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"As long as I am still here, who can succeed?!" The figure opened his arms and laughed into the sky. "Who can succeed?! Until the end of time, no one shall get past me!"

As he said that, his illusory form shook and became thinner.

His face turned as he waved his hand and shouted, "Go!" The godly souls of Mo Tian Ji and the rest instantly flew out.

"They shall live outside. You… shall live here forever!" The figure laughed.

"It's not because you don't want them here, but because you can't force them to stay here, right?" Chu Yang's eyes turned sharp. He naturally realized that the figure had weakened. Mockingly, he looked at him and said, "That's all you can do!"

"So what?" The figure laughed manically. "Can you still fight with me here?!"

Chu Yang chuckled and his eyes brimmed with killing intent. "You said that you can kill me, but you didn't! If you can kill all previous masters of the Nine Tribulations Sword, I bet they are all dead by now! Hence, your limitation is that you can't kill. All you can do is to play tricks!"

"Likewise, you can't kill me!"

Chu Yang said assuredly, "You can't kill Tian Ji and the rest and hence, you can only let them go!"

"All you are doing is bragging!"

"You have no powers on your own!"

"You are useless! You are just a dog who knows how to bark!"

Chu Yang's words were like knives. Every single sentence he spoke turned into razor-sharp blades that cut into the figure's mind.

Without mercy!

"You!" The figure roared. His rage spiraled out of control. Then, he started to chuckle darkly, "I can't do anything to you! However, don't forget that your godly soul is still incomplete. You can't leave this illusion! You want to anger me? Hahaha! You are the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword. I am a former master. Do you think I will fall for your trick?"

Chu Yang chuckled coldly and said, "All previous masters escaped, so why can't I? Do you think I will listen to you?"

The figure roared in laughter, "However, the previous masters all had intact godly souls! You are missing a big chunk!"

Chu Yang smiled coldly, "So what?"

The figure was delirious in joy. "So what? Hahaha… your question is so funny! An incomplete soul in the midst of the Nine Tribulations Sword's transformation and you still want to get out? Stop dreaming!"

Chu Yang narrowed his eyes. He looked at him and smiled mysteriously before saying, "You are weak now? Am I right?"

The shadow was stunned as he said, "What do you mean?"

"In other words, you are here for the challenge. With the power of your godly soul, there's barely anything left after your challenge has ended, right?"

Chu Yang laughed, "The powerful creator will not let you do as you please. Hence, why are you still here?"

The figure said in confusion, "What do you want to say?"

Chu Yang stretched his arms and he broke free from his constraints. The power that had rendered him immobile just now suddenly disappeared without a trace!

It lost all its effects.

"While I don't know how to get out of here, I believe that the secret lies in your body!" Chu Yang said as he looked at him plainly. "You should have been gone a long time ago. Yet, you are still here!"

The shadow's face turned.

Chu Yang's words seemed contradictory but it vocalized the deepest terror he felt in his heart!

"What do you want to do?" The figure took one step back and he covered his chest with his hands. His face brimmed with panic and he could feel that the power that had once belonged to him was quickly draining away from him.

It was just like what had happened after he tricked all the other masters of the Nine Tribulations Sword.

Instantly, this figure turned weak too.

Instantly, three clangs could be heard.

In the currents faraway, three rays of radiant light appeared!

These were the three pieces of the broken sword that had followed Chu Yang down. The sword point, sword edge, and sword spine all flew over like comets from afar, buzzing in a celebratory manner. Then, they entered Chu Yang's dantian!

The figure looked at him in shock and said, "Why… is it the dantian?"

Chu Yang asked, "Why can't I use my dantian?"

Before the figure could speak, Chu Yang's dantian burst with an intense sword light. An illusory Nine Tribulations Sword appeared next to him!

The figure cried out in shock and turned to run away.

Chu Yang's heart moved as he took a step forward and grabbed his arm and shouted, "Where do you think you're going!"

With one chop, he sliced at that arm off.

At the same time, from the intense sword light of the Nine Tribulations Sword, a bolt of lightning shot out and pierced through the figure's chest.

The figure appeared to have been struck by thunder. His body shuddered and he screamed in pain. Then, his voice turned shrill and his eyes brimmed with despair.

Chu Yang's hand held the figure's shoulder. He was shocked too.

He only wanted to do an action according to the thought in his heart. He never expected to pull this figure's arm off.

Was he really an illusion?

Why did his arm remain in Chu Yang's hand, intact, after it was pulled off?

The figure which had lost an arm continued to stand there, as real as ever, trembling…

Chu Yang's mind turned foggy as he thought, "What's going on?"

At this moment, a thought rang out in this Nine Tribulations Dimension. Then, with a 'whoosh', the arm in Chu Yang's hand was sucked inside!

Chu Yang's hands were empty! The figure wailed, "Ahh! B*stard! Return me my half godly soul!"

However, the Nine Tribulations Dimension ignored him.

He looked venomously at Chu Yang. However, he could not move. It was if the intense light of the Nine Tribulations Sword had glued him to where he was!

Chu Yang felt everything before his eyes vibrate. He was already inside the thought.

In the Nine Tribulations Dimension, he saw a white shadow that was like a white cloud. It was one-third the size of Chu Yang's thought. Its face resembled the first Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword exactly!

On its face, there was a pleading and desperate look. There were an indescribable desperation and cruelty. Its eyes stared intently at Chu Yang.

They were poised to fight.

"Why are you here?" Chu Yang asked.

The figure shouted and then, like a gust of wind, it bit Chu Yang's arm.

Chu Yang felt his godly soul ache. A part of his body had been bitten off. Enraged, he kicked out with his feet.

The figure was unaffected by Chu Yang's kick. It bit his leg and its face brimmed with content and evil.

Chu Yang felt pain in his godly soul again as he thought, "He wants to devour me!"

"Here, normal physical attacks have no effects because this is the dimension of our godly souls! The only way is to devour each other!"

As he thought, the figure seemed to have discovered the sweetness of eating Chu Yang. Its body solidified and then, it lunged at him once more.

Chu Yang snorted and lunged too.

"You can devour me so why can't I devour you?"

After all, in this dimension, only one can live!

Chu Yang opened his mouth and bit the figure.

The figure trembled violently and a look of immense pain appeared on its face. However, no matter how much it struggled, it could not break free.

Even though it had lived for 90 000 years, it was just an ordinary godly soul. Furthermore, it was the smaller half of the godly soul.

Chu Yang was the master of this dimension. Furthermore, his godly soul had been enhanced by the Spirit-Refining Spring, not just once! How could that shred of a soul resist his attack?

If figure's intact godly soul was inside, it could create some trouble. However, he was just a godly soul formed from an arm. He was no match for Chu Yang!

In the Nine Tribulations Dimension, two white dots darted about and chased each other. The bigger one was naturally Chu Yang.

Every time he caught his target, he would take a bite.

With each bite, Chu Yang would feel himself being strengthened.

It was like a delicious food and an extremely powerful tonic!


Chu Yang caught the last white dot and stuffed it inside his mouth. He discovered that his godly soul in the Nine Tribulations Dimension actually increased and became a lot more solid.

"He's indeed the godly soul for the first Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword. Such a nutritious soul!" Chu Yang smacked his lips and as he thought about the bigger 'tonic' outside, he became impatient.

He thought, "A chunk is a chunk. Why not just swallow… everything?"

Chu Yang's ambitions surged. His godly soul disappeared in a flash from the Nine Tribulations Dimension.

Outside, Chu Yang narrowed his eyes. A smile crept across his face.

The figure trembled in front of him as it looked at him.

Suddenly, Chu Yang opened his eyes vigorously. A solid-looking ray of light shot out as he looked ravenously at the figure.

The figure turned gray. "No…"

Chu Yang waved his hand and said, "Catch him for me!"

The intense sword light from the Nine Tribulations Sword seemed to have understood him. It brought the figure over to Chu Yang.

Chu Yang chuckled and the Nine Tribulations Dimension appeared. Like a demon from time immemorial, it opened its endless black mouth in front of the figure.

The figure struggled and cursed. Then, it pleaded…

However, it could not break free from the Nine Tribulations Sword.

"Let me go! You b*stard. I was your master once! How dare you treat me like this?!"

"Let me go… ah…"

"No… don't throw me inside!"

"Chu Yang, you bastard! You will die in pain!"

"Chu Yang! You despicable as*hole! Fight me head-on!"

"What kind of hero uses such tricks!"

"Chu Yang, I beg you! Don't devour me! I can give you 90 000 years of experience and wisdom…"

"Chu Yang, please spare me… wu… wu…"

The moment the figure was thrown into the Nine Tribulations Dimension, it had completely collapsed…

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