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Chapter 876: 876

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Seventh Master Xiao couldn't understand this matter .

Given the strength of his opponent, he himself could be easily killed! But his opponent just didn't want to kill him! Is he fooling me?

Amidst his bewilderment, the man in black suddenly, like a bolt of lightning, slammed a palm against his chest . The sword light actually penetrated into his mouth and pierced his tongue!

Seventh Master Xiao raged and said, "Kill me if you want to! Why are you humiliating me?"

But the man in black didn't speak a word . He retreated rapidly, dodging Yunshan and Yunhai, and arrived at their backs . The two boxes on the ground instantly disappeared . The man in black swished upwards, and with a flash, he disappeared!

From his appearance to his departure, it seemed that he had only taken the blink of an eye's time!

But Seventh Master Xiao, the sword genius from the Xiao clan, was already defeated! Injured!

And he almost died! But in the end, he survived because his opponent gave him some mercy!

But for an arrogant person like Seventh Master Xiao, he would rather have his opponent cut him into pieces than to give him mercy!

He widened his eyes and looked indignantly at the man in black vanishing into the dark night . Then he spurted out a mouthful of blood and staggered a few steps backward before landing his ass solidly onto the ground . His whole body was trembling!

It was not because of fear, but anger!

Seventh Master Xiao was crazy about swords his entire life, and he was rarely defeated .

But today, he didn't have the power to fight back at all and was beaten very badly . Furthermore, his opponent behaved like a cat catching a mouse, and scratched all over his body, making him look shabbier than a beggar . But, his opponent just didn't want to kill him!

The most frustrating thing was that the opponent's sword had already penetrated into his mouth, but his opponent only pierced his tongue by a little bit and didn't kill him!

"Did he come just to humiliate me?" Seventh Master Xiao roared at the sky . His tears dripped down in grief .

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He felt really ashamed and humiliated!

Recalling the terrifying feeling when the sword pierced his tongue, Seventh Master Xiao couldn't help but vomit . So, he vomited and cursed and cried and gasped for breath at the same time as he lay on the ground in exhaustion .

"Kill me if you have the guts!" Seventh Master Xiao said angrily .

Yunshan and Yunhai stood awkwardly next to Seventh Master Xiao and they comforted, "Seventh master… your opponent is an Imperial of swords!… It's still not that shameful to be defeated by this kind of person…"

Seventh Master Xiao roared angrily, "So what if he's an Imperial! Even if he's a Supreme Martial Artist, he couldn't humiliate me like this! I would rather be killed than to be humiliated! Why did he f**king insult me like this?"

Yunshan and Yunhai were at a loss of what to say .

Honestly speaking, this matter was indeed sullen! Not everyone would be scared of death . Since everyone lived in the martial world, and death was a very common thing .

In the martial world, it's either that one killed others, or one was killed by others!

But such a plain humiliation… was really not what an expert would do .

Seventh Master Xiao only calmed down after cursing for a while . He gasped for a few breaths of air and cursed again, "Motherf**ker!"

Yunshan and Yunhai were relieved by a bit . They went forth and asked, "Seventh master, are you okay?"

Seventh Master Xiao felt some uneasiness in his chest . He opened his mouth and spurted out another mouthful of blood . He gritted his teeth and answered, "I won't die!"

At this moment, four figures swept in like a hurricane . Looking at Seventh Master Xiao who was in ragged black clothes and sitting on the floor spurting out blood, the leader among the four instantly laughed . "Seventh Master Xiao! Damn you! Run! Why don't you run away? Damn it, is pretending in front of me what your Xiao clan's ancestors have taught you?!"

It was Ye Wubo!

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It turned out that as Ye Wubo continued to chase after 'Seventh Master Xiao', he realized that there were flames rising to the sky . He rushed all the way towards the scene of the fire and realized that it was the Xiao clan's branch! Instantly, he felt a sense of schadenfreude . Then, he saw Seventh Master Xiao sitting miserably on the ground spitting out blood . This was exactly the same look after 'Seventh Master Xiao' fought against Ye Wubo and his men .

Sure enough, this creature couldn't last his strength for long after using the secret method of burning life!

Luckily, I'm farsighted and didn't let go of him . I've finally caught this guy . Now, he's on dead ends .

Where can you escape to now?

While Seventh Master Xiao was still in a bad mood, four people had come . Oh, it's five! One of them was being carried .

Before he took a clear look at all of them, he was given a good scolding right at his face! This made Seventh Master Xiao bewildered and angered at the same time!

After taking a clear look at the leader, he realized that he knew that person!

It was Thirteenth Master Ye, Ye Wubo!

Seventh Master Xiao was annoyed, angry and aggrieved originally, and after hearing Ye Wubo's such impolite words, he instantly became more furious, and he said, "Ye Wubo, I've not seen you for a few days . Don't you know how to speak like a man now? Why are you speaking this way? Is this what you're supposed to say? You're simply a bastard!"

Although the duo wasn't very familiar, they had seen each other several times . After all, they were all from the nine big clans . How could the interactions among these clans be rare?

In the past, they would just nod their heads and smile at each other . They didn't dare to forge deep relations with each other, but neither would they want to offend each other .

So, Seventh Master Xiao didn't like to hear what Ye Wubo said today .

"F**k off your grandmother!" the ghastly fire in Ye Wubo's eyes flickered, and he continued to speak, "Seventh Master Xiao, do you still think that you're innocent?"

Seventh Master Xiao stood up instantly . He only felt that his chest was about to burst out of rage . He yelled, "Ye Wubo, you bastard! Did I dig your ancestors' graves? Why did you curse me so badly? I'm really baffled! Our two clans are from the nine great clans and have gotten well with each other all along, and you actually said such things today! What are your intentions behind all of this?!"

Great fury surged up Seventh Master Xiao, but he never expected that Ye Wubo would turn even more furious after hearing him .

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Do you really think that I, Ye Wubo, am a fool? You said you're not Seventh Master Xiao when you wore a veil . Now, you've just taken off your veil . Why did you claim that you're not Seventh Master Xiao? Just now we fought a battle . Old First Niu, who was injured, was being carried . Now that you're in a disadvantaged position, you still have the face to talk about the friendship between our two clans! Friendship your ass!

Although Ye Wubo was angry, he still laughed, and said, "Seventh Master Xiao, we've known each other for more than a decade . But it's only now that I realize that you're such a genius! Really a genius… Do you really think that I'm a fool? You're actually still asserting yourself so eloquently!"

Seventh Master Xiao yelled, "Ye Wubo, if you don't explain why you treated me this way today, I'll also not let you go so easily!"

Ye Wubo smiled sinisterly . "You're still thinking of whether to let me go? You're really daydreaming!"

He pointed his long sword at Seventh Master Xiao and roared, "Seventh Master Xiao, you killed my man, raided me and fooled me for 18 years . This night, you even injured one of my best men so heavily! You're now my mortal enemy! Today, you shall die! Let's fight!"

"Wait!" Seventh Master Xiao roared . No matter how slow-witted he was, he had already understood that Ye Wubo and he himself was plotted against by someone else after listening to Ye Wubo's words .

Since when did I kill his man, raid him and fool him for 18 years?

That's too strange!

"Ye Wubo, calm down first . I'm afraid that we've walked into a deadly trap!" Seventh Master Xiao finally understood why that person just now didn't kill himself .

I see now .

That person wanted Ye Wubo and Seventh Master Xiao to put up a deadly fight, thus stirring up the conflict between the Xiao clan and the Ye clan .

Seventh Master Xiao originally wanted to speak more . But, his tongue was injured . Momentarily, he felt very painful for every sentence he spoke . Yet, he had clearly fallen into other people's conspiracy . He could only speak out .

If it was someone else outside the nine great clans, there wouldn't be any serious implications of killing someone due to misunderstanding! But Ye Wubo was not only from the nine great clans, but he was also the number one descendant of the Ye clan!

If Seventh Master Xiao didn't clarify this misunderstanding, the implications would be severe…

After listening to Seventh Master Xiao, Ye Wubo slanted his head strangely to look back at Seventh Master Xiao . "Are you saying… we've walked into a trap set by someone else?"

Seventh Master Xiao revealed a serious look and said, "Yes! Brother Ye, don't be impulsive . Listen to me . This is really a misunderstanding! If we fight because of a misunderstanding, aren't we falling directly into the trap? Aren't we aggrieving our own people and pleasing our enemies?!"

"Aggrieving our own people and pleasing our enemies…" The ghastly fire in Ye Wubo's eyes became brighter under the surrounding flames . His face looked funnier, and he said, "Seventh Master Xiao, are you saying… all these weren't done by you?"

Seventh Master Xiao shook his head seriously . "Brother Ye, please don't call me 'Seventh Master Xiao' . But all these things… really weren't done by me! Please believe me!"

The corners of Ye Wubo's mouth broke into a smile . "So, this is to say… Old Third Ma wasn't killed by you?"

Seventh Master Xiao was stunned . "What Old Third Ma? I didn't even hear about him before! Besides, I don't kill people who're not renowned…"

Ye Wubo smiled, saying, "Erm, don't kill people who're not renowned…" He thought: But I'm not someone who's not renowned…

He bore his patience and continued to ask teasingly, "That's to say… Chu Feilong isn't your man?"

Seventh Master Xiao said miserably, "Brother Ye, you're simply joking with me . Isn't Chu Feilong from the Chu clan in the Flat Mountain Ridge? How will I look up to a mere Chu Feilong who comes from such a small clan? It should be me asking you… what has Chu Feilong got to do with you…"

"Well, you also don't know Chu Feilong… you're so clean… So, you also didn't fight with me just now?" Ye Wubo looked strange . He was smiling without really smiling . Yet, underneath his composed look, a volcano seemed to be about to explode .

Seventh Master Xiao swallowed a mouthful of saliva containing his blood . He said hurriedly, "Just now? Of course not! Brother Ye, I was here all along . I haven't gone to other places yet… Brother Ye, you finally said to the point…"

"You're here all along?" Ye Wubo repeated Seventh Master Xiao's words in a skeptical manner . Suddenly, he yelled like a thunder, "If you didn't go to other places, where did the injuries on your body come from? Are you so idle that you injure your own body yourself?! Damn Seventh Master Xiao, you don't look that foolish…"

Seventh Master Xiao didn't know how to argue back . He wanted to cry . "Just now, someone came and fought a battle with me… When you came, he just left…"

"He just left…" Ye Wubo nodded his head hard and smiled mockingly . "So coincidental! Really coincidental…"

Seventh Master Xiao smiled bitterly, saying, "It's indeed very coincidental… I'm really speechless at how coincidental it is…"

Ye Wubo nodded his head repeatedly, and looked at Seventh Master Xiao astonishingly, then praised from the bottom of his heart, "Seventh Master Xiao, you're awesome! You're a genius! …"

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