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Chapter 1,402 - Yin Yanpeng s Request for Assistance

"Master, you have to help this time."

In the great hall of Taiyi Sect, Yin Yanpeng sobbed and cried towards a red-faced, mighty man in front of him.

"Yanpeng, your excellency is kneeling there and crying like this. Stand up and speak."

The red-faced man snapped.

"Master, I can't not cry. My heart is in pain. For me, for Xiaomeng, and also for Master."

Yin Yanpeng said.

"Oh, where did that come from?"

The red-faced man had a puzzled look on his face.

Yin Yanpeng tidied up the draft in his heart, then said to Taiyi Sect Sect Master's junior brother, and also his own wife, Song Xiaomeng's master.

"Master, my Taikoo City was taken away by someone …"


Jiang Chen was immediately shocked, his tiger body shook, and his eyes lit up, "What did you say?! The Taikoo City was actually taken away by someone?!"

"No, that's right …"

Yin Yanpeng nodded his head, "I don't know why, but after my battle with Rakshasa School's Sect Leader Qin Chao, it was as if I had become a different person, and directly wanted to give Taikoo City to him. After that, two young ladies from Rakshasa School came and took him over, and I tried to stop them, but I couldn't stop them at all."

All of these made Jiang Chen frown.

The Taikoo City was taken.

This was not good news.

One must know that the reason why he was willing to marry his beloved disciple Song Xiaomeng back then was because he wanted to plant the foundations of the Taiyi Sect.

Although cultivators did not eat up the worldly pleasures or roam freely in the universe, all of this was in fact just bullsh * t.

It was impossible for a sect like the Taiyi Sect to operate without money.

What was the currency in circulation in the cultivation world? It was the Yuan Spirit Crystal.

Taiyi Sect was most skilled in refining.

However, refining required raw materials.

How many treasures of heaven and earth did the Taiyi Sect need?

Moreover, many disciples in the sect needed to cultivate. The cultivation pills they needed and the other heavenly and earthly treasures they needed all required a large amount of money.

For a sect to nurture a flesh god Ranker, not only did it take time, it also required a huge amount of manpower and material resources.

As long as he could establish his foundation in the Taikoo City, these items would become much cheaper.

Moreover, it would be more convenient to sell magic tools of some sects.

Everything had already been planned.

But he never would have thought that there would be a golden opportunity to snatch the Taikoo City away from him.

How could the Taiyi Sect allow that?

Then wouldn't it be a waste to marry his beloved disciple?

How could that be possible?

The Taikoo City was someone that the Taiyi Sect had in his pocket. How could he allow outsiders to interfere?

However, with his Sect Leader Senior Brother's character, he might not be willing to bother about the matters of the Taikoo City.

That fellow only knew how to refine weapons.

He didn't care about anything else.

The expression in Jiang Chen's eyes changed, as he continued to calculate his gains and losses.

"Master, this Taikoo City is half yours."

Seemingly seeing that Jiang Chen was hesitating, Yin Yanpeng decided to add fuel to the fire, "Are you going to watch as it is taken away by someone else?"

"When they seized the city, did you not mention the name of the Taiyi Sect?"

Jiang Chen asked.

"Yes, of course I did."

Yin Yanpeng immediately added fuel to the fire, "I had already said before, our Taikoo City was under the protection of the Taiyi Sect, but they said that they did not even put the Taiyi Sect in their eyes.

"Bastard, bastard, impudent!"

Jiang Chen was so angry that he scolded three times in a row.

The voice was like a thunderclap, causing Yin Yanpeng to tremble.

In the end, he was still a great figure in the roaming immortal. Sigh, when would he ever be able to have such a cultivation?

Why would she be afraid of the two women from Rakshasa School?

This time, if only Jiang Chen from the Taiyi Sect stood up for him.

"This bunch of bastards from the Rakshasa School, it seems that the Taiyi Sect has not been around for a long time. The people of this world have already forgotten about our might."

Jiang Chen clenched his fists and said to Yin Yanpeng, "Yan Peng, Taikoo City is also a future business of our Taiyi Sect, and also my beloved disciple Song Xiaomeng. Right now, you are also in Taikoo City, you have to take Taikoo City back, and protect the safety of my beloved disciple well, I will look for three people to help you, and these are my three disciples.

Jiang Chen thought, it was just a small Rakshasa School, three flesh god s should be more than enough to deal with them.

"Thank you master, thank you master!"

Yin Yanpeng was extremely happy.

In the end, it was better to have a cheap master.

This time, let's see who can snatch the Taikoo City away.

The three flesh god s were his henchmen.

Hahaha, Cola fart me.

Yin Yanpeng was secretly happy, but his face was covered in gratitude.

And at this time, Jiang Chen took out a sound transmitting tube he refined himself, and said to it.

"Wang Jun, Su Rui, Xiao Pan, come here for a while."

Seeing that Jiang Chen was using the sound transmitting talisman, Yin Yanpeng secretly despised him.

What kind of era was it to use something like a voice transmitter?

They're all on cellphones now, okay?

Even he himself, as an idealist in Taikoo City City, had a Motorola.

That's right, how did that Matal Realm advisor of his say it? He called that big brick-sized thing Big Brother Big Brother Big Brother.

He said, this was the most popular thing in the Matal Realm.

Yin Yanpeng really liked that thing, but he felt it was a little too big.

Furthermore, it would run out of energy after fighting for a while. Even if he used his Essence, it wouldn't be enough to replenish it.

A little longer and his head would hurt.

He didn't know why, but he figured it was because Big Brother and Big Brother were similar to their magic tools. If he wasn't strong enough, then it would be hard to control them.

He couldn't understand how a mortal could invent such a lethal weapon.

It's not like they don't know how to cultivate.


Just as Yin Yanpeng was thinking, three figures walked into the palace.

They were Jiang Chen's three beloved disciples.

The leading black uniformed man was Wang Jun, Jiang Chen's head disciple, a genius refiner. The most impressive weapon was a set of sword formation that he had refined for hundreds of years, which had a total of 749 treasured swords. Each sword formation was meticulously crafted by him, and once the sword formation was activated, its power was extraordinary.

The second person who came in was a beautiful lady. Her beauty stunned Yin Yanpeng.

This woman was even more beautiful than her own Song Xiaomeng.

It was a pity that he could not act humanly. Otherwise, he would have to passionately pursue it for a while.

This was Su Rui, another female disciple beside Song Xiaomeng. The magic tools she trained in were a pair of jade lions, and they were also rare treasures.

The third was Jiang Chen's youngest disciple, Xiao Pan.

This Xiao Pan didn't seem to be old, only around seventeen or eighteen years old. In fact, if it was his actual age, it would be unknown if he was thousands of years old. However, in the cultivation world of Taiyi Sect, he was still a child.

This Xiao Pan was a weirdo, his training style was unique and he was called the Hundred Treasure Bag.

However, Yin Yanpeng had never seen what it looked like before.

"It's good that you guys are here."

Jiang Chen looked at his three beloved disciples and could not help but nod his head.

Adding Song Xiaomeng into the mix, he had a total of four beloved disciples.

They were all their own pride, and were only the young disciple, Xiao Pan.

It was really hard to get into the great hall of the Hundred Treasures Amaranth.

"Let the three of them help you. It won't be a problem for the Taikoo City to take care of them."

Jiang Chen said to Yin Yanpeng.

"Good, good, thank you so much master. I will live up to your expectations and take down Taikoo City."

Yin Yanpeng was about to burst out laughing.

"Hmph, you, Shao Mei."

Su Rui could not help but roll her eyes at him, "We are not here to help you, but to take down the Taikoo City.

"This …"

Yin Yanpeng's neck shrunk as he could not help but shudder.

This girl was quite irritable …

"Also, when I see that Senior Sister Xiaomeng of mine, if I see anything wrong with her, I will break your teeth too!"

Su Rui threatened.

"I, I …"

"Rui Er, stop scaring him."

Wang Jun laughed, "He is just a small cultivator of the Golden Body Stage, you will definitely scare his guts."

Yin Yanpeng, who was at the side, secretly clenched his teeth.

son of a bitch, are you protecting me, or are you mocking me?

"Humph, so that's why I'm saying this. I really don't know how could he be worthy of my Senior Sister Xiao Meng. Ah, my Senior Sister Xiao Meng …"

Mentioning Song Xiaomeng, Su Rui's eyes lit up.

Yin Yanpeng could not help but shiver.

This woman, could she be a lala?

Right, right. Modern English is called Lala.

These nouns that modern people used were really strange.

"Oh, I can finally go to Taikoo City to take a look."

Xiao Pan, who was at the side, did not care about taking back the Taikoo City, but only wanted to leave the sect and play with the legendary Taikoo City.

His Hundred Treasure Bag was a growth-type magic tool. Maybe the Taikoo City would have a lot of things for him to cultivate.

Wakaka, I'm looking forward to it.

However, he couldn't just go for free.

"If there's no benefit, I won't go!"

Therefore, Xiao Pan pouted and shouted.

"Nonsense, you're not going to listen to your master's words?"

Jiang Chen opened his eyes wide, feeling a headache coming on for his beloved disciple.

"Fine, fine."

"Good, good."

In order to increase the weight of being able to snatch back the Taikoo City, Yin Yanpeng could only painfully take out his long-cherished big brother.

"Well, this is a treasure of the Matal Realm. It's about the same size as a speaking tube, but its scope is very large. It can expand the entire world."

"Ha, really?"

Xiao Pan opened his eyes wide and took the black brick.

The sound tube covered an area of a hundred miles, but this thing could cover the entire world.

"Alright, leave this matter to me. Wait a moment, take back your Taikoo City."

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