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Behind the great black flag, there were a group of riders clad entirely in black. They wore black armor, black cloaks, black shoes, and black masks. Even their horses were completely black!

The entire procession appeared to have rushed out from Hell!

When the first person saw the procession opposite, he whistled sharply. All of the horses buckled with their front two legs swinging in mid-air. They were actually able to stop despite the fact that they had been rushing forward!

With a 'boom', dust covered the sky!

"The men from the Black Demon!" Chu Yang said plainly.

Everyone found it unbelievable. How could the men from the Black Demon be the vanguard? They were normally responsible for assassinations, so why were they at the front of the army?

This was an incredible sight!

The one in the front was naturally the Black Demon Young Master. His cold eyes swept past everyone who was in front of him and he paused momentarily as he looked at Dong Wu Shang's face. Then, he said darkly, "Your speed is fast!"

Chu Yang said plainly, "Black Brother's horse is fast too!"

The Black Demon started to chuckle.

Dong Wu Shang frowned and said sharply, "Black Demon, your laughter is horrendous! You sound like a crow. If you don't laugh like this, will you lose your ability to kill? What kind of upbringing did you have?"

The moment he said that, Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di roared in approval. The few of them loved chaos and now that the Black Demon was their enemy, why should they show him any politeness?

Behind the Black Demon Young Master, countless eyes brimmed with killing intents. The many murderers all gripped the hilts of their swords. With one order, a massacre would ensue.

However, unexpectedly, the Black Demon Young Master appeared stunned. He lowered his head, before lifting it finally and saying, "Brother Dong, you are right. It is a bigger joke for you to use your voice to hide a secret."

As he said that, his voice turned neutral and normal.

Everyone was shocked!

What was going on?

How could the Black Demon Young Master, who dominated the Middle Three Heavens, be persuaded by just a single word from Dong Wu Shang?

This was ridiculous!

Dong Wu Shang was shocked too as he said, "Don't worry about it, Brother Black." His personality was normally wild and unrestrained. If his opponent came at him strongly, he would resist. However, if his opponent did not resist, he would not know what to do.

Evidently, he was someone who needed to be coaxed!

A look of mirth flashed past the Black Demon Young Master's eyes.

In the Black Demon contingent, one of them, who was naturally clad entirely in black, lifted his head and looked strangely at the Black Demon Young Master. A look of doubt flashed across his eyes before he sank into deep thought.

"You have quite a few men," said the Black Demon Young Master with a laugh as he looked at his opponent's formation.

"You don't seem to lack men too," replied Chu Yang. He felt that something was amiss.

"Naturally!" The Black Demon Young Master chuckled coldly. His face was wild. "No matter how many people you have, you will be defeated!"

"Oh?" Chu Yang laughed. "That may not be the case, right? Brother Black, where did your confidence come from? In my opinion, your clans are like dummies."

The Black Demon Young Master laughed again, "How arrogant! What do you know? Even if you have the support of the Ao Clan, faced with my group, the Ao Clan counts for nothing!"

Chu Yang laughed coldly and replied, "Stop dreaming!"

The Black Demon Young Master appeared incensed as he said uncontrollably, "You have no more than four Martial Monarchs! Each of my clan has three! Furthermore, this time, the Shi Clan of the Three Higher Heavens are providing reinforcement. Not only do they have Martial Monarchs, but they also have Martial Saints! Can you really fight them all?"

A cough rang out.

The Black Demon Young Master paused and then, he appeared to have realized what he just said. He bellowed angrily, "Dong Wu Shang, are you trying to get information out from me?"

Dong Wu Shang's anger burst forth as he said, "What does this have to do with me?"

He thought, "It was evidently Chu Yang who had been tricking you into talking. Why are you pining the blame onto me right now?"

This was unreasonable!

Dong Wu Shang was infuriated but he could not think of a reason. The others too were perplexed. They felt as if the Black Demon Young Master was not thinking straight.

However, Chu Yang and Mo Tian Ji both knew exactly what was going on.

Chu Yang was trying to get information out of him, but his opponent said that line deliberately. Furthermore, he clearly wanted to reveal his strength to them.

This piece of information was of utmost importance to Chu Yang and his entourage!

As the Black Demon Young Master, how could he not guard against this?

While he did not know why did the Black Demon Young Master do this, he understood the last line clearly. The Black Demon Young Master told them this not because he knew of how calculative King of Hell Chu was, but it was actually a favor for Dong Wu Shang!

This was something between Dong Wu Shang and him and it did not concern the rest of them.

Chu Yang thought, "Why can the Black Demon possibly owe Dong Wu Shang? What ties did they have?"

He tried to probe further. "Martial Saints? Haha… Black Brother, you really are a joker!"

The Black Demon Young Master looked at Dong Wu Shang's enraged face and realized that he was actually angry. He could not help but sigh in his heart as he thought, "What a dummy! So thick! He really pisses me off… but this temperament is kind of cute too…"

He then said, "Brother Chu, if you don't believe me, wait and see."

He suddenly changed the topic and asked, "Since you're here, why don't you head up?"

Chu Yang's eyes flashed and he said, "I was about to head up the mountain but Brother Black came too quickly. This stopped me. Haha."

The Black Demon Young Master laughed coldly and said, "Since we agreed to a fair fight, how can we, the Black Demons, act despicably? Brother Chu, don't worry and head up!"

Chu Yang smiled and said, "Thank you, Brother Black."

He became much more certain that this skinny black b*stard in front of him had an encounter with Dong Wu Shang. If not, how could he give them such a good opportunity while risking his entire army?

Furthermore, if they headed up to fight, the one on top first would have a geographical advantage.

Why would the Black Demon not fight for it?

This was something strange indeed.

Chu Yang thought, "This is strange indeed. Now that I think about it, Black Demon may be the vanguard for a reason. He wants to convey this information to us so that we can prepare against them… but what exactly did Dong Wu Shang do? Why is he going out of his way to repay us?"

The Black Demon Young Master controlled his men and stopped them from moving.

Mo Tian Ji shouted an order and everyone started to head up the path.

When about half of them were on the path, their formations started to break. This was the best moment to attack!

In the Black Demon contingent, a masked man raised his hand.

The Black Demon Young Master blocked him and grabbed his hand.

"What?" The man looked coldly at the Black Demon Young Master. He could not understand what was going on. "I thought that you release the news to trick them so that they would trust us a bit more and go up the mountain path. This is the best time to attack and inflict the greatest damage! Why are you stopping me?"

The Black Demon Young Master opened his mouth to speak but he could not muster a single word. Instead, he just lowered his head.

"Give me a reason!" The man said darkly.

"Father…" The Black Demon Young Master hesitated and lowered his head. However, he did not know what to say.

This was the current Black Demon, the top assassin, and the Clan Head of the Black Demons!

"If you don't say anything, I'll give the order! Delay anymore and it'll be too late," the Black Demon said coldly.

"Father!" The Black Demon Young Master panicked and looked up pleadingly. After a long while, he placed his mouth close to his father's ears and whispered, "Father, I like Dong Wu Shang!"

"Ah?!" The Black Demon exclaimed in shock. Despite his usual superhuman calmness, he was completely thrown in shock when he heard this statement. It was amazing that he did not fall off his horse.

Right now, he was in front of his enemies! They were about to fight!

His daughter mentioned, at this moment, that she fancied their enemy!

How could this not be a joke?

The assassins around him looked over. They could not know what would make this normally unflinching killer react in such a big way.

The Black Demon Young Master was slightly embarrassed but her eyes now shone with light. Since she had said it, she should explain herself. Furthermore, if the fighting really broke out, there would be no chance left!

She bit her lips and her voice became small but clear. However, everything she said boomed like thunder in her father's ears!

They were bolts of thunder in a clear sky!

She said, "I like Dong Wu Shang!"

"So I hope that he won't be injured."

"I hope he'll be safe for his entire life."

"I want to accompany him forever. I want to marry him!"

"Be his wife!"

"Please agree, father!"

The Black Demon Young Master covered her face so no one knew what she was feeling. However, her eyes conveyed a look of embarrassment and resolution.

Right now, she only had a good feeling toward Dong Wu Shang. While she was infatuated, there was no way she was thinking of marriage at this moment. However, she said it as if she was fully determined to marry him because… this was her last chance!

If she did not make a decision now, the two of them would become mortal enemies after half a day!

This was her last chance in her life!

The Black Demon felt as if thunderbolts were striking his head. Stars spun in front of him and his body wavered. He could not believe what he was hearing…

"Am I dreaming?"

The Black Demon looked, tongue-tied, at his daughter. He rolled his eyes vigorously. This was how shocked he was.

"Do you know what you're saying?" The Black Demon asked in shock. "Do you know… about the enmity between our clan and the Dong Clan, the Ji Clan, and the Mo Clan?"

"How many key members of their families died at our hands?"

"Do you know how deep this enmity run?"

"Do you know that we're about to fight them?"

"Have you gone insane?" The Black Demon's chest heaved and he shouted, "You're crazy!"

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