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Mo Tian Ji could not help but be stunned!

Chu Yang was the person he placed the highest hope in. Mo Qing Wu was the person he cared about the most!

Today, if both of them were to die in front of him, Mo Tian Ji, despite his title as the Master of Manipulation and Calculation, would be stunned too.

Then, he reacted to it.

"I don't…"

Before Mo Tian Ji could finish, the figure interrupted him, "Don't lie to yourself! Your pause just now was enough!"

He waved his hands and Mo Tian Ji moved to the side with Gu Du Xing.

Then, Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo were up next.

The cursed and swore. Coupled with their emotional nature, the figure was able to take care of them easily.

Then, it was Ao Xie Yun…

After a while…

The figure waved his hand and locked Mo Tian Ji and the rest up. It faced Chu Yang alone.

"So?" The figure looked at Chu Yang, pleased. "Even if you're unwilling, your brothers are more than ready!"

"Thus, no matter whether you're willing or not, you should be willing to give up!"

Chu Yang thought for a while before he raised his head.

"I'm curious!" He said slowly, "Shattering my emotions is a way of cultivation. However, as the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword, I'm in no rush. So why are you rushing me?"

The figure paused.

"Why are you in such a rush to ruin our relationship, to ruin our friendship?" Chu Yang's gaze turned sharp.

The figure was stunned.

"Does happiness repulse you?" Chu Yang took a step forward. "Why?"

The figure could not help but retreat.

At this point, it was as if Chu Yang had a eureka moment. His train of thought became clearer. "This is the best thing in life. However, why are you in such a rush to destroy it!"

"In the past, have your friendships been destroyed by others? Have you lost something?" Chu Yang stared coldly at the shadow and then said, "Are you emotionally unbalanced?"

The figure shook and its voice turned icy-cold as it said, "What nonsense!"

"I am not spouting nonsense. You know that!" Chu Yang looked at him and said, "Look at my brothers. Are you jealous? Are you very jealous? Are you angry? Don't you wish that this amity doesn't exist?"

The figure steadied itself and laughed coldly, "What did you think of?"

"I didn't think of anything… I just feel that you are jealous of me!" Chu Yang said proudly as he looked at him. "Hence, I'm proud! Very proud! You are nothing compared to me!"

The figure's face was blurry as it glared intensely at Chu Yang and said, "Jealous of you? What are you?!"

"I have brothers! You don't! Maybe you did, once, but you abandoned them! So you're jealous! I have the ability to master the Nine Tribulations Sword. You don't! Hence, you want to destroy! If I, Chu Yang, am a god in the heavens, you are but a worm in the ground!"

Chu Yang was merciless. He said sharply and harshly, "If I, Chu Yang, am the moon in the sky, you are a pile of shit on the ground!"

"You are not even worthy to be a pile of shit! I know who you are!"

The words came viciously from Chu Yang's mouth. "You are a piece of garbage, truly!"

The figure's voice turned shrill as it shrieked, "Go to hell! You know who I am? How can you be sure?"

Chu Yang said coldly, "I thought that you are the senior who made the Nine Tribulations Sword. A shred of his divine thought! Then, I realized that you are not!"

"Why not? Why can't I be him?" The voice said shrilly.

"Because while that senior destroyed the Nine Heavens once, the reason he did so was to prevent conflicts from happening in the Nine Heavens! Hence, while his method was cruel, his intention was good! He did it to save the Nine Heavens!"

"You, on the other hand, want to destroy the Nine Heavens!" Chu Yang said as he gritted his teeth. "How dare you use all creations under heaven to threaten me!"

"Hence, you can't be him!" Chu Yang chuckled. "Here, you are just a test and that's all! However, you murderous piece of trash transformed the nature of this test! This is your selfish desire! Right?"

The fog covering the figure's face disappeared, revealing a large, severe face. However, on his severe face, there was a look of panic and a dark shadow. His forehead was dripping with sweat!

Even though Chu Yang did not move, the shadow took two steps back!

"Are you the reason why all previous masters of the Nine Tribulations Sword were so emotionless?" Chu Yang smiled coldly as he glared at him.

"When I said that at the start, I can't be sure. I can't be sure of who you are. Right now, however, I am clear. Who are you?"

The shadow shouted, "Tell me, who am I?"

"You are the first Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword!" Chu Yang screamed. "You are that piece of trash! That scum! That imbecile! That b*stard! You walked down the wrong path and hence, you set the entire Nine Heavens on the wrong path for 90 000 years! You are the most unforgivable, despicable, and shameless person in all of history!"

The figure took a few steps back in a rush. Its face was pale-white and it looked absolutely dreadful.

Chu Yang finally understood.

He realized why this round turned into the shattering of emotions!

In his previous life, did he not shatter his emotions? But… where were his successes?

Today, in this life, why would the Nine Tribulations Sword ask him to do this again! Where's the logic in that?

If Chu Yang had sunk into the illusion since the start, the moment Meng Chao Ran appeared was able to jolt him awake briefly.

However, it was only until this figure appeared and told him that he needed to shatter his emotions and cut off all attachments that Chu Yang finally regained his senses!

This was because… he had shattered his emotions before!

In his previous life, after he shattered his emotions, it resulted in the tragedy of Mo Qing Wu! This was his biggest regret, which caused him to be reborn in this world!

How could Chu Yang make the same mistake again?

If he had to sever his emotional attachments in this world again, what was the point of his rebirth? Must he walk on this path once more? Must he feel the same sentiments of regret once again?

From this, Chu Yang became increasingly more suspicious. When the figure was forcing him to make a choice, Chu Yang's heart became clearer. When the figure dragged Mo Tian Ji and the rest over, Chu Yang was sure!

This was no test. The figure was after his life!

No test… would require one to die.

There was no time to hesitate!

The main point of suspicion was that the sword spirit had reminded him over and over again that the biggest obstacle to this round was his incomplete godly soul. However, this figure said that it was not because of his incomplete godly soul but instead, the need to shatter his emotions!

Chu Yang would rather believe the sword spirit than him!

The sword spirit would never lie!

The most important thing right now was not in shattering his emotions but instead, repairing his godly soul!

Hence, this guy was lying!

He was playing a trick!

Since he was lying, he had to be doing it for a reason! So what was the trick?

He was just a shadowy figure, so why was he so insistent?

At this moment, Chu Yang was half-clear.

He daringly made his deductions and said each sentence out. In doing so, he discovered the figure's true identity!

This was when Chu Yang counterattacked!

The figure had existed for 80 000 years! It tricked all seven previous Masters of Nine Tribulations Sword. For such a long time, no one was able to find out who it was.

At this moment, Chu Yang was able to identify who he was clearly. Despite being just a scattered piece of thought, he could not help but panic!

His reaction confirmed Chu Yang's suspicion!

At this moment, there was another cause of suspicion. Why was the shadow there?

If the great creator of the Nine Tribulations Sword did not permit, how could he stay here? If the creator had permitted it, how could he continue doing as he pleased?

Chu Yang's eyes shone as he thought intensely. However, he could not find the reason.

"Hahahaha…" The figure laughed like a maniac. "That's right. You are indeed the most exceptional Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword! You got all of them correct!"

His square face turned vicious as he said, "That's right, I am the first Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword! I am the one who came here first. I underwent the challenge for the fourth part! My relatives and brothers all died in front of me! Then, the illusion told me to forget them! They were to be seen as tools!"

"I did it all!"

"But I failed!"


He screamed like a maniac.

"If he wants us to fulfill his desires, why did he set such an obstacle?" The figure laughed manically. "After I left, I followed the instructions here diligently. I embarked on the path of shattering my emotions. After I united the Nine Heavens, I personally put them inside the Nine Heavens Foundational Rock! Why? So I can complete his task!"

"What did I do wrong?"

"In the end, why did I become a shred of soul and am now forced to stay here! Why is my new take to remind you? Hahaha…" The figure laughed manically. "Why would I be so kind? Having walked on the wrong path, why must I guide you on the right one? Why!"

Chu Yang looked at him in pity and said, "You are mad!"

"Yes, I'm mad! Hence, I must destroy. I must destroy everyone! This is a test of your godly soul! If you can't make it past this round, what does it have to do with me!" The figure doubled over in laughter. He was absolutely pitiful.

"However, your task is to test! You should not take matters into your own hands and bring others down the wrong path!" Chu Yang said sharply. "How many beautiful relationships were destroyed by you? How can you delight in this!?!"

"Beautiful relationship? Hahaha… why can't I destroy them? What I can't get, no one else should think of getting!" The shadow laughed crazily. "If anyone should get it, it's me, the first Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword! And not you!"

"You are unworthy of empathy!" Chu Yang spat at him.

"So what if you know? What can you do to me?" The figure smiled evilly. "Your godly soul is incomplete and you will never leave this illusion! This is your most fatal spot! Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword, we can only wait for the 10th generation now! Hahaha… but I will still be here at that time! I will still be here!"

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