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Both Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan knew that 12 years ago, the law-enforcement master had arrested a thief who was a Martial Saint. After putting in lots of effort, he finally killed the thief, but he was badly wounded and almost lost his life. It was Tong Wuxin who cured his injuries.

This was the reason why the law-enforcement master had always been regarding Tong Wuxin highly and trying to protect him.

But, if Tong Wuxin really had a conspiracy, he would never possibly give up such a good opportunity! So, once Chu Yang examined the law-enforcement master's body and discovered something wrong… Doctor Tong Wuxin's good days… would really be over!

And the bustling days of the Shi clan would also come soon…

One could conceive, if the law-enforcement master knew that he was tricked by the Shi clan and Tong Wuxin for 13 years… by his temper and cultivation…

How much chaos would he stir up?

Moreover, if this matter was reported by the law-enforcement master… this would really be a matter of life and death for the entire law-enforcement organization… Not to mention the retaliation against the Shi clan, all the doctors within the Law-Enforcement Hall might need to be investigated…

Till that time… the entire organization would really be in a mess.

One could imagine… another great bloodshed was going to occur in the martial society!

"I know what you mean, Brother Sha…" Chu Yang said seriously, "I don't dare to make any guarantee, but I'll promise my two brothers… I'll absolutely put in my best efforts!"

I'll absolutely put in my best efforts to stir up turbulence in the world! And it's even better to get all the nine great clans involved! To get everyone to fight à outrance! To let everyone die!

"Good brother!" the duo was moved into tears.

The duo rested their hearts.

If the law-enforcement master is alright, then both of us will at most not consult Tong Wuxin. If the law-enforcement master has something not right with his body… Haha, this will be a big credit to us.

If there's something wrong, this matter will definitely be a super conspiracy! The only thing left missing would be the evidence. But from Chu Yang's unparalleled medical skills, he can definitely spot something wrong!

Once there is the evidence, and it's discovered by both of us, then such big credit will definitely not run away from us! Promotion of our job status will be a shoo-in! There will also be rewards, and it will be a heavy one!

Furthermore, if the matter surges into a storm, all the doctors within the law-enforcement officers will need to be completely replaced. Brother Chu is young, has a clear background and has such outstanding medical skills, while it will be him that revealed the conspiracy. His clan is also not big and easy to control… Then, it will be no doubt that Brother Chu will be put into an important position by the law-enforcement organization. It may be even possible that he will become a chief doctor…

Wait till then, the three of them could bind together… they would become golden partners!

Then, the three of them could soon have a meteoric rise in their positions. Hahaha…

The duo's eyes gleamed brightly as they looked forward to their bright vistas.

As if there was already a path, which led towards the Heaven and was paved with purple crystals, lying in front of them…

As the duo indulged in their reveries, Divine Doctor Chu also indulged in his…

This time, Chu Yang's harvest was really too, too, too big…

Firstly, he had overcome the suspicions targeted on him and turned from a heavy suspect to a completely innocent kid. Secondly, he gained two strong supports. Thirdly, he gathered the medicines needed to help him recover his cultivation. Although he did not get them yet, Chu Yang believed it would be easy to get them. Fourthly… he gained the two medicinal ingredients needed by Chu Le'er. These were really great harvests…

Fifthly, he buried a bomb among the law-enforcement officers. Actually, even Chu Yang did not expect that Doctor Tong Wuxin was used as a tool by the Shi clan to fawn on the law-enforcement officers…

Now Chu Yang had turned Tong Wuxin, this bargaining chip, into a bomb that was sufficient to completely overthrow the Shi clan…

Furthermore, he had indistinctly paved a road for himself. If chaos arose, he would be in a position that could allow him to attack and retreat at the same time… He would definitely be welcomed by the law-enforcement officers.

And there would definitely be a lot of injured people then, and I could make a big fortune again; If not, I could become a chief doctor within the law-enforcement organization… This is also something that I could consider…

As for the problems within the Chu clan… Humph, Chu Feilong, I'll let you look at how powerful my two new brothers are…

Chu Yang was really pleased.

As Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan continued to show their gratitude towards Chu Yang, Chu Yang pretended to look very anxious and said 'make sure you take care of yourself' repetitively for a few times… moving the both of them into tears again.

When they parted, Sha Xinliang took a big tray of purple crystals, 200 of them, while Qin Baoshan also took out a parcel which also contained 200 purple crystals!

They desperately wanted to give the purple crystals to Chu Yang.

Chu Yang resisted them desperately and said seriously, "I know that my two elder brothers are good to me. And my brothers also know that my cultivation is abolished and need the spiritual qi within the purple crystals to recover my cultivation. Otherwise, I would not have cheated the 300 purple crystals from the two law-enforcement officers. To say the truth, I'm very greedy for money… but both of you take care of me, don't disparage me for my humble background and even treat me like friends. I'm really very touched! But, I make friends with both of you, not for the sake of getting the purple crystals! Are my elder brothers looking down on me by too much?"

He said with a sense of justice, "Although I'm extremely lacking purple crystals, if I still charge you for treating your illnesses, am I still human!?"

The sword spirit started to twitch within the Nine Tribulations Space.

Damn it, you even dare to say this. You said that you're lacking of purple crystals, then you said that you're greedy for money, but yet you still desperately try to reject the purple crystals when they're just in front of you…

You're simply digging a pit for them to jump in.

Since you said it this way, they would have to desperately give the purple crystals to you no matter how you rejected them. If they didn't, they would still have to feel sorry for you…

Sure enough--

Sha Xinliang said unhappily, "Little brother, you said wrongly! Do you think that we gave you these purple crystals as our consultation fees? We're also reputable figures. How would we need to spend money on consulting a doctor? Moreover, even a consultation from the Medicine Valley isn't worth 200 purple crystals… These are gifts to our little brother, and they have nothing to do with your medical consultation!"

He even said a bit angrily, "No matter whether you're a divine doctor or a quack, both of us really like you, so we'll definitely give you the purple crystals! Do you understand, little brother?"

Chu Yang said, "Your words make me so guilty of myself. The more this is so, the more I can't accept them. Instead, if I have more purple crystals in the future, I'll definitely come to pay off my debt of gratitude to my two elder brothers… How can a little brother ever take things from his own elder brothers?"

Qin Baoshan was unhappy and pretended to be angry, "You spoke so wrongly! If a little brother does not take things from his elder brother but has to take things from elsewhere… how is it even proper? Moreover… if you don't accept it, are you looking down on us two old guys?"

Chu Yang was dumbfounded, "Elder brothers, please don't misunderstand me, I don't mean it this way…"

"If you don't mean it this way, then accept it!" Sha Xinliang yelled and stared at him, "I thought that you looked down on us because we're old…"

Chu Yang sweated on his face and spoke haltingly, "This… This… This is nonsense, this… I… I… I really… Well, if that's the case, I'll be thick-skinned this time and accept it… Arhh, why did this even happen…"

Divine Doctor Chu looked sad.

"That's right!" the two geezers threw both bags of purple crystals in Chu Yang's arms, and their faces bloomed with satisfaction.

"I'll keep them first. If anyone of you needs them, I'll immediately send them back," Chu Yang said sadly, "Don't refuse them then. It's also good to allow me to bullsh*t, at least I'll feel more secure in my heart…"

Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan were greatly moved. Little Brother is really honest and kind. They said, "Alright, you shall just keep them for the time being." The duo smiled at each other and thought: We'll never borrow money from our little brother for the rest of our lives… Hahaha, they're yours since we've given them to you!

Chu Yang nodded guiltily, gave a long sigh, cupped his hands and bowed before he left with a twitched face as if he was upset to have received such a great gift from his two elder brothers…

"Little brother, it's too inconvenient for you to bring so many purple crystals back alone!" Sha Xinliang shouted, "I need some people to clean my private carriage, and bring back my little brother to the Chu clan with my carriage! Four iron-plates and two silver-plates to escort him! If anything happens to my little brother, you don't need to come back!"

Chu Yang bowed and said sincerely, "My two elder brothers, you need to hurry to look for the medicines. I'll wait for your good news…"

The duo nodded.

Wait till Divine Doctor Chu sat in the carriage, the carriage began to shake silently, and off it went out of the Law Enforcement Hall.

Watching the trembling carriage, the coach-man felt strange. Why was the carriage shaking when there was only a person inside?

He did not know that Divine Doctor Chu was opening his mouth, laughing silently, dancing and rolling back and forth, as he vented his excitement in his heart…

Divine Doctor Chu, who had escorts in front and behind him, had returned back with full pockets! Six law-enforcement officers were the escorts, while the carriage he used was the private carriage of Sha Xinliang, the commander of the Law Enforcement Hall…

Even the masters of the Chu clan, Bao clan and Liao clan did not have such privilege.

Providing medical consultation this time round bore even larger harvest than that he gained from bustling about the entire night that day! A whole 700 purple crystals were now within his own arms…

Making money depends on one's wisdom! Minister Chu said in his heart.

Divine Doctor Chu lay in the spacious carriage and crossed his legs contentedly. With a wave of his hand, all the purple crystals vanished without a trace.

These are all mine…

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