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Bom! Bom! Bom!

Dong Wu Shang's head was held by Rui Bu Tong, who treated his head like a hammer and smashed it violently onto the ground. Snowflakes flew into the air as Dong Wu Shang's head was smashed into the ground! He was already in a daze. These few smashes caused him to turn even more unclear. His head was smashed nine times into the ground, representing three bows and nine kowtows.

Rui Bu Tong felt very good right now. "Damn it, I feel so good now!"

"The ceremony is completed!" Mo Tian Ji dragged his voice. All the procedures were evidently simplified for the sake of this impromptu procedure.

"It's a done deal!" Chu Yang nodded his head.

"Son-in-law, please rise." The Black Devil had become a father-in-law for the first time, thus he didn't have any experience before. He twisted his lips before and messed up the way he called Dong Wu Shang…..when he said this, one might actually mistake him for the one who kowtowed...

Everyone cheered.

Dong Wu Shang stood up and dizzily turned one round. After this, he suddenly noticed everyone's gaze on him.

Following this, this Mo Lei'er shyly greeted Dong Wu Lei. After this, both Mo Lei'er ad Dong Wu Shang kowtowed a few times to both Dong Wu Lei and the Black Devil.

This was probably the simplest wedding ceremony in the history of wedding ceremonies.

Dong Wu Shang seemed as if he had just woken up from a dream. He was still in disbelief, "Does this mean that I have a wife now too?"

Mo Lei'er shyly acknowledged his words.

Ji Mo sneakily went up and patted Dong Wu Shang's shoulder. He said, "Wu Shang, you are taken now. When you 'hunt' in the future, you've got to be more alert and clean up all loose ends."

His words caused some fury! There were those who laughed, while there were also those who cursed him. They pressed Ji Mo onto the snowy ground and gave him a good beating. It was as if they were using this to vent their excitement.

It was only after a long while before Ji Mo was saved by Huyan Aobo. Chu Yang touched his lower chin and appeared very pensive, "Aobo, it seems like Ji Mo… very experienced with such things. However, I believe that he isn't that kind of person."

Huyan Aobo was stunned and suddenly appeared very fierce as she looked at Ji Mo. She appeared as if she could swallow him up right now.

Ji Mo whined, "Don't get me into trouble..."

It was time to part ways.

"Wu Shang, I'll give the both of you wedding gifts in the future!"

"Wu Shang, there are many beauties in the Upper Three Heavens."

"Wu Shang, you have to act whenever you need to!"

"Keep safe. Don't be discovered."

"Even if you get discovered, just deny everything..."

Mo Lei'er's face turned completely red and she pulled Wu Shang's hand. She rushed off, as if she was fleeing for her life. She didn't even dare to turn back.

"Wu Shang, remember that Bu Tong is diseased. You must treat him."

Ji Mo's words enraged Rui Bu Tong, who turned back in anger and bared his teeth.

Everyone laughed, and some were even so amused that they were holding their bellies and squatting on the ground as they laughed. The Black Devil twisted his lips and laughed until his wound was in pain. However, even so, he continued to laugh.

He had never been so hearty in his entire life. As his cultivation disappeared, he slowly lost his indifferent attitude.

He was no longer sad because his daughter had separated from him.

After a long while, the Black Devil thought to himself as he held onto his tummy, "Everyone says that a father will get sad and lonely when his only daughter is married off. But I think it's a groundless statement! I don't feel sad...Haiz, Lei'er's mom, how great would it be if you could be here to see our daughter being married off..."

"Lei'er, don't cry!"

In the distance, Dong Wu Shang, Rui Bu Tong and Mo Lei'er looked back at the rest.

"I'm going!"

"I won't disappoint all of you."

"We'll fight hard to build up our foundation in the Nine Heavens!"

"Wait for me!"

"Wait for us!"

Dong Wu Shang touched the four delicate jade bottles that Chu Yang had stuffed into his arms. There were life-saving pills in these bottles. He recalled the last sentence that Chu Yang said to him, "Everything is not important! The most important thing is to keep safe!"

Dong Wu Shang smiled and was finally about to depart.

Three human figures flew away and disappeared from the heaven and earth.

Although Chu Yang wasn't prepared, how could he not give a gift if his close brother was getting married?

The four incomplete Nine Heavens Pills were Chu Yang's gift to Dong Wu Shang.

Chu Yang and the rest were the only ones left on the top of the mountain. The Nine Great Clans had already disappeared.

After all the laughter, everyone was feeling very emotional now. However, they didn't reveal it.

The water in the Lake of Death suddenly surged.

It was surging more and more violently.

Everyone opened their eyes wide in shock. They didn't know what was happening.

Chu Yang's Nine Tribulations Sword suddenly jerked once. After this, it jerked once again and started to shake uncontrollably.

This jerking motion turned from slow to quick. In Chu Yang's dantian, it started to make rounds violently. It couldn't be stopped. It seemed as if it was very eager to fly out. However, it felt as if it had some kind of misgiving, thus it didn't fly out.

Chu Yang's Sword Spirit seemed to sense something, and its body started trembling. There was an extreme look of fear on its face!

It was almost unbelievable that a spiritual entity that had been present for more than 90,000 years would reveal such an expression.

Chu Yang appeared very calm.

He could naturally sense the changes in his body. In addition, he knew what was going on. The fourth tribulation of the Nine Tribulations Sword was about to arrive!

When this tribulation appeared, it was well and truly going to be a life-threatening catastrophe!

Chu Yang's Sword Spirit was afraid, and his Nine Tribulations sword was also scared.

What did this mean?

"Sword Spirit, are you afraid?" Chu Yang asked.

"Yes. I have no choice but to be afraid…...this was a life-and-death tribulation that was created many years" Chu Yang's Sword Spirit sighed.

Chu Yang was silent for a moment before saying, "Sword Spirit, I need you to do me a favor."

"What favor?" His Sword Spirit asked.

"..." Chu Yang chortled.

"Okay!" His Sword Spirit gritted its teeth.

Chu Yang smiled slightly. After this, he leisurely walked towards the rest of his comrades. He didn't say anything, but just smiled at Gu Du Xing and the rest. After this, he gently said, "Let's quickly deal with things over here before we make our move. After all, there's still a huge patch of land below the mountain for us 'tidy' up. Hahaha..."

Everyone was very excited the moment he mentioned this.

"Yes, all our enemies have been killed in this battle! All the powers below the mountains are waiting for us to take control over them. From today on, the Middle Three Heavens belong to the few of us!"

This was something that had not happened in thousands of years. Everyone was feeling very tempted and eager as they thought until this point!

Mo Tian Ji was the only one who appeared very pensive as he looked at Chu Yang. He also slightly furrowed his brow. He also started to become worried.

Chu Yang's expression and tone of voice didn't change from before. However, Mo Tian Ji still felt that something was wrong. As for what it was, he couldn't tell.

He only thought hard at one side.

"Before we descend the mountain, I have to warn everyone." Chu Yang said, "Our families have finally gained control of the Middle Three Heavens.'s very common to see allies falling out because the loot isn't split evenly. I don't wish this to happen to you!"

Ao Xie Yun and Xie Dan Qiong looked at each other and smiled. They said, "Don't worry! If anyone dares to do something like this, we'll gang up against him and disown him as our brother anymore!"

"Mo Tian Ji will get the detailed numbers of whatever we've gained before he distributes everything to everyone evenly." Chu Yang said, "Does anyone object to this proposal?"

"Nope." Everyone shouted at the same time.

"That's great then." Chu Yang smiled in relief.

"We'll stay here tonight, and we'll descend the mountain tomorrow dawn!" Chu Yang laughed heartily and said, "We've won ourselves the Middle Three Heavens today. Even though we've paid a huge price, we've also gained greatly! Let's all gather tonight and celebrate our excellent victory!"

"Alright! We'll do it!"

"Alright!" All of them were in high spirits. Even the normally cold and indifferent Gu Du Xing revealed a rare smile on his face.

Mo Tian Ji furrowed his brow even more.

However, he had lowered his head, thus no one found out.

Chu Yang was being extremely normal right now. Even the look in his eyes, expression, facial and body muscles were as usual!

However, Mo Tian Ji sensed that something was amiss!

Furthermore, this feeling was getting stronger and stronger.

Mo Tian Ji was thinking deeply to himself. As he faced the surging lake water, he thought for a long time. He didn't even realize when Luo Ke Di came to greet him.

On this night, everyone brought out their best wine. Although it was freezing, they still drank heartily for the entire night!

After three rounds of drinks, all of them returned to their table and started to drink with another.

Chu Yang, Mo Tian Ji, Xie Ao Yun, Gu Du Xing, Ji Mo, Luo Ke Di, Xie Dan Qiong, Xie Dan Feng, Tan Tan and Huyan Aobo shared a huge tent and formed a table. As they heard the cheering noises outside their tent, they felt very excited.

Chu Yang drank until his bowl was empty. It wasn't long until he was slightly intoxicated.

As for Dong Wu Lei, Luo Ke Wu and the rest, they were with Ao Tian Xing and the others.

"We've won this battle." Chu Yang seemed to think of something as he lifted his wine bowl, then he put it down again. His face turned serious, "However, I discovered many problems from this battle, and I've also come to realize many things."

He deeply focused his attention on everyone in front of him, "It's got to do with all of you!"

Seeing that Chu Yang's expression had turned serious, everyone was slightly stunned and put down their wine cups. They looked at him intently.

Chu Yang had not appeared serious for a long time. However, he said something like this on such a joyous occasion. There must be some significance behind it!

It must be something serious and solemn too!

Everyone focused their attention and looked at Chu Yang as he continued to talk.

Mo Tian Ji slowly moved his hand as he held his wine cup. His eyelids drooped slightly, and he turned serious too. He hadn't figured it out yet...

"Apart from Tan Tan and Gu Du Xing, the rest of you can practically be considered as geniuses in the Middle Three Heavens. Whether it's your cultivation or state of mind, they are very sound. If this continues on, it's not difficult for all of you to accomplish something! However, all of you are still not good enough to achieve peak accomplishments! All of you are still too far off!"

Chu Yang said, "That's why this battle has exposed all of your inadequacies! I feel very uncomfortable if I don't tell all of you this today."

"Boss, just say whatever you want." Everyone said in unison.

All of them were curious - what did Chu Yang discover?

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