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Chapter 873

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"It's a… man in black clothing and veil…" Xiao Yucheng stammered .

Seventh Master Xiao pointed a finger on Xiao Yucheng's forehead . A pure stream of sword intent entered his forehead, irrigating his consciousness .

This wasn't a finger, but a sword!

But it's filled with a chilling force that could keep people awake and conscious .

Although the person who suffered from it would have his entire brain smashed into powder and there was absolutely no hope of surviving, it could support a dying person to finish what he wanted to say!

This was one of the capabilities of a Sovereign of swords!

"Say!" Seventh Master Xiao spoke in a low voice .

"The man in black… has an aura of bleakness and solitude… And he started killing once he came in…" Xiao Yucheng's mind jerked and he recollected carefully .

"I asked him what hatred he had… he, he said… the hatred of ending their clan's posterity…" Xiao Yucheng stammered . Seventh Master Xiao's face became all the more heavy, solemn and cold .

"Then… I… I… don't know anything else…"

Xiao Yulong finally finished speaking .

Obviously, he had already realized the miserable condition he was in now .

"Ending posterity… revenge…" Seventh Master Xiao muttered to himself . He didn't look at the sword within his hands at all and pierced it into Xiao Yucheng's throat .

"Bring back some words to… Xiao Se…" His face which had clear contours was now full of contemplation . Suddenly, he snorted and said, "Is it… the Huang clan?"

At this moment, Xiao Yucheng's brain exploded . With a bang, Xiao Yucheng's skull turned into a smashed watermelon, entirely cracking open on the ground .

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Seventh Master Xiao's robes fluttered away Xiao Yucheng's blood and flesh, and he sank into deep thoughts .

"Members of the Huang clan has come to the Flat Mountain Ridge this afternoon," an expert next to him said thoughtfully, his eyes flickering murderously .

"How would the Huang clan have the courage to fight with us here?" Seventh Master Xiao raised his brows and his eyes turned cold . "Isn't this too blatant?"

"When people came to their dead ends and almost going to end their posterity, then they found the culprit of this at this moment, perhaps anyone couldn't calm themselves down and deal with the culprits with a calm mind," another person spoke quietly .

"If it was the Huang clan, who was that person who had come?" Seventh Master Xiao thought and said, "I think it's a bit impossible… Although the Huang clan feel grieved and sorrow, they're too irrational to fight against us at such a moment…"

Although he was a madman towards swords, the fact that he could practice his sword to become an Emperor of swords was a testament to his intelligence . He's absolutely a genius among all geniuses . He discovered this loophole after thinking for a while .

"Besides, who in the Huang clan has an aura of bleakness and solitude?" Seventh Master Xiao frowned, "That would be at least a character who's more than 1 000 years old . And he endured a long period of loneliness… And he uses a sword! Although he's not a Sword Sovereign, his ability is higher than mine… Who's he?"

Seventh Master Xiao couldn't arrive at an answer . He waved his hands and said, "Bring back a message to our clan and request them to check all the renowned elders in the Huang clan within these 2 000 years…"

"Yes . "

"Clear up this place and throw all the corpses into the fire!"

"Yes . "

"Collect all the valuable things here . We'll leave afterward . "


Seventh Master Xiao's eyes turned deep . Looking at the fire, he muttered, "Why do I feel that there's as if a big net is casting on us from the sky… Is a big crisis going to happen?"

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When Seventh Master Xiao arrived at the scene of fire, Chu Yang, with his black robes fluttering in the air, entered a stretch of the jungle like a bolt of lightning .

With a flash, he had already reached the top of one of the tallest trees in the forest! He stood on a piece of leave, which fluttered in the wind .

The enormous spiritual force of Chu Yang thoroughly combined with that of the sword spirit at this moment .

"There's clearly a sword intent coming straight into the scene of fire . It's obviously an important character from the Xiao clan . Why didn't you allow me to kill him?" the sword spirit asked with some dissatisfaction, "Do you still want to keep him?"

"If you kill him, who is to spread the message?" Chu Yang flipped his eyes, "Besides, the role of having this person alive is far greater than that of having him killed . "

The sword spirit was silent for a while and said, "Your brain turns too quickly . Do you think we can really make the Huang clan culpable this way? Do you think the Xiao clan will believe? You must know that such strategies can be considered to be inferior . The Xiao clan won't be fooled . "

Chu Yang laughed, "I'm not letting them directly fall for it . As long as they have a little doubt towards the Huang clan, it will do . Now, the Huang clan has an excuse for fighting against the Xiao clan, but the Xiao clan still lacks an excuse for fighting against the Huang clan . This round of massacre simply provides the Xiao clan an excuse of doing so . Nothing else . If they decide to fight, regardless of whether this massacre is done by the Huang clan or otherwise, it will still be their reason . "

"Reason… Then, why do you want to add on Ye Wubo?" the sword spirit was a little puzzled: Since you've already imputed the massacre to the Huang clan, why do you still want to implicate the Ye clan?

"Of course I have my own reasons for implicating the Ye clan . Only by making this issue more mysterious and unprecedented… Haha… will that be interesting . Oh, have you found Ye Wubo?" Chu Yang asked .

"Don't worry," the sword spirit closed his eyes and carefully inspected the various auras of different people in his search scope .

"Ye Wubo had suffered from such a big loss . He'll definitely not be willing to retreat," Chu Yang said definitely, "So, as long as I want to find him, I'll be able to . "

"There's no doubt about it! Ye Wubo is arrogant and likes to seek revenge for the tiniest grievances he suffers from . How will he be reconciled to being fooled by others?"

"Seventh Master Xiao is the highest person-in-charge of the Xiao clan this time around," Chu Yang nodded, "This piece of information comes from the South-East region's law-enforcement master . Han Xiaoran's information won't be wrong . "

The sword spirit agreed .

If Han Xiaoran's information was wrong, that would really be a big joke .

This was the reason why Chu Yang mentioned 'seventh master' to Ye Wubo .

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Han Xiaoran was unintentional when he mentioned Seventh Master Xiao, but Chu Yang wasn't so . He had sealed all information that's to his own favor in his mind . Once there's a use, he would immediately extract them out!

Chu Yang wouldn't say anything without any basis or which couldn't immediately impute his own crimes onto others .

He couldn't say… seventh master… so casually . How many 'seventh masters' were there in the world? There were quite a number of 'seventh masters' within the nine great clans . But how many of them had the cultivation of Sovereign of swords?

In the Nine Heavens, there was only Seventh Master Xiao from the Xiao clan!

"Since Han Xiaoran knew Seventh Master Xiao had come, it's impossible that Ye Wubo doesn't know about it from the Ye clan's intelligence network!" Chu Yang said heavily .

"So, Ye Wubo will definitely look for Seventh Master Xiao!" The sword spirit reached this conclusion .

"And with such a big matter happening in the branch of the Xiao clan, Seventh Master Xiao couldn't come! That sharp sword aura very likely comes from him," Chu Yang said .

"So you're thinking… As long as Ye Wubo is found, you can lure him to the scene of the fire to look for Seventh Master Xiao! Thus making this matter more complicated! So you didn't want to simply cause a battle between the Huang clan and the Xiao clan . You also want to implicate the Ye clan and create a three-clan war?" the sword spirit said as he smiled .

"Of course, although the Huang clan is sufficiently powerful, it's still too weak as compared to the Xiao clan, which is established for tens of thousands of years . The Huang clan is certainly not the Xiao clan's opponent if they really started a real battle," Chu Yang said lightly, "Naturally, I need to find the Huang clan an ally . Now Ye Wubo is in the South-East region . Who shall I find other than him? …"

"Evil plot!" the sword spirit laughed .

"You've said wrongly," Chu Yang smiled, saying, "Now, Ye Wubo is racking his brain to find Seventh Master Xiao for revenge . Now that I've brought Seventh Master Xiao in front of him . Ye Wubo should be grateful towards me!"

"We've finished acting as their middlemen . Now, we shall see the fun," Chu Yang said, "Find Ye Wubo as soon as possible . "

The sword spirit laughed, and said, "Your train of thoughts is indeed unique! All right!"

Immediately, a trace of contentment revealed in the sword spirit's smiling eyes, "I've found Ye Wubo! The fluctuation in the Ye clan's special martial arts is very obvious . "

"Where is he?" Chu Yang asked excitedly .

"3 000 feet away!" the sword spirit smiled . The next moment, a black figure had already shot out like a wisp of light smoke at the speed of lightning!

It silently swept past the earth!

The piece of green leaf that had just endured the weight of a person swayed gently in the breeze, seeming to not have realized that a person which weighed more than 50kg had stood on it just now!

Ye Wubo's face was dark, and he was quietly sitting in his room . Ever since he returned to this temporary lodging, he had been sunk in deep thoughts .

Although he was somewhat conceited, he was not a fool .

He had executed Chu Feilong cleanly in a rage . Now, after a long time, he had calmed down and realized that there were many doubtful points in this .

Chu Feilong shouldn't have exposed himself after laying the trap for Ye Wubo .

And he shouldn't have brought along his two sons .

Chu Yang was only a doctor without cultivation . Why would Chu Feilong think that Chu Yang could pass Ye Wubo's interrogation?

Since Chu Yang couldn't, then Chu Feilong's actions couldn't be explained!

But Ye Wubo had used the Triple Layer Soul-Capturing technique!

It's the confidential spiritual martial technique of the Ye clan that could only be passed on to male descendents of the clan! How would there be flaws?

After Ye Wubo reprimanded the elder with the goatee for his speculations, he himself started to become suspicious . On the night of his return, he immediately posed his doubts .

"Has the Triple Layer Soul-Capturing technique failed before?"

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