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Chapter 915

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Ye Wangran picked up this 'Third Master Xiao' .

The real name of this Third Master Xiao was Xiao Luoyu, and he had a Saint level cultivation! This time around, he was the main person-in-charge of the Xiao clan's army . At this moment, he was held humiliatingly in Ye Wangran's hands, and his face had turned purple from rage . He wanted to commit suicide by biting his tongue, but he couldn't move at all .

Fifth Master Xiao and everyone else didn't hesitate and followed up .

Fifth Master Xiao felt very miserable . He was considered an elder in the Xiao clan, and was from the same generation as Ye Wangran .

Fifth Master Xiao's name was Xiao Zhen . His cultivation was on par with that of Ye Wangran!

But now, he was completely unaware of what had happened . This time, the Ye clan had suddenly attacked the Xiao clan, so the Xiao clan could only fight back passively . The Xiao clan was muddle-headed from the start as to why this battle took place; It was only till Seventh Master Xiao woke up that they understood more or less why the Ye clan attacked them .

Since the Ye clan sent Ye Wangran forward, the Xiao clan would naturally have to dispatch Xiao Zhen . This way, the two clans would be evenly matched .

And Xiao Zhen also knew that while his clan was raged by Seventh Master Xiao's injuries, they hadn't reached the extent of being at daggers drawn with the Ye clan . So, Xiao Zhen knew well that this battle wouldn't be an intense one . Big clans had to improve their cultivations through battles anyway .

The Ye clan opposite them should have thought the same way .

Sure enough, everything had gone according to what Xiao Zhen had expected . Although everyone was using weapons against each other, they didn't put up a deadly fight . Instead, both clans appeared that they were just cultivating their subjects . While assassins rapidly put up attacks and caused a number of casualties, this wasn't a great deal to both clans .

How would there be no casualties in the martial world? Even if one had nothing to do and just slept on the bed, he might fall down the bed and die…

But now that Ye Wangran directly dashed into the Xiao clan's tent, and even shouting and yelling at the Xiao clan along his way, this made Xiao Zhen utterly raged!

Everyone knows exactly what had happened . Why are you so angry? Besides… You said that it's a Xiao clan member that fought with you in the sky . I can say the same that a Ye clan member was also involved .

A discerning person could see at a glance that the person that fought with you was absolutely not a Supreme Martial Artist! But as a Supreme Martial Artist, you actually fought with him for such a long time and didn't defeat him, and finally, you chased him into our Xiao clan's tent… Do you, Ye Wangran, think our Xiao clan are fools?

Xiao Zhen followed closely behind Ye Wangran closely . He secretly decided: If Ye Wangran didn't give him an explanation to this matter, he wouldn't let this matter pass easily!

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Ye Wangran flew at a high speed all the way . In a moment's time, he arrived at the Ye clan's camp . Upon looking down, he let out an anxious scream and almost fell from the sky . He cried in extreme grief, "Fifth Master Xiao, look at what you've done!"

Fifth Master Xiao looked down and he also became instantly startled! A sense of chill crept up his head .

The Ye clan's camp was in a great mess, and it turned out that a big fight had taken place there not long ago! Among the 200 or so people in the camp, there were more than a hundred who were lying or rolling on the ground, as they cried in pain . Some had broken legs, some had severed arms, while others suffered from various strange injuries .

Aside, there were eight people lying silently on the ground .

These eight people were stained with blood all over their bodies . By their looks, they were obviously dead .

Ye Wangran roared and rushed towards the camp like a bolt of lightning . "What has happened?"

Fourth Master Ye [Ye Wutian] greeted them . He was limping, while his arms drooped down on one side, and his face was full of blood and grievances . "Elder, it's done by the Xiao clan!"

Xiao Zhen and the rest shuddered and stood blankly on the ground .

We did it? What did we do?

Ye Wangran's face turned cold . He tried hard to suppress the anger in his heart, and said in a low voice, "Wutian, what's the casualty?"

Ye Wutian looked at him blankly, then suddenly burst into tears and wailed like a baby . Tears brushed down his face .

Ye Wangran's heart sank . "Say!"

"Wuchen is dead… Wuchen is dead… Elder, Wuchen… He was killed by two people in front of me! I… I…"

He thumped his chest and stamped his feet . "I desperately tried to save him… But they both had ninth stage Saint levels… Or cultivations higher than this . If not for everyone who tried hard to fight against them… I might not be spared too…"

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Ye Wangran's heart jerked . He grabbed hold of Ye Wutian at once . "Are you sure it's the Xiao clan?"

"Absolutely!" Ye Wutian shouted indignantly, "If I made a false statement, I'm willing to die by being struck by lightning! These three people tried hard to cover up themselves, but… that Autumn Wind and Rain Sword Technique is the Xiao clan's signature technique! Although they tried their best to alter the technique, it can't escape my eyes!"

As he said, he dropped his knees onto the ground and prostrated repeatedly . "Elder, you must take revenge for us! Wuchen… Wuchen just died…"

Ye Wangran abruptly turned back and looked at Xiao Zhen . "Fifth Master Xiao, what else can you say?"

Facing Ye Wangran's eyes which were sharp as a knife, Xiao Zhen involuntarily took a step back and said hurriedly, "Brother Ye! I can promise that this matter is definitely not done by our Xiao clan!"

Xiao Zhen knew that the trouble would be huge if there were further shreds of evidence pointed against the Xiao clan!

But before he finished saying, he heard a snapping sound .

He jerked and looked back .

At this moment, Third Master Xiao [Xiao Luoyu] was seized in Ye Wangran's hands, and his neck was softly tilted to one side . A trace of blood was hanging at the corner of his mouth, and his face was ashy . He had no breath now .

He was in Ye Wangran's hands, just like a rag bag .

Xiao Zhen abruptly looked up at Ye Wangran and shouted angrily, "Ye Wangran! You…" He had never expected that Ye Wangran would do things in such a resolute manner!

Ye Wangran looked at him coldly and didn't retreat by a bit . He even swayed Xiao Luoyu's corpse in his hands and smiled sinisterly . Then, he gritted his teeth and said in a funny tone, "Xiao Zhen, you are distressed, and you are furious . Am I right? Am I right?"

Xiao Zhen gritted his teeth . "Ye Wangran, do you want our two clans to put up a real fight?"

Ye Wangran shrugged and revealed a terrified look . "I'm really scared of you…" Then he abruptly straightened his face, gritted his teeth and said, "Xiao Zhen! I'm really scared of you! I'm really scared of you!"

Xiao Zhen's whole face was contorted .

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Everyone could hear the ruthlessness and disdain carried in Ye Wangran's voice when he said 'I'm really scared of you' .

The faces of the seven Xiao clan members standing behind Xiao Zhen looked as cold as frost .

Opposite them, Ye Wangran stood straight and still . Although behind him was a group of the beaten and collapsed army, Ye Wangran still stood upright, valiant and unyielding!

The surrounding air was silent yet oppressive, just like a volcano before the eruption .

Everyone was silent . It seemed that only Ye Wangran and Xiao Zhen had the authority to speak .

But the duo also didn't speak .

Speaking seemed useless at this moment .

Xiao Zhen originally wanted to explain this matter, but the resoluteness of Ye Wangran in seizing Xiao Luoyu's neck instantly made him understand that no matter how he could explain or whether this matter was really done by the Xiao clan, it was unimportant anymore!

There's absolutely no need to explain now!

"Ye Wangran, you're good! You're really resolute!" Xiao Zhen nodded his head and gave Ye Wangran a malicious look . Then he nodded, nodded again, before he turned around, ready to leave .

At this point in time, he must report this matter to the clan!

As for Ye Wangran and him, they couldn't fight against each other here no matter what .

Once they lay hands on each other, he couldn't kill Ye Wangran, but neither Ye Wangran could kill him! But all the other members of the Xiao clan and Ye clan would definitely not leave here alive if they really started a fight!

If they started a fight, Ye Wangran had endless opportunities to exterminate all the men on Xiao Zhen's side . This was something that Xiao Zhen couldn't prevent from happening .

But similarly, if Xiao Zhen were to attack the Ye clan, Ye Wangran couldn't fend either!

Although there were a number of Saint level experts from the Xiao clan, even if a hundred of ninth stage Saint level experts were to fight against a first stage Supreme Martial Artist whose realm hadn't stabilized yet, these hundred experts would still all die in a moment's time!

There's a huge difference between the understanding of a Martial Saint and the divine senses of a Supreme Martial Artist!

So, Xiao Zhen didn't want to stay here any longer .

But when he was about to leave, Ye Wangran shouted for him to stop .

"Wait!" Ye Wangran was still slightly gritting his teeth . He raised his head and looked disdainfully at Xiao Zhen, then said, "Xiao Zhen, are you leaving just like that?"

Xiao Zhen didn't turn back . He only said heavily, "What do you want?"

Ye Wangran let out a strange laugh . "There are now eight men who're dead on my side! But there's only one on your side! Don't you feel that this is unfair?"

"Even the Xiao clan's leader this time around has died in your hands! Even if you don't say, the enmity between our two clans is unresolvable from now on! Yet you're still not satisfied?" Xiao Zhen became furious .

Ye Wangran gritted his teeth . "Those that have died on my side are not ordinary characters either! Your Xiao clan should know who you've killed! He's Ye Wuchen! He's ranked eighth in our Ye clan's second last generation! He's only 50 years old, but he's already a Martial Saint! Do you know what that means?"

Xiao Zhen sneered . "Ye Wangran, I'm taking my men to leave now! If you want to strike us now, feel free to do so . If you don't want your Ye clan members to have their corpses buried in this Black Pine Forest, I'll also be willing to spare my men!"

As he said, he continued to walk forth without turning back .

He meant: As long as Ye Wangran dares to lay hands on the Xiao clan, I'll also make sure that no one from the Ye clan will be unscathed!

He predicted that Ye Wangran wouldn't dare to lay hands . Predicted that since Ye Wangran had already lost Ye Wuchen, he couldn't bear to expose Ye Wutian to danger!

But Xiao Zhen had predicted wrongly again!

Ye Wangran had borne much humiliation tonight . First, he was cheated by a 'Xiao clan's descendant', which had brought huge shame to him . He was already boiling with rage . Then, he saw one of the younger generations that he had brought being killed here . How could he bear his anger any further?

Xiao Zhen walked forth by one step and heard Ye Wangran saying with gritted teeth, "Since you don't care, I'll also do the same!"

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