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Chapter 905

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The sword spirit said indifferently, "Go get that Nine-Earths-Soul Ginseng first! As for whether someone thinks they owe you anything, this varies from person to person! Don't think of things in a manner that they'll all be successful . "

Chu Yang nodded . "This is not bad . One can only see the true nature of a person when he is in desperate circumstances . "

The sword spirit said, "You're a bit too smooth in doing things . Before this, I didn't think that you have such great ambitions to rope in people who are enemies which each other . Don't you think… you are too broad-hearted?"

Chu Yang remained silent and said, "Wei Wuyan and Wan Renjie, as well as his two brothers, are great experts in the current times . It's a pity to let them go . "

He took a deep sigh and said, "Sword spirit, I know what you're worried about . But have you ever thought about, what do I have now?"

"What do you have?" The sword spirit was startled for a while .

"I'm very lonely," Chu Yang said blankly, "I led a wandering life in my past life . Although I was very lonely, I was used to it; but it's different for my current life . "

"I have brothers and comrades in the Lower Three Heavens . At least, everyone is working hard towards one goal . "

"It's the same in the Middle Three Heavens . I have brothers who go through thick and thin with me . When one points towards a direction, everyone goes forth at the same time . "

"But what do I have in the Upper Three Heavens?"

"Maybe you'll say that I have parents and a clan, or relationship with the law-enforcement officers and Han Xiaoran… But, all of these are not worth mentioning . I have to protect my clan and parents at all times . This is not to say they are my burden . On the contrary, my family and relatives are whom I'm responsible for! As a man, I must carry on these responsibilities! Family members are one of my most important responsibilities . "

"So I don't allow my clan to be involved in any strife!"

"As for law-enforcement officers, I'm only cooperating with them in the meantime . Although we have true feelings with one another, if I exposed my real identity, will Han Xiaoran, Sha Xinliang or Qin Baoshan help me? Or will they help their fellow law-enforcement officers… This is no question at all . "

"Other than this, what do I have? I have nothing . "

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Chu Yang smiled slightly . "I'm just a loner! Now, I've lost contact with my brothers . There are originally Dong Wushang, Rui Butong and Mo Lei'er In the Upper Three Heavens, but now I don't know where they are!"

"I can only progress silently; I don't even know where my next goal is . I can only utilize whatever conspiracies that I have thought of to blindly stir up a mess in the Nine Heavens . "

Chu Yang smiled lightly . "This kind of life sucks . "

"I know I'm too eager to achieve success, and this kind of mentality isn't good," Chu Yang analyzed his true thoughts composedly, adding, "But what else can I do? I can only strive to win over the experts as quickly as possible to increase the bargaining chips that I have…"

"A fourth stage Sword Sovereign isn't considered poor . It can be said that a Sword Sovereign can already dominate the Middle Three Heavens . But what am I considered in the Upper Three Heavens? Other than the nine great clans, those who dare to adventure in the martial world all have at least Monarch-level cultivations!"

"I understand that Wan Renjie and his two brothers may not be that reliable and may not be willing to go through thick and thin with me together . Wan Renjie also has his own principles . But I can only give it a try!"

"Even if there's just a trace of luck, I can only try . "

Chu Yang sighed deeply, continuing, "I… I'm too short of help now . "

The sword spirit remained silent and said nothing .

Chu Yang was right . Ever since Chu Yang came to the Upper Three Heavens, he had achieved great success in accomplishing the Nine Tribulations Sword's mission . He had successfully wiped out the internal conflict within his clan, and stirred up a turmoil among the nine great clans through his previous foreshadowing, causing the nine great clans to seek to kill one another .

Recently, he also used his identity as a divine doctor to provoke a conflict between the law-enforcement officers and the Shi clan .

And then, a dispute between the Huang clan, Ye clan and Xiao clan . It seemed that the entire Nine Heavens had stirred up into chaos because of this . But a deeper analysis would show that all these disputes are too superficial .

As long as the law-enforcement officers and Dharma Supreme weren't fools, they wouldn't allow the conflict between Han Xiaoran and the Shi clan to expand .

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The current battle between the Xiao clan and Huang clan was also superficial, as both clans were only battling to vent their frustrations . The three clans would definitely not put on a desperate battle…

The most in-depth battle belonged to that between the Li clan and the other big clans, but the only danger of the Li clan was Li Xiongtu . If Li Xiongtu died… then the battle would immediately come to an end .

Besides… there's also the possibility that Chu Yang's conspiracy on the Li clan would be exposed .

Now, Chu Yang was really helpless .

Other than the Chu clan, which strength was still relatively weak, it seemed that he could only rely on help from Wan Renjie and his two brothers as of now .

But how could they be compared to the nine big clans?

Chu Yang sighed deeply .

The sword spirit also sighed deeply .

At this moment, the duo realized something at the same time: Sometimes, conspiracies don't mean everything .

Chu Yang silently began to dismember the Human Face Rainbow Spider .

With the unparalleled sharpness of the Nine Tribulations Sword, a big chunk could be slashed down the Human Face Rainbow Spider with just a strike . Chu Yang first started dismembering the eight legs of the spider .

At the joints where the leg was cut, a round walnut-sized and crystal-clear pearl rolled out .

"This is the spider's pearl . There are eight such pearls within the body of Human Face Rainbow Spider," the sword spirit explained, "The pearls are night-luminescent . Other than having a sky-high value, it has no help for improving one's cultivation and the forces of his divine spirit . But you can use this to exchange for large amounts of purple crystals… Of course, you have to find the right person . "

Chu Yang nodded and kept the pearls . With a slash, the second leg of the spider was cut .

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In a moment's time, all the eight legs of the Rainbow Face Human Spider were cut, and a total of eight round pearls were taken out from the legs .

Eight night-luminescent pearls!

A dim light shone out from this dark forest, enshrouding this forest with a mild and cold aura .

Each pearl was priceless .

Chu Yang took only a glance on them before keeping them into his Nine Tribulations Space . Next, he slashed the sword against the head of the Human Face Rainbow Spider . Its whole skull exploded, and a colorful and feast-sized pearl rolled out .

"This is the Poison Pearl!" the sword spirit's face looked grim, and he said, "It's extremely malicious and can spur the growth of all kinds of poisons," he sighed quietly, as though he had seen what it would cause to Chu Yang if it landed in his hands .

"Dissect its body and extract its inner core . Then you can completely discard this corpse," the sword spirit said quietly, "This is the first inner core that you get from a tenth grade spirit beast . Together with the eight night-luminescent pearls, they will form a great attraction in the Medicine Banquet, and you can exchange them with countless purple crystals… and the elixirs you urgently need . "

A trace of a smile revealed on Chu Yang's face . He took out the inner core of the spider, looked contentedly at it in his hands, then put it in his Nine Tribulations Space .

Then, he dug a pit to bury this huge spider .

Wei Wuyan was still deep in his sleep, but his breathing had completely stabilized . Chu Yang checked the effects of the medicines that Wei Wuyan had taken and placed a night-luminescent pearl next to him . After all, this came from a tenth grade spirit beast . Absolutely no beast would dare to come near them .

Then, Chu Yang straightened his body, and like a sharp sword, he shot himself into the forest . He was going to look for the Nine-Earths-Soul Ginseng!

The forest turned more and more gloomy as he traveled further into it .

Finally, after advancing a dozen miles, the sword spirit issued a warning, "Stop! It should be the spider's nest on the cliff opposite you . "

Chu Yang looked at the direction . There was a stretch of swamp opposite him; there were countless skeletal skulls floating on it… This had made the atmosphere there extremely eerie!

But on the contrary… opposite the swamp, there was a straight cliff! 400 to 500 feet up the cliff, there seemed to be a depressed region at one side . From there, a patch of golden yellow light shone in . The light was bright and dazzling .

It was sunlight which had shone in through a slit and landed exactly on that spot .

"There's really such a place! The place is wet and humid, yet it's completely sunny!" Chu Yang looked at that small region and couldn't help but praise .

Other than the middle region on this cliff wall which was illuminated by sunlight, three feet up was a dark cloud which was so wet that it seemed that it was going to drip water down .

Three feet below was even more humid!

But only the middle region was dry, creating a fine line from the rest of the cliff!

The whole cliff was bare . Only at the top of the cliff, there were three golden yellow plants that looked like matured grains swaying slowly in the winds .

"That's the Nine-Earths-Soul Ginseng! There are actually three!" the sword spirit said excitedly and surprisingly, "I didn't expect it to be above the Human Face Rainbow Spider's nest… Speaking of this, you still have to thank Wei Wuyan . If not for him, it was almost impossible for you to kill this spider with your own strength . "

Chu Yang nodded silently . He extended his body and climbed up the cliff .

Surprise and gratitude should be mentioned only after the Nine-Earths-Soul Ginseng was received . Now, there was no use in saying any of this!

The dark clouds on the cliff had become thinner after Chu Yang climbed up the cliff, and he could more or less observe the situation above the mists: It's a canyon! From here, only a faint ray of skylight could be seen .

Chu Yang immediately absorbed the three Nine-Earths-Soul Ginseng into his Nine Tribulations Space and asked the sword spirit to verify it . Looking up, he finally took a tumble, "I finally understood! Wei Wuyan should have come down from here; It's really a very secure place here for Wei Wuyan to hide from Wan Renjie's pursuit and recover his injuries!"

The sword spirit's mouth puckered, and he said, "If there isn't the Human Face Rainbow Spider, of course, it's a very secure place here! This spider is a nocturnal animal which only appears at night to absorb cold air and the odor of the corpses . When Wei Wuyan came, the spider should be out… Presumably, only after Wei Wuyan had come to this place that he thought was the safest did he realize that he had sat exactly in the mouth of an animal . "

. . .

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