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Chapter 914

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The four letters slammed down ahead of the sword spirit!

The sword spirit roared, and the Nine Tribulations Sword appeared in his hands . With all his strength, he issued forth the technique of 'Killing All Creations Is Not Enough'!

With a bang, a huge hole was blasted out in the middle of the word . The sword spirit manipulated Chu Yang's body and passed through the hole, and then flew away at a fast speed .

But, this delay caused Ye Wangran, who was chasing from behind, to catch up by 1,000 feet .

"Don't try to escape!" Ye Wangran roared again .

In front, 15 letters slammed down ahead of the sword spirit again!

The sword spirit broke through the letters and cried, "Ye Wangran, if you don't go back, those Ye clan members with you will be all killed!"

Ye Wangran laughed indignantly . "Even if they're all killed, you'll also not be alive either!"

The sword spirit fled speechlessly: This guy is insane!

Two figures, one ahead of the other, flew at high speed in the sky .

One could see Ye Wangran, the one behind, was getting closer and closer to the sword spirit ahead!

The distance between them was reducing bit by bit!

If it wasn't the sword spirit, who was traveling with unpredictable speed patterns, any other Saint level experts might long have been captured .

But, the gap in cultivation between him and Ye Wangran was too big . Regardless of how hard the sword spirit tried, he couldn't cast aside Ye Wangran .

Ye Wangran was already infuriated!

He was fooled in such a manner! It's too big an insult for him!

The sword spirit had a clear goal: To get to the Xiao clan's camp as fast as he could… There might not be Supreme Martial Artists anywhere else, but there must be in the Xiao clan's camp!

The sword spirit manipulated Chu Yang's body and with a shake, there appeared three figures that flew in three different directions .

Ye Wangran roared and slammed forth three consecutive palms . The three figures were instantly slammed into pieces; the distance between him and the sword spirit was thus pulled apart by 100 feet .


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Ye Wangran roared consecutively for five times . In the sky, spiritual energy surged, and wind and cloud rolled . Five mountains appeared, one after another, in front of the sword spirit!

Helpless, the sword spirit made use of the forces of the divine spirit, launched the Nine Tribulations Sword, and forcibly rushed towards them .

An extraordinary sight appeared in the sky .

At first, mountains of cloud and mist appeared in the sky, then a stream of light penetrated into them and created a big hole in it before it passed through the hole and exited the mountains . Behind it, a similar black figure chased after the figure in front like a bolt of lightning . They looked just like two black lines that were joined together .

The mountains of cloud and mist burst apart behind them, and they produced thunderous sounds . Following which, dense clouds began to gather…

In front of the duo was a clear sky with fluttering white clouds, but behind them, it was lightning and thunder .

And this formed a peculiar landscape .

The duo was now getting closer and closer!

800 feet!

700 feet!

500 feet…

Suddenly, the sword spirit's body tightened up . He heard that Ye Wangran was taking in a deep breath of air from behind . Instantly, the sword spirit sensed that the air surrounding him was all sucked up, and behind him was a deep, bottomless black hole!

The sword spirit shrieked and his body swayed for a moment . Then, the sword light suddenly turned into a bird which flew up with its extended wings .

At the same time, Ye Wangran slammed a palm forth from behind!

From his position to 3,000 feet ahead of the sword spirit, a black tunnel suddenly appeared! It was a full 100 feet wide and a full 100 feet high!

The bird made up of sword light had the majority of its body lifted up, and by just a bit, it could completely flee from the scope of the black hole .

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But, ultimately, it didn't escape!

With a 'bang', the bird suddenly dispersed in the air .

It turned back into a black figure and continued to dash forward .

Since the sword spirit was manipulating Chu Yang's body now, the strike just now didn't pose a great deal on Chu Yang . However, it had a huge impact on the sword spirit's divine spirit!

At the moment of the strike, Chu Yang could even clearly feel the feebleness of the sword spirit .

Ever since Chu Yang had gotten the Nine Tribulations Sword and possessed the sword spirit, Chu Yang had never seen the sword spirit become so feeble in a battle!

The sword spirit yelled and said hurriedly, "It's 17,000 feet away from the Xiao clan's camp! Now, I'll use a secret method to burn the divine spirit to cast him off and get there in a moment's time . Then, I must rest . You shall take over your body and adapt yourself to the circumstances . "

Chu Yang said, "Alright! I'll hold him!"

The sword spirit smiled lightly . At the next instant, a white light suddenly emerged from his body, then he accelerated forth at a speed more than ten times his original speed .

Ye Wangran was taken aback . He saw that the black figure ahead of him suddenly picked up his speed, then vanished from his sight like a bolt of lightning .

"Burn your divine spirit?" Ye Wangran snorted . "Do you think you can escape just by burning your divine spirit? In front of you is the Xiao clan's camp . "

Without hesitation, he pursued forward murderously .

In the Xiao clan's camp, everyone had their eyes fixed on the spectacle in the sky . An experienced expert had already guessed out, "There are definitely two unparalleled experts putting up a fight in the air!"

Before his voice trailed off, a black figure fell from the sky, accompanied by a shriek caused by him breaking through the air . At first, it was just a tiny black spot in the sky, but instantly, it had become a person who had landed in the camp .

Bang! And dust soared up into the sky .

"Who is this?!" everyone shouted in unison as if they were confronting a great enemy .

But that man in black had already begun to yell hurriedly, "Go away quick, go away! Ye Wangran is coming!"

With this one sentence, the Xiao clan members were instinctively led to believe: This person is on their own side?

Immediately, they realized the seriousness of the matter: Ye Wangran is coming!?

He is a Supreme Martial Artist! How to resist him?

With a flash, this man in black vanished in a grove .

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Everyone was about to question him further, but they saw another figure appear in the sky, and he flew down in the direction of the camp . With a sneer, he said, "The Xiao clan's camp? Do you think I can't find you after you come in here?"

With a 'bang', he landed on the camp's ground!

This strong quake caused all the tents in the Xiao clan's camp to fly up into the midair . At the same time, a few experts from the Xiao clan were also thrown up into the air to become flying men .

A dozen of people who stood nearer to where Ye Wangran landed involuntarily flew up and vomited blood in the air .

Ye Wangran waved his hands, and his sleeves brushed through the air . Instantly, all the specks of dust floating in the air vanished . His eyes, like that of an eagle, slowly swept past everyone in front of him, and he shouted, "Come out!"

Eight people lined up in a row . Like eight iron towers, each of them looked grim and imposing . Each of them took a stride forth and said, "Elder Ye . "

Ye Wangran said angrily, "Who's that guy who pretended to be mysterious just now? Come out!"

The eight gazed at one another and asked, "Elder Ye, to whom are you referring?"

Ye Wangran burst into anger . "How do I know which one is it? Why? The Xiao clan only dares to act but don't dare to take responsibility for it?"

The eight were all puzzled . The one who was taking the lead was an eighth stage Martial Saint, and he was normally arrogant . But now, he had completely lost his face by being reprimanded by Ye Wangran in this way . He sneered and said, "Elder, we don't know what you're talking about . "

Ye Wangran snorted . "I'll let you know!"

Suddenly, he extended his hand and reached the neck of someone who was more than a hundred feet away from him . He yelled, "Now, do you understand?"

"Third brother!"

"Third master!"

The rest were utterly shocked and rushed up to him anxiously .

That 'third master' was unyielding to Ye Wangran . He still remained firm although he was seized by Ye Wangran and forcibly replied with a sneer, "Why, Elder Ye is thinking of killing me? This is the South-East region!"

This completely annoyed Ye Wangran .

Ye Wangran laughed . "Your Xiao clan lured me away so that you could lay hands on my men . Am I right? If you dare to kill people, why can't I? Third Master Xiao? Hahaha…"

As he said, his face looked more and more murderous . He might just squeeze Third Master Xiao to death at the very next moment!

"Ye Wangran! Stop!" With a shout, a grim-looking elder with long brows and long slit eyes suddenly appeared out of nowhere in front of Ye Wangran . He asked lightly, "What has happened? Sixth Master Ye, you're known for your calmness level in the Ye clan . You actually also have a time when you're in such a violent rage?"

There's some meaning of derisiveness in his words, and he didn't evade or fear Ye Wangran at all! Obviously, he was from the same generation as Ye Wangran .

"Fifth Master Xiao, it turns out that you're secretly taking charge of this movement!" Ye Wangran looked evilly at the elder and said slowly, "No wonder the movement this time around was so insidious and sinister!"

Fifth Master Xiao said heavily, "You shall put down third brother first . What has exactly happened? It actually made you this angry . "

Ye Wangran laughed and his eyes flickered . He shouted, "You don't have to say anything else . Just hand over that person just now!"

Fifth Master Xiao was startled . "Who?"

Ye Wangran was raged . "Don't play me for a fool!" Facing someone of his own generation, Ye Wangran finally unmasked himself and became aggressive!

Fifth Master Xiao looked serious . He turned back and asked, "Did anyone come in just now? Where's he?"

Ye Wangran sneered from aside . The way he watched Fifth Master Xiao was as if he was watching a show .

One person said, "There's indeed a man in black who came in just now…"

Before he finished saying, Fifth Master Xiao had already roared out, "Where's he? Let him come out!"

Everyone hurriedly went to search around . But how could they find him at this moment? They searched for a big round to find this person but to no avail .

Ye Wangran was already shuddering in rage .

Fifth Master Xiao said heavily to Ye Wangran, "Brother Ye, this is a misunderstanding!"

"A misunderstanding!?" Ye Wangran laughed in rage and swayed that 'Third Master Xiao' in his hands . "At this point, you're still telling me that this is a misunderstanding?"

Fifth Master Xiao took a step forth . He looked dignified . "It's indeed a misunderstanding! You must believe me . "

Ye Wangran laughed indignantly . "FIfth Master Xiao, what have you done to my clan when I wasn't around? This shouldn't be a misunderstanding, right?"

Fifth Master Xiao was startled . "Brother Ye, why do you say this? How can I be that kind of a despicable person?"

Ye Wangran nodded slowly . "You didn't do anything?"

Fifth Master Xiao said angrily, "Of course I didn't do anything!"

Ye Wangran continued to nod slowly, then said word by word . "Then, come with me . I shan't care about my old face today . Come! Fifth Master Xiao!"

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