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Chapter 894.1

Although Wan Renjie heard his brother’s words, he didn’t prepare his sword! He only raised his head to gaze at Wei Wuyan, who had fixed himself in the high air and using his palms to slowly draw a few circles to lay a defense shield in front of him .

Then, his palms intersected before his chest . A faint sound of wind and thunder could be heard coming from within his palms!

Cheng Duying sighed . He held up his Life and Death Dagger and flew up to the mountain hill, ready to provide assistance at any moment .

The sword spirit said, “Do you realize something?”

Chu Yang said, “What?”

The sword spirit said, “At this level, it’s a battle of wits and a contest of strength; Wei Wuyan’s grasp of battle strategies is already perfect . ”

Chu Yang thought for some time and asked, “What do you mean?”

The sword spirit said slowly, “Wei Wuyan was caught in a pincer attack just now, so he had no choice but to run! Once he runs, he will immediately incur the siege of the opposing three people! No matter how powerful Wei Wuyan is, he’s not the opponent of these three people together! So, Wei Wuyan can only fight . To find chances in the midst of battling is Wei Wuyan’s only path to survival . ”

Chu Yang recalled how the four people positioned themselves previously, and said affirmatively, “Yes, that’s indeed the case . ”

The sword spirit said, “So, after Wei Wuyan knew the identities of his opponents, he immediately insulted them! And he cited a tangible example . Under such circumstances, there would definitely be someone who stepped up first to attack him out of anger . And that person would be Wei Wuyan’s first target . And this person must be the most senior brother among the three of them!”

He continued, “Their Teachers are insulted . If the biggest brother among them doesn’t take actions, the other two also wouldn’t be able to take action! This is the first plot that Wei Wuyan exerted after recognizing his own circumstances . ”

Chu Yang replied, “Yes . ”

The sword spirit said, “No matter whether it’s out of respect towards the senior or Wan Renjie having greater expertise than his two brothers dictate so, only he alone could battle with Wei Wuyan! The remaining two people will simply find it too rude to intervene . This is Wei Wuyan’s second trick . He’s exploiting the mentality of martial experts . ”

Chu Yang agreed . “Since Wan Renjie has such high cultivation, how will the two brothers have enough thick skin to siege Wei Wuyan if Wan Renjie isn’t in absolute danger?”

The sword spirit nodded, saying, “So, Wei Wuyan’s second trick has also worked . Next, Wan Renjie attacked Wei Wuyan with his sword, but Wei Wuyan didn’t take out his . This is also a form of an attack made by Wei Wuyan, particularly an insult to Wan Renjie: I can deal with your sword empty-handedly! And he calculated accurately that Wan Renjie is haughty, so he would be unable to back down with good grace in front of his junior brothers should he use his sword . This is the third trick . ”

“At this moment, even if Wan Renjie knew about his opponent’s trick, he still had to do it anyway!” Chu Yang agreed .

“So, Wei Wuyan’s third trick has also worked,” the sword spirit said, “And he successfully created a chance to put up a solo fight with Wan Renjie! His fourth trick is to lead Wan Renjie towards the sky . Because if they’re on the ground, no matter where they were battling, Wan Renjie’s other two brothers could immediately come to support him . There’s only a short period of chance for Wei Wuyan in high air . ”

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“Yes,” Chu Yang said .

“Only to seriously injure Wan Renjie in high air will Wei Wuyan have the opportunity to escape or kill Wan Renjie!” the sword spirit said .

“Previously, Wan Renjie escaped all the time when he battled with Wei Wuyan, without Wei Wuyan having to put in all his efforts at all! At this moment, since Wei Wuyan didn’t use his sword, the danger posed to Wan Renjie has also greatly reduced . So, Wan Renjie also wants to have a look where exactly the gap in capability between Wei Wuyan and him is . So, even at such a moment, he’ll also not use his sword!” the sword spirit said, “This is the last stage of Wei Wuyan’s third trick . ”

Chu Yang said, “But the opposing three people are obviously not fools . Cheng Duying held his sword and went up to the hill . Although he didn’t join in the battle, he’s strong resistance to Wei Wuyan . So, Wei Wuyan can’t use his killer moves!”

The sword spirit agreed, “Once Wei Wuyan goes to all lengths and cause Wan Renjie to be seriously injured or killed, he’ll also lead Cheng Duying to fight back in desperation!”

He looked up to the sky and sighed, continuing, “If Wei Wuyan’s cultivation was a bit higher, he wouldn’t have to worry about these . But now, he couldn’t help but worry . We can only see how he responds now . ”

Chu Yang asked, “Sword spirit, how is your cultivation compared to these four people?”

The sword spirit answered quietly, “I’m not as good as them!” He continued, “Currently, their cultivations are far above mine!”

Chu Yang uttered an ‘oh’ in surprise .

The sword spirit said, “Wait till you become an Emperor of Swords and let go of my capability, I’ll be able to defeat these four people . But now, it’s impossible… Of course, they can’t kill me . ”

Chu Yang snorted and said, “But they can kill me . ”

The sword spirit smiled .

Chu Yang suddenly shouted, “Wei Wuyan is going to take actions now!”

The sword spirit jerked and gazed back .

Wei Wuyan actually started to stroll casually in the high air . For every step he made, the whole piece of land up to a hundred feet from him trembled violently .

In the end, he paced faster and faster, and became a blurred shadow in the air .

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There was as if an earthquake occurring on the ground . Clouds of dust rapidly stirred up into the air and suddenly filled up the whole sky .

“Great trick!” Chu Yang praised from the bottom of his heart .

This way, Cheng Duying could no longer accurately determine the position of the two in the sky!

“Wei Wuyan is going to attack soon,” the sword spirit said heavily .

Not waiting for the sword spirit to finish saying, a sound reverberated through the air!

Wei Wuyan suddenly turned his body upside-down, and dropped down vertically! There was smoke trailing him . It was because he had traveled too fast and the friction between his body and air had caused the air to burn!

In the blink of an eye, he had arrived above Wan Renjie . Wei Wuyan held his left hand behind his back, as he lifted his right hand up and threw it vehemently, almost barbarously, against Wan Renjie!

It looked as though Raytheon had suddenly raised a sledgehammer and slammed it heavily against the ground!

Wan Renjie exclaimed, “Good!”

He whirled his two palms and slammed it outwards!

Whoo~~~ a similarly thunderous sound was produced .

It was the Kaitian Thunderbolt Palm that had shocked the whole world then!

Wei Wuyan’s right palm slammed fiercely against Wan Renjie’s two palms!


On the ground, the small hill was actually uprooted from the ground!

Wan Renjie snorted and fell down!

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By theory, Wei Wuyan should blow off under such an intense collision!

But Wei Wuyan only fell from the sky as though he had turned into a steel knife . Like a meteorite that was burned in the atmosphere and falling towards the Earth, he dropped down at a faster and faster speed!

He raised his left hand that had been at his back previously, and slammed down heavily! At the same time, his right palm was already at his back .

Wan Renjie let out a roar and desperately used both palms to resist Wei Wuyan’s palm .

Another collision!

Wei Wuyan remained silent . He retracted his left hand, while his right palm struck forth like a lightning bolt!


Boom! Boom boom boom!

Wei Wuyan struck down seven or eight consecutive palms, but Wan Renjie could only defend himself and had no power to fight back . He had never expected that under his Kaitian Thunderbolt Palm, Wei Wuyan would completely violate the norm of being blown away, but instead could advance downward to him at a faster rate!

This little mistake had led to his current tragedy!

Both of them flew towards the ground like two meteors!

Wan Renjie banged heavily onto the ground and sank deeply into it . Wei Wuyan’s rough body also rushed down into the hole that Wan Renjie had sunk into . Only crazy fighting sounds were heard from the outside, and the sounds went deeper, deeper and deeper into the ground…

Cheng Duying and Bao Butong came to the side of this hole . Anxiety was all over their faces!

Now, both of them dared not to go down, let alone to carry out any attack . Because under such circumstances, no matter how they were going to attack, while Wei Wuyan had to bear with it, Wan Renjie would also have to endure!

The two of them had almost become one in the hole!

Cheng Duying let out a shout . His two feet stamped down, and his two hands grasped hold of the ground . At the next instant, with a ‘hey’, he slowly lifted the ground up .

The whole piece of land, which was as deep as a hundred feet, was lifted up by him like a piece of a big cake . With a roar, he threw it outwards . Then, he kicked it up .

The whole piece of land was sent hundreds of feet high before it gradually fell down .

With a flash, Wei Wuyan came out from the whole . Sneering coldly and flinging his sleeves, he rose up into the air amidst the dust and fumes .

But immediately, a ghostly sword light twisted up towards him like a venomous snake . A gloomy voice sounded, “Wei Wuyan, did you forget that I’m a killer?”

Wei Wuyan retreated immediately in shock .

After such an intense battle, he had consumed a large amount of strength . How could he still have the power to deal with the number one killer in the South-East region?

Wei Wuyan retreated at the speed of lightning, but the wisp of sword light also chased closely after him . Wait till Wei Wuyan stood still, he found himself near the hole again . Only then he had the time to pull out his own sword . After three cross strikes with Bao Buhuan, Bao Buhuan retreated and with a flash, he vanished amidst the dust .

The dust that Wei Wuyan created was not only advantageous to him . It was even more advantageous to killers like Bao Buhuan .

An oppressive spell of death came from behind . Wei Wuyan realized that he was caught between Cheng Duying and Bao Buhuan!

A roaring sound was heard . Wan Renjie put in all his strength to jump out of the hole . His body was now covered with mud . Upon arriving on the ground, he consecutively vomited three mouthfuls of blood .

He raised his head and said fiercely, “Brother Wei, what a lethal Golden Thunder Palm!” Under Wei Wuyan’s repeated attack, he almost broke a hole through the earth . But this Wan Renjie didn’t die under such attack! And he actually jumped out all by himself!

Such tenacity made Chu Yang more scrupulous and his expectations toward a so-called ‘ninth-grade Saint level expert’ also raised .

Wei Wuyan smiled and said, “I’m no better than you . Your Kaitian Thunderbolt Palm is powerful too!”

He extended his hands . A gust of wind blew by, and the clothes on his arms shattered into pieces and blew away like butterflies, revealing his arms bared .

Wei Wuyan looked at the broken pieces of his clothes and said softly, “This is made of ice silk from a seventh-grade spiritual beast…”

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