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In the night, Gu Du Xing quietly stood in front of the tent. He didn't move for the entire night.

Snow fell heavily, and he was soon turned into a snowman.

However, he seemed to have entered a weird state.

It felt as if he had no sensation of everything around him.

Chu Yang was silently seated seventy or eighty feet in front of him. Chu Yang didn't utter a sound. Very soon, he also turned into a snowman.

Behind him and in the tent, the candle lights were flickering. Mo Tian Ji was holding a book with one hand. He was silently and peacefully watching.

Ji Mo, Luo Ke Di, Dong Wu Shang, Rui Bu Tong, Tan Tan, Xie Dan Qiong, Ao Xie Yun and the rest were silently seated at different parts in the tents. It was difficult to tell if their eyes were opened. They were all resting up.

However, an invisible aura spread from the tent and quickly circled around Chu Yang. Gu Du Xing, who was immersed in his own thoughts, was also surrounded by this invisible aura. He was being protected.

It was very rare for Gu Du Xing to be in this state. It was a very important stage of his martial arts journey.

He must not be disturbed!

This was why all his brothers helped to protect him.

They didn't sleep for the entire night!

They weren't the only ones who didn't sleep for the entire night.

Those from the Nine Great Clans seemed to discover three treasures and started to monitor Gu Du Xing from different directions. Even the Enforcers were silently waiting.

Tian Bu Hui would be warned by the Enforcers even before he did anything. No one was supposed to act recklessly before the battle of Martial Emperors started!

This warning was obviously used as a means to protect Gu Du Xing.

Tian Bu Hui was furious!

He couldn't disrupt his enemy even though his enemy was making a breakthrough right in front of his eyes! What logic was this? Did he have to wait until his enemy make a breakthrough and kill him first?

"These Enforcers...they are biased..."

However, Tian Bu Hui had obviously misunderstood. The Enforcers weren't just biased.

Sword Sovereign!

Even in the Upper Three Heavens, a Sword Sovereign was very important! Even though there were many Martial Monarchs and Martial Saints in the Nine Great Clans, how many of them could claim to be the Sword Sovereign?

It was pertinent to note that the Nine Great Clans had thousands of years of legacy! How could they possibly not know how strong a Sword Sovereign or a Sword Monarch was? They were eager to nurture them.

However, how many have they managed to nurture so far?

Moreover, this Sword Sovereign in front of them right now was not even twenty years old yet! Evidently, he wasn't even in Grade 1 yet too!

Everyone was astonished. This was unprecedented!

To personally witness the breakthrough process of a Sword Sovereign, everyone stood to benefit!

Ye Shi Yu was in awe, "This kid looks even stronger than my elder brother. When my elder brother first became a Grade 1 Sword Sovereign, he was already twenty-two years old. This guy is obviously only nineteen years old. He's definitely not twenty yet! Furthermore, from the looks of it, it seems that he's going to make a breakthrough to Grade 2 or 3. He's really a freak."

Even though he still sounded feminine, he didn't sound so coy because he had lowered his voice.

"Keep quiet." A highly-skilled bodyguard from the Ye Clan quickly warned.

"Everyone knows." Ye Shi Yu rolled his eyes and twisted his waist slightly.

That bodyguard rolled his eyes back and regretted his decision until he hit his own mouth. "Because I talked…I made him talk again…"

Everyone else didn't utter a sound. They only watched on quietly, as if they had missed out on something. Even the Enforcers didn't shift their attention away.

As they looked at the two people, one seated and one standing, on the ground, they felt an aura of vigilance. Every one of them seemed to be emotionally stirred.

"If I make such a breakthrough...will there be anyone protecting me?"

Chen Fei Chen's gaze slightly flashed. As he looked at both Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing, who were covered in snow right now, he slowly said, "I absolutely detest people who are like that. It's best to only make one such friend. The rest will naturally accept you! However, if you want to kill one of them, you'll need to kill all of them! If you miss out on any one of them, you'll regret it!"

"If you kill someone like this, the rest will be willing to give up on their goals and dedicate their lives towards revenge and avenging him! It's so scary!"

Chen Fei Chen calmly said.

On one side, a bodyguard sighed, "Humans aren't the scary ones. It's comradeship that's scary."

"What nonsense comradeship!" Chen Fei Chen was very scornful. He then said, "They are all fools!" He paused for a moment and twisted his head a little weirdly before saying, "Why do I have a feeling that I'll become arch-enemies with such people in the future?"

Both bodyguards were stunned at this moment.

The snow that fell became heavier and heavier.

It was already deep into the night!

Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing were both completely covered in snow. Even their hair and clothing weren't exposed in the slightest bit.

Chu Yang seemed to feel something. He slightly lifted his head and few inches of snow fell off his head. He turned his attention to Gu Du Xing before he closed his eyes again.

Earlier, he suddenly felt that Gu Du Xing's aura had disappeared from where Gu Du Xing was standing.

It was as if Gu Du Xing had disappeared from this heaven and earth!

However, Gu Du Xing was obviously still standing where he was. When Chu Yang shut his eyes, he still felt as if there was an empty sea where Gu Du Xing was.

"Combination of man and heaven!" The white-bearded elder appeared very serious and solemnly whispered a few words. It was as if he was very fearful and surprised at Gu Du Xing's current state.

In fact, he was close to three thousand feet away from Gu Du Xing.

Given such a distance, it was impossible for a person to see anything even without the snow.

After a while, a lonely aura started to spread in the heaven and earth.

Shocking Sword Sovereign!

However, amidst Gu Du Xing's aura, there seemed to be a sense of longing, yearning and reluctance.

It felt as if there was a man who was at his peak, but this man felt extremely lonely. He was reluctant to face life anymore...this was because he longed for something else...

"What's going? There's obviously some sort of a dilemma here!" Ling Han Xue revealed a doubtful look on her face.

"He's a lonely swordsman, but he longs for something! How can he possibly enter this realm of loneliness?"

This was the doubt that everyone shared.

Even though they couldn't comprehend this, they understood what was going on. They were all very knowledgeable and experienced. They could still sense it - even though he still longed for something else, he was still a lonely swordsman!

This was why Gu Du Xing's sword was still a lonely Sword Sovereign!

This was also the true meaning behind this Sword Sovereign.

Everyone shut their eyes and tried to comprehend the heavenly meaning behind this lonely Sword Sovereign.

Even if they couldn't fully comprehend, they were still able to understand a part of his aura. It was still sufficient to get them thinking.

A sense of longing filled the entire place and kept on spreading. When it completely filled the entire heaven and earth, it was suddenly retracted and disappeared without any trace!

"Has he made a breakthrough?" The white-bearded elder immediately opened his eyes and sighed regretfully. "No breakthrough yet!"

"Not that he won't make any breakthroughs! He's still in the process of doing it."

Following this, he was given a shock by something he saw.

It was another patch of silent loneliness. Gu Du Xing entered that realm once again.

The weather had completely changed by now!

Suddenly, something magical was released once again.

This time, every exponent who tried to comprehend this realm hurriedly retracted their divine senses. They seemed to have some sort of misgiving. At the same time, they were extremely astonished!

This was because they sensed oblivion when they first encountered this state!

Yes, it was oblivion! It was as if everything in the past had disappeared from their memories when they entered this state!

Whereas Gu Du Xing seemed to have drifted up at this point. Everything had disappeared. He had forgotten everything!

He had forgotten this heaven, this earth and this world!

A sword intent that seemed to have been forgotten or forgotten this world aimlessly spread in the air. Wherever it drifted to, it formed a patch of sword aura!

"How is this possible?" The white-bearded elder was so astonished that he stood up immediately. How can a mere Sword Sovereign comprehend two starkly different sword intents at the same time?"

It wasn't just him that was shocked. The others were also extremely astonished, and many even stood up.

They didn't know that Gu Du Xing had comprehended this sword intent after his battle with Tu Qian Hao.

Great Oblivion!

Great Oblivion!

The spiritual power that Gu Du Xing demonstrated in this state could rival the Great Oblivion that Tu Qian Hao came up with after his entire life of research and effort!

If he was able to unleash such a state even when he was completely conscious, it would mean that he had become extremely successful!

Suddenly, Gu Du Xing's body shuddered slightly. As he was covered in white snow, a gentle streak of faint loneliness and boundless desolation could be heard from his voice.

"Sword to the sky…towards the peak…"

"Life, death, victory, defeat…everything becomes nothing..."

"Soulmates everywhere..."

"Back to the start...the Great Oblivion..."

There was a mysterious look in the eyes of the white-bearded elder. His palms shook slightly and his beard kept on moving with the wind. As he listened to this poem, or rather, a sword mantra, he seemed to have sensed Gu Du Xing's state of mind!

As a Martial Saint, he was the only one present who could truly decipher Gu Du Xing's sword mantra. However, he felt even more depressed after deciphering Gu Du Xing's sword mantra.

A sword towards the sky. A Sword Sovereign had nothing else except his sword. A Sword Sovereign was supposed to be this lonely! While the sentence sounded very lofty, it in fact reflected the state of mind of a lonely swordsman.

However, the next sentence helped to make a transition from a lonely state towards a freer and easier state.

No matter how hard one tried, life, death, victory and defeat becomes nothing.

This conflicted with the previous sentence. Since everything was bound to become nothing, what was the point of working so hard for? Hence, it became about exploring life, and it was a pessimistic exploration of life.

When it came to the third segment of the mantra, there seemed to be another change. The idea of a 'state' had changed many times over these three sentences. Given such complexities, how was it possible for Gu Du Xing to cultivate until he became a Sword Sovereign?

The third sentence clearly reflected desolation and loneliness. However, on closer analysis, it was possible to tell that there was some kind of pride involved. Furthermore, it talked about how there were soulmates everywhere!

The last sentence helped to make a full transition into the state of Great Oblivion!

Why was there talk about going back to the start? Although it was about Great Oblivion, everything was still about Gu Du Xing. He still had a sense of longing!

This entire thing was a circle. The start of the circle was the starting point, but the end of it was still the starting point.

However, this starting point was different at the start and at the end!

There was transcension.

The white-bearded elder was depressed because he couldn't cultivate even though he understood everything!

This was because such a state only belonged to Gu Du Xing!

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