

Chu Yang sighed . As he walked forward to look at it, he couldn't help but twitch his nose in rage: These 19 heavenly treasures… are indeed heavenly treasures; and they're the top ones . But… these 19 look exactly the same . They are not 19 kinds of elixirs!

They were the ambergris fruit; each one of them was crystal-clear and contained great amounts of spiritual energy .

It's the size of the fist . There seemed to be a layer of frost on the surface, making it look obscure when placed on the ground . Under the shine of the Sun, it could even make itself more invisible to protect itself…

"Let it be one kind then . " Chu Yang could only comfort himself . "It's better than nothing . "

With a wave of his hand, he absorbed all of them in .

In the Nine Tribulations Space, the sword spirit started to become busy . He split up some of the elixirs and categorized them . Some with the possibility to grow on further were buried into the soil to allow them to continue to grow . Those who couldn't grow any further were put up onto a great medicine shelf made by Mysterious Yin Jade and Mysterious Yang Jade .

The jades were crafted into various sizes to make the shelf, such that the shelf was divided into small spaces . The shelf was 50 to 60 feet high, and 70 or 80 feet wide . Five such shelves were already filled up…

If anyone saw these precious Mysterious Yin Jade and Mysterious Yang Jade so badly squandered, they would surely have heartache and vomit blood to death…

Now, in the Nine Tribulations Space, there's not only Vitality Spring but also a Spirit-Refining Spring . One spring was in the South, while the other in the North . Next to the Spirit-Refining Spring were two Spirit-Refining Ponds for Chu Yang and the sword spirit to bath in everyday…

Such a life was indeed comfortable .

Next to the Vitality Spring, the sword spirit had opened up a large piece of land planted for elixirs . The sword spirit could only open up another piece of land as a stand-by .

He couldn't help but exclaim: This sword master is indeed different from the previous ones . Previously, they didn't utilize this piece of land at all . Now, this sword master even had the intention to fill up all of them…

This is really… cool .

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