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Chapter 895: 895

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Wan Renjie snorted . He extended both his hands . His sleeves were also all gone, revealing his bare arms which looked as if they had been stabbed by hundreds or thousands of daggers . There was almost not a place where the skin wasn't scraped!

"Ice silk! No wonder!" Wan Renjie spat out a mouthful of blood again, and said, "Wei Wuyan, do you dare to confront my Yinyang Bridge?"

Cheng Duying had already stepped up before Wei Renjie finished speaking, "Big brother, it's my turn now! You shouldn't snatch with me!"

Bao Buhuan was still afraid that Wan Renjie would insist on fighting . He actually emerged from the dust and said heavily, "Big brother, second brother is right in saying this!"

Wan Renjie struggled to think for a long time, and finally said, "Be careful . "

Cheng Duying laughed . His arms shook once, and Life and Death Saber appeared in his hands . He pointed the tip of the saber at Wei Wuyan, "Wei Wuyan, show off your Wuyan Sword now! Let me have a look, how can you make heaven and earth faceless! And let's see who's the real first blood-payer in the whole South-East region!"

Wei Wuyan smiled scornfully, saying, "Cheng Duying, are you sure you didn't speak wrongly? My first position among the blood-payers doesn't just exist in the South-East region, but in the whole Nine Heavens! Are you this useless? You only dare to grab for a first position in the South-East region?!"

Cheng Duying waved his hands to stir up waves of saber light . He said, "You force us to act as you wish us to . Wei Wuyan, as a number one blood-payer in the world, are you this narrow-minded and do you just know this little dirty trick?"

Wei Wuyan snorted . "Although I'm not narrow-minded and my schemes are funny, your big brother Wan Renjie is half-dead now!"

Cheng Duying roared and stepped forth!

Saber light roared and rolled like tides, as if they were going to sweep past the entire Nine Heavens .

It seemed that in front of Wei Wuyan was a real sea .

But, amidst this tumultuous tide was full of ghostly sensation, which made this magnificent ocean of saber light feel like an ocean of death .

Life and Death Soul-Butchering Saber Technique!

Wei Wuyan's pupils shrank and he said, "Good technique!"

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Cheng Duying didn't answer, while the ocean of saber light continued to rush forth .

Wei Wuyan extended his hands . The sword in his battered sheath was finally out .

The sword looked ordinary and simple .

There's neither magnificent sword light nor keen sword energy within the sword . It didn't even have any luster .

It's just like a wooden sword!

Wuyan Sword!

Everyone who practiced sword would have no face when they see the Wuyan Sword!

Wei Wuyan's face looked plain . His body floated up, but it seemed that he didn't shift his position at all . While he had already wielded his sword, it still seemed that the sword didn't move .

Like a piece of stiff wood .


The Wuyan Sword cut flatly through the ocean of saber light! Yet this ordinary-looking sword seemed to be a bane to this stretch of saber light!

Cheng Duying roared angrily, "What kind of sword is this!" And he actually took a step back, and the saber light instantly died out .

"This is Wuyan Sword!" Wei Wuyan said coldly, "This belongs to the number one blood-payer expert, Wei Wuyan! Cheng Duying, you've been ranked number two among the blood-payers for so long . How could you not know?"

Cheng Duying laughed, saying, "Sure enough, it's a good sword . " He raised his sword and started another round of attack .

Wei Wuyan obviously intended to irritate Cheng Duying with his words . But, it seemed that Cheng Duying didn't hear Wei Wuyan at all, and instead, he exercised his saber more and more steadily .

Aside, the sword spirit said, "If you have to confront an expert of Saint level or above, you must remember: Using words to agitate your opponent doesn't work! Even if he comes up to you angrily, he has done so to create an illusion to you that 'you have successfully agitated me' . So, don't ever believe him . "

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Chu Yang nodded and said, "At the start of the battle, the three people intended to besiege Wei Wuyan . Why are they fighting one by one now?"

The sword spirit laughed and said, "Wei Wuyan is the number one blood-payer in the world! How valuable is the opportunity for this battle? Since Wei Wuyan is here and he can't run away, isn't it better to have the few brothers take the battle as a practice, which can also enhance their appreciation of martial arts? You must know that it's a rare opportunity to have a fearless battle with an expert whose cultivation is higher than oneself…"

"I see," Chu Yang nodded . He continued to look at the battle attentively .

Wei Wuyan's sword technique had a great impact on Chu Yang at this moment .

His every move was simple and unpretentious, yet stunningly powerful!

Such simple and unpretentious sword moves would make the most magnificent or complicated sword moves feel ashamed and faceless!

With one move of my sword, all the other sword moves in the world will be faceless!

This was the real meaning of Wei Wuyan's Wuyan Sword!

But such humble sword moves were really beautiful!

Cheng Duying's saber slowed down .

He no longer played with that magnificent ocean of saber light anymore . Instead, he wielded his saber humbly, according to how the sword acted .

However, it was from this seemingly plain battle between a saber and a sword that gradually revealed the chasm in capability between Wei Wuyan and Cheng Duying .

It shouldn't at first .

But it just did .

There was remaining aura for every sword move that Wei Wuyan made . But it seemed to gradually accumulate and weave together to form an invisible net, which made Cheng Duying difficult to extend his saber techniques . Even in areas that the sword didn't reach, there also seemed to have little room for the saber to be extended into the same area! Slowly and in a baffling manner…

Cheng Duying was now at a disadvantaged side .

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Then, after 199 sword moves, he could only defend himself from Wei Wuyan's attack, and couldn't fight back!

"He's indeed worthy to be called the number one blood-payer in the world!" Chu Yang exclaimed as he gazed at the battle, "If Duxing could see this battle, how great would it be! It would absolutely inspire him a lot!"

The sword spirit jerked .

Ever since Chu Yang arrived at the Upper Three Heavens, he had only asked his brother's whereabouts when he was awake from unconsciousness . He didn't mention them at any other time ever since .

Although everyone knew that Chu Yang missed his brothers in his heart, they didn't mention Chu Yang's brothers at all .

But, at this moment, Chu Yang was so absorbed in Wei Wuyan's sword that he blurted out unintentionally: If my brother was here, how good would it be?

"This Wuyan Sword would indeed make all the other sword techniques in the world faceless!" the sword spirit said, "But, Wuyan Sword technique is still much more inferior to Nine Tribulations Sword technique . "

Chu Yang said vexedly, "Nonsense! If Wei Wuyan's sword technique was comparable to the Nine Tribulations Sword technique, why would I still need to muddle on with the Nine Tribulations Sword? The reason why Wei Wuyan's sword would make all other swords in the world faceless is because he has made his sword almost return to the original nature of the sword! But, the sword doesn't only have to return to its original nature . "

The sword spirit said, "Yes, that's right . "

Chu Yang said, "Besides, although Wei Wuyan is good at making his sword return to its original nature, he also has quite a few flaws!"

The sword spirit said interestedly, "You can see the flaws in his sword technique?"

Chu Yang said frankly, "I can't see it, but I can feel them and reason them out . "

The sword spirit said, "Oh?"

Chu Yang said, "Wei Wuyan's biggest flaw is his starting point . If he started using this Wuyan Sword when he was a Sword Sovereign, I'm afraid his Wuyan Sword could kill all these three people at once! But he didn't . So, although his sword is powerful, he can't achieve victory!"

The sword spirit said, "Any more?"

Chu Yang said, "Secondly, his Wuyan Sword techniques have just formed their shape, that's to say, he hasn't understood the deeper realm of the Wuyan Sword . So, he has some flaws in using it . "

The sword spirit said, "How did you reach this conclusion?"

Chu Yang snorted and said, "Sword is like a beautiful woman! Ordinary swords are elegant, colorful and eye-catching . This is the lowest order . A level up will be that kind of peerless beauties, who are both talented and skilled . That means the swords are more powerful, lethal, and better in making illusions . "

"At this time, a woman's beauty to a great extent still stops at her superficial looks . On a level higher, the beauty becomes a wife . By then, she has gotten rid of all the ostentation and halo on her and become a married woman who does house chores, and who leads a stable and simple life . In terms of the sword, it's Wei Wuyan's Wuyan Sword!"

Chu Yang said lightly .

The sword spirited nodded and said, "What else?"

Chu Yang said, "Of course! It's still not enough here . Only when the woman becomes a mother will she become a real beauty . The most beautiful person in the world is a mother! When she has her own child and home, she will focus herself to be one . Even if the sky collapses, she won't be affected . This is equivalent to the corresponding sword cultivation: 'Other than the sword, there's nothing else to care about!'"

"But I think the most beautiful person is an elderly woman who has seen through the vicissitudes of life, the ostentatiousness of the world and experienced the death of family and friends! At that time, although she's full of wrinkles, her charm of undergoing the precipitation of time is still unparalleled as compared to a pretty little girl!"

"Anything else?" the sword spirit pursued .

"I can only think of this as of now," Chu Yang smiled lightly as he frowned .

"Not bad!" the sword spirit seemed to be applauding Chu Yang, "Although it's still a bit one-sided, it's already out of my expectation that you can think of to this level . "

Chu Yang laughed and said, "If Wei Wuyan knows that I have compared him to a married woman, what will he think?"

The sword spirit laughed, "No other thoughts, but he will definitely compare you to a married woman too . "

The two laughed at each other .

On the battlefield, Cheng Duying was now absolutely at a disadvantage .

Wei Wuyan was in control of the entire battle . It was a moment of life and death now .

Suddenly, a sword came up ruthlessly . With a flash in the air, it had arrived at Wei Wuyan's throat!

Bao Buhuan had taken actions .

Wei Wuyan snorted . "Is it a gang fight after a wheel war?"

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