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Chapter 874: 874

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Ye Wubo waited all the way till afternoon to only receive a one-word reply from the Ye clan headquarter: No!

"Can you f**king say it in detail?" this one word made Ye Wubo yell, "Bastards, will you lose your lives if you write a few more words?!"

But since the headquarter only wrote this word, they must have also been baffled and irritated by Ye Wubo's question: As a descendant of the Ye clan, are you not confident about the clan's special technique?

If it had failed, wouldn't the clan have reminded all of you to take notice long ago? What nerves do you have to ask such stupid questions!

But this made Ye Wubo even more puzzled: If it has never failed before, it meant that Chu Yang had spoken the truth! But… is Chu Feilong really a fool?


This seemingly simple yet complex problem made Ye Wubo stuck in this for a very long time .

Ye Wubo clapped his hands and said in a low voice, "All of you, come in!"

Instantly, four expert guards quietly walked inside .

The ghastly fire in Ye Wubo's eyes flickered . He decided not to think about the doubts he had towards Chu Feilong anymore! He was already dead, and it was Ye Wubo himself who had ordered Chu Feilong to be killed! Even if he was killed wrongly, it wouldn't matter .

After all, Chu Feilong wasn't an important character .

At most, the manpower Ye Wubo had in the South-East region was weaker and he would be a little ashamed that he couldn't achieve his intended goal . But when the time came, he could just evade the responsibility to Han Xiaoran .

With the obstruction of Han Xiaoran, the South-East region law-enforcement master… who else could execute this plan successfully? That would really be a joke…

Looking at the four people's perplexed look, Ye Wubo muttered, "What do you all think about Seventh Master Xiao?"

"Seventh Master Xiao…" the elder with the goatee frowned . He looked at Ye Wubo hesitatingly and shrank back his head .

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"Speak out whatever you want to say!" Ye Wubo shouted as the ghastly fire in Ye Wubo's eyes blazed more strongly .

"I… I think, we still need further verification… of whether Seventh Master Xiao… did it or not…" the elder with goatee said miserably . Last time, you almost choked me to death when I spoke . This time, you still want me to say .

But this matter is indeed very suspicious…

"Still need further verification?" Ye Wubo asked, "How to verify? Go to Seventh Master Xiao and ask him: Did you kill Old Third Ma? Do I verify like this?"

The elder lowered his head and stopped speaking .

"South-East region is the territory of our Xiao clan!" Ye Wubo said heavily, "From the news that I received, ever since Xiao Yulong, the person-in-charge of the Xiao clan branch, offended the law-enforcement officers, he had lost not only his life but also his purple crystals… Afterwards, the Xiao clan sent a guy called Xiao Yucheng to take over Xiao Yulong's position . "

"But, the Xiao clan also sent another person to secretly spy on the circumstances here . And this person has the absolute authority in deciding the life or death of everyone in the Flat Mountain Ridge!" Ye Wubo said heavily, "Do you know who this person is?"

Sweat dripped down from the elder's head, "From our intelligence, it's Seventh Master Xiao . "

Ye Wubo looked at him coldly, "Does this mean that Seventh Master Xiao has already come?"

"Yes . "

"In the entire South-East region, who else is a Sovereign of swords and can kill Old Third Ma easily?" The ghostly fire in Ye Wubo's eyes flickered . He was obviously impatient towards this elder who was always singing a different tune .

"There's only Seventh Master Xiao!" The elder started to sweat more badly .

"If it isn't Seventh Master Xiao, then is it you?" Ye Wubo said angrily, "I see, you have a goatee . Do you have a goat's brain too?"

Cold sweat crept up on him, "Thirteenth master, please calm down!"

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"Instruct the Ye clan's local intelligence to exert their best efforts to search for Seventh Master Xiao! Once he's discovered, report to me!"

"So many years… Hahaha… Seventh Master Xiao, how could I let you go?" Ye Wubo's face twitched in frustration .

The other three guards agreed .

At this time…

The sword spirit's ghostly figure flew into the room, and he smiled coldly . "Ye Wubo!"

Ye Wubo immediately raised his vigilance and shouted, "What despicable person are you? Report me your name!"

With a bang, the five people broke through the ceiling and flew into midair .

But they saw a dazzling stretch of sword light speeding towards them . At this moment, it looked as if countless stars had fallen from the sky at the same time, suffusing the vast heaven and earth .

Even if the Sun was to appear in this dark night, it would definitely not be as dazzling as the sword light at this moment!

Although this sword had raided him, it projected an imposing air, just as if it was the king of the world, and it had the authority over the life and death of everything on Earth!

When the sword light flashed, the four people among Ye Wubo and his men who used swords seemed to hear their swords hum in their sheaths, as if in front of them was a Sovereign of swords, and they were saluting and thoroughly submitting themselves to him .

"Sovereign of swords!" Ye Wubo screamed with rage, "Seventh Master Xiao, stop hiding your head and showing your tail! You actually used such naive means in front of me! Don't you think it's ridiculous?"

The five people pulled out their daggers and swords at the same time and hurled towards the sword spirit!

Within the sword light, a sinister voice sounded, as if the person who spoke had deliberately changed his own voice . He spoke in a hoarse voice, "Who is Seventh Master Xiao?! Ye Wubo, are you crazy?"

Ye Wubo was so furious that his nose twitched and became slanted!

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Motherf**ker, you're standing in front of me . Do you think that changing your voice can conceal your identity from me? Am I, Ye Wubo, so easy to be fooled?

You've cheated me for 18 years . Do you really think I'm stupid?

With a bang, the six people collided with one another .

With a piercing noise, the sword aura instantly scattered in all directions . Even with the concerted efforts of Ye Wubo and his four men, they were still caught off guard . With a few sounds, their respective clothing was ripped apart . Two of them even had their clothing scraped at their shoulders and waists . Luckily, they were quick in dodging away, thus avoiding the disaster of having their bodies dissected!

The black figure opposite them didn't feel easy either . With a cough, he turned a somersault to arrive at a distance of a hundred feet away from his opponents . Then he said hoarsely, "Ye Wubo, you're really good . You actually brought so many people to ambush me so late at night…"

Ye Wubo was utterly furious, he responded, "Shameless and despicable Seventh Master Xiao! You came to attack me so late at night, but you actually have the nerve to say that I'm here ambushing you! How would you dare to even come here if I was ambushing you?!"

The black figure snorted . "Ye Wubo, did you eat too much sulphuric rice? Your fart is so smelly! Who told you that I'm Seventh Master Xiao?"

"You're still denying!" Ye Wubo was exasperated . He extended his body and flew towards the black figure like a bolt of lightning . The four next to him followed up .

This time, the momentum was much stronger than before .

After all, just now, the opponent had launched his attack after he had accumulated his power for some time . Ye Wubo and the rest could only deal with it hastily . But now, Ye Wubo's side was launching a proactive attack!

Instantly, the glint and flash of daggers and swords spread over the place!

The man in black snorted . "Look, this is how impressive the most domineering clan in the nine great clan looks like! Your Ye clan only has this small ability . Other than achieving victory through manpower, what other strategies does your Ye clan know about?"

Ye Wubo scolded furiously, "Seventh Master Xiao, stop farting! You're a brute! Your Xiao clan is also not that noble! You're all shameless villains who only dare to act but do not have guts to bear responsibility in what you do!"

The man in black was very furious . His voice also changed, "Ye Wubo! Gentlemen don't speak rudely when they sever their ties! You actually dare to talk so arrogantly and insult your elders! Is this what the clan taught you?"

Under wrath, this man in black exposed his true voice when he yelled . Especially at the beginning when he yelled 'Ye Wubo', the sound was even more forbidding and acute . Although he immediately returned to his hoarse and unpleasant tone, how witty a person was Ye Wubo?

He couldn't suppress his anger, "Don't pretend further!"

The six people fought in a mess . The colliding sounds of daggers and swords with one another sounded as if thousands of people were pounding irons .

Sword aura covered the entire region!

Rumbling sounds were heard continuously . It turned out that all the trees in the vicinity were cut off by the aura of swords and daggers . The trees fell down one by one, stirring up sands and dust which suffused the air and covered the sky . It looked as if an apocalypse had arrived!

Although the man in black was a Sovereign of swords, he was, after all, fighting a lone battle . How could he withstand the siege of his five opponents? While he tried his best to continue the battle, he gradually got more and more disadvantaged . By the looks of the current circumstances, he was in jeopardy .

Ye Wubo continued to wield his sword . As layers of sword light flashed outward, he said derisively, "Seventh Master Xiao, aren't you a Sovereign of swords? Reveal your true abilities! Why are you still hiding? Won't it be a pity if you lose your life just like this?"

"Ye Wubo, you don't even know who you're offending . You're just insisting that I'm Seventh Master Xiao! But I'm Ling Hanshan from the Ling clan!"

The man in black said in a hoarse voice .

"Damn it! At this moment, you're still claiming that you're Ling Hanshan?" Ye Wubo laughed and continued to deride him, "Why don't you say that you're Dharma Supreme?!"

The man in black became sullen and speechless .

It was because he was in a worse state now . His black clothing was full of holes, from which blood gradually streamed down .

Suddenly, he howled, "Ye Wubo, you've forced me to do this!"

With a flash of sword light, a sharp wisp of sword intent arose, as if it had fallen from heaven and suppressed the earth . Immediately, the sword produced some whistling sounds . There was a sudden sense of solitude as if the entire world had turned from early autumn into late autumn at this instant .

The sword light became broken bits which spread out .

Ye Wubo shouted, "Seventh Master Xiao, you finally used your clan's Autumn Wind and Rain Sword Technique! I was waiting for just this moment!"

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