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Chapter 877: 877

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Seventh Master Xiao could only smile bitterly; he knew that Ye Wubo wouldn't believe him . But he insisted on saying, "Ye Wubo, speak with your true heart, am I the kind of person who's afraid of trouble? Even if we were really enemies, how would I be afraid of you?"

Seventh Master Xiao continued sincerely, "If all these things were really done by me, why should I explain them to you? Wouldn't it be more direct to fight with you? Brother Ye, you must believe my painstaking efforts . "

Ye Wubo laughed, and said admiringly, "Seventh Master Xiao, I really admire you! How does your mouth grow? I feel really strange . When your upper lip touches your lower lip, white becomes black; when your lower lip touches your upper lip, black becomes white again…"

Ye Wubo continued, "Seventh Master Xiao, why are you still practicing sword since you already have such a mouth? Damn it, if you have any enemy, you shall directly stick your tongue out at him! Even a Supreme Martial Artist can't be your opponent… With this mouth and this thick skin of yours… you will be peerless in the Nine Heavens!"

Seventh Master Xiao's face was as black as the bottom of a pot . He said indignantly, "You don't believe me?"

Ye Wubo said, "Don't talk all these shit in front of me! I shall only ask you one question . Where did your injuries come from? Don't say that you fought a battle with someone else or the like . Why aren't your two men injured? You've been injured so badly, but your two men are in such perfect pieces . "

Seventh Master Xiao said angrily, "That person only lay hands on me, and we fought for a very short time… I was defeated once we started fighting! They had no time to react at all! Why don't you believe me?"

Ye Wubo said smilingly, "I heard that you're not quite comfortable in speaking . Looks like your tongue is hurt . What happened to your tongue?"

Seventh Master Xiao's face flushed and he said angrily, "It's pierced by the sword of that person! Why! You don't believe?"

Ye Wubo's face looked strange . "Can I understand it this way: Just now, there's someone who came and fought a battle with you . Your two men had no time to react and you suffered from serious injuries . Within one move, he caused hundreds of scratches on your body with his sword, but you didn't die . Then, he stuck his sword into your mouth and gently cut your tongue . After this person left, we came… right?"

Seventh Master Xiao nodded, "That's right! You said absolutely…"

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Ye Wubo's face changed and he laughed out loud!

The three people behind him also started laughing derisively . Even the elder with the goatee, who was carried on another person, also couldn't help but laugh sarcastically .

"What a remarkable speech!" Ye Wubo laughed as he gasped for breath, "Seventh Master Xiao, speaking of eloquence, fabricating tales, making lies and talking nonsense on the spot, you deserve to be called number one in any one of the above aspects!"

Seventh Master Xiao's face turned cold . He said, "Ye Wubo, don't think that I'm afraid of you . I've already done whatever I could do and my conscience is clear! When the truth reveals itself in the future, I'm afraid you will have no place to hide your shame!"

"Do whatever you could do, your conscience is clear… Hahaha…" Ye Wubo was convulsed with laughter . Finally, his face changed to become cold and evil, and he shouted, "Seventh Master Xiao, f**k your mother! F**k your ancestors! You're a despicable and shameless bastard! You're a dirty and obscene rascal! You're an unscrupulous son-of-b*tch! You're heartless… F**k you off! You actually treated me like a fool, and you still think fooling me for 18 years isn't enough . Now, you actually fabricated such a big lie in front of me…"

What a great scolding! From Seventh Master Xiao's ancestors to his descendants, as well as all his female relatives, Ye Wubo had cursed almost all of them at once .

Seventh Master Xiao couldn't suppress his anger any further . His face became extremely terrifying and flaming red, and his breath became very heavy . "Ye Wubo! You're a son-of-bitch! Your mouth is full of dung! Do you think I'm afraid of you? Did I fool you for 18 years? I f**k off your ancestors! Do you think you're a virgin? How will I be interested to fool you for 18 years? Pooh! If you want to have a battle, then let's have one! Who says I can't kill the thirteenth master of the Ye clan?"

Both of them were filled with rage . Ye Wubo waved his hands, saying, "Let's go! Kill him! Kill this bastard here at all costs! I'll bear all the consequences!"

Seventh Master Xiao's sword pointed out, and he roared, "Kill all these bastards from the Ye clan for me! Don't worry, I'll bear all the consequences! I f**k off his grandmother…"

By now, both sides were already fueling with anger . With a roar and a scream, they started fighting .

Yunshan and Yunhai joined forces to fight against the three experts from the Ye clan . Their weapons clanged against one another as they fought fiercely . The daggers were all directed towards their opponents' fatal body parts, while the swords couldn't wait to behead their opponents!

Ye Wubo and Seventh Master Xiao directly started a battle with each other! They gnashed their teeth as they poured out all their grievances on their opponents-all their killer moves were thrown out one after another, and vulgarities streamed out of their mouths continuously!

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They were fighting and cursing each other at full steam!

Not for long, all the ancestors of the Ye clan and the Xiao clan were cited and cursed several times .

The strengths of the duo were actually about the same . Although the cultivation of Seventh Master Xiao was two stages lower than that of Ye Wubo, he was a Sovereign of swords . If both sides were in perfect body conditions, after the battle, the result would be either that both sides were defeated and suffered serious injuries, or one died while the other one badly injured .

But Ye Wubo had fought one round with the sword spirit . With injuries on his body, 30% of his strength was lost .

On the other hand, Seventh Master Xiao suffered one palm from the sword spirit . This palm caused concussions within his internal organs, and his strength was weakened by 35% .

In this way, the strengths of both of them were evenly matched and considerably equal!

In the dark, the sword spirit and Chu Yang watched the fight in exultation and with beaming countenances!

Under the glare of the fire, there's actually such a great show with refreshing visual and auditory experience! How enjoyable…

"What a pity . If Seventh Master Xiao lowered his sword further by a bit, Ye Wubo's right leg would be chopped off . "

"Yeah . If Ye Wubo could raise his sword by a bit, Seventh Master Xiao's foot would also be cut and sent flying away"

"Seventh Master Xiao is so stupid… He doesn't know how to be flexible in his moves…"

"Ye Wubo is good-for-nothing… He's too rigid…"

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Chu Yang and the sword spirit commented and discussed in exaltation as they watched . At the most exciting parts, the two of them couldn't bear themselves from making lively gestures .

"It's too fun!"

"So cool…"

The two unscrupulous guys winked at each other and laughed gloatingly .

Two piercing screams sounded at the same time . Yunshan's left leg was cut by a sword, while the Monarch level expert who was carrying the elder with the goatee suffered a violent stab by a dagger . His upper arm was almost detached from his body .

The two of them became utterly raged at the same time .

The way Monarch level experts fight was different from ordinary martial members . No matter whether they stabbed or cut their opponents, the destructive energy of their opponents would instantly penetrate into their own body and hurt their own skin, muscles, meridians, joints and bones .

Both of them immediately retreated and exercised some martial techniques to force out the destructive energy from their opponents' bodies . And as they gritted their teeth, they continued to curse each other .

On the other side, Ye Wubo and Seventh Master Xiao were putting up a more and more fatal fight!

To the extent that they were willing to injure themselves to get their opponents injured, and to put their own lives at stake in order to kill their opponents!

They spoke harsher and harsher . All their old grudges were brought up to become the subject of ridicule to their opponents .

"Your Ye clan isn't good at all! For the sake of the clan power, they didn't hesitate to betray their own daughter and sacrifice her lifelong happiness! Why is your clan considered number one? How many men do you have in your Ye clan?! Go to the mirror and take a look at how disgusting you are! You're the same as your ancestors! All of you are only greedy for power! Bastard!"

Seventh Master Xiao scolded .

Ye Wubo yelled furiously . "Motherf**ker! You don't know anything!"

Seventh Master Xiao waved his sword and laughed . "Did I say anything incorrectly? Your sister Ye Chuchen was originally in love with Meng Geyin, who was the first young master from the Meng clan . The Meng clan was a vassal of your clan back then . But in order to ally with the Ling clan, your clan forcibly separated the two people, and wanted your sister to marry Ling Hanwu, the second young master of the Ling clan…"

Ye Wubo launched forth crazily and shouted angrily, "Your ass! Your ass! Your Motherf**king ass!"

Seeing that he was angered from humiliation, Seventh Master Xiao was more contented . "Hahaha, Ye Chuchen would rather die than marry Ling Hanwu, and she was still deeply attached to Meng Geyin . Ling Hanwu was quite manly enough to take the initiative to quit! Your Ye clan ended up empty-handed . Other than being the laughing stock in the Nine Heavens, what else does your clan have? So what to keep Ye Chuchen in captivity? Can this block the whole world from gossiping about your clan? Can this bring your clan's joke into glory? So outrageous of your clan! What number one clan is it, bah!"

Ye Wubo retorted back angrily, "How noble is your Xiao clan? It has nothing else but criminals and whores! Back then, your ninth grand-uncle Xiao Chengyue was overconfident of his ability, yet he ended up castrated… His few concubines even had affairs with the coachman… Hahahahaha… What a glory! So what if your Xiao clan are all killed? A bitch is just a bitch! A bastard is just a bastard!"

Ye Wubo laughed .

Seventh Master Xiao twitched his face angrily and shouted, "You don't know! Your Ye clan only knows to clutch shadows that don't exist! A group of shameless people!"

Ye Wubo responded derisively, "Hahaha… If we're shameless people, then you're a clan full of criminals and whores! A clan of cuckolds! A clan of bastards hahaha… including you! Seventh Master Xiao, you're called a sword madman, and it's said that you don't touch your wife at all? Hahaha… I really don't know who else satisfies your wife… If you really can't, let her find me . Seventh Master Xiao… I'll help you to satisfy her hahaha…"

The duo's words were more and more vicious and lethal . And they were fuming with more and more anger!

Since their strengths were about the same, then it was better to stir up a mess in the opponent's heart . This way, the opponent could be taken advantage of . Since it's a battle of life and death, what's there to care about what they spoke?

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