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Gu Du Xing's eyes were sparkling with passionate color! "We are all here!"

"We are all here!" Xie Dan Qiong, Ao Xie Yun, and Mo Tian Ji roared together!

Chu Yang almost started to tear once more.

"You're all there!"

"But, Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di are no longer here…"

"They are not here anymore…"

Chu Yang hadn't even spoke, and someone was already starting to taunt him from the other side. "You're all here? Ha ha hHa… what a joke! Before this, I've just killed a fellow was still crying like a baby. That felt fantastic!"

Another two men laughed heartily. "That's right - the skinny fellow, we stuck two swords right through his heart. The look of disbelief on his face! That was felt so good! Ha ha ha!"

When this was said, Gu Du Xing and the others suddenly felt their bodies tremble, and their expressions changed drastically!

Gu Du Xing shouted angrily, "Nonsense!"

That man was still laughing outrageously. "You don't believe me? Then I will let your hopes die!"

He waved his hand, and the water suddenly began to flow rapidly.

Two corpses that were stained with fresh blood in the distance surged forward as they drifted in the water and the water carried those corpses.

"Ji Mo!" Gu Du Xing howled, and his state of mind quivered as his swordplay became greatly disorganized.

"Little Wolf!" Ao Xie Yun and Xie Dan Qiong shouted at the same time, and the two of them staggered backwards at the same time.

"Don't look!" Mo Tian Ji's words were like thunderclaps. "This is a trick!"

But how could they bear not to look?

Everyone's hearts broke at the same time in the moment that they witnessed that sight!

Countable sword light flickered like a web that stretched across the heavens - there were more enemies concealed and waiting to attack!

In that moment, everyone's thoughts and minds were in disarray. They were beside themselves with grief, and their eyes were blurred by their own tears in that moment. How could they maintain their usual standards?

"Be careful!" Chu Yang was full of rage as he lunged forward without care for anything else at all.

Two swords cut him off, and Chu Yang lashed out as if he was willing to trade his life for his enemies - but even then, he couldn't force his enemies back even half a step! He used everything he knew about his Nine Tribulations Swordsmanship without a care for his own life, and torrential waves surged in the waters around him!

However, he couldn't stop tragedy from happening!

A faint sound could be heard, and a single longsword plunged through Gu Du Xing's heart, while his Black Dragon Sword also stabbed deeply into his enemy's heart!

Xie Dan Qiong's viburnum flashed and scattered as it fixated upon an enemy's throat, while there were seven or eight swords impaled through his body both horizontally and vertically. He was like a porcupine as he froze in the water!

He didn't have a chance to utter one final sentence before he breathed his last!

Fresh blood dispersed and drifted rapidly through the water.

Ao Xie Yun's body was slashed open by a blade diagonally from his left shoulder to his waist!

Chu Yang could clearly see that Ao Xie Yun's organs were breaking apart in the water and drifting away!


Chu Yang spun around, and he could see a thread of blood emerging from Mo Tian Ji's forever indifferent face.

There was a sword cruelly plunged into his chest!

Mo Tian Ji's white hands were tightly clasped around the sword's edges!


Another sound could be heard as a saber cut across the water, and Mo Tian Ji's legs were severed!

The sword was withdrawn from his chest with a swoosh!

Mo Tian Ji stared at his own chest blankly, and then at his legs that were floating away with the flow of water. He suddenly laughed at the sky and said, "I never thought that I, Mo Tian Ji, who has always been the Master of Manipulation and Calculation, will…"

"…perish today in this place!" Someone interrupted him and completed his unfinished sentence coldly before another sword plunged through his back!

Mo Tian Ji's body was tainted red by all that blood. He floated to the bottom of the water limply, and he flashed a plain smile and said, "That's right."

And he was gone.

"Brother!" Xie Dan Feng howled hysterically and dashed towards Xie Dan Qiong's corpse.

Swoosh, swoosh, swish!

Three different sounds could be heard, and three men whose clothes were the color of water cut open Xie Dan Feng's body into three pieces without showing any mercy at all! Xie Dan Feng's long hair drifted through the water, but there was no longer any charm or elegance left.

"Ah!" Tan Tan roared desperately!

As he was roaring, dense black gas suddenly began to emerge from his body!

"Ah -" Tan Tan continued to shout in writhing agony, and the black gas became even denser.

Finally, divine light shot out from his eyes, as if was a sovereign descending upon this world!

His hands quivered, and all the water flowing through this region vanished at the same time!

Xie Dan Feng's body flew into his embrace.

Tan Tan stared at the corpse that had already turned cold in his hands with boundless love, and tears trickled from his eyes.

"Demon King! You've finally awakened!" A man who was dressed in water-colored clothes appeared soundlessly on the other side. There was a cold smile on his face. "I have always desired to fight you, and I have been waiting for this for one hundred thousand years!"

"You… will all die!" Tan Tan's eyes were fixated on Xie Dan Feng's lifeless face, and his voice was chilly to the core.

"What is death in exchange for a battle with the Demon King?"

That man was still laughing heartily.

In the next moment, Tan Tan's body disappeared from the spot and three exploding sounds could be heard - the heads of the three men who murdered Xie Dan Feng erupted at the same time. His speed was so quick that nobody could ever react!

A series of hitting and smacking sounds rang out incessantly.

Tan Tan's body was like a wave of color, and in the blink of an eye, almost thirty enemies died beneath his hands!

There was only that one person left standing in front of him!

Corpses were strewn all over the place.

That man didn't attempt to stop Tan Tan at all!

"Demon King, please fight me!" That man smiled warmly after Tan Tan murdered everyone around, and sharp light radiated from that man's eyes. "Demon King, you must have been infuriated when you watched the person you've loved throughout your entire life die in front of your eyes…"

Tan Tan said nothing, and his body trembled before he reappeared above that man, and more than a thousand strikes of his palm rained down.

"Ha ha ha ha!" The man laughed joyfully, and he was a thousand feet away with a spin of his body. "Come! The Demon King! Let me see what you're capable of!"

Tan Tan vanished into thin air in that instant.

After Tan Tan disappeared, the region of water that had been emptied out was suddenly filled with water once more! All the corpses started floating around.

These corpses included those of his brothers and those of his enemies.

An epic battle erupted far away in the distance!

Chu Yang didn't seem to feel anything.

He thought that he was just having a nightmare!

Everything happened with a few blinks of his eyes.

Luo Ke Di was dead, Ji Mo was dead, Gu Du Xing was dead, Ao Xie Yun was dead, Mo Tian Ji was dead, Xie Dan Qiong was dead, and Xie Dan Feng died right in front of him.

Even if this was a nightmare, this nightmare was too cruel.

Chu Yang held onto his last thread of hope, and he grabbed one of the enemy's corpses on the ground. He forcefully tore through the corpse, and the corpse's flesh dripped with blood as blood floated through the water once more.

"This isn't a dream!"

"This is real!"

He slashed himself heavily on his thigh, and blood oozed out. The pain and agony that he felt were almost enough to shake and eradicate his soul.

"I can feel pain - this isn't a dream!"

"But how can this not be a dream?!" Chu Yang shouted towards the sky. "They are clearly still outside! They are still outside! They didn't come in! They didn't come in!"


He continued shouting madly.

He could vividly feel that his body, his mind, and his soul was starting to crumble piece by piece.

A faint groan rang out, and Chu Yang quivered as if he had been shocked by electricity as he darted over.

Gu Du Xing!

Gu Du Xing was still alive!

Chu Yang hugged him tightly in his arms, and warm tears welled up in his eyes. "Du Xing! Du Xing! Wake up!"

Gu Du Xing slowly opened his eyes. His eyes were still as clear and sharp as before, and the expression on his face was still cold and lonely like it had always been. However, deep in his eyes, he couldn't help but reveal his disappointment and his frustration.

"Chu Yang -" Gu Du Xing forced a faint smile through his face that always seemed so cold. "I'm going…"

Chu Yang felt as if heaven and earth was darkening.

"No!" He roared as if his intestines were being ripped apart.

"I wanted to accompany you to reign supreme over the Nine Heavens," Gu Du Xing coughed and continued, "I wanted to stand side by side with you at the top, but that's a pity because I can no longer do that… you… you… have to take care!"

Gu Xu Ding's body trembled once in Chu Yang's arms, and there was no more movement.

His body gradually turned cold.

And slowly, it turned hard.

Chu Yang knelt on the ground as if his soul was lost. He could feel his heart being slowly ripped apart and slowly freezing away. He was in so much pain that he felt as if all his thoughts and ideas were gone.

Nothing - there was nothing left.

"Is this really not a dream?" Chu Yang pierced himself with his sword again and again, and he continued shouting hysterically. "Don't hurt! Please, don't let this hurt! I beg you, wake me up from this dream!"

"Let me wake up…"

His eyes appeared so sinister, and he struggled with every ounce of his strength. "I want to leave this place! This must be a dream!"

He concentrated his will to recount everything that happened before he came in.

"I chased away my brothers, and I remained. I was lying in my tent before I felt the call of the Nine Tribulations Sword…"

"And I reached the bottom of the lake."

"I found a cave entrance that was flickering with white light…"

"And I came in…"

"Then I saw Luo Ke Di…"

"Damn it! Everything seems to real!"

"But how can I take this reality?"

"How can I?!"

Chu Yang was disheartened, and he no longer had any hope. "My brothers are all gone - why am I still alive?"

Chu Yang could feel that the remnants of the Nine Tribulations Sword in his dantian suddenly crumbled into pieces in this instant! His grief reached a level so high that even someone like Chu Yang, the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword who had been alive for two lifetimes, couldn't take!

The remnants of the Nine Tribulations Sword were broken into so many pieces.

Chu Yang could vividly feel - rather, he could clearly see that his heart was starting to split open in the center. His veins and his blood vessels were severed in that instant, and his separated heart began to split into smaller pieces once more.

A sphere of flame grew from his heart, and the fires raged.

Chu Yang howled into the air, and black ash streamed out from his mouth!

In that moment, his heart became dust!

He raised his sword and swiped it towards his throat.

"Ah!" An exclamation could be heard from behind him.

Chu Yang's lifeless eyes turned subconsciously.

Two people suddenly appeared in front of his eyes.

He recognized one of them.

Chu Fei Ling!

His biological father.

There was a beautiful middle-aged lady standing next to him, and she was staring at Chu Yang with eyes of worry, heartache, and love.

She was full of gentleness and tenderness, and she was full of protection, and her eyes were full of doting love.

This look made Chu Yang's entire body start to tremble!

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