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Chapter 926

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"Future?" Chu Le'er looked at Chu Yang perplexedly, and she gradually turned serious .

Ever since Chu Yang returned to the clan, he had never called her 'Sister Le'er' before . He would just call her 'Le'er' . At this moment, Chu Yang's address to her made her feel solemn and scared .

"Yes, the future . " Chu Yang nodded heavily .

Wei Wuyan stood up and said smilingly, "I'll go get some wild animals to eat with wine . " He extended his body and disappeared without a trace .

He could see that Chu Yang and his sister were discussing a serious matter; he felt that he shouldn't listen to the discussion .

So he simply left .

This pair of brother and sister was in deep thoughts and didn't notice the departure of Wei Wuyan . Under the light of the bonfire, both of them looked somewhat grim .

Chu Le'er looked a little sad, and she asked, "Big brother, are you planning for my future now?"

Chu Yang nodded and said affirmatively, "Only Le'er can be the owner of her own future!"

Chu Le'er smiled slightly and said, "But big brother, I only have two years of time, and… we haven't found the eight wonder drugs yet . It's too early for me to worry about my future now . "

Chu Yang smiled .

In the firelight, Chu Yang's smile looked serious and solemn, and was filled with a sense of trustworthiness . He said, "Le'er, there's only one or two medicines left to be gathered . "

"Ah?" Chu Le'er stood up in shock . She looked towards Chu Yang and her whole body started to shudder . "Big brother… this, this…"

"Why? You don't believe?" Chu Yang smiled and took out a little parcel from his chest . "Le'er, this is the Nine Superb Vines . Third uncle had risked his life in bringing this back!"

Chu Le'er looked at it astoundingly .

Then, Chu Yang took out parcels after parcels from his chest .

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"This is the Nine-Clover Jade Ganoderma . "

"This is the Nine-Heavens Jade-Ichor . "

"This is the Nine-Leaves Flower . "

"This is the Nine-Leaves Pangolin . "

"This is the Nine-Deaths Water . "

"This is the… Nine-Earths-Soul Ginseng!"

Chu Yang arranged them in a row . "Le'er, there're a total of eight medicinal ingredients that you need . We already have seven here! Now, there's only Nine-Colored Lotus left"

Chu Le'er's delicate body shuddered in the wind . Her lips turned pale . She felt her two legs turn soft and almost couldn't stand upright . She stammered, "Big~~brother… How did you… you find them…"

Chu Yang laughed . "I'm not called a Black-Hearted Saint for nothing . " He said, "I get these ingredients by using some strategies… They might be a little despicable . But… ultimately I got them! And, there's only one kind left!"

Chu Le'er's eyes became teary . "Big brother…"

Chu Yang's face turned extremely serious . "Le'er, I'm telling you about this today because I want you to know that your future is more than these two years . You still have centuries or even millennia to go by! As long as you want to, your future is boundless!"

"My future is boundless…" Chu Le'er's tears fell down drop by drop . She said blankly, "It turns out that… I don't have just two years left…"

Chu Yang smiled . "Good sister, you still have a very long, very long life! So we must plan well of what you're going to do in this long course of your life . "

Chu Le'er was at a loss of words now . Her body shook and she almost fell onto the ground .

Such a huge surprise and cravings she had for a long time had suddenly come in front of her and at a distance within reach . She simply couldn't bear with it .

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In these days, she knew that her fourth uncle Chu Feiyan was running to the Law-Enforcement Blood-Payers Hall every day to check on the news . She also roughly heard that among the medicinal ingredients which Young Master Huang needed, there were a few that she herself needed too .

But she didn't attach hope to anything and didn't complain about anything .

For this poor girl, to be able to spend the remaining two years of her life without pain was already a luxury that she dared not to even think of .

Chu Le'er was already very grateful to her big brother for allowing her to spend the two years without pain!

But she didn't expect that her big brother had already got seven out of the eight medicinal ingredients that she needed! It was said that they were things that couldn't be bought even with all the Chu clan's fortune .

Instantly, Chu Le'er felt that she was dreaming and her whole body had become weightless .

Chu Yang sighed with sympathy . He pulled Chu Le'er's petite body to him and held her in his arms, then allowed her to sit on his legs . With his right hand stroking gently on his younger sister's hair, he tried to make her recover her consciousness as soon as possible .

After a long time, Chu Le'er seemed to have woken up from a dream . She didn't say anything, but suddenly rest within Chu Yang's arms and started to weep silently . Then, she started to sob, and finally, burst into tears . Her cry was sharp and miserable, and the kind of relaxed feeling that she had finally… finally put down her heart!

I, I've finally escaped from the shadow of death!

I can continue to live!

Chu Le'er cried so heavily that she became out of breath . She was like a little girl, who had suffered from extreme injustice, finally devoting herself into the warm embrace of her kins .

Chu Yang hugged her quietly and gently patted her back, letting Chu Le'er continue to cry .

He knew that the pain and despair that Chu Le'er had suppressed in her heart for a long time was slowly dissipating out of her .

After a long while .

"Big brother… I didn't dare to say this before, but I'm very afraid…" Chu Le'er said as she sobbed, "I'm very afraid of death…"

Chu Yang's heart tightened . Such a sentence seemed to have gripped on to his heart .

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Who's not afraid of death?

An old monster who had lived for millions of years would also be scared of death, let alone this little girl whose life hasn't completely begun yet . If life is a flower, then Chu Le'er… is only a sprout which has just germinated .

"I'm scared that I won't see all of you anymore… I'm scared… I heard that the world is a stretch of darkness . There's no light and nothing can be seen, and there's also nothing… And I can only walk alone there…"

Chu Le'er's body shivered as she shed tears . "Big brother… Once I think of that kind of loneliness, I'll try hard to live on . I'm too afraid… too afraid… There were several times when I dreamed of it, and it scared me up . And I didn't dare to sleep anymore… It's really scary…"

"Now, you don't need to be afraid of anything . " Chu Yang's voice was filled with confidence and all the trust that Chu Le'er had placed on him . This made her grip onto her big brother's arm even tighter .

"Le'er, do you know who's the master of that world?" Chu Yang asked gently .

Chu Le'er's body shivered violently . She hid her small head in Chu Yang's arms and said softly, "I heard that it's called… king of hell . "

"Yes . Do you know my nickname before I've arrived at the Upper Three Heavens?" Chu Yang's voice was suddenly filled with dominance, arrogance, and a taste of being a sovereign over the whole world .

"Your nickname?" Chu Le'er raised her head up curiously and said, "I don't know . "

For some reasons, such a momentum of Chu Yang instantly infected Chu Le'er . All the fear she had suddenly vanished . She just felt extremely warm and comfortable in Chu Yang's arms .

"Everyone called me 'King of Hell Chu' then!" Chu Yang laughed . His laughter was filled with an unparalleled sense of confidence .

"Ah… so majestic!" Chu Le'er blinked her eyes . Amidst Chu Yang's gentle yet firm voice, Chu Le'er didn't realize even for herself when she had stopped crying .

"Yes, so I'm the king of hell!" Chu Yang laughed .

Chu Le'er placed her face on his big brother's chest, sensing his powerful heartbeat . Suddenly, she sensed peace and happiness in her heart . In Chu Yang's embrace, there was nothing that she had to fear or worry about . This embrace was always open for her, and it wouldn't chill down!

"Yes, you're the king of hell!" Chu Le'er said softly and affirmatively, full of trust towards Chu Yang . She felt no longer afraid at the mention of the frightening term 'king of hell' .

"Yes! So I want you to remember firmly!" Chu Yang said word by word, "I'm the king of hell . If the king of hell doesn't allow you to die, then regardless of anything, you can't die!"

Chu Yang's voice became resolute and powerful at this instant! These few sentences that were filled with trust seemingly went straight into Chu Le'er's soul and imprinted itself onto Chu Le'er's brain, becoming a mark that couldn't be erased for eternity!

When Chu Yang said these sentences, he used the forces of his divine spirit that's unparalleled in the world!

Chu Le'er nodded heavily . "Big brother, I believe in you!"

At this moment, she really believed . She wholeheartedly thought that: As long as big brother doesn't want me to die, I won't die!

And big brother definitely won't let me die!

If that's the case, what should I be afraid of?

"Now, are you confident about your future?" Chu Yang asked smilingly as he pinched Chu Le'er's little nose .

"Hey, big brother, you're so bad!" Chu Le'er smiled shyly and plunged her small head into Chu Yang's bosom .

"Say, what do you want to be when you grow up," Chu Yang whispered .

"When I grow up…" Chu Le'er's blinked her big eyes as she continued to nestle herself in Chu Yang's arms . "If I grow up…" Her lips suddenly puckered .

"There're a few choices . " Chu Yang threw in another bundle of firewood as he looked at the flickering fire . With a few crackling sounds, the faint scent of pine wood came out together with some smoke . The fire grew even bigger .

"The first choice is being ordinary . Be an ordinary woman and grow up happily . You don't put familial responsibilities or the whole world in your eyes . You just find a reliable man, who bear your children and go through your life together with you . Although this kind of life is ordinary, it's truthful . Although your life is short, you get to enjoy the happiness of being in the family . As you grow old and see through the vanity of Earth, you leave quietly . "

Chu Yang said heavily, "This is the first path . "

Chu Le'er straightened her body, brushed her hair to the two sides of her head and said smilingly, "Then, what's the second?"

Chu Yang fixed his eyes on Chu Le'er's face . After a long time, he said, "The second path leads you to power . You use your own wisdom and wits, and by using your clan as a platform, improve the welfare of your clan . Step by step, you advance your position to be a great authority-holder and someone who can command the masses . "

Chu Le'er smiled . "The third?"

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