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Chapter 932

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As the fight went on, Chu Yang also gained more insights .

He had just realized that his soft water sword intent was absolutely extraordinary! The more the sword technique was extended out, the greater the power it would contain . Most notably, during the fight, its movements would slowly become smoother and smoother, following the power of the enemy .

Originally, he had complete confidence of not getting hurt, but at the same time, he was concerned that his Nine Tribulations Sword techniques would be recognized . So, he used this soft water sword intent with the intention of trying it out .

At the start, he was very awkward in his moves . But as the sword technique developed, Chu Yang's movement became ever more free and natural .

Especially when the first wave of soft sword energy flowed out in an arc shape like an undercurrent in deep water, Chu Yang felt immense relief in his heart .

He had realized this sword intent in water .

When he was in the water, he was completely surrounded by water just like how he was completely surrounded by enemies right now!

Faced with such a situation, it was absolutely impossible to forcefully break the siege or win the fight . The only thing he could do was to make use of the power of water flow and direct it with his own strength .

When the forces of attack by the enemies were driven by the direction of his own sword intent, he would naturally not be hurt .

Chu Yang wielded his sword extremely carefully . Under the siege of the four men, he was like duckweed in flowing water, drifting, and moving up and down on top of the waves . Yet the duckweed remained unhurt regardless of how big the waves were .

His movement was light, and he wielded his sword slowly and gently . But every time the sword went out, it always produced a gentle, lingering power which dexterously drove the force of attack to one side .

When the fight first started, there were still collisions between weapons, and clanging sounds could be constantly heard .

But as the fight became ever more intense, such clanging sounds actually reduced gradually and even disappeared completely in the end .

Until a very strange situation took place in the fight…

Chu Yang pointed his sword lightly to the left, and although the six shining weapons were almost reaching him, those six weapons somehow changed their direction, following the direction at which the sword pointed to and pointing to the left as well .

Chu Yang's sword pointed to the right . The four men's faces flushed bright red as they struggled to control their weapons yet still couldn't help but have their weapons point to the right again .

Their movements were uniform as one .

The five looked as though they were dancing together, with Chu Yang in the middle taking the lead .

He waved his sword and swung his hips, and those four followed the same…

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Chu Yang waved his sword once and swung his hip twice more, and those four also did the same movements…

The scene was extremely ridiculous .

Chu Le'er laughed as if she was watching a show . "This is so funny, what's the matter? Why are they all following big brother? They are fighting… How to fight like this?"

The shock was written over Wei Wuyan's face, and his eyes were full of amazement!

He didn't hear Chu Le'er at all .

Only an innocent little girl like Chu Le'er who yet knew nothing about the martial arts would find the scene funny . But Wei Wuyan only felt a sense of chill down his spine .

He had been watching this fight clearly from the start until now .

The moment the enemies made their first moves, Wei Wuyan had realized that they were four Martial Emperors; they each had their own great talents . Two of them were in the sixth stage and the other two were in the fourth stage .

By logic, with such strength and cooperation, Chu Yang, being a fifth stage Sword Emperor, wouldn't find it hard to escape them unhurt, but he would have to pay a price in order to win or kill them .

And this was exactly the case when the fight had just begun .

Chu Yang struggled to manage the combined attack of the enemy at the start . His sword technique didn't seem capable of dealing with such an attack . Just as Wei Wuyan was worrying for Chu Yang, Chu Yang's circumstances changed after a single sword movement .

Others might not feel that it was just an ordinary sword movement . But what kind of observation did Wei Wuyan have? He had clearly seen that the strength of the single movement actually drove the sword which was furthest from Chu Yang to the wrong direction .

Starting from this moment, Chu Yang's circumstances started to improve step by step .

It could be seen that when Chu Yang exercised his energy to extend this sword technique, he was still rather unfamiliar with it .

Yet amidst such a life-and-death battle, Chu Yang's sword technique actually matured rapidly, and he was able to apply it, use it to carry out his counter-attacks and balance the forces of his enemies, all very quickly . And at such a fast speed, he could even influence the attacks put up by his enemies subtly!

It took only a short while before he transformed from his awkward state at the start to the current state in which he could act with absolute ease and freedom from danger!

The situation now needed no worries anymore .

Right now, those four were as if they had sunken into marshes - it was absolutely impossible for them to even escape! Chu Yang could drive his sword into the throat of any one of them!

This was merely a matter of a turn of his sword and whether Chu Yang wanted to kill them or otherwise .

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But Chu Yang apparently didn't want to kill them yet .


Wei Wuyan frowned as he watched Chu Yang exercising his sword . At the next instant, he finally lost his bearing and opened his mouth agape .

He saw Chu Yang driving his sword horizontally forward, and the sword tip slightly went upwards .

Yet the six weapons of the other four actually went out of their control and went up violently!

In the empty air!

The mystery of this couldn't be seen just by observing Chu Yang's sword . But from the reaction of the weapons of his opponents, it could be seen that Chu Yang's sword movement actually completely opposed the convention of martial arts!

This was apparently one of the methods of that one of the opponents used with his double hooks - Raising fire to burn the sky! This was a hook method, not a sword one!

Yet Chu Yang had used it with the sword!

And not only did he use it, he even brought four experts of roughly the same cultivation level as him to be drawn upwards involuntarily! This way, the chests of all four were exposed to attack!

The eyes of the four were completely filled with despair!

Because Chu Yang only needed a slight movement of his sword to kill the four of them across their waists!

Right now the four had become extremely regretful: Why did we irritate this little kid for no reason? That was completely a suicidal act… In any case, we could have separated and left when Old Third He died, and yet we still sought revenge without knowing our own limits…

And now, we've already sunken into the aura of this kid and forced to do whatever he wants us to do . If he wants us to lift up our heads, we can't kneel down instead; if he wants us to castrate ourselves, we still won't dare to commit suicide…

Not only are our lives in his hands, but even our movements and forelimbs are also no longer our own now…

What kind of strange technique is this…

How could this happen?

The four felt like crying .

Yet at the next instant, they really started to cry, because their imagination suddenly came true within a second:

Chu Yang didn't kill them, but let them off .

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Following which, Chu Yang waved his sword horizontally again, and the four bent forward involuntarily and drew their weapons to the side in unison .

For the opponent who used double hooks, he still looked alright . But the other three looked as if they were catching fish in the water, and what's more, in slow motion…

All their faces were twitching and sweating profusely . Their eyes were full of dread .

Chu Yang pointed the sword downward .

The four slashed their weapons towards their own crotches at the same time .

Immediately, the four screamed together . The muscles on their face twitched, and their tears rushed out from their eyes . They looked full of fear and resentment… Yet the weapons in their hands were cut into their own crotches severely and without hesitation!

It looked just like the final movement of a group dance . Everyone moved in the same way as if they were very well-rehearsed!

With a crack, blood burst out .

Four cumbersome things dropped out from the four crotches like overripe persimmons .

After that, the four did the same movement again: With the weapons still pointing downwards, they all arched their bodies slightly and pointed their asses upwards, before they suddenly raised their heads, opened their mouths agape, and started to scream towards the sky .

"Ahhh… . "

The ones using sword were slightly better, as they got a clean cut on them . But the ones using double hooks and double needles almost tore off their underneath…

How painful was that?

It was no wonder then, that the two of them screamed especially loudly and spiritedly, and their faces were also particularly contorted…

They were indeed dictated by their opponent in such an incredible way, similar to what they had imagined… They had castrated themselves…

Immediately, Chu Yang made another movement .

He smiled, stretched out his palm, moved his little finger, and the sword actually started to turn in circles in his palm, and in an instant, it had produced a large halo . As the bright light shone from the sword, the halo spread out slowly, making people feel chilly .

Even in excruciating pains, the fat man who used long needles couldn't help himself from being stunned!

This… Isn't this my long needles technique? How could it work with his sword?

Immediately, Chu Yang yelled, "Kill!"

"Supplement!" The four had shouted for mercy, and in panic, they actually all shouted "no" as "supplement"… [1 . 'no' is a homophone of 'supplement' in Chinese]

Even Chu Yang was confused for an instant, as he thought: Is this a unique dialect in this place?

Just as this thought flashed across his mind, he rapidly stabbed forth and retracted the spinning sword in his hand, then stabbed it forth and retracted it again: Just like the way the fat man had used his long needles!

Bam… bam… bam… bam…

The four raised their heads and screamed . Chu Yang thought: This technique is so convenient!

Then their screams ended abruptly!

A small red dot appeared on each of their necks, just like they were poked by needles .

The four looked at him blankly, as death slowly spread in their eyes . With several clanking sounds, their weapons dropped, and they slowly fell to the ground .

And they lost their breath .

Chu Yang spun the sword into a windmill in his hand . Maintaining this posture, he turned to look at the shadows surrounding him .

A stretch of quick sounds came from the dark, as the people who previously hid in the woods disappeared one by one . Having witnessed such incredible sword techniques, how could those who didn't dare to show up previously still be bold enough to remain here?

Wei Wuyan strode forward, as he looked at Chu Yang with shocked and skeptical eyes . "You… you actually learned the enemies' techniques when you were fighting?"

Wei Wuyan sounded amazed, as if he had seen a fairy .

Chu Yang said stunningly, "Yeah, is there anything wrong with this?"

Wei Wuyan was simply speechless .

Looking at Chu Yang's innocent expression, Wei Wuyan almost wanted to strangle him!

Is there anything wrong?

You actually dare to say this!

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