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Chapter 931

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Old Third He's arms waved, and a sawtooth disc appeared in each of his hands . Once he moved, the discs started flying and became two rays of black lights in the air .

Chu Yang's eyes brightened .

After the interaction just now, Chu Yang had discovered that the cultivation of this Old Third He was extremely messy and impure . It seemed that this was the downside of sucking others' blood essence…

Besides, the cultivation of this Old Third He was apparently only the fourth or fifth grade of Emperor level . Chu Yang's own cultivation was completely sufficient to crush him to death .

It seemed that this place was merely the outermost part of Black Blood Jungle and it didn't really have many experts . Chu Yang felt much secured .

Yet the weapon of Old Third He was extremely rare . It was used in a very weird manner, yet it's highly lethal .

So Chu Yang simply suppressed the intention of killing, and engaged him in the fight .

The sword was the progenitor of all weapons, therefore all weapons, regardless of their modifications, had something in common with the sword . The two sawtooth discs of Old Third He went straight every time it left his hand, yet every time it would swivel .

No matter whether it hit the enemy or failed to do so, it would ultimately spin right back into his hands .

This reminded Chu Yang of a special killing technique in swords: Sword Suspension!

His feet extended the Fleeting Snow Cloud Movement and the Ghostly Phantom Movement, which belonged to the first Nine Tribulations Sword Master . His body moved rapidly as he engaged in an intense fight with Old Third He . On the outset, it seemed as if these two were almost equal in strength .

Yet, as Wei Wuyan looked at them from the side, his eyes were actually beaming with relief .

So far in the fight, Chu Yang's sword was changing its movements rapidly, like a spring breeze or dancing willow . But he never used the Nine Tribulations Sword's techniques and not even his own sword techniques . He merely used some very ordinary techniques… With all means, he tried to disturb his opponent from extending his moves, and at the same time, figure out how to incorporate the shifts and changes of the other's primordial qi in his own sword moves .

Old Third He's expression became ever more fierce as the fight went on . Suddenly, he cried and threw his two discs out of his hands: Right afterward, his hands shook and two sawtooth discs flew out .

Right at the instant when he shook his hand, Chu Yang understood something: Besides the movements of primordial qi within the body, it's also necessary that the hands shook in a special way, such that a type of rotating force could be formed both within and outside his body at the moment of the discs' release; the disc would thus naturally go back and forth in an endless manner .

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Chu Yang let out long laughter . "Die!"

His eyes were ice-cold, and the sword suddenly shone with blinding brightness . With a couple of cracking sounds, four discs flew out, and they actually didn't return!

Old Third He was shocked . He hurriedly retreated, shouting, "How do you know my…"

Since Chu Yang understood the mystery of his rotating force, it was only natural that he broke the rotation with a single wave of the sword . How could Old Third He still have time to say anything more?

The sword light flashed again, more than twice faster than just now .

Before Old Third He finished his sentence, he had already felt cold in his chest . The sword energy had already rushed into his body and had gone straight towards his heart . With a bang, his internal organs all burst in one instant, and a huge blood hole appeared in his chest!

Old Third He's body didn't fall . He looked at Chu Yang strangely, and actually laughed and said, "You dared to kill me… Hahaha… My teacher won't let you go…"

Chu Yang snorted with disdain, made a swift kick, and sent the infinitely disgusting body flying into the air . It turned into pieces in the air . Only his head flew out into the dense forest far away, together with the sound of wind, and disappeared .

Even though Old Third He had already turned into a corpse, Chu Yang still didn't want to look at this disgusting face anymore, so he kicked it away!

Yet, the method that he used was doubtlessly very cruel .

Especially the last kick - it severed the head, making it even scarier .

Besides the falling sound of the pieces of a corpse, the place was all silent . No one spoke .

Chu Le'er screamed, her face pale .

Wei Wuyan stepped forward, about to cover her eyes .

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"Don't cover her! Let her look!" Chu Yang shouted coldly .

Wei Wuyan stopped immediately .

Chu Le'er's big eyes looked at the scattered broken limbs and body pieces . She was filled with fear, and her body trembled .

Chu Yang didn't turn around . "Le'er, don't forget the path you've chosen! So long as you chose that path, such scenes will never cease in appearing in your whole life! If you are scared, it's better for you to change your mind soon! If you don't regret it, then from this moment onwards, you've got to face the doom of your life, the despair of life and feel the breath of death, all on your own!"

"Because you'll also have to do things like this in the future!" Chu Yang said coldly, "If you do not dare to look, then tell me that you've regretted!"

Wei Wuyan stomped his foot and said with pity, "She is only a child, and furthermore a girl…"

Chu Yang's face was motionless, as he said indifferently, "But her enemies won't let her go because she is a child or a girl . On the contrary, if she can't take it now, what she's got to take in the future will only be crueler!"

Wei Wuyan was speechless .

"I don't regret it!" Chu Le'er said with a quivering voice . She tried to open her eyes wide at this hell-like scene . Her face was pale, and her body was trembling, as if she was going to faint .

Chu Yang looked cold and rough as if he didn't have the slightest bit of pity towards his own younger sister .

Wei Wuyan sighed in his heart: The seeming ruthlessness of Chu Yang right now is in fact exactly being responsible for his sister! Just as Chu Yang said, Chu Le'er… has already chosen her own path . So she'll have to face all this sooner or later!

Fear is a deadly mentality at any time!

Since Chu Le'er had decided her own path, then Chu Yang, starting from this moment, would have to use all means to wear off her frailness, timidity, hesitation, fear… and any other mentality that might make her get hurt in the future!

"You… You actually killed Old Third He!" the skinny guy, who looked like a huge monkey, shouted sharply . Once he shouted, Chu Yang recognized immediately that this person was just the one who made strange laughter when they entered the area just now .

"I not only mean to kill Old Third He, but I also don't intend to let you all walk away alive!"

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The eyes of the dry and skinny guy shone . He suddenly yelled, "Everyone, together!"

Four people leaped up at the same time .

Chu Yang's shifted his sight to look, and his heart calmed down . Out of the four, two used swords and one used double hooks, which had amazing curvatures and radiated cold light .

What surprised Chu Yang most was the biggest macho - this guy was the largest in size, yet his weapons were actually two long needles .

They were half-foot long, thick as chopsticks, sharp at the two ends and round in the middle . When they were turned in the hands, halo actually came out of them, spreading out in circles .

Chu Yang took great interest in this .

Yet the four had already rushed up . With the swords, hooks and needles shining, the four people held their weapons and charged towards Chu Yang fiercely at the same time .

Chu Le'er cried out .

Wei Wuyan comforted her . "It's alright, you only need to look . " He paused, and then said, "In the future, after you've started to practice the martial arts, you will see such scenes every single day . Your own family and friends will fight in front you, fall into danger or even desperate situations… such things are really too ordinary… You've got to learn to accept it . Otherwise, you can't follow that path . "

Chu Le'er pouted her mouth worriedly . She said in a trembling voice, "But… this is my big brother…"

Wei Wuyan sighed in his heart: I really can't say to her… that she shouldn't worry about her big brother…

As he turned to look at the fight, his eyes suddenly lit up .

Chu Yang's sword had become soft like flowing water . He moved his sword here and there, yet it looked as if he was moving his sword under the resistance of current . There was a clear feel of stagnation .

Yet this soft technique was able to safely block out the attacks from four enemies at once! Moreover, those amazing sword techniques seemed to be driving something, negatively affecting the attacks of all four enemies . Moreover, this effect seemed to be increasing…

It was as if there was some undercurrent surging slowly, almost going to set a vortex to change the direction of a whole stream of water…

Wei Wuyan had never seen sword techniques like this . He couldn't help but open his eyes large and stare at Chu Yang . He felt, by instinct, that this sword technique of Chu Yang encompassed some unique understanding . And this understanding was of great use to Wei Wuyan himself!

Wei Wuyan looked grim . He all the more had the feeling that this youth Chu Yang had endless secrets!

When he killed those three people on the other day, the sword techniques Chu Yang used were so fierce and violent . It didn't seem hard for Chu Yang at all to kill people of higher cultivation level than him . Besides, Wei Wuyan himself had never seen those few techniques before .

Yet he had a feeling that, with such fierce sword techniques, given sufficient cultivation, even the blue sky could be split into two!

Wei Wuyan was not a descendant of the nine great clans but a disciple of an independent martial practitioner . Although he knew about the legend of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, he wouldn't know the Nine Tribulations Sword's techniques!

This was also why Chu Yang dared to use the Nine Tribulations Sword's techniques on that day even though he knew Wei Wuyan was watching aside .

This time, what Chu Yang used to deal with the siege was in fact not sword techniques, but sword intent .

The power of soft water!

During the recent period, Chu Yang had never given up on studying the power of soft water which he figured out in the Lower Three Heavens . Finally, today, after he had broken through the fifth stage Sword Sovereign, he could finally exercise this sword intent of soft water with ease!

This time, Chu Yang had calmed down to hone and supplement his sword intent; and at the moment he had two types of weapon he could draw lessons from .

Hooks and needles!

Double hooks and double needles worked in very different, or even completely opposite ways as compared to swords: The force exerted on needles was subtle and refined . Hooks were similar to knives, but the force exerted on hooks was projected in directly opposite directions to that of knives . When one used a hook, one had to draw it inwards, release it outwards, push it upwards and pull it downwards .

These few types of forces weren't the same for swords and knives at all!

Yet Chu Yang found the limitations to his sword intent right on these two strange weapons!

If something could be used on hooks, why not swords? Hooks were evolved from knives, and knives and swords belonged to the same family . Forces that could be used on hooks definitely could apply similarly to swords!

Chu Yang felt, sensitively, that although the capability of the opponent wasn't very high, if he could figure out this level of sword principle, his cultivation in swords could definitely be raised to another level immediately!

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