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Chapter 941

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Wei Wuyan was dumbstruck!

He could naturally observe that the cultivation of that person in white was obviously much higher than that of Chu Yang, and he had always been pressing down his cultivation to a level similar to that of Chu Yang when they fought .

So Wei Wuyan wouldn't feel strange at all no matter how much that person's cultivation improved .

But Chu Yang was only a fifth stage Sword Sovereign! Four hours ago, he was only at the beginning fifth stage Sword Sovereign level! But four hours later, he had advanced to the beginning sixth stage!

Only in four hours .

And his cultivation had broken through amidst his battling!

Wei Wuyan stood still . He felt that all the theory of martial arts that he had previously learned were completely subverted at this moment .

His teacher said: There's no quick success to martial arts, and one's cultivation requires his accumulation! And all this takes is time .

Wei Wuyan deeply agreed with this point . But it was only now that he knew: There were quick ways to practicing martial arts, as well as improving one's cultivation…

Wasn't that Chu Yang in front of him a clear real-life example?

Wei Wuyan remembered that Chu Yang was still a fourth stage Sword Sovereign ten days ago .

He felt dizzier . After a while, he felt himself yelling, "Motherf**ker… What the hell is going on…"

Chu Yang was in high fighting spirit after he had broken through, but that person in white suddenly jumped out of the battle zone and ended the battle . This made him feel discontented . It was as if there's a breath that's stuffed in his chest and going to explode, but he just couldn't get rid of this breath .

He closed his eyes and gasped for a few breaths to press down the battling impulse in his heart . Only then did he realize that his meridians were overflowing with primordial qi, so much of it that it made him feel like exploding .

Upon hearing that sentence said by the person in white, Chu Yang knew that today's battle was over . He took a few deep breaths, and finally pressed down the high fighting spirit within himself . He calmed down his breath before saying arrogantly, "Is it very fast to break one stage in four hours? You haven't seen me breaking through in a much shorter time!"

The person seemed to be startled for a while, then he said smilingly, "Really?"

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Chu Yang smiled and extended five fingers, saying lightly, "I once broke through five stages in two hours!" And he was telling the truth .

After this period of battling, Chu Yang would really be a fool if he still couldn't think of who this person was, his intention and purposes . And he really should commit suicide if that's really the case .

This person in white was absolutely the one that Wei Wuyan mentioned: The absolute ruler and hegemon of this entire Black Blood Forest!

Chu Yang was absolutely confident of this speculation: Only this person could wear white in the whole Black Blood Forest! And only this person could command others to not impede the way of Chu Yang, Wei Wuyan and Chu Le'er!

Only this person could have such power and influence .

Chu Yang could also guess that person's intention . Because, since he fought two battles when he just entered the Black Blood Forest, no one fought with him again .

The reason must be on Chu Yang himself . Otherwise, he would find Wei Wuyan to battle, and not him . Since the reason was on Chu Yang himself, it must be because of the previous two battles .

The only abnormality that Chu Yang had in these two battles was that he could enter the "Tao state" very easily!

To attract such a strong expert, to make such a strong expert offer concessions and to allow himself to go through the forest unimpeded… There's only this reason to explain all of these!

And it was also because of this that the person in white repeatedly found Chu Yang to battle . Every time, that person grasped hold of the battling circumstances very accurately, so that Chu Yang could exert all his efforts but still remained in a disadvantaged position…

Chu Yang was absolutely sure that the person in white was doing all of these for the sake of Chu Yang's Tao state!

This was why Chu Yang claimed very proudly that he had once broken through five stages of cultivation consecutively . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting .

This wasn't purely because Chu Yang was arrogant and complacent, but because Chu Yang was trying to further increase his own bargains . Only by raising his status to a certain extent could he talk to the adversary on equal grounds .

Otherwise, no matter how genius Chu Yang was, without having a greater bargain in his hands, he could still be killed or persecuted as what the adversary wanted to!

Sure enough, the person in white seemed to smile lightly when Chu Yang finished this sentence . He said, "You really broke through five stages in two hours before?"

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Chu Yang said proudly, "Of course! How can I lie to an expert like you?"

The person in white nodded and smiled . "Good, good, good . This is really good . "

The atmosphere instantly became peaceful, making Chu Yang slightly relieved . In confronting such an expert, and particularly one with uncertain temper, Chu Yang really had to be careful . It's really very tough work of having to select his vocabulary for every sentence he spoke .

At the next instant, the person in white spoke, "What's the feeling of being able to break through five stages at one shot?"

"Great!" Chu Yang said without thinking, and his face revealed a reminiscent smile . Thinking of the shocking expressions on the faces of Gu Duxing, Ji Mo and his few other brothers whenever he broke through his cultivation in the past, Chu Yang couldn't help but smile with extreme warmth and nostalgia .

"Great…" the person said, laughing, "Do you want to experience that again?"

"Whoever doesn't want that will be stupid… Urgh?" Chu Yang blurted out, but suddenly became startled when he spoke halfway . He asked shockingly, "What do you want to do?"

"I want to see you breaking through once," the person in white said gently, "Otherwise I'll think that you're lying to me . "

Suddenly, he extended his two hands . The whole Black Blood Forest became dark in an instant .

"You shall die here if you don't break through!" he roared coldly and flew up into the sky .

It looked as if the clouds hanging in the sky had suddenly begun to pour down!

There was only destruction in whatever places they landed on!

This time, the power he exerted was ten times that of the previous battle! If it was said that he used the power of the third stage Monarch level in the previous level, then the power he used this time had absolutely reached that of the ninth stage Monarch level, or it might be even greater than that!

Chu Yang was shocked!

Chu Yang definitely didn't expect this . That person clearly needed a favor from Chu Yang, yet he still behaved so erratically! The moment before was still all calm, but the next moment, a catastrophe had struck him! Chu Yang was completely caught off-guard by such a sudden change!

To some extent, this also directly broke the cognition that Chu Yang had towards human nature!

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This time, that person didn't relent even by a bit! Regardless of his murderous intent, aura, spirit, consciousness and momentum… All cast a resolute sense of murderousness!

Just like what he had said: If you want to get through this, you must have a breakthrough!

And the breakthrough must occur on the spot . Otherwise, you shall die!

Chu Yang screamed and started to exert all his cultivation . But he still couldn't resist the power of the upcoming heaven- and earth-shattering attack .

At this moment, the sword spirit also let out a roar in the Nine Tribulations Space . He resolved every scruple in his mind and whirled his two hands . In an instant, he exhausted whatever force he had to mobilize all the medicinal energy and convert them into pure spiritual force to be poured into Chu Yang's meridians .

He even didn't consider whether Chu Yang could support such great forces .

But the sword spirit could only do so . Otherwise, Chu Yang would be crushed into powder at the next instant .

At least, there would be some hope for Chu Yang to survive the opponent's attack . Chu Yang would definitely suffer from serious injuries after that, but as long as the opponent didn't continue to pursue Chu Yang, the sword spirit would have the confidence to save Chu Yang back .

Even if Chu Yang lost his breath on the spot, the sword spirit would also be confident to save Chu Yang back!

But, just when Chu Yang was trying his best to mobilize all this cultivation and potential, and when the sword spirit was converting all the medicinal energy into spiritual energy and pouring them madly into Chu Yang's meridians…

The person in white suddenly laughed and retreated . "Little brother, you don't need to be nervous . I'm just joking with you . "

"Damn!" Chu Yang roared this one word in extreme madness and with all his power, then gritting his teeth with extreme indignation, he shouted the other two words, "… your grandfather!"

Chu Yang's face was instantly contorted . At this instant, if all the ancestors of that person were in front of Chu Yang, he would definitely curse all of them thoroughly and regardlessly, not caring whether they were male or female!

Such a great cheater!

Chu Yang couldn't help but collapse .

Because, he had already mobilized all his cultivation, and all the medicinal energy was also in place . This was equivalent to dozens of times of energy as compared to his own cultivation accumulating within his own meridians!

And he was waiting for a counter-attack when that person struck him .

To make use of this violent impact to vent out this huge power within himself, then use the anti-shock to balance out part of the harm which was inflicted on himself, and finally retreat to protect himself!

This was the only life-saving method under the circumstances just now .

Other than this, he could only die!

But never did he expect that when he's just preparing to explode, his opponent disappeared and still said: Don't worry, I'm just joking with you… He wouldn't even dream of this happening .

What a cheater that person was!

And, when Chu Yang decided to find a random target to vent out his energy, he realized that everything around him had become a black hole and one which was expanding outwards .

He couldn't find any target to vent .

He wanted to vent his energy on the ground, but he realized that half of it had become hollow… He couldn't vent out! And could only bear the energy in himself!

Chu Yang was instantly astounded .

To draw an analogy, one could imagine a volcano that's going to erupt . It had several veins linking to the magma, which was going to burst out from the veins . But when it was going to erupt out, the magma suddenly realized that it couldn't… That would definitely form a spectacular sight that's comparable to dozens of atomic bombs exploding at the same time .

Thinking this way, one could know in what a bitter state Chu Yang was in right now .

"Damn your grandfather! Damn your grandfather! You're killing me… You're killing me…" Chu Yang already had no idea what to say .

Feeling his body bulging rapidly and about to explode, Chu Yang wanted to cry but he had no tears .

He didn't expect that as a Nine Tribulations Sword Master, not only did he die under the hands of his enemies, he actually played himself to his own death… Motherf**ker, even if I die, I'll have no more face to confront any ghosts in hell…

It's even pardonable to burst to death by eating too much… But what a joke that I'm going to burst to death this way!

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