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Behind the young man in white, there stood two old people in black. They rode green horses as they charged forward. When they reached the center of the two camps, they stopped!

The three of them, one who was white and two who were black, stood there and looked around. Then, they looked at the two sides as if no one was there!

When they saw the word 'Ye', Chu Yang and Tan Tan both had the same shocking thought in their minds. Could they be from the Ye Clan from the Upper Three Heavens? Both of them reacted sensitively to the word 'Ye' because their master's lover was surnamed Ye. She was Ye Chu Chen.

The three of them stood there proudly for a while. Then, they did something which shocked everyone.

The youth in white suddenly stood on top of his horse. Like a tree in the wind, his white robes billowed as if they were flying. Standing on the back of the horse, his body was straight as he looked down at everyone!

No matter which side one was on, they all exclaimed to themselves in their hearts, "What a handsome young man!"

However, the youth in white then smiled in a feminine way and then, he reached out with his hand while standing on the horse and twisted it like a water snake. He made a gesture seductively and said in an unbelievably feminine voice, "What a scene. Luckily, I'm not late. This is such a delightful atmosphere. Greetings, my handsome men, I'm Ye Shi Yu of the Upper Three Heavens."

With that, he laughed in an embarrassed fashion and his eyes rolled. Despite being a man, he was truly full of flavors!

Everyone looked at him in surprise.

Their eyeballs all bulged.

He was like a transsexual.

When they heard the last line 'my handsome men', all of the men on-scene almost wanted to puke.

Even though they all thought they were handsome, they did not need validation from him.

Naturally, not a single man would think that he was ugly. It was the same for women.

However, they all noticed something else about him!


Ye Clan!

Ye Shi Yu, Ye Clan, Upper Three Heavens!

The Ye Clan!

They were the top clan in the entire Nine Heavens!

Mo Tian Ji's eyes flashed and he said warmly, "So you're Young Master Ye. May I ask why did you come? If you need help, just ask. I'm Mo Tian Ji."

When Ye Shi Yu heard that, his eyes bulged in delight as he said happily, "Yikes, you're Mo Tian Ji? You're so handsome…"

Goosebumps popped up all over Mo Tian Ji's skin. He trembled and his face turned pale.

He was… coming on too strongly!

"But you're right, I do have something I need help with, and it's so troublesome…" Ye Shi Yu wiggled his hips and said. As he spoke, his butt would sway from side to side. His entire body moved like a snake. Had he been a girl, he would have delighted countless men.

However, everyone present just felt like puking.

Some of them did not even have the courage to look at him.

"I'm only here to spectate…" Ye Shi Yu looked suggestively at Mo Tian Ji and then, he covered his mouth and smiled. Then, he said slightly cruelly, "I like to watch people bleed."

Mo Tian Ji felt as if he wanted to die.

It was not easy for him to take all of Ye Shi Yu's suggestive looks.

Fortunately, Ye Shi Yu just spoke for just a bit before he got off his horse and sauntered to the center. Then, he walked off to the distance. The two old people in black waved their sleeves and the snow and ice on the ground congregated together. Instantly, it turned into a platform which was almost 30 meters high.

Then, the three of them flew onto the platform.

Ye Shi Yu looked at Mo Tian Ji before he smiled coyly while covering his mouth. He sat down seductively and said in a simpering tone, "Just fight, I'll watch…"

He blinked and said, "Don't be shy…" With that, he giggled non-stop as he waved his hands about…

Mo Tian Ji was completely drenched in cold sweat. He wiped his forehead and retreated haggardly.

Chu Yang found it funny. This was the first time in his life he had seen Mo Tian Ji in such a state…

However, he did not laugh. This was because he thought about the how 'Ye Shi Yu' got his name.

An exquisite figure. A male body but a female heart. Tricky and sly, but also resolute. While his heart may seem soft, his methods were not!

This was the third young master of the Ye Clan, Ye Shi Yu!

Among the three young masters, he was ranked number three!

While he looked like a tranny, his methods and motivations were terrifying.

Normally, for the Ye Clan to produce such a freak, how could they let him out to embarrass all of them? However, the Ye Clan allowed him to go around and even gave him important tasks. This was a testament to his power.

Another young master of the Ye Clan once critiqued Ye Shi Yu as, "While he may seem to be sweet when he calls you 'brother', he's definitely one who will not hesitate to stab you in the back…"

He was an extremely dangerous fellow.

Chu Yang had not spent much time in the Upper Three Heavens and hence, he did not know a lot of people. However, Ye Shi Yu was well-known and his moniker as a transsexual was well-earned.

Just when Chu Yang was thinking, a long sigh came from the mountain. It reverberated in the air and rushed into the skies.

"As autumn comes, leaves fly in the air. The fading beauty makes one reminisce. I'm Ye Meng Se!"

He was the Flower-Protecting Young Master, Ye Meng Se.

He was one of the scions of the Ye Clan of the Upper Three Heavens too. He was famous for his love of beautiful women but also notorious for how he dealt with men.

His favorite saying was, "In the world, there are already very few beauties as it is and hence, I should cherish them. Admiring them is better than plucking them for myself. I will rather see flowers blossom than to take one for myself."

His protection of women was unrivaled by anyone else.

However, all he did was to admire them. He never thought of taking them for himself. In this regard, he was an odd one.

He sighed and then, a small green donkey trotted quickly up to him. This donkey… had the ears of a donkey but in fact, it was no bigger than a dog.

A young man in green sat astride the green donkey. He carried an emerald-green flute and his brows were slanted. His good-looking eyes curved down in a melancholic way.

Behind him, two elders in green stood. Their sleeves billowed and their feet did not touch the ground. They did not have steeds but instead walked. However, they moved as fast as a cloud, speedy and fluid.

"Greetings everyone," said Ye Meng Se as he bowed to everyone. "Ordered by my clan, I'm here to spectate this fight. I have no qualm with either side. Let us watch us in peace, please. I thank you for your kindness."

His words were respectful.

He seemed to be seeking everyone's permission. However, before everyone could react, he straightaway entered the center and walked next to Yu Shi Yu's platform. Then, a snow-white platform started to rise too. Ye Meng Se stepped onto it and flew to its top. He waved his flute and a sharp noise could be heard.

"Brother Meng Se, you're finally here. I miss you," said Ye Shi Yu turned his head and looked purely and sweetly at Ye Meng Se.

(Translator's Note: It's important to note, at this point, the Ye Shi Yu and Ye Meng Se are from different families. The Chinese character for Ye Shi Yu's name is 夜 (night) while the Ye Meng Se's surname is 叶 (leaf).)

Ye Meng Se's face changed as he said, "Stop acting like this in front of everyone!"

Then, he turned his head, closed his eyes, and sat on his knees without moving.

Ye Shi Yu snorted and turned his head to the side. "Hmph! Putting on an act!" He waved his hair and turned his face to the side, pouting.

The four elders behind them sat with their eyes closed in silence.

However, everyone below knew that these four elders were all exceptional! Any single one of them would be able to dominate the Middle Three Heavens!

"The Ye Clan has sent a representative, as had the Ye Clan!" Mo Tian Ji said with a serious face. "It seems that all nine families of the Upper Three Heavens will be present."

"The two of them are both dangerous," said Chu Yang in a low voice, "However, they're here to spectate. We can ignore them for now."

"Spectate…" Mo tian Ji frowned and looked at Chu Yang. Then, he looked at Gu Du Xing.

Chu Yang understood. Mo Tian Ji's intention was clear. "They wanted to see how you'll act, as the master of the Nine Tribulations Sword."

"I know what to do," said Chu Yang as he glanced at him.

Mo Tian Ji sighed softly. His heart was heavy.

For the clans of the Upper Three Heavens to spectate the final fight in the Middle Three Heavens, it had to be significant indeed.

They were here either for the master of the Nine Tribulations Sword or for the awakening of the Three Stars Divine Clan!

However, the two of them were in their side. If the opponents discovered either one of them, the result would be unimaginable! Furthermore, the future of all their brothers was a blank right now.

How could Mo Tian Ji not be worried?

Then, he waited for a while before the hoof steps of the horses started to sound and get louder. Tian Bu Hui's horse led the charge. Then, a huge shadow on top of a horse, which appeared like a moving mountain, followed him. He brimmed with an intense and powerful aura.

Everyone recognized him. He was the young master of the Li Clan of the Middle Three Heavens, Li Xiong Tu!

The main fighting force of both sides was revealed at this moment!

It was akin to two magnets reaching.

The moment Li Xiong Tu appeared, Dong Wu Shang's eyes lit up as he looked at him.

Before Li Xiong Tu's horse had stopped, he was already looking at Dong Wu Shang!

Both of them, in terms of aura and battling style, were highly similar. At this point, these two mortal enemies were finally about to clash!

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