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Finally, Chu Yang finished treating the duo. He was so exhausted that his entire face was pale and covered with sweat, and he sat heavily on the ground gasping for breath; Looking at Chu Yang, the duo felt more apologetic to Chu Yang.

This little brother is really sincere.

Chu Yang flipped his eyelids weakly and said, "Brothers…*cough*, I have something to remind you, please don't blame me… for talking too frankly…"

The duo said in unison, "Little Brother, you don't need to be so courteous with us."

Chu Yang gasped for breath and said, "These two prescriptions… must never… land in the quack's hand, otherwise… I'll worry about… the two brothers… Martial practitioners have unscrupulous intentions… *cough*…"

Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan nodded in unison, "Even if you didn't say, both of us also understand the stakes. How could we allow other people to know about this? Not to say that the bastard has unscrupulous intentions, both of us have enemies all over here. If they know about our serious injuries and come up to us, that will be really bad."

Chu Yang nodded persistently and coughed as if he was out of breath.

Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan stood on each side of Chu Yang respectively and considerately helped him to massage his back.

"When you finish finding the medicinal ingredients, pass them to me immediately… or call me here. I'll use a secret method… to refine them…" Chu Yang was breathing more easily now, "Remember, you must preserve these medicines well. It's best to collect them fresh, so that they will produce the best effects…"

"This is natural, we'll pass them to Little Brother once we finished gathering them," the duo vowed.

"Don't… the Chu clan has too many people, and it may not be too good if your secrets are leaked. After all, after you take the medicines, you will still be feeble for some time… After the medicines are collected, I'll bring my medicine stove here, and refine the medicines here," Chu Yang was very considerate -- he revealed the final threat posed to the both of them and even tried to avoid it…

"At that time, I'll not walk a step away from my two brothers. I'll only feel safe after both of you have recovered."

The duo took Chu Yang's hands and shook them forcefully with eyes that were moved into tears. They did not know what to say. Chu Yang had already solved the problem that had worried them the most.

Such a nice person!

Sha Xinliang suddenly felt guilty and thought that it was really inhumane of him to think of killing Chu Yang to rob back the 300 purple crystals… Well, compared with Chu Yang's frankness and forthrightness, he was not even a brute…

Then Chu Yang started panting. At the same time, his eyes were also flickering a little, as if he had something to say, but could not say it out. There was some hesitation and anxiousness between his looks.

How experienced were Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan in martial society? With the wits of both of them, how could they not see the abnormalities of Chu Yang? Although the duo was anxious to look for medicines, they still felt some uneasiness as they looked at Chu Yang. They asked in unison, "Little Brother, are you worried about something?"

"Yes, I'm indeed worried about…" Chu Yang seemed to have said this unconsciously, but he immediately realized and changed his words, "No no no, I'm not worried, haha, I'm not worried at all hahaha…"

His smile looked very much forced out, and anyone who looked at it would feel that he was panic-stricken, or… extremely terrified and full of qualms.

The duo felt very strange, and frowned, pretending to be angry, "Little brother, since we call each other brothers, why are you still concealing things from us? If this is the case, how disappointed will we be."

"But… This is only my speculation and may not be accurate. Moreover, this may carry much significance and even the Law Enforcement Hall may be involved… Ah, I don't dare to say…" Chu Yang said with a grievance.

"Carry much significance? The Law Enforcement Hall may be involved?!" the duo became more pale in their looks and said, "Little brother, please say it. We'll not blame you for saying wrongly… This will be kept among the three of us, and not a fourth person will hear it…"

Chu Yang sank into a dilemma as he struggled and hesitated on whether to speak. Then finally, he said, "Both of you have forced me to say this, and I didn't want to say this myself. I can't afford… to be embroiled in this."

"That's obvious!" the duo realized that this might be really a matter of great significance, and they further drew themselves up.

"If this is the case, I'll say it straight… Actually, I felt very strange," Chu Yang frowned, "Didn't both of you feel the same? You're law-enforcement officers! Who are law-enforcement officers? What kind of organization do the law-enforcement officers belong to? Why would this happen? This quack that especially harms people… No no no, he would be too wronged if he is called a quack… He's really a top doctor! Because he had harmed both of you unknowingly and in a seamless manner… If I didn't have that encounter just now, I might have been helpless…"

Chu Yang shook his head, "Why would there be such a doctor within the law-enforcement officers?"

The duo was startled! They glanced at each other and saw the solemnity in each other's eyes.

Chu Yang said, "As everyone knows, the Nine Heavens is controlled by the law-enforcement officers, that is to say… the law-enforcement officers have the biggest rights and these are even above that of the Nine Great Clans!"

"And there's no government here. Even if there was, it would be powerless in front of law-enforcement officers, who live a celestial existence… but… there are people who could disintegrate law-enforcement officers, that is… doctors!"

Chu Yang said heavily, "This is just my conjecture… Killing people through doctors is even more indefensible than that through assassins… And, doctors could completely drag on the injuries of his targets, and wait till they're completely unsuspicious of him… he will then… If there're really some rebellions or… in the midst of a large-scale battle, and the law-enforcement officers got sick collectively…"

Chu Yang said sincerely, "Actually, I also have this kind of ability… not to mention… haha… so I'm afraid that even if both of you are cured… threats are everywhere within the martial society, how could you stop looking for doctors?"

Their faces turned as black as a pot's bottom.

Both of them were also skeptical of this matter at first. Now that Chu Yang had pointed this out clearly, the more they thought about it, the more terrified they felt.

Qin Baoshan stroked his beard and frowned, "Is there a conspiracy within this? Or are there some organizations which are targeting the law-enforcement officers…"

Sha Xinliang shuddered and remembered something. In an instant, his face turned as white as paper. His lips shivered and stared blankly, as he said, "I remembered, I remembered… I see, I see…"

Qin Baoshan asked, "What did you remember?"

Sha Xinliang's lips shivered as he said, "This Tong Wuxin… was originally a physician from the Shi clan… Last time, our doctors died one after another, and we couldn't find a suitable candidate. It's the Shi clan who introduced him to us… This… has already been a lot of years. It's 13 years…"

"If this is the case… the matter is really serious…" Sha Xinliang's entire body began to tremble.

Chu Yang's heart jumped wildly, it almost jumped out of his mouth!

This is really a huge harvest. I originally wanted to provoke the quack's relationship with them to increase my own weight and get a stable source of income for myself. I didn't expect the Shi clan from the Nine Great Clans to be involved in it! This doctor was actually sent from the Shi clan…

If this is so, I can consider detonating the entire Nine Heavens from here!

"Within these 13 years… have the casualties among the law-enforcement officers increased?" Chu Yang kindly suggested, as he rolled his eyeballs and frowned.

This was mere nonsense. The law-enforcement officers were in charge of everything in the Nine Heavens. There would be things happening almost at every moment. How could the casualties be small?

Sure enough…

"Casualties? Large! How can it be small? Really large! There were too many people who had died unknowingly…" Sha Xinliang fixed his eyes, and cold sweat started to stream down his forehead rapidly. It was much more than the sweat he had previously. He gabbled squeamishly, "No wonder, no wonder… Motherf**ker… What a despicable trick…"

Suddenly, he felt that all the casualties of the law-enforcement officers in this region were due to this quack!

The duo looked at each other, their hearts lingering with fear. Damn it, for so many years, we were almost killed by this insidious bastard. We're so lucky…

"If this is the case, it's a conspiracy by the Shi clan?" Qin Baoshan frowned and pondered hard.

"The Shi clan definitely has some role in it!" Sha Xinliang said harshly.

"But, we can't say this so baselessly. We can't afford to meddle in this. We can only report this to the law-enforcement master as fast as possible and let him decide on it!" Qin Baoshan said.

"But… for all these years, Tong Wuxin has already been muddling very well in our department and is brothers with everyone. If you and I suddenly… not to mention that no one would believe it, I'm afraid that we would be the ones that would suffer…" Sha Xinliang shuffled, full of anxiety.

"This is true. For a matter of such a great significance, how can we declare the crime of the first doctor in the entire South-East region, just by the words of two of us?" Qin Baoshan frowned, "But if we keep Tong Wuxin, the longer we keep him, the greater the threat he poses…"

Sha Xinliang pondered heavily, and suddenly his eyes twinkled for a moment, and said, "Little brother, can you do me a favor after some time?"

Fearing that Chu Yang would refuse, Sha Xinliang eagerly said, "If little brother agrees, I can promise that you and the Chu clan will be immovable forever! And the entire Flat Mountain Ridge will be the Chu clan's!"

Chu Yang said cautiously, "What's the favor… Elder Brother Sha, I said all these nonsenses purely out of my worry for both of your safety. I'm already very contented that you are magnanimous and forgiving towards me. Moreover… You should also know that I shouldn't say and you shouldn't hear those things mentioned just on. This is really a gigantic matter for me! I'm… afraid…"

"We won't let anything happen to you!" Sha Xinliang revealed a sincere yet insistent look, and pleaded, "When the law-enforcement master from the South-East region comes, can you help… to take a look at his body?"

Qin Baoshan applauded, "Brilliant plan!"

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