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"I'm crazy indeed!" The Black Demon Young Master said. "However, this is my last chance. If you don't say yes, all I can do is fight, and maybe I'll die. However, if you agree, this is my last hope…"

The Black Demon sighed for a long while and stayed still.

She was his only daughter. The Mo Clan and the Black Demons were enemies. In a fight many years ago, Mo Wu Xin, the Great Elder of the Mo Clan, killed his wife in cold blood, leaving him only with his two-year-old daughter. He raised her with much difficulty and treated her like a treasure. To him, she was more valuable than anything else. He spent all his time and effort to raising her and devoted a lot of resources to raise her. She did not let him down too, as she was very adept martially and deeply intelligent. It seemed as if she was about to take over him soon and become the next Black Demon.

The Black Demon's heart was satisfied and content. He did not let his late wife down.

However, he neglected one point, or maybe he forgot about it deliberately. A woman had to get married! Once his daughter reached a certain age, she had to have a partner.

Today, this problem was upon him!

Furthermore, it came at such an inopportune time!

Even worse, she liked her enemy!

What could he do!

The Black Demon looked at his daughter with a complicated expression. He had been treating her as if she was a son, so how could romantic feelings stir?

Father and daughter looked at each other. The atmosphere was so thick that a knife could cut through it.

How could the Black Demon think about killing at this point?

His underlings did not get any order and hence, they remained where they were. All they could do was to look at their opponents slowly move up the mountain path and away from them.

After they reached the top of the mountain, four elders suddenly appeared. They looked at the Black Demons and chuckled coldly. Then, they turned around and followed the army up the mountain.

When they saw this scene, cold sweats trickled down the Black Demons. They were the Martial Monarchs of their enemies!

Mo Tian Ji arranged for them to guard the rear.

Mo Tian Ji did not believe the Black Demon Young Master's words and he had already made his preparations.

This was not just a preparation, but a vicious trap!

Had the Black Demons really attacked, then their opponent would have a reason to strike! The four Martial Monarchs could rampage across the Black Demon army…

This would incapacitate the Black Demons before the fight had even begun.

However, the two of them did not realize.

Their emotions were a mess.

The Black Demon Young Master's heart beat furiously as she bit her lips. She did not dare to look at her father and all she did was to hang her head.

"I know we're enemies."

"I know we have been enemies for ages."

"I know it's too late."

"But I like him anyway."

How could her hatred stop her from loving? Was it something she had control over?


The Black Demon breathed deeply and a complicated look appeared in his eyes. He was both helpless and at a loss.

As the head assassin, when was the last time he felt so weak? When had he been so scared?

However, he really did not know what to do right now.

The hatred had been passed down for many generations and it was only becoming stronger. Both sides had lost loved ones and bore a vendetta against each other!

On one hand, he had to avenge his family. On the other hand, he had to consider his daughter's happiness.

How could he make a choice?

The Black Demon sighed non-stop. He was an unfeeling and cold killer. Killing people was something normal to him. How could someone who had built his reputation in the Middle Three Heavens be a compassionate fellow?

However, there was only one person in his life whom he had to protect at all cost, and that was his daughter!

"Honey…" The Black Demon gulped a mouthful of saliva and said carefully, "Are you joking with me?"

"Why will I joke about such a huge matter?" The Black Demon Young Master looked at him, annoyed, and asked.

"Aiyoh… my dear daughter!" The Black Demon narrowed his eyes and pulled his daughter to one side. They walked over to a bunch of rocks which was more than a kilometer away from the army.

Behind the rocks, the Black Demon started to breathe heavily.

Just now, in the squad, his daughter's words almost made him lose his cool. With much difficulty, he suppressed. Right now, however, all his anger poured out.

He steadied himself with a few deep breaths and opened his eyes to look at his daughter and said, "What do you do want to do?" Then, he continued, "Take off your mask and don't talk to me with your face covered. I want to see every single expression on your face. If you are talking to me seriously, take it off and face me honestly!"

The Black Demon Young Master slowly took off her mask, revealing a face which blushed bright-red. She was extremely embarrassed as she lowered her head.

When he saw his daughter in this state, the Black Demon had no further question.

All he could do was to sigh. He felt the pain and conflict welling up in his heart. What should he do?

"The Black Demons killed three important people of the Dong Clan in the past 200 years. They killed two of our Exalted Elders. All of these are high-level losses!"

The Black Demon's breathing became heavier.

"The Dong Clan and the Mo Clan are now allies. In the past few years, the Mo Clan has been our mortal enemy! While Mo Wu Xin of the Mo Clan is dead, your mother still died by his hands!"

"Hence, all these years, the Black Demons targeted the Mo Clan. The assassinations of the Middle Three Heavens and the traps of the Lower Three Heavens are all part of our revenge plan! This included our killing of Mo Tian Ji and our plans against Mo Qing Wu!"

"This is how deep the hatred between our families run!"

"Dong Wu Shang is now in the Heavenly Armament Pavilion and respects the King of Hell Chu the most! King of Hell Chu and Mo Tian Ji are extremely close. More importantly, King of Hell Chu is extremely protective toward Mo Tian Ji's sister, Mo Qing Wu! He and Mo Tian Ji almost fought because Mo Qing Wu had been injured. To the Mo Clan, they viewed him as an enemy! This situation only became better only after Mo Tian Yun and Mo Wu Xin died."

"However, what they could not change was the fact that Mo Qing Wu was almost ruined by us!"

"King of Hell Chu could forgive Mo Tian Ji and the Mo Clan, but he could never forgive the Black Demons!"

"Dong Wu Shang now is a close confidant of King of Hell Chu! Is there any way he will fight for you in front of the King of Hell Chu?"

The Black Demon asked solemnly, "Are… you at least confident of this?"

"No…" The Black Demon Young Master said weakly. "Dong Wu Shang… still doesn't know that I'm a girl…"

"You… urgh!" Phlegm welled up at the back of the Black Demon's throat and he almost choked on it. Then, he spat out his phlegm, rolled his eyes, calmed himself, and said, "He doesn't know that you're a girl? Are you deliberately trying to piss me off?!"

The Black Demon Young Master lowered her head and stayed silent.

"Since he did not know that… are you saying that… your love is… unrequited?" The Black Demon asked in disbelief.

"Yes!" The Black Demon Young Master replied with her hung but resolutely.

Living in the Middle Three Heavens and among the Black Demons, which was a very unique place to be, would cause the girl to view things extremely differently.

She always knew what she wanted and that she had to fight to obtain it. If not, even if it was her birthright, someone else may take it!

Hence, today, this was her last chance and she intended to grab hold of it tightly!

If she did not make it clear and did not defend herself well, she would never obtain her father's support.

Her face, embarrassment… were nothing compared to her happiness for the rest of her life!

Hence, while this made her so embarrassed that she almost fainted, she answered every question clearly and determinedly.

The Black Demon stood up, walked one round, came back, and said, "Honey, forget him! Please forget him!"

The Black Demon Young Master's heart turned cold as she asked harshly "Have you forgotten about mother?"

The Black Demon's body froze. He opened his mouth suddenly but he closed it quickly. He bit his teeth and turned his head away. As he looked down onto the ground, he felt a pain stabbing him in the heart! There was a scream of desperation in his heart but no he could not vocalize it. An unbearable pain, one borne from despair, surged in his chest!

Every time this pain surged up, his heart broke and his soul scattered. This was a pain worse than death!

Had he forgotten?

If he could forget… why would he be in such a state?

"I understand," the Black Demon lowered his head and said. He chuckled bitterly, lifted his head, and looked into the sky. His head was almost parallel to the sky as he spoke. He did not want his daughter to see his face as he said slowly, "Before your mother died, the one thing she could not let go was you. She wanted me, no matter, to help you find joy…"

He paused for a while and then looked at the sky for a long time. Then, he finally spoke, "If Dong Wu Shang and you are both… I'll… I'll… I'll… agree to your demands!"

The Black Demon Young Master's heart shook as she said, "I'm sorry, father."

She knew that if she and Dong Wu Shang got together, the Black Demons had to sacrifice a lot. To her mother, it would be a massive blow to his pride1

Furthermore, the disparity between the two sides was clear. Dong Wu Shang was at a clear disadvantage. Even with the Black Demons, they could not fight the Shi Clan of the Three Higher Heavens.

Once they changed sides, not only would they have to bear the shame of being traitors, they may even pay for it with their lives.

However, for his daughter, he decided to make this decision.

"You don't have to apologize to me because you're my daughter. As the Black Demon's daughter, even if you want the stars in the sky, I'll pick them for you and place them in your hands!"

The Black Demon turned his back to his daughter and chuckled and said, "If my own daughter has to apologize to me… how can I face your mother in the afterlife?"

The Black Demon Young Master's face was tear-streaked. She choked and could not say anything.

"Even if you're a girl, you shouldn't… cry so easily!" The Black Demon chuckled and said, "Go back."

One month had passed.

As Chu Fei Ling and Yang Ruo Lan left the Three Heavens Iron Cloud Palace, they could not help but look back constantly.

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