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Chapter 925

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Why does Huang Shang want Huang Xialiu to participate in the Tianding Grand Meeting?

Won't Huang Shang be sending Huang Xialiu to die?

Hundreds of miles away from the Huang Clan's Palace .

At this moment, Wan Renjie and his two brothers had already parted with Chu Yang . They promised to meet each other again during the Zhuge clan's Medicine Banquet next spring .

Chu Yang drooped his head and walked for a long time, but finally raised this question .

Chu Yang really couldn't think of an answer to this question .

"Old Wei, what do you think Huang Shang is up to?" Chu Yang said as he frowned . "Why does he want Huang Xialiu to participate in the Tianding Grand Meeting?"

Wei Wuyan thought for a while but finally sighed . "I don't know . "

"Yeah, I don't know either," Chu Yang said, "This matter is so hard to understand . "

Wei Wuyan said lightly, "If he cares about his own son, he won't want him to die . But by Huang Xialiu's cultivation, should he participate in the Tianding Grand Meeting, he'll definitely die . "

Chu Yang said, "That's right . If he loves his son dearly, he won't allow his son to go to the Tianding Grand Meeting; but if he doesn't love his son, he won't spare millions of purple crystals for his son all these years!"

The duo thought for a long time but still couldn't comprehend Huang Shang's intention in doing this .

They sighed deeply, "We're neither ambitious nor ruthless people! We can never understand what such people think . "

Chu Le'er couldn't help but sneer aside .

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The duo gazed stunningly at each other .

"Big brother, you're thinking of this wrongly . " Chu Le'er gurgled .

Chu Yang asked humbly, "Where did I think wrongly?"

Wei Wuyan also frowned . "You little girl can actually understand something that both of us can't?"

Chu Le'er smiled for some time and suddenly turned blank for a moment as if she was going to cry . After a long while, she sighed and said, "Big brother, although you're from the Chu clan, you after all didn't grow up in the Chu clan . So, you may know about politics, fights, plots and conspiracies, but you ultimately don't know what a clan is like!"

"This similarly goes to Big Brother Wei! So, both of you are only people from the martial world, but not people from clans within the martial world . "

Chu Le'er smiled sadly, with a little derisiveness in her smile .

"Please explain," Wei Wuyan said modestly .

Chu Le'er laughed, and said, "Big brother, I'm young, and all these years, other than reading books, I'll be free at home . So, I started to analyze the minds of everyone in my clan, ranging from our elders to our clan's servants . Then, I realized that no matter whether it's those of higher authority or those of lower ones, everyone has their own way of thinking, and they're contemptible in their own ways . "

"Now, second uncle is dead . It's a bit disrespectful to say this now, but then, why was second uncle so bold? Because big uncle's son was lost, and no matter what he did was correct . Because he has sons of the direct line of descent . My father and fourth uncle couldn't compare to him in terms of positions . So, second uncle continued to be bold . "

"Big uncle definitely knew what second uncle did then, and big aunt was also definitely suspicious of him; grandfather also more or less understood the matter . Even my father and fourth uncle definitely had heard about it . But no one, including big uncle, said anything . Why?"

"Because the priority of the clan isn't kinship!" Chu Le'er said as she smiled sadly .

"Maybe in families, our mothers put their sons and daughters in first places; but our mothers after all have weak authority in the clan . What they say don't count . In the clan, the most important thing is inheritance and bloodline . The second most important thing is prospect; the clan's prospect! It's not the prospect regarding a particular person . "

Chu Le'er still looked young, but what she said was so heavy that it could make people lose their breaths .

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Wei Wuyan looked at her stunningly .

Even if these reasonings came out from an adult, it would be astounding of his talent and insight . Not to mention a little girl talking of all these .

"So, our clan has acquiesced second uncle to be the master of our clan . Even servants and subjects; they're all loyal to the Chu clan, and I'm absolutely sure about this . But they're loyal to the Chu clan, not the Chu clan's clan master . If the clan is finished, they're also finished; but if the clan master is changed, they'll still be there . "

"Second uncle had the capabilities and means then . Everyone thought that second uncle could bring the clan to a higher position; so they supported him . Everyone knows that big uncle is a good person, but they couldn't stand on the side of a good person, because good ones… often become people of sacrifice . "

Chu Yang quietly nodded .

"So, big brother, although you've left the clan now, when you return back to the clan, you'll realize that those people who're originally loyal to second uncle will be more loyal to you . And this kind of loyalty comes from their heart! Don't be suspicious of such sincerity . And, for these people, you can punish them as you like . No matter how cruelly you punish them, they'll be willing to be punished this way! As long as they can preserve their statuses and lives . "

Chu Le'er laughed . "This is what a clan is like . "

Chu Yang nodded quietly again . He couldn't help but admit that his younger sister was extremely reasonable! She had spoken everything sternly, but no one could rebuke her arguments!

Looking at Chu Le'er, Chu Yang suddenly thought of a person .

Someone who specialized in making conspiracies, someone who specialized in setting out from the dark side of human nature and benefiting from it… Mo Tianji!

At this moment, Chu Yang suddenly realized that Chu Le'er and Mo Tianji were very similar to each other .

Especially in terms of wits .

But Wei Wuyan was baffled . He said, "We're discussing the Huang clan . Why are you talking about the Chu clan?"

Chu Le'er smiled briskly . "So, Brother Wei, you're not an authority figure, but a very cute person . "

Chu Yang smiled .

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He knew that while Chu Le'er was praising Wei Wuyan on the surface, she was actually saying Wei Wuyan didn't have wits and would only be exploited by others — a rather pebrained type of person .

Wei Wuyan wasn't a fool . The corners of his mouth curled up and he glared at Chu Le'er sternly, saying, "You should just say directly… that I'm stupid . "

Chu Le'er gurgled and said, "The Huang clan's issue is similar to that of the Chu clan . What Clan Master Huang looked highly upon isn't his son Huang Xialiu; but because he has only this son, no matter what, he has to ensure the inheritance of his bloodline! So, he's willing to take whatever cost to do so . "

"As for Huang Xialiu, he's a foppish young master with real temperaments . This kind of person won't have too great achievement in his life . Honestly speaking, with Clan Master Huang's cultivation, he may still be in his prime years for decades to come, but Huang Xialiu may have already died of old age by then… This is inevitable as long as the Huang clan still exists!"

"But if Huang Xialiu dies in the Tianding Grand Meeting, that will be a completely different scenario," Chu Le'er said definitively . Her eyes were filled with a helpless kind of pity .

"I see!" Although Chu Yang had taken a tumble earlier on, he still let Chu Le'er continue speaking . But, the more Chu Le'er spoke, the colder Chu Yang's heart became . He all the more sensed the filthiness of human nature .

Chu Le'er continued, "What kind of place is the Tianding Grand Meeting? It's somewhere where the selection of law-enforcement officers and affirmation of the positions of clans take place . If Huang Xialiu dies there, he will leave two infants . "

"In the future, they'll be taught: Your father made such sacrifices for our clan… Don't neglect such a small matter . For small children whose minds are still amenable, they'll be brainwashed with how great their father is… Then they will put in their best efforts to practice martial arts… till they can take charge of clan matters . By then, the Huang clan will be stronger than it is now!"

"By sacrificing one Huang Xialiu who has no prospect at all, the Huang clan can thrive for ages to come," Chu Le'er said, "It doesn't mean that Huang Shang doesn't have any love for his son at all, but when compared to the long-term interests of the clan, this love is too insubstantial . Anyway, Huang Xialiu won't be of much use from the current circumstances . His only use in his life is to set up a great example for the descendants of the Huang clan…"

"So cruel," Chu Yang said as he pondered on Chu Le'er's words .

Wei Wuyan nodded his head in agreement . "Indeed very cruel . "

"Hope that I've said wrongly," Chu Le'er responded and sighed slightly .

"You only said that Huang Xialiu would leave two children . But what if these two children were girls?" Wei Wuyan asked .

"That is why Huang Shang chose the Tianding Grand Meeting instead of Medicine Banquet!" Chu Le'er snorted and said, "Tianding Grand Meeting is one and a half years away from now . Women only need 10 months to bear a child . "

Chill cast over Wei Wuyan's whole body . He asked Chu Yang, "So this is what a clan is?"

Chu Yang sighed and thought carefully, then said, "Although I don't want to admit it, I couldn't help but say that there's an 80% chance that Le'er's inference is close to the truth . "

Wei Wuyan was startled for a long time . He sighed and said, "Luckily, I was not born in a clan!"

Chu Le'er and Chu Yang remained silent .

Huang Xialiu's helpless and bitter face floated in front of Chu Yang's eyes . He seemed to see Huang Xialiu talking to him, "Big boss, I'm actually just a fop . My only mission is to pass on the Huang clan . After I've gone back home, I'll behave like a good tool . "

Suddenly, Chu Yang felt extremely indignant in his heart: Huang Xialiu has already accepted himself to fate! He already intends to do as he's instructed, so why are you doing this to him? To squeeze out the greatest value out of him, both in life and in death?

Are they still like father and son?

Huang Shang, why are you still cruel? You have such ambitions and ruthlessness . Even if the Huang clan dominate the Nine Heavens, what can you get in return?

But Chu Yang kept all these in his heart .

Now, he's still not strong enough, and he couldn't afford to meddle in the conflicts among this kind of big clans . But the thought of that foppish face, that tone of resigning to fate, and that look of despair made him sigh deeply in his heart…

If we meet in the Tianding Grand Meeting, should I… help him?

The three proceeded their way . Chu Yang was very quiet throughout .

They walked for hundreds of miles before setting up a camp at night . Chu Yang suddenly asked Chu Le'er, "Sister Le'er, what about you? How do you see your future?"

Because, at this moment, he suddenly thought of Yue Lingxue's words .

"If you indeed love her, then give her a future . Allow her to become all-powerful and be a master of the world, instead of using your position and love to bind her into an ordinary woman!"

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