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Chapter 946

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"Can we go now?" Zi Xieqing looked at Chu Yang as she asked lightly .

When she said this, she looked very indifferent, as if she had no feelings for this place after living here for 70,000 years . She wasn't reluctant to leave this place at all .

"Wait . I need to take the Black Blood Poisonous Core Vine and Mysterious Yin Bone-Destroying Water . " As Chu Yang said, he started walking towards the back of the house . "You shall make use of this time to clean up your things . So that you won't need to come back to take them again . "

"I'll never come back again after I leave this place . " Zi Xieqing looked around and revealed a trace of sadness in her eyes . "I have feelings attached to this house after living here for so long… Human emotions are really weird . "

Although her beauty was unparalleled and she looked holy and pure, she gave people the feeling that she was otherworldly and superior, and even cold and ruthless .

Although her beauty surprised him at the start, Chu Yang started to not treat her like a woman after interacting with her for a long time . She's so terrible! She didn't react at all when Wei Wuyan glanced at her for a few times, but Chu Yang himself would immediately be abused should he glance at her . Zi Xieqing called it to be: Absorbing the Tao state energy!

In short, she would use all sorts of means and excuses to force Chu Yang to battle with her and enter the Tao state .

A battle madman with such tenacity like Chu Yang was also tortured by so much that he almost lost all his desires to battle: Battling is more meaningful if there're wins and losses . What's the meaning of battling if one keeps losing and being tortured?

But at this moment, she slightly behaved like a woman . She quietly walked beneath the pergola and sat down, then gazed silently at this place where she had lived for 70,000 years .

Although she's reluctant, sad and her heart ached… she could only keep these emotions in the heart .

Zi Xieqing sat quietly . Her face looked cold .

Wei Wuyan and Chu Le'er sat aside, not daring to disturb her .

Chu Yang walked towards the direction of the Mysterious Yin Bone-Destroying Water .

Regardless whether Zi Xieqing knew it or otherwise, Chu Yang didn't wish her to follow him; Chu Yang didn't want Wei Wuyan and Chu Le'er to know about this too .

It's not because Chu Yang didn't trust them, but the more people, the more talk .

Because there might be something else beneath the Black Blood Poisonous Core Vine!

Black Blood Poisonous Core Vine was different from Black Blood Vine . Although Black Blood Poisonous Core Vine wasn't poisonous, it's called 'the source of all poisons'! Such an address wasn't said at random .

Normally in places where Black Blood Vines grew, absolute poisons would definitely congregate beneath it!

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But in places where Black Blood Poisonous Core Vine… there's a very huge possibility that there's Heaven Poison Jade Crystal beneath it!

And it's one of the Nine Great Herbal Medicines!

It's also greatly beneficial for Chu Yang, the sword spirit, the Nine Tribulations Sword and Chu Le'er .

Chu Yang wouldn't dare to leak such a secret to anyone, no matter how much Chu Yang trusted him .

This would be really deadly…

Walking nearer to the hill wall, as what Chu Yang had expected, the water was terrifyingly clear . Although he's 100 feet away from it, he still felt a bone-chilling sense of coldness .

"It's indeed Mysterious Yin Bone-Destroying Water," the sword spirit exclaimed in excitement in the Nine Tribulations Space .

Steam was rising from the water surface, forming strange mists: They looked like wild burning flames and they also produced the hissing sounds of flames .

"This spring water was extremely Yin in nature . Ordinary people will be frozen to death if they're 10 feet from it; for martial practitioners, their bones will freeze till it crashes if they're three feet from it . One foot away from it, even Revered Martial Artist can't stand straight . And if they stay there for more than the time of taking a breath, they won't be able to walk . "

The sword spirit explained in a low voice in the Nine Tribulations Space . "But, one will be instantly burnt if they step into the water! Till they turn into ashes! This is the peculiarity of this Mysterious Yin Bone-Destroying Water . "

Chu Yang asked, "Can this spring water be of use to men?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting .

The sword spirit smiled, saying, "Of course . But it must be used in a moderate amount, and it can only be applied . You can't drink it directly . Women can drink it directly if there're experts around to keep them safe, and this water can make their physique better . But men will only be burnt internally to death if they drink it . "

Chu Yang nodded . "Apply? What does it mean?"

"You can apply it to your joints . If it's applied more than 10 times, your joints will turn soft . If that's the case, even if you have to attack backward, it'll be as natural for you as attacking forward . "

The sword spirit said .

Chu Yang frowned . He thought silently for a long time and said, "How about me? Do I need to apply this spring water?"

The sword spirit smiled . "You can, but I advise you not to . Not only you, your brothers Gu Duxing and Dong Wushang are also not suitable to use this spring water . Your other brothers don't matter . "

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Chu Yang said, "Oh?"

"Because Gu Duxing and you are too acute, while Dong Wushang is too high-handed . If your joints can move freely, you'll virtually lose that kind of indomitable spirits that you have originally . So it's not worth it . "

Chu Yang nodded understandingly . "I see . "

The sword spirit laughed . "But this Mysterious Yin Bone-Destroying Water can be used to plant some elixirs in the Nine Tribulations Space . Let me absorb the water into the Nine Tribulations Space first . "

Chu Yang strode next to the water . In the Nine Tribulations Space, the sword spirit shouted, "Come in!"

The sword spirit made a weird gesture with his hands .

With a swooshing sound, the whole pool vanished .

Leaving only a bare ground and a big pit that's as deep as 100 feet .

That bone-chilling sense of coldness also vanished in an instant .

The other three cast a curious glance over to Chu Yang's side .

Wei Wuyan stood up and wanted to go forth to help, but was landed by Zi Xieqing . "Don't go there . "

"Why?" Wei Wuyan was puzzled . "More people will produce more strength . "

Zi Xieqing said lightly, "He'll say it if he needs help . Since he didn't say, he naturally has the reason for not saying it . Then you better not take actions by yourself . "

Wei Wuyan agreed embarrassedly and sat down . It wasn't that he really wanted to help Chu Yang, but Wei Wuyan was too uncomfortable to sit here and feel as if he was sitting on thorns .

Firstly, Zi Xieqing was a great expert that he couldn't have imagined; secondly, she was still a peerless beauty in the world! Wei Wuyan felt very faceless: He was already more than 1,000 years old, but he actually couldn't control himself in front of such a stunning beauty . He's acting just like a small kid…

Having blocked by Zi Xieqing, Wei Wuyan could only sit down . Suddenly, he understood why Chu Yang sighed every time at the mention of Zi Xieqing: With his own cultivation and experience, he even had such reactions at the sight of Zi Xieqing . If Zi Xieqing followed Chu Yang out of the Black Blood Forest…

Wei Wuyan shuddered .

That would be great trouble .

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Wei Wuyan looked at Zi Xieqing fearfully at the thought of this . Finally, he understood something that elders always said: It's already sufficient to have an ordinary wife . What's the use if the wife is pretty… She can only provoke great troubles out of nothing…

How true it was!

If Chu Yang brought Zi Xieqing out of here, how would he simply face just ordinary troubles? The whole world would turn enemy against him .

Such a demoness!

Such a disaster!

Wei Wuyan muttered a few words in his heart . But instantly he felt fortunate: Luckily she's not my wife .

"Why do you look so sneaky?" Zi Xieqing frowned and scolded .

Wei Wuyan laughed dryly and said, "Nothing, nothing . " And he forcibly twisted his neck back .

That side, Chu Yang had already gathered a whole wall of Black Blood Poisonous Core Vine . Then, he climbed down the roots of the Black Blood Poisonous Core Vine to beneath the big pit . He drew out his Nine Tribulations Sword and thrust it into the ground again and again .

Not for long, a complete piece of black rock was lifted up from the ground and thrown to one side .

Instantly, there was a loud bang .

Chu Yang continued to remove pieces after pieces of rocks . Gradually, the rocks piled up behind his ass to form a stone mountain .

But there seemed to be endless black rocks under the ground, and they didn't seem to have softened by even a bit .

70 feet deep into the ground .

100 feet .

200 feet…

He raised his head and straightened his waist . He was a little helpless: He was already 500 feet deep underground . The size of the sky above him was already smaller than the size of a palm now .

But there's still no trace of Heaven Poison Jade Crystal!

Its presence couldn't even be sensed at all .

If it wasn't the sword spirit who was assuring Chu Yang repeatedly, Chu Yang almost wanted to give up on it .

As Chu Yang dug, he lamented, "Sword spirit, it's already 700 feet deep . If I continue to dig, will I dig into the Middle Three Heavens?"

The sword spirit shouted, "Dig into the Middle Three Heavens? You really can imagine . Hurry up to dig . You won't finish digging it even if you're given the time as long as Zi Xieqing's age!"

Chu Yang sighed and continued to bury his head to work .

Another 500 feet down . Chu Yang was panting a little . He raised his head and leaned on the pit wall to rest .

"Attention! You're getting there soon!" the sword spirit said hurriedly, "Get your Poisonous Dragon inner core ready and put it in your mouth; besides, I'll give you a Nine Tribulations Pill . You shall eat it first to offset the toxicity . "

Chu Yang was furious . "Didn't you say that there's no Nine Tribulations Pill any more?"

The sword spirit smiled bashfully . "There's only one…"

Chu Yang rolled his eyes angrily . "You're just a miser!" He grabbed the Nine Tribulations Pill and threw it into his mouth . Then, he suddenly felt that something was wrong . "But I'll have breakthroughs after I eat the Nine Tribulations Pill… Didn't you always prevent me to break through cultivations with medicines?"

The sword spirit smiled bashfully again . "But now you have Zi Xieqing with you…"

Chu Yang was directly speechless .

Taking out the Poisonous Dragon inner core, Chu Yang wanted to beat up the sword spirit again . "Put it in my mouth? Say for yourself how should I put it in!"

The sword spirit was also stunned . That inner core was of the size of a bowl . How should it be put into the mouth…?

"Then hang it on your chest, then stick your mouth onto it," the sword spirit said with a black face .

Chu Yang let out a long sigh . "My image is now destroyed by you…"

Chu Yang was now in a very weird manner . In front of his chest was a huge round pill, and he had his mouth opened and fitted tightly and seamlessly against the pill as if he was a baby drinking milk . And he flipped his eyes and dug stones at the same time .

After reaching 800 or 900 feet deep underground, there were finally some reactions!

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