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"Yang Yang, you have kept me in the dark for so long!" There was a faint trace of blame in Chu Fei Ling's voice, but he sounded more as if a heavy burden had been lifted from his chest. "Fortunately, I finally realized and finally hurried here, my child. You… you have to be strong!"

Chu Yang stared at him blankly and muttered as if he was in a dream, "What?"

The beautiful middle-aged lady began to sob, and she sniffled as her eyes were fixated upon Chu Yang. Her eyes were full of guilt and heartache as she said, "My child, my child - you have suffered."

"You… who are you?" Chu Yang had an inkling in his heart, but he didn't dare to believe that.

"She is your mother," Chu Fei Ling heaved a sigh, "Did you know - once we obtained accurate information about you, we couldn't sit still any longer, and so your mother and I rushed here. My child, put down the sword, and don't do silly things. Are you going to let your mother lose you forever once more, even though she has lost you for eighteen yours and it has taken so much for her to see you again?"

"How can your mother take it if you do that?" Chu Fei Ling said heartbrokenly.

"My mother?" Chu Yang opened his mouth, and he felt as if his soul, which had already broken down into pieces, exploded once more and disintegrated once more!

He began seeing stars in that moment, and he couldn't take it any longer and his body shook before he passed out.

He felt as if he had fallen into an embrace that was full of tenderness and love. Humans would yearn for that smell and that sensation, and those were just so mesmerizing.

Chu Yang was still in a daze, and he began to cry out loud…

He thought that he had already changed his destiny, but not in his wildest dreams did he expect destiny to become so much crueler!

All of his brothers had died right in front of him! He could only watch on, and there was nothing he could have done!

This blow, to Chu Yang, was even more painful and agonizing than Mo Qing Wu's death in his previous life!

His heart was dead!

But right at this moment, his parents had arrived by his side. He had never tasted his mother's warm embrace, and all that warmth just made him feel so lost.

"What should I do?"

He could only be in a daze.

Chu Yang was awakened by a wave of tremors, and only when he woke up did he realize that he was in his mother's arms, and his body was being spun around continuously. He was moving very rapidly…


Chu Yang opened his eyes and realized that Chu Fei Ling and his mother were being surrounded and attacked!

There were men with veils covering their faces and clad in black all around them.

"How did this happen?"

There were several wounds already on Chu Fei Ling's body, and they were so deep that his bones could be seen. Blood was flowing over his mother's body…

Chu Yang was astonished, and he flipped and struggled form his mother's arms as he drew his sword.

"Ha ha ha, Chu Fei Ling! We could force you and your wife into a corner with nowhere to go eighteen years ago, and today we are going to murder your entire family here!" The man in black who was leading the group said as he laughed out loud.

"He must be your son. Ha ha ha, what a waste! The family has just been reunited but the family has to die. You have my sympathies." Someone else laughed hysterically.

Chu Fei Ling and his wife gritted their teeth and continued crazily blocking their enemies' attacks, but they were being forced back continuously.

Their standards and their enemies' standards weren't even on the same level!

Chu Yang roared as he lashed out with his sword.

However, Chu Fei Ling and his wife grabbed him at the same time and said, "Go, Yang Yang, quickly!"

"No! Chu Yang shouted hysterically. How could he leave at a time like this?

"Go, quickly! Don't let the two of us die for nothing!" Chu Yang's mother was staring at him with doleful eyes. "My child… eighteen years ago, these men were the ones who chased us and gave us no choice but to separate you from us… I didn't think that today…"

She looked at her son longingly, and her eyes were filled with yearning and love. "Go, my child! You being alive… is our greatest hope…"

She hadn't even finished her sentence when she grunted, and a shiny sword tip protruded from her chest.

She grunted again, and she applied strength on her hands and Chu Fei Ling did the same, and they threw Chu Yang far into the distance!

Husband and wife were submerged in a flurry of swords and blades in the next moment as Chu Yang's body flew backwards - his godly soul was already starting to crumble!

His mother's eyes were still staring at him with doting love amidst the flurry of swords, all the way to the point before she completely disappeared underneath the blades…

"No! No!" Chu Yang shouted at the top of his voice. He felt as if his soul was starting to convulse.

"Don't be so cruel…"

"I… I have only been in my mother's arms for less than fifteen minutes?"

"And fate has to separate us once more?"

Chu Yang could feel his soul beginning to break into pieces! His consciousness was also starting to crumble.

Those men in black in the distance weren't attacking anymore, and two bloody bodies were prostrate on the ground at their feet, motionless.

Chu Yang's heart broke into pieces!

"That fellow is still alive. Kill him!" A man in black howled, and everyone began chasing after Chu Yang.

Chu Yang cried out and raised his sword as he attempted to go up against them.

He wanted to die - he wanted to be annihilated! He wanted to go mad!

He knew that his parents had allowed him to escape so that he could continue living, and that was their final wish, and that he really shouldn't be fighting with his life on the line.

He had already been through his brothers' death, and he had to watch as his parents died in front of his eyes. Chu Yang had already crumbled!

He was no longer concerned about any consequence!

There was nothing left in the world for him!

Both parties were about to clash. The men in black had sinister looks in their eyes, and they came from all directions. Chu Yang's eyes became even more hysterical as he howled and charged forward…

Right at this moment!

"Don't hurt Chu Yang!" A shadow descended from the sky, and a blade that seemed like a dream appeared in front of Chu Yang. Two clanging sounds could be heard as two swords were cut into half!

An elegant figure clad in red drifted in front of Chu Yang.

A cute girl appeared in front of his eyes

Yes - Mo Qing Wu had clearly grown a lot taller than when they separated. In this moment, her large and charming eyes were staring at him with worry.

"Little Wu!" Chu Yang moaned, and nobody knew if he was crying or laughing.

"Are you alright, Chu Yang?" Mo Qing Wu darted towards him with quick steps.

"You really shouldn't have come." Another stream of blood erupted from Chu Yang's mouth, and a wave of weakness came over him - there was agony, hopelessness, and worry.

Wasn't Mo Qing Wu taking her own life by rushing here in this moment?

"Where are your two masters?" An idea flashed in Chu Yang's head - if Ning Tian Ya and Bu Liu Qing were here, they would definitely be able to protect Mo Qing Wu's life.

"They didn't come," Mo Qing Wu pouted, "I'm here to visit my family, and I met second brother at the foot of the mountain. They came up to find you and asked me to wait by the lake. I waited for a while and they didn't come up, so I came down…"

She blinked her eyes and said, "Eh? Where's second brother and the others?"

Chu Yang's heart was overcome by a wave of agony.

He closed his eyes in pain, and he squeezed a few words from between his teeth. "Leave, quickly!"

However, the men in black had already surrounded them as swords and blades rained down upon them!

Chu Yang's body was enveloped underneath all those swords and blades in that moment.

"No!" Mo Qing Wu cried out agonizingly, and she suddenly charged in hysterically. Her petite body suddenly crashed against Chu Yang's body, and she actually forced him out just like that.

The sparkling light from all those blades rained down upon Mo Qing Wu, and blood erupted from her body in that instant!

Chu Yang wanted to scream, but he was in so much pain that he couldn't make a sound.

Mo Qing Wu's thin figure was still writhing amidst all the blood, and there was only pain in her eyes.

He finally, and slowly fell into Chu Yang's arms as she stared at him with eyes that were full of deep love. "Hug me, Chu Yang. I… I like how that feels…" She took two quick breaths, and light sparkled brilliantly in her eyes, as if the last flames of her life were dancing. "Chu Yang, I wanted to wait for us to grow up… and then I'll marry you… but that's a pity… because I can't grow up anymore…"

"Little Wu!" Chu Yang stared at Mo Qing Wu numbly, and he suddenly felt as if his brain was exploding. Suddenly, his thoughts and every last one of his memories and his experiences, everything…

Everything was blown into smithereens!

He couldn't feel pain anymore, and he couldn't feel the sourness of his heart, he couldn't feel regret, he couldn't feel… he could no longer feel anything. Mo Qing Wu stared at him deeply as she said painfully, "Chu Yang, hug me, I'm so cold…"

Tears streamed down Chu Yang's cheeks, and he hugged her tiny frame as tightly as he could. He really wanted to stuff her body into his own, and he wanted to shout but he couldn't make a sound. He wanted to cry out loud, but he couldn't even do that. He felt as if his chest was so stifled and he couldn't catch his breath. He felt as if his chest could burst open at any moment, and Mo Qing Wu's breathing continued to grow weaker and weaker…

Her arm was like a tender lotus, and it was wrapped so tightly around Chu Yang. Her arm tightened once before she let go, and she used the last of her strength to tighten her grip once more before she let go. Her arm dangled once in the air, and a fortunate smile appeared on her face as she flushed and muttered under her breath, "I love how this feels… I can't bear to leave, Chu Yang. How nice will it be if we have a next life, and I will definitely give birth to so many babies for you, and I will be the best wife ever…"

Her voice was suddenly cut off.

Mo Qing Wu's eyes closed slowly, and she slowly fell asleep in Chu Yang's arms.

Her eyelashes that were like tiny fans flitted over her eyelids, but her eyes would never open again.

Chu Yang knelt down on the ground blankly - he couldn't feel anything anymore.

"You died in my arms in my previous life, and you closed your eyes while in my arms."

"In this life, you will fall asleep forever in my arms once more because of me. I am still watching you shut your eyes, and I am still watching you in my arms, and I can still feel your body slowly going cold but there's nothing I can do…"

"There is still nothing I can do!"



"My brothers!"

"My parents!"

"My lover!"

Chu Yang continued hugging Mo Qing Wu, and he continued shouting hysterically into the air. His heart was no longer there, his soul had become illusory, and his mind was disintegrating piece by piece. His consciousness exploded in that instance…

His godly soul was starting to split open piece by piece…

His godly soul already had defects, and in this moment, as if an opening had appeared in a dyke on a river that stretched for a thousand miles. Torrential water rushed out from that opening…

This opening was starting to grow bigger, and the spirit of the Nine Tribulations Sword gradually cracked open in his consciousness…

Chu Yang was just standing there as if his spirit was lost as his past experiences and his previous life flashed by in his mind.

A forlorn smile appeared in the corner of his mouth - it was over!

There was no shore on the other side of the Lake of Death! There was no other side!

"My brothers… Du Xing, Tian Ji, Ji Mo, Little Wolf…"

"My lover, Qing Wu, Qing Wu…"

"My father, Chu Fei Ling…"

"My mother, my mother…"

Chu Yang's heart suddenly shook crazily and a thought suddenly occurred to him. "I only know my father's name, but my mother… what was my mother's name?"

Chu Yang's body froze!

"I don't have a nickname! My master has always called me by my full name, Chu Yang! The only nickname I've had is Tan Tan teasing me by calling me Yang Yang…" (Translator's note: the words in Chinese are different, but the English direct translation is identical.)

"But even my parents call me Yang Yang…"

"Why was I called Yang Yang?"

Meng Chao Ran's plain and indifferent eyes appeared in front of Chu Yang. "My lover's name is called Ye Chu Chen."

The morning sun at daybreak…

"That's why you're called Chu Yang."

"That's why… you're called Chu Yang…"

"You're called Chu Yang…"

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