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Chapter 942

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The sword spirit in the Nine Tribulations Space was also stunned . He had been desperately catalyzing the original storage of medicinal energy in Chu Yang's body and the medicinal energy that the sword spirit had absorbed, to be converted into spiritual energy, which even included some energy of existing elixirs .

The sword spirit had put in his greater power in doing this!

How fast was the sword spirit in refining medicines? How amazing were his capabilities?

It was completely conceivable that in what horrible and exaggerated amount of spiritual energy did the sword spirit provide to Chu Yang!

But at this moment, the opponent said that he wanted to stop the battle .

Once the medicinal energy was converted to spiritual energy, the sword spirit couldn't absorb the energy back anymore . So the energy could only accumulate in Chu Yang's meridians…

The sword spirit was actually at a loss of what to do .

Why did this damn ass stop fighting at this moment? Now, spiritual energy was already inundating Chu Yang's meridians, and it couldn't be transported into the elixir field in time . What should I do? If this Nine Tribulations Sword Master dies, the reason will be that I actually burst him to death? …

That'll become a joke…

But the sword spirit was really at a loss of what to do . If the sword spirit had another body, he could be able to help Chu Yang overcome this; but he didn't .

Should Wei Wuyan help Chu Yang, the secret of his identity of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master would be disclosed!

The sword spirit and Chu Yang were helpless: If there's really no other way, Chu Yang could only ask Wei Wuyan for help . As for disclosing the secret… just let it be disclosed… But even Wei Wuyan might not be able to digest these amount of energy . There was almost 10% probability that he would also burst…

"Is this sufficient for you to feel great again?" The person in white appeared in the sky and looked at Chu Yang . He said lightly, "Quick, let me have a look at how you're going to break through five stages in two hours . "

"You…" Chu Yang almost vomited blood as he said, "You're doing this just for this?"

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The person in white replied casually, "Didn't you say it for yourself just now?"

Chu Yang was directly speechless . "That's in the past! It is possible for a Martial Artist to break through five stages in two hours . How can this be compared with a Sword Sovereign? Breaking through one Sword Sovereign level is equivalent to 1,000 people breaking through the Artist level at the same time!"

The person in white said lightly, "So what? When you're at the Artist level, your meridians could withstand the primordial qi for breaking through five stages . Then, when you're at your current Sword Sovereign level, you'll definitely be able to withstand the spiritual energy for breaking through five stages! This is actually the same . The only difference lies in the scientific levels of the two . "

Chu Yang's body was already swelling up . His face and neck had turned thick, and he was gasping heavily for breath . "You're saying pure fart… You shall try for yourself then? According to what you've said, your body should be able to endure the energy for breaking through five stages . Then, let me have a look at how you're going to breakthrough . You're doing mere paper-talking…"

The person in white said lightly, "I'm thinking… where can I absorb enough spiritual energy at one go that's sufficient for me to break through five stages…"

He even felt a little sad as he said, and sighed .

Chu Yang said in rage, "Stop sighing! I'm going to explode! You're such a cheater… Quickly find me a way… Damn it, you can't cheat me like this . I shall tell you now: If I explode, my power for that Tao state will be gone too!"

In the Nine Tribulations Space, the sword spirit jumped anxiously . "Oh lord, you're still threatening him… Will you die by saying some kinder words to him…"

Although Chu Yang couldn't see the expression of that person in white, Chu Yang could sense that the person in white frowned a little, and said miserably, "Can't y'all solve this problem? What a good opportunity this is!"

Chu Yang was so anxious that he didn't even notice that the person in white spoke 'y'all' instead of 'you' . Chu Yang said furiously, "The only solution is to fight a battle with you so that I can vent all my energy out and recover my original cultivation . Although I'll suffer from serious internal injuries, it's not fatal . This is the only solution!"

"Nonsense!" the person in white said furiously, "I wasted so much effort to dig out all your potential and your hidden medicinal energy, then used my supernatural power to conceal your environments so that you have nowhere to vent your energy . I've created such a rare, great opportunity for you, and you actually want to vent it? Waste it?!"

"A rare, great opportunity?" Chu Yang cried as he held on to his brain which was going to explode, "An opportunity to explode?"

At this moment, the person in white fluttered towards Chu Yang from the virtual space in an illusory manner . He said lightly and impatiently, "Use your fighting spirit to suppress your qi and blood, then swallow and spit out your energy once . Isn't that possible?"

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Chu Yang tried hard to endure the pain of his bulging meridians, gritting his teeth and said, "When the fighting spirit arises, the qi and blood will naturally boil up; then how to use the increasing fighting spirit to suppress qi and blood? Not to mention using the elixir field to swallow and spit out the energy… If this is done, the circulation of meridians will be reversed . At such a fatal moment, this is even more hopeless… Besides, even if the circulation in meridians is successfully reversed, the elixir field will also explode if it has to endure such great energy…"

At such an uncomfortable time, Chu Yang even found himself ridiculous that he even had the mood to discuss martial arts problems of such importance with this person in white .

The person in white said furiously, "What a fool! The elixir field is a treasure entrusted on humans by heaven and earth . How can it burst so easily? Swallowing and spitting out energy using the elixir field is a cultivation method . How will it cause the circulation within meridians to reverse? How does it even need meridians to work in the first place? What messy and irrational theories have this continent taught you humans?!"

Even when Chu Yang was so uncomfortable now that he was at the brink of collapse, he couldn't help but be dumbstruck upon listening to this person in white . "What theories have this continent taught us… Are you… Are you not a human from this continent?"

The person in white snorted and said furiously, "How can this continent tolerate my presence?!"

Chu Yang only felt his heart jerked as this sentence came out . His brain actually turned blank for a while, then briefly became clear… It's a kind of heaven- and earth-shattering clearness .

How can this continent tolerate my presence!

How arrogantly and condescendingly this sentence was spoken!

Amidst extreme shock, Chu Yang gritted his teeth and asked, "But… how to suppress… the qi and blood with the fighting spirit?"

The person in white said, "The fighting spirit arises in your brain, but whether your qi and blood boil depends on your heart! Don't you understand this? If you can't control your heart, how can you see the great Tao!"

He gazed at Chu Yang's body which was gradually swelling up, and continued lightly, "If there's one day when you can understand what I mean, and can use your fighting spirit to devour the whole world while your qi and blood remain as cold as snow, then… you'll be unparalleled in this Nine Heavens!"

If I can use my fighting spirit to devour the whole world while my qi and blood remain as cold as snow, then… I'll be unparalleled in this Nine Heavens!

Chu Yang's heart skipped a beat, and he remembered this sentence firmly in his heart .

His body felt more and more uncomfortable, and he could feel his meridians gradually cracking . He tried to follow the method that the person in white said by using his fighting spirit to suppress his qi and blood, but to no avail, despite him trying this for several times .

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The person in white looked at him quietly . Finally, he sighed and said, "You can't do this after all… If that's the case, let me help you!"

He floated up to Chu Yang, and his left palm went up and clenched into a fist .

Chu Yang instantly sensed his fighting spirit, which was now rising from his heart to his body surface, being grasped by a hand!

Such an intangible thing was actually grasped by a hand!

Chu Yang could feel that the hand of the person in white was ice-cold!

Following which, he pressed his other hand downwards on Chu Yang's chest, specifically the region above his heart .

Chu Yang's chest sank in, and he felt a chilly feeling pouring into his heart . His heart, which was palpitating wildly like a galloping horse, actually calmed down gradually . At the same time, that person in white held down and released his left hand, allowing Chu Yang's fighting spirit to suddenly vent out . The berserk feeling in his brain also started to rise…

The heartbeat went slower and slower, while the berserk feeling in his brain went more and more intense . His brain and mind were now completely contradictory to each other!

And they were going to meet in the elixir field!

The moment Chu Yang's heart stopped beating, the person in white slammed his palm against Chu Yang's elixir field, then sucked it outwards, before pressing it downwards .

Chu Yang moaned as he felt the spiritual energy in his elixir field being entirely sucked out . Instantly, he felt an inexplicable kind of uneasiness in his elixir field due to the emptiness in it, as if his cultivation was completely wasted at this moment .

If he remained in this state, he would definitely not be able to control the movement of a single finger of his!

Following which, his cultivation seemed to have rolled back to him . All the spiritual energy that was being sucked out was all returned to him . Through this way, swallowing and spitting movements of his elixir field were completed!

And at the moment Chu Yang's elixir field turned empty, he realized a great secret!

That was, the elixir field was an infinitely large space! While he previously assumed that his cultivation had filled up the elixir field, the cultivation actually took up a tiny portion of the elixir field!

If it wasn't completely empty, he wouldn't realize this fact at all!

Why was that so?

This was because, in this short process, when the spiritual energy originally in the elixir field was sucked out, the elixir field had completely turned empty, and the spiritual energy that had flooded his body went into the elixir field at the same time . Then, the spiritual energy that was sucked out returned to the elixir field, to be integrated with the rest of the spiritual energy .

The elixir field bulged out, but instantly resumed back to its original shape!

Starting from the elixir field, spiritual energy started to flow upwards and started a new circulation…

Chu Yang suddenly realized that all the uneasiness and swelled-up feeling completely vanished at this moment! And his body was full of energy and in a completely good state .

A problem that even a Supreme Martial Artist in the whole Nine Heavens couldn't solve was actually solved so easily with such a method!

Such a horrible catastrophe with this person actually turned out to be a huge blessing?!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting .

Chu Yang was really befuddled at this moment .

Who was exactly the person in white?

The sword spirit would definitely not know such a method . If he did, Chu Yang would long have become a Supreme Martial Artist… And that person in white also said before: How can this continent tolerate my presence?!

Then who was he? Where did he come from?

Why did he live in this Black Blood Forest? In such a huge Nine Heavens and with his cultivation, couldn't he domineer over whatever places he could have gone?

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