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Two thousand kilometers away, a man and a woman were flying away as far as they could. They were like shooting stars that swept across the night sky.

They were Chu Fei Ling and Yang Ruo Lan!

This married couple was extremely anxious. In reality, they were riding horses. However, their horses weren't strong or fit enough to cover thousands of kilometers. This was why their horses lost their strength when they were only a few hundred kilometers into the journey.

Whenever that happened, they would find a nearby town or city to purchase new horses at exorbitant prices before they continued on their journey. If they were caught in the wilderness, they had no choice but to use their powers to fly!

In three days, the two of them had traveled more than three thousand kilometers! 

They were still two thousand kilometers away from the Heavenly Sword Peak and Lake of Death! Given their cultivations, the speed at which they were traveling at was astonishing!

However, the two of them were completely exhausted because of this!

Yang Ruo Lan was still pushing on with all her might, even at the expense of her energy.

They were clearly aware of the fact that they wouldn't be able to affect the outcome of the battle even if they managed to rush over. In addition, even if the battle hadn't ended yet when they reached, the both of them would be expended such that they wouldn't be able to contribute any strength to the battle.

However, the two of them still pressed on. They were determined to rush over!

Along the way, Yang Ruo Lan experienced great emotional turmoil. She kept on recalling what Wu Qian Qian said.

"He's an orphan, or rather, he was abandoned."

"Everyone else has parents except him."

"In the Outer Heavens Tower, he's normally very quiet. He doesn't really talk. Before that, he completely didn't draw any attention from anyone."

"After that, I heard from my father that Chu Yang is very weird. It's as if he has never really laughed before. Even when he laughs, his laughter is either cold, sarcastic or self-deprecating. He's like that even in front of a Supreme Martial Artist. No one knows what he's thinking when he laughs."

"However, I believe that he hasn't had any carefree or happy days in his life before."

"This has remained the case even when I came to Iron Clouds City."

"His face…it's like a piece of iron."

"Perhaps there were only a few days that he laughed. It was before the Black Demons came. I heard it very clearly. When he laughed, he was like a carefree child. However, it's a pity that his laughter was hidden behind a mask. I couldn't see it."

"When the Black Demon left, he went to the Great Zhao and engaged in many bloody battles. I'm afraid…he'll never laugh again..."

"Even after he obliterated the Great Zhao, I only saw him heaved a sigh of relief. He didn't even smile."

"I wanted to make him smile and laugh."

"But I overly immersed myself...."

"I really don't know what parents would be so vicious to abandon their own kid..."

These were Wu Qian Qian's words. Wu Qian Qian was probably in the Upper Three Heavens right now.

However, Yang Ruo Lan would always start tearing when she recalled what Wu Qian Qian said.

Everyone had parents except Chu Yang.

He rarely smiled or laughed.

He was like a piece of iron.

There were hardly any moments in his life that he had ever been happy and carefree.

The only time that he laughed, he hid behind a mask.

Wu Qian Qian really wanted to make him smile.

Yang Ruo Lan felt very tormented. Right now, she only wanted to tightly hug her own son in her arms and make it up to him. She wanted to make it up for the twenty years of his life!

However, she was scared. She was worried. "He's too tough. If I open my heart to him, he might not be able to accept me."

However, a mother's heart was always open to her son no matter whether he accepted it!

"It seems like he rarely smiled the few days I was with him. He did smile out of courtesy, smile bashfully, smile coldly and sarcastically...but I have never seen him smile or laugh from the bottom of his heart. It has never been carefree."

This was what Chu Fei Ling said when he recalled the past.

Every time they spoke about this topic, both of them would become speechless and stare at each other. Their hearts would be broken.

"How can we make it up to you?"

In the other direction, Young Master Wei was clad in black and a mask on his face. He was like a specter as he pursued the human figures in front of him...

The people in front of him belonged to the Li Clan.

Of course, there were people from other clans. If it was only those from the Li Clan, Young Master Wei would have already completed his mission. It was a pity that it wasn't just one bunch of people who were dishonest...

This was why Young Master Wei had to wait for his chance even though he was very strong! Even if he couldn't fight this bunch of people, he could still escape. However, the key thing was that he would be finished if he exposed his identity.

Chu Yang and Mo Tian Ji passed this task to him. If he didn't do it well...he should return home instead...

In the tent at the lakeside of the Lake of Death on the Heavenly Sword Peak.

Chu Yang was speaking.

"On the surface, it seems like Ji Mo has a thousand tricks up his sleeves and his sword is irresistible! Luo Ke Di is very brutal and merciless. Ao Xie Yun is very crafty, and always plans in advance, allowing him to edge out his opponents! Xie Dan Qiong is extremely lethal, and his expression never changes. This shows how determined he is!"

Chu Yang was speaking very slowly and highlighted everyone's strength once.

Everyone tried to focus on what he was saying, but they couldn't understand.

"However, it's not enough! We're still not good enough! I can only say that all of you aren't even fit to carry the shoes of those from the Upper Three Heavens! Within a few days, all of you will die!"

Chu Yang turned stern. His gaze swept sharply across everyone's face, All of you are too weak!"

When he said this, everyone appeared very unconvinced even though they didn't retort.

No matter what, they believed that they weren't as bad as what Chu Yang claimed them to be.

"Don't be unconvinced. Have all of you seen all the young masters that are present here today?" Chu Yang laughed and asked.

"Of course we've seen the few of them. We've also taken notice of them." Xie Dan Qiong cautiously said, "Boss, I'm going to say something, but don't be offended. In my opinion, there are a few big shots among them, but most of them are only relying on their clan's name. They also seem very annoying. Perhaps there's another side to them, but I reckon they aren't much more impressive even if they have things that they are concealing."

Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di nodded their heads in agreement when Xie Dan Qiong said this. Indeed, a few of them weren't impressive at all.

For example, Ye Shi Yu, Li Ba Tian, Shi Cheng Yu, Chen Fei Chen, Xiao Jue Chen...

Undoubtedly, the few of them didn't give everyone a good first impression. Gu Du Xing raised his brow and Xie Ao Yun furrowed his brow too. Mo Tian Ji held a flask of wine and was a little shocked. Three of them wanted to stop Xie Dan Qiong from speaking, but they didn't manage to do so in the end.

It was better to suffer a little than to take the entire blame...

Chu Yang's expression turned gloomy, "Do all of you think this way?"

"Or is that something that I've failed to notice..." Xie Dan Qiong supplemented his words.

"Hahaha..." Chu Yang was so furious that he started laughing, "If Luo Ke Di or Ji Mo said these, I wouldn't be too surprised. However, since you are the one who said everything, I really wonder if your brain is faulty!"

Chu Yang heavily snorted and said, "All of you are only seeing their tempers, but you've failed to notice that they are very good in comprehending the bigger picture - advancing and backing away when it's the time too. They know what's good and what's bad for them. Most importantly, all of them are very self-confident!"

"Have you ever thought of this - while they might have their own tempers, what's supporting them? It's their abilities!"

Chu Yang furiously shouted.

"Ye Shi Yu has become a laughing stock because he's very feminine. But all of you should know that it's hard for a person to be so openly brazen about his behavior unless he's a complete woman! Even if a man is perverted and really desires to be a woman, he will still watch his own image and dignity normally. He would only appear slightly abnormal subconsciously, but Ye Shi Yu doesn't care at all!"

"Why? How can he possibly be so brazen given that he's the young master of the Ye Clan?"

"Have all of you wondered that this is possibly a fatal guise? Given how he's acting, I'm sure you'll be embarrassed as a member of the Ye Clan. You might even look down and ostracized him! Am I right?"

"However, if you think in this way, you've already put your own life into your own hands. He only lets all of you see his freakish side, but he's never let all of you seen his vicious and decisive side. And these are qualities that a young master of an aristocratic family must never lack in. If one is slightly incompetent, he wouldn't be able to make his name in his own clan! But Ye Shi Yu is ranked third among all the young masters in the Ye Clan!"

"He's just waiting for you to underestimate him. Once you become enemies with him, you'll die under his hands even though your abilities are equal just because you underestimate him! Since he's already sacrificed his own reputation to gain an edge, he won't let you have an opportunity to regret and turn the tables on him! That's why death is hidden beneath his freakish exterior!"

"If this isn't the case, he isn't Ye Shi Yu! He wouldn't be fit to be the third young master of the Ye Clan too!"

"Every clan has disciples that are directly related to the master of the clan! But not all of them can become the third young master of the clan! The thousands of years of legacy of the Nine Great Clans mean that we need to consider how powerful they are and can be when we talk about them!"

Everyone broke out in cold sweat.

Indeed, everyone felt that Ye Shi Yu was a comedic character and greatly underestimated him. There were even those whose goosebumps stood when they thought of him. The only thing that they didn't feel about him was fear.

That they didn't fear him was the scary thing!

"Ling Han Xue is a woman. However, it's precisely because of this that she's so scary! For her to be able to represent the Ling Clan, it must mean that she doesn't only fight well; she must be very intellectual too!"

"However, she's like a slab of ice that will never ever melt to us. Normally, we'll think of such people as having a cold exterior but a warm heart. In addition, we always believe them not to be scheming!"

"This is because coldness is like a layer of protection."

"There's another point - indifference. This makes men desire to conquer her! Especially those who hold high authority and think that they are better than others...they find it the greatest achievement to win the heart of such women."

"Coincidentally, every young master from the Nine Great Clans are actually extraordinary no matter how lackadaisical they seem to be. Perhaps Ling Han Xue's indifference is a trap?"

Chu Yang panted as he said, "I'm extremely unwilling to think of an indifferent and pretty lady in this manner, and perhaps she's really not like this, but I have no choice but to adopt such an opinion. This concerns our survival! Do all of you understand what I mean?"

Everyone nodded their heads.

"This is why we should never underestimate Ling Han Xue."

Chu Yang said, "What's all of your impression on her? Xie Ao Yun, Xie Dan Qiong, the both of you admire a certain type of beauty. It's one thing to like a person's personality, but you need to recognize the dangers too! A dumb lady can even seduce a man to do anything for her as long as she's pretty! Let's not even talk about the noble lady from an aristocratic family."

"While Xie Ao Yun and Xie Dan Qiong aren't dirty-minded people, they haven't recognized the dangers either. Whereas for Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo, what were the two of you focusing on when you looked at her? Both your eyeballs should be dug out!"

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