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A wild aura shot out crazily!

It rushed everywhere!

Had the representatives of the Nine Great Clans not reinforced their platforms, this shockwave would have made them collapse!

Those from the Nine Great Clans, who had been disinterested in the fight, now looked intently at the scene!

This was a fight between true men!

"Good!" Dong Wu Shang roared into the air. He brimmed with an intense passion and his hair band came loose, making his hair fly in the wind! His two legs remained firmly on the ground and like a mountain, he stood there unmoving.

"Excellent!" Li Xiong Tu roared. The muscles on his body contracted and the battling intent from his eyes turned even more intense!

The stronger his opponent, the more excited he would be!

Dong Wu Shang and Li Xiong Tu were the same type of people!

The two of them did not allow their opponent to catch their breath. Nor did they try to conserve their own strength. They raised their weapons high up in the air and then, brought them down ferociously once more!

Sparks flew everywhere and seemed capable of starting a fire.

Instantly, clanging sounds resonated through the air!

Every single clash would send a pillar of snow flying up into the air!

At first, Dong Wu Shang attacked Li Xiong Tu like a tempest consecutively for ten strikes of his saber. As Li Xiong Tu slowly moved back, he was also able to parry each strike of the saber. Dong Wu Shang was apparently forcing Li Xiong Tu back.

Then, Li Xiong Tu roared and he counter-attacked ten times with his sword. To parry or block each attack, Dong Wu Shang had to take one step back. In total, he took ten steps back!

The intense sound of clashing and clanging almost made everyone go deaf!

Suddenly, the two of them stopped.

Then, separated by only 15 meters, the two fighters breathed heavily before breaking out into laughter!

It was too exhilarating!

A fight like this caused both of them to be drenched in burning-hot blood.

While their arms hurt and the skin on their hands almost peeled off, and that blood was pouring everywhere from their orifices, their battling intent did not die down one bit. Instead, their battling intent burned even more intensely!

Chu Yang frowned. As he looked at this fight, he felt the blood in his veins boiling. He could not help but clench his fists!

Suddenly, a fragrance wafted over. He turned his head and saw Mo Lei Er's look of worry. When she looked at Dong Wu Shang, her eyes brimmed with anguish and worry.

"Don't worry! Wu Shang will win!" Chu Yang said confidently. "I have faith in him, and so should you!"

Mo Lei Er nodded her head intensely as she continued biting her lips.

"Come again!" Dong Wu Shang shouted.

"Bring it on!" Li Xiong Tu laughed.

"Saber from the Merciless Heaven!" Dong Wu Shang laughed maniacally. His body flew into the air with his Black Saber as he leaped to a height of 21 meters. Then, like a black shooting star, he came crashing down!

Like a tornado!

"Pagoda of Swords!" Li Xiong Tu bellowed. His body started to spin and instantly, a pagoda made from the light of a thousand swords started to rise into the heaven. Seven layers were formed and then, it slowly started to spin and left the ground. In mid-air, it met with the Saber from the Merciless Heaven!

Sword light and saber light flashed across the sky. Sabers and swords clashed and clanged non-stop. Then, a black figure roared and flew into the sky.

Another figure chased intently behind it.

The one who flew into the sky was Dong Wu Shang. This time, the recoil made him fly almost 40 meters into the air! His huge frame almost covered the sky completely!

"Saber breaks the Merciless Heaven!" Dong Wu Shang flipped over vigorously in mid-air as a simple but thick ray of saber light shot out from his Black Saber. With this attack, Dong Wu Shang came charging down once more.

"Ah!" Li Xiong Tu exclaimed. His Pagoda of Swords started to appear once more!

Another boom rang out!

Li Xiong Tu was sent somersaulting into the distance by almost 20 meters. His hair came down all over his face and blood flowed from his orifices. However, his two feet remained firmly on the ground. His two hands gripped his sword firmly.

Dong Wu Shang flew into the air once more. He roared and his breath turned to mist. His eyes remained bloodshot and from the continued clashes, he became visibly shaken!

However, his eyes continued to burn intensely as he charged down!

"Saber slices the Merciless Heaven!" Dong Wu Shang was visibly excited. His saber was like a living thing as it danced across the sky. Seven rays of saber light shone simultaneously!

"Ocean-Parting Sword!" Li Xiong Tu's eyes brimmed with an incomprehensible delight as he roared, "I, Li Xiong Tu, only crave this fight! Exhilarating!"

The two of them charged past each other across the snowy ground for 120 meters. Then, they stood still!

They were almost 300 meters apart!

"Let's determine the victor with one strike of the saber, Li Xiong Tu!" Dong Wu Shang laughed as he lifted his saber. As he spoke, his hair flew in the air as if they had come alive. He was like a heavenly immortal as his courage and spirit enveloped the world!

"With one sword, let's see who shall live and who shall die, Dong Wu Shang!" Li Xiong Tu's eyes were filled with respect. "If I kill you, I'll keep your Black Saber and I shall treasure it for life! I'll drink with your saber and even if you are in the Netherworld, I'll drink to your memories with your saber!"

Dong Wu Shang laughed crazily and said in a deep voice, "I'm afraid to disappoint you!"

"You're wrong! You cultivate the Merciless Saber Dao! However, a merciless saber cannot kill me!" Li Xiong Tu said sincerely. "Hence, today, you will die underneath my saber!"

Dong Wu Shang's 'Saber from the Merciless Heaven', 'Saber breaks the Merciless Heaven,' and 'Saber slices the Merciless Heaven' made Li Xiong Tu sure that he cultivated the Merciless Saber Dao.

However, his Vast Ocean Sword Mantra was the enemy of the Merciless Saber Dao!

Dong Wu Shang laughed and said, "Get ready!"

Then, he rushed forward fanatically.

Li Xiong Tu burst out laughing. His sword flew into his hands as he met with his opponent's charge.

This move would determine life and death!

This was the coordination between the two of them!

This was also the respect they afforded each other!

"Saber leaves the Merciless Heaven!" Dong Wu Shang roared. He suddenly had an epiphany as he said, "Merciless Saber Dao? Li Xiong Tu, this move of mine is different!"

This time, he was able to break from his 'merciless' pattern!

Hence, he named it 'Saber leaves the Merciless Heaven'!

Li Xiong Tu was unmoved as he broke out into a laugh and said, "Bring it on!"

Their two figures shone with a mountainous saber light as they clashed against each other like a tornado! Then, a boom rang out!

Ice and snow flew everywhere and obstructed everyone's vision. It took a long while for them to settle!

"It's over!" Ling Han Xue said with a sigh.

"It's over," said the Enforcer with a white beard. In a low voice, he said, "What a pity to lose such a talent!"

Li Ba Tian looked anxiously down as he waited to see the results. "Li Xiong Tu… can't die!"

"It has ended!" Chu Yang said softly.

"What happened?" Mo Lei Er asked anxiously. "Is Dong Wu Shang alright?"

Chu Yang smiled and said, "You actually should be asking, 'Is my husband alright?'"

Mo Lei Er bit her lips and her face blushed. However, she relaxed because she knew that if Dong Wu Shang had died, Chu Yang would not be so relieved!

Since Chu Yang could crack such a joke with her, it must mean that Dong Wu Shang had won!

For any other woman, they would probably shout words of encouragement and egg their men on during a fight. However, Mo Lei Er did not do that.

She wanted to do it but she stopped herself!

She knew that if she opened her mouth, it would be a great humiliation to the two men!

In a fight between real men, there was no need for any encouragement! There was no need for any fanfare!

In contrast, if there were 'cheerleaders', the victor would feel uneasy!

Mo Lei Er stuffed her worry inside her without saying a single word.

She just felt proud of her man!

While Chu Yang said that, he was no fully confident too!

For a fight like this, even an Enforcer did not know who was the victor and who was the loser. How could Chu Yang know?

However, he had faith in Dong Wu Shang!

He would definitely win!

No reason was needed!

Li Xiong Tu was undoubtedly a hero too. However, Chu Yang was sure that the winner would be Dong Wu Shang!

Everyone, including Gu Du Xing, Luo Ke Di, and Ji Mo, were certain of this!

He won!

Even though they could not see it!

However, they were sure that he had won!

"Ah…" Before the dust and smoke could clear, a scream of pain rang out from the battlefield! Anyone who heard it would feel their hearts wrenching up!

This scream was absolutely horrid to behold!

Mo Lei Er's body trembled and she almost wanted to fall. Tears flowed from her face and a look of grief was plastered all over her face!

This was Li Xiong Tu's voice!

That was a life-and-death duel!

If Li Xiong Tu could cry out, this meant that he was not dead!

Hence… did Dong Wu Shang die?

"Why? Why?!" Li Xiong Tu wailed. His voice was exceedingly pitiful and stirring.

The ice and snow finally cleared.

They were 30 meters apart. Two figures appeared, one standing and one sitting.

The one standing was Dong Wu Shang. The one sitting was Li Xiong Tu!

Neither was dead.

Li Xiong Tu's sword had turned into a pile of scrap metal and almost completely disappeared. Dong Wu Shang's Black Saber could no longer be called a 'saber'. It was more like a saw!

The one wailing was Li Xiong Tu. Blood flowed from every orifice of his body but he was still alive.

Dong Wu Shang was not dead too.

"Why? Why?" Li Xiong Tu's legs were shattered by Dong Wu Shang. As he sat on the ground, he was extremely sorry. "I've lost! But why don't you kill me! Why don't you kill me?! Dong Wu Shang! This is a fight to the death! Why don't you kill me?!"

Dong Wu Shang was expressionless as he slowly sheathed his saber and said, "Brother Li. I said that with my final attack, we'll determine the victor. This is not a battle to the death. That was what you said!"

"Do you not respect me?" Li Xiong Tu looked angrily at him as he said that. "Do you look down on me?!"

Dong Wu Shang frowned and said with much difficulty, "Brother Li, after today's fight, do you still not understand? Between the two of us, how can I not respect you? We're the same!"

"Since you respect me, kill me!" When Li Xiong Tu heard that, his face beamed with pride. He roared, "Hurry up! Kill me!"

Dong Wu Shang sighed. He did not answer as he turned to leave.

On his back, blood flowed from countless wounds, but he seemed oblivious.

"Ahh!" Li Xiong Tu roared. He smashed the ground with his palm and with the last bit of strength that he had, he flew into the air and caught up to Dong Wu Shang. Then, he landed on the ground in front of him and roared, "Dong Wu Shang! If you respect me, if you treat me as a worthy opponent, take out your saber and kill me! Kill me!"

He roared into the air, "I, Li Xiong Tu, am a man. How can I live in such a cowardly fashion!"

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