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Chu Fei Ling and Yang Ruo Lan were rushing forward as quickly as they could! Now, they were less than five hundred kilometers away from the Heavenly Sword Peak's Lake of Death!

The couple was as worried as ever, but they didn't have a single ounce of strength left when they reached here! Their legs felt as if they weighed tons, they could no longer move another inch.

They could only stop and rest.

It was midnight, when Yang Ruo Lan suddenly cried out in surprise and was shaken awake from her dream. She broke out in cold sweat over her entire body, and beads of sweat rolled off her forehead!

"What is it?" Chu Fei Ling was sitting on one side and meditating as he recovered his vital energy. He had been too tired over the past few days, and even this Martial Monarch was starting to feel fatigue in his soul.

"I… I have suddenly seen our son," Yang Ruo Lan's eyes became fixated as she flinched in astonishment. Her face a pale as she said, "I just saw… I just saw our son covered in blood to bid farewell to me… I… I…"

He eyes were full of panic. "Fei Ling, nothing's happened to Chu Yang, right?"

"You're not thinking straight because you're too concerned. He's with his brothers, and furthermore, all the great clans have an alliance and there are many expert fighters amongst them. How can anything happen to him?" Chu Fei Ling attempted to console her.

"But I keep feeling so panicky and worried, and I keep feeling as if something bad has already happened." Yang Ruo Lan frowned, "I'm just very anxious and nervous." She paced around inside the tent, and she became increasingly frustrated. Her mind had completely lost its cool, and the more she thought about this, the more ominous she felt. Yang Ruo Lan was just pacing around in her tent for the rest of the night. She was terribly upset, and her breathing was heavy. She immediately pulled Chu Fei Ling out of bed at daybreak and said, "Let's go!"

Unfortunately for Chu Fei Ling, he hadn't even recovered half of his physical strength before he was pulled up to run as fast as he could.

"If you delay my reunion with my son, I will skin you alive!" Yang Ruo Lan was incredibly fierce, and flames seemed to pour from her eyes.

Husband and wife continued racing to their destination. There was hardly anyone where they were at, so there was hardly anyone worth robbing from even if they wanted to.

They finally met people from the Ao clan coming down from the Heavenly Sword Peak at midday. Their flags and banners were on full display, while their troops and horses appeared healthy and robust.

The two of them could tell with one look that they had emerged victorious.

Chu Fei Ling came forward to intercept them to get some information, and they became a lot more assured when they heard that Chu Yang's side had emerged victorious.

They didn't dare to reveal their identities, and they asked simple questions while they claimed themselves to be Chu Yang's seniors. Naturally, Ao Tian Xing treated them politely and with respect, and he told them that Chu Yang and the others were still on the Mountain. Yang Ruo Lan was elated, and she watched as the Ao clan and the other clans departed the mountain before they went up the mountain…

Even though they had received accurate information, Yang Ruo Lan still felt a little stifled, and the pressure was so strong that she couldn't catch her breath. She couldn't be completely reassured unless she saw her son with her own eyes.

In the Lower Three Heavens, Tie Bu Tian was holding Tie Yang in her arms in her study as she reviewed and sorted through her official letters. Her little kid was already sleeping soundly in her arms.

However, Tie Bu Tian was still reading through the letters when her heat skipped a beat, and her pen stabbed onto the letter, leaving a glaring mark on it.

Her thoughts were in turmoil and she was distraught with anxiety as her heart seemed to pound out of her chest.

She shivered as if cold winds blew across her entire body, and she couldn't help herself as if walked to the window. She looked out of the window, and everything seemed so gloomy as her eyebrows knitted into a frown.

"What happened?"

"Is that you, Chu Yang?"

"If that wasn't you, who was the one who pulled on my heart?"

Chu Yang fought as hard as he could to remember.

Meng Chao Ran's eyes suddenly appeared in his mind, and that allowed him to regain some of his senses!

Perhaps, this was his only chance at clearing his mind throughout this entire ordeal!

Chu Yang became like someone who was drowning, and had suddenly found a piece of grass to hold onto!

"I will not let go, no matter what! Even if I prove in the end that everything that's happened here is real, I will not give up and I will not believe anything!"

"Even if this is reality, I will never accept it!"

His stubbornness and resoluteness in his previous life and his current one supported him to a great extent in this moment! Afterwards, forced himself to pull his mind away from all that grief, and he forced himself to start thinking!

Perhaps, he hadn't even realized that himself.

He had lost his ability to think ever since he set foot in this place. He could only watch on and listen amidst all his worry, but he didn't think about anything at all, as if his heart could only accept and take everything that he saw and heard, and he couldn't take control of anything at all!

But now, he finally started to contemplate, he began to struggle bit by bit! He began to try and save himself!

Chu Yang said silently to himself, "This is my last chance! If I can't survive this, then my godly soul will be annihilated!

"So, I must survive this! Even if my brothers, even if my parents are dead, even if Qing Wu is dead, I will find some way to revive them as long as I'm alive! I will never give up!"

"Because I have shared so much feelings and emotions with them, because I have too much regrets I cannot give up!"

"Hang on, Chu Yang!" Chu Yang shouted at the top of his voice, and he stabbed his thigh with his sword. He rotated his sword in his hands, and the blade shifted around in his flesh and gave him such agonizing pain so that he could maintain those threads of clear-headedness that didn't come easy!

He gritted his teeth with all his might and forced his tears back!

He was thinking! He gave his all to work his mind.

"This isn't possible!"

"What kind of man is Mo Tian Ji? Even if he knows what I'm thinking, how can he allow our brothers to participate in the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword's tribulations?"

"Won't that distract and disturb me?"

"Furthermore, he had given a divination and a prophecy that fate would be chaotic, and sword and the heart will break at the Lake of Death, and there was no other side of the lake!"

"Therefore, Mo Tian Ji would never do something like this."

"And if Mo Tian Ji didn't agree, everyone else couldn't come down except for Gu Du Xing, who was extremely stubborn."

"Therefore, everything must be fake!"

"Even though it seemed impossible that Mo Tian Ji had brought our brothers down, but there was still a very slim chance. But my father, Chu Fei Ling, and my mother's arrival is entirely impossible!"

"How can they know that I am here?"

"What is my mother's name? Those sensations felt so real, but how can I not recall my mother's appearance right now? Have I not just met her?"

"Who is the one who gave me that nickname, Yang Yang?"

"As for Mo Qing Wu - it's even more unlikely that she's here!"

"That's because everyone knows about how much Ning Tian Ya and Bu Liu Qing treasures Mo Qing Wu! How can they let her, who's just a young girl, traverse the three heavens and a million miles by herself to visit me?"

"Furthermore, she coincidentally ran into Mo Tian Ji!"

"How could such a coincidental event happen?"

Chu Yang reminded himself again and again. Rather, he tried to numb himself again and again -"Don't panic! Don't panic! Everything must be fake! This is an illusion!"

"This is the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword's fourth tribulation, and it's also the rigorous test and also a very important turning point!"

"This is the place that the sword spirit has said again and again, that my godly soul will be destroyed!"

"And my godly soul was almost destroyed right before this!"

"I can only rely on myself right now!"

He tried his best to fight his way out. However, he felt as if he was missing something. Not only did he not break out, he felt as if everything was becoming increasingly real. That missing piece in his godly soul because of the sword spirit's fusion was like natural barrier that blockaded his thoughts!

He already knew that everything was fake, but he still realized to his intense grief that he couldn't go back!

He couldn't break through this illusion!

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