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Chapter 904: 904

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Chu Yang gazed back at the creature . It had eight legs, and each of it was as thick as a human's thigh, and they were covered with dense black hair .

Its body was round, and its belly was pale and a little golden yellow .

Above its body was a malevolent face .

Its pair of eyes was fixed on Chu Yang, but they didn't move at all .

After remaining still for some time, Chu Yang suddenly realized that this creature was already dead!

A sword was deeply thrust into the creature's throat! There's a blood hole as big as a washbasin near the sword…

Wuyan Sword!

Chu Yang softly approached the creature and looked at it . He had this feeling: This monster would be awakened at any time if he produced any noise, and then it would attack brutally!

Although this monster was already dead, a strong aura still remained in his body . This made Chu Yang a little shocked, and even a bit horrified!

Surrounding it were some strange colors… yellow, green, purple…

Where was Wei Wuyan?

He had already thrown out his Wuyan Sword . Then, where was he?

Chu Yang quietly searched for Wei Wuyan . Finally, Chu Yang saw Wei Wuyan near a new tree trunk . Wei Wuyan's whole body was lying against the tree soundlessly…

Chu Yang instantly guessed: Both sides were heavily worn out in this battle . Wei Wuyan struck this monster dead on his final move . But before this monster died, it threw Wei Wuyan into the tree, and he fainted instantly .

There were exactly 600 feet between the monster and Wei Wuyan . And, all the trees between them were blown away . Very obviously, after the monster had thrown Wei Wuyan away, he collided with dozens of trees before he exhausted his energy and fell onto this tree .

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Then, Chu Yang looked at the messy grounds not far away and concluded that this was the last battlefield between Wei Wuyan and that monster, not the first .

He walked up and extended his hand to test whether Wei Wuyan was still breathing . He was not .

Chu Yang's brows furrowed . He put his hands on Wei Wuyan's chest and realized that it was still a bit warm and the heart was also beating . Although it was only beating once in a while, Wei Wuyan had after all not died yet .

But Wei Wuyan was really very, very feeble . He was like a candle placed amidst howling winds, and its flames could go out at any instant .

Chu Yang sighed . By Wei Wuyan's current conditions, even if a three-year-old child poked him with a finger, he might immediately die . Chu Yang really didn't dare to shift Wei Wuyan's body!

Chu Yang retrieved half a bottle of Vitality Spring Water from the Nine Tribulations Space . Taking a step forth and giving Wei Wuyan a clever pinch, his jaw dropped .

Chu Yang covered a hand above Wei Wuyan's chest and used the other to pour Vitality Spring Water into Wei Wuyan's mouth .

As Chu Yang poured, he used his primordial qi to massage Wei Wuyan's chest and allow the Vitality Spring Water to disperse into Wei Wuyan's body . Then, Chu Yang took out an incomplete version of Nine Tribulation Pill, pinched it into two halves, then placed half of it into the Vitality Spring Water . After it dissolved, Chu Yang poured the water into Wei Wuyan's mouth again .

Wei Wuyan's current body couldn't even afford to withstand the effects of an incomplete Nine Tribulation Pill, so he could only take half .

It's the first time that Chu Yang had seen such serious injuries!

Honestly speaking, the current Wei Wuyan could no longer be considered to be a living person now . If it wasn't his Saint level cultivation that had protected his spirit by a little, he would have died long ago…

Chu Yang waited patiently . After beating weakly for ten or so times, Wei Wuyan's heart gradually started to beat faster . Lastly, with a weak cough, blood came out of his mouth, and his breathing also resumed…

"Finally I've dragged him out of the gate of hell!" Chu Yang heaved a sigh of relief .

Then he started to get busy .

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Wei Wuyan's face was already not 'without color' anymore, but absolutely colorful! There were red, blue, green, purple-black… There were dozens of more colors than the colors that made up a rainbow!

"Damn it… If Wei Wuyan were to go to compose a play now, he wouldn't need to do makeup at all…" Chu Yang muttered .

"This is poison! An absolute poison in the world!" the sword spirit said heavily, "This poison hadn't appeared on Earth for a long time . "

"What poison is this?" Chu Yang asked . Chu Yang started to look grim upon hearing the sword spirit speaking in such a serious manner .

"It's Human Face Rainbow Spider, a tenth grade spirit beast!" the sword spirit shook his head and sighed, saying, "This Wei Wuyan is really unlucky . "

"A tenth grade spirit beast…" Chu Yang took a gasp of air . It was the first time he encountered a tenth grade spirit beast, although it's a dead one .

"The Human Face Rainbow Spider has a strong battling ability and it normally lives in places with a lot of poisons . It must also be cold and moist . This Human Face Rainbow Spider eats bones . They are extremely poisonous . Ordinary people who come into contact with it will immediately decay to death…"

"The Human Face Rainbow Spider grows Poison Pearl within its body! And this pearl can cause tens of thousands of poisons to grow! When spat out from the spider's mouth, it looks as colorful as rainbow…"

The sword spirit took in a gasp of breath and said, "This thing was already extinct 10,000 years ago . Why is there still one here? From the looks of it, it's a matured one…"

Chu Yang looked at Wei Wuyan a bit pathetically, and said, "Old Wei's luck is indeed not good! He still can bump into something that's extinct for 10,000 or so years… And he ran into that monster's nest under injured conditions…"

The sword spirit said in a low voice, "This should be the case from the looks of it . "

"Is there any way to cure this poison?" Chu Yang asked .

The sword spirit revealed a mysterious smile . "Other people may not be able to cure it . But you can do this effortlessly . This is why I said just now that you really have great fortune…"

He pulsed for a while and asked, "Do you still remember the Poisonous Dragon inner core that you got from the Lower Three Heavens?"

Chu Yang instantly remembered . "Do you mean that it can resolve this poison?" But he asked miserably, "But this Poisonous Dragon and Human Face Rainbow Spider don't have the same grade . Will it also work?"

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The sword spirit sneered, "Do the Star Spot Grass which can be grown within a year and Nightmare Snake have the same grade? The Nightmare Snake has to develop its poison for 1,000 years, and it only evolves in 5,000 years . But the Star Spot Grass can cure Nightmare Snake's poison! How do you explain this?"

Chu Yang coughed twice and said, "Whatever . What's so great about this?"

Seeing that this guy started to be unreasonable again, the sword spirit shut his mouth .

Chu Yang searched the Nine Tribulations Space for a long time before finding the Poisonous Dragon inner core . He asked the sword spirit, "How to use it?"

The sword spirit derided him, "Aren't you very capable?"

Sword Master Chu immediately put on the airs of being a sword master . Seeing that he's going to scold back, the sword spirit immediately said, "Soak the inner core in pure water and make him drink the water . The poison will be cleared just like that . "

"So simple . " Chu Yang immediately followed the instructions .

After drinking the water, the color of Wei Wuyan's face gradually recovered .

He was also breathing more heavily now, but he's still unconscious .

Only then did Chu Yang dare to check his injuries . But his hair almost stood up: 'If there are a total of 100 bones over Wei Wuyan's body, he must have at least 30 broken ones now!'

Such a horrible proportion!

And most of the fractured bones were crushed into powder .

"Damn it!" Divine Doctor Chu exclaimed, "His body was broken into such a state, yet he could actually hold on for me to save him… This… This is also a marvel…"

Although he's talking sarcastically, his hands never stopped working . He squandered all the different kinds of lotions he had on Wei Wuyan's body, and he straightforwardly applied the Vitality Spring Water over Wei Wuyan's body again…

Finally, Wei Wuyan let out a moaning sound…

With a shout, Chu Yang beat the tree trunk, and Wei Wuyan's soft body bounced out into the air . Extending his right hand, Wei Wuyan's body floated in midair . Chu Yang took out the silver needles he had prepared and struck them onto Wei Wuyan's body like bolts of lightning . In the blink of an eye, 36 silver needles were all shot onto Wei Wuyan's back, fixing back all broken pieces of the spine .

Chu Yang dissolved the other half of the incomplete Nine Tribulation Pill into the Vitality Spring Water, and smeared it on Wei Wuyan's back .

Then, he carefully settled Wei Wuyan onto the ground .

Sweat had already crept up his forehead .

The sword spirit also sighed, "At least four incomplete versions of Nine Tribulation Pill are needed to completely cure this guy… Refining medicines are really… really… not easy . "

Chu Yang said earnestly, "Sword spirit, you mustn't be too greedy and stingy for all these… A doctor must have the heart of a parent . "

The sword spirit instantly started to retch in the Nine Tribulations Space .

"You shan't move him now . Let his body recover for a while," the sword spirit warned him, "You should go to handle that corpse of the Human Face Rainbow Spider now . It's a treasure…"

"Treasure?" Chu Yang's eyes lit up .

"Of course! Although this thing looks ugly and disgusting, its whole body is a treasure! This is a tenth grade spirit beast . And it's a fully grown up one…" the sword spirit sighed, saying, "Even if Wei Wuyan wasn't injured, he couldn't afford to battle against this beast . But he actually desperately tried to kill the beast when he's seriously injured… This is really…"

He sighed again, "Although it's a pity that Wei Wuyan almost died, isn't it also a pity for this spider? It has been hiding here for 10,000 years, yet disaster just came like this all of a sudden…"

Chu Yang had no interest at all listening to the sword spirit . He had long taken out his Nine Tribulations Sword and he asked excitedly, "Where should I start? Where is there the most treasure? Treasure hunting is what I'm most interested in…"

The sword spirit sighed deeply again, "You're just so lucky… You're going to have a big harvest this time around… There's not only this spider that's a treasure… You must know that although this spider looks dirty, it likes to be clean . Although it has no choice but to cultivate in a cold, dark and humid environment, its residence must be dry and even has sunlight… Do you know what I mean?"

Chu Yang pondered for a while, and suddenly his eyes sparkled, "Nine-Earths-Soul Ginseng?!"

The sword spirit laughed, and said, "If you couldn't find Nine-Earths-Soul-Ginseng from where Human Face Rainbow Spider lives, then… you definitely wouldn't find it anywhere else…"

Chu Yang laughed rejoicingly . "Looks like my younger sister is really blessed, hahaha…"

He rubbed his hands and couldn't stop smiling . "Spider… Nine-Earths-Soul-Ginseng, and… this blood-payer expert who had never owed anyone in his life has also owed me a lot this time… Wahahaha, I'm so happy…"The literal meaning of 'wuyan' in English is 'without color'

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