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Dong Wu Shang crazily shouted out loud. He leapt up, gripped his saber in his hands, and hacked down like a thunderbolt!

That man retreated in panic. But, this saber was extremely overbearing. It went forward, shrouded the man, and blocked his path of retreat in the process. Therefore, he didn't have any other option than to face the attack.

He roared and lifted his sword to meet the attack… He felt boundless regret in his heart at that same time, [My cultivation is better than this guy. But, I hadn't expected that this guy's saber and saber techniques would be so extraordinary. His overbearing attacks have made me fall into such a desperate situation.]

He should've easily killed this Saber Emperor in this fight with his several decades of experience and his cultivation.

However, he had gotten tempted by his own high cultivation and Divine Sword, and his plan had backfired when he had chosen to fight such a strong opponent whose strongest point was his resolute and relentless fighting style.

This was indeed bringing self-inflicted disaster!

The saber and the sword firmly clashed under all the staring eyes, and a loud bang echoed… That sword suddenly shattered into pieces like a glass, and changed into tiny fragments.

That man screamed loudly. He was thrown away by the tremendous strength. Blood madly puffed out of all seven apertures of his head. He still bore an expression of disbelief in his eyes.

"This… how is this possible?!!"

Everyone who had been watching this had an incredulous look across their faces… That Ao Clan's expert who had rushed over to here was no exception

Perhaps, others didn't know it. But, how could Ao Clan's people not know that the man fighting was the trusted aide of Ao Clan's Sixth Brother — Ao Tian Kong? This man had also become his sworn brother. This man's name was Wu Feng.

That sword was Wu Feng's heirloom. It was called 'Mysterious Steel Flying Snow Sword'. It was made of Mysterious Steel that was refined from Star Iron. It was very sharp, and it could destroy the strongest defense. This was considered among the best weapons in the entirety of Ao Clan's weaponry. And, it was Wu Feng's hidden trump.

People envied Wu Feng because of this sword even though he didn't have the highest strength in Ao Clan.

But, they only coveted this ancestral treasure.

Wu Feng had undertaken this task in order to take revenge for Ao Tian Kong's son Ao Feng Yun.

Who could think that such a heavenly armament would be chopped into pieces in this showdown by a ruthless attack from Dong Wu Shang?

It was truly unexpected for everyone!

Dong Wu Shang issued a loud and long shout. And, his mighty body rose high in the air. He took three steps in midair, and suddenly shouted, "Saber falls on Heartless Heaven!"

He slashed his saber down like a black lightning!

Wu Feng was already distressed. His internal organs had already been damaged. He didn't have enough strength to even move. Wu Feng didn't have the least bit of leeway to dodge as he faced this tyrannical saber. He had no other option but to wait helplessly for death.

The saber-wind was bone-chilling. Wu Feng exposed look of desperation in his eyes.

That man who had quickly rushed over was already three-hundred feet away from them. But, Dong Wu Shang didn't lift an eyelid. He was still unleashing 'Saber falls on Heartless Heaven' without the least bit of hesitation.

This saber-blow was heartless. So, Dong Wu Shang also didn't care about himself as this saber-blow was unleashed.

He only wanted to kill the enemy!

That man saw what was happening, and he couldn't help but shoot a hateful glare. He then anxiously shouted out loud, "Junior, don't you dare!" A sword flashed. It then stabbed towards Dong Wu Shang's throat.

The power of this sword was like thunderbolt!

Dong Wu Shang would've certainly died under this sword if he hadn't pulled back his saber.

This was the best rescue plan under the present circumstances.

Someone coldly shouted at this moment, "Old bastard… you dare!"

Then, an incredible sword-light swiftly arrived whilst carrying along the heavenly river in torrents. It then ferociously hit the sword light that had been coming towards Dong Wu Shang.

A bang was heard. And, that sword broke off high up in the air. Then, the whole sword changed into dead wood… The pieces drifted down. They fell on the ground, and issued light sounds like that of wood chips.

That man's reaction could also be called very fast... He promptly shot his palm the moment his sword broke.

However, Chu Yang had anticipated this long ago. In fact, he had already shot his left hand before that man had shot his palm when their bodies hadn't collided yet.

Both of them took three somersaults, and landed on the ground with a bang. Then, a cold beam flickered in Chu Yang's hand, and his sword issued clanging sword-cry as if it was celebrating victory.

The opponent seemed to be a forty years old middle-aged man. He angrily looked at Chu yang and Dong Wu Shang. He hated them to the bones as he clenched his teeth. Then, he asked word by word, "King of Hell Chu?!"

Chu Yang warmly smiled, "Sixth Master Ao? Your eyes are very good."

The middle-aged man was Ao Clan's Sixth Master. He was the sixth brother of Ao Clan's Clan Lord — Ao Tian Xing. His name was Ao Tian Kong. He was also the father of one of the six Ao brothers — Ao Feng Yun.

Wu Feng who was on another side didn't even get the time to scream under Dong Wu Shang's saber-blow. He had already changed into meat sauce!

Dong Wu Shang had used the blunt backside of his saber for his final saber-blow… Saber falls on Heartless Heaven!

Black Saber's almost-one-foot-thick back was fiercely slammed down! Wouldn't it be more than several thousand kilograms if the power of Dong Wu Shang himself was also taken into account? It slammed overhead of Wu Feng. And, Wu Feng changed into a pile of mincemeat on the spot… None of his bones were left intact.

Dong Wu Shang gasped for breath. He then stood up whilst taking support of his saber. Then, he looked at his saber, and exposed a troubled look in his eyes.

Black Saber's edge was full of stains, and had gaps like saw-teeth!

This was the first time that the Black Saber had been damaged to this extent ever since Dong Wu Shang had held it in his hand. So, it was obvious that the enemy's sword was very strong and sharp.

"Wu Shang, go back and take rest… Let me handle things here." Chu Yang insipidly said.

Dong Wu Shang complied.

"You want to leave before leaving your life behind?" Ao Tian Kong issued a bitter and cold laugh. "King of Hell Chu, you know it's me. Therefore, how can my Ao Clan's people let the death of a man of Ao Clan go in vain? Dong Wu Shang must pay the price of my sworn brother's life with his own!"

Dong Wu Shang snorted. He stopped the footstep that he had taken. Then, he coldly looked at Ao Tian Kong.

He was about to say something. But, Chu Yang stopped him by waving his hand. He then said without turning his head, "Go back! We've killed several people of Ao Clan! Had we not turned Ao Feng Yun into mincemeat? Pay life with life? I think it's a very beautiful thought!"

Dong Wu Shang had been infuriated by Ao Tian Kong. But, these words of Chu Yang made him almost burst into laughter.

Ao Feng Yun was Ao Tian Kong's son. And, Dong Wu Shang obviously knew this.

Chu Yang had said these extremely malicious words on purpose. It was equal to putting salt on Ao Tian Kong's bleeding wounds.

Dong Wu Shang heartily laughed. He then went back whilst towing his saber.

He was very exhausted now. It was very difficult for him to walk back whilst carrying his saber. One must know that this saber weighed 285 Kg.

"Ah~~~" Chu Yang's words had hit at a sore spot in Ao Tian Kong's heart. So, he couldn't help but face upwards, and issue a severe roar. His eyes had turned bloodshot in a flash, "King of Hell Chu, a debt of blood must be paid in blood! First, you had killed my son. And, you've killed my sworn brother today. So, we won't leave a man alive here today! I'll dismantle your bones. And then, I'll reduce your bones into dust!"

Chu Yang hypocritically said, "Sixth Master Ao, calm your anger. Is it a big deal? Why do you look as if you can't live under the same sky as us? After all, it was just your son and not your father that we had killed… Moreover, this matter can possibly be a misunderstanding. You don't know this… But, we only saw a son-of-bitch good-for-nothing bastard at that time and killed him. How would we have thought that that bastard was your - Sixth Master Ao's - son? The one who is unaware isn't guilty. This matter has been uncovered only now. Anyway, Sixth Master Ao is still young and vigorous. Go back and work hard at night. You can sow another seed… That's it!"

Ao Tian Kong's whole body immediately trembled.

[My son has been killed. And, you have the face to ask me — is it a big deal?]

Moreover, the word which had come next had been very humiliating. Ao Tian Kong's whole body shook uncontrollably, and his lips shivered. He might've already fainted by Chu Yang's insanity if his martial cultivation and vitality hadn't been so outstanding.

"King of Hell Chu… you! You're good!" Ao Tian Kong became extremely angry, and pointed his trembling finger at Chu Yang. He was unable to say even a complete word.

"I'm good?" Chu Yang looked at himself whilst being puzzled. "What Sixth Master Ao is saying is right. You son has died. But, I'm still alive. So, how can I not be good?"

Ao Tian Kong roared. He didn't speak anything. He just pulled out his sword, and went to attack.

Chu Yang laughed heartily. Then, he flew high up in the air with his sword in his hand… Both of them clashed together.

Gu Du Xing and the others behind them steadily gazed at them... Gu Du Xing's right hand was already on the hilt of his sword.

Ji Mo, Luo Ke Di, and Rui Bu Tong looked at each other in dismay. They all gasped in admiration in their hearts, [Big Brother is Big Brother. How proficiently he uses the art of making others vomit out blood in anger... How fluently he can abuse others…. He's better than both of us at this. His level is seriously higher than one can imagine. So, we two must learn from him.]

A middle-aged man clad in a majestic robe who had a dignified look on his face suddenly stepped out from Ao Clan's troops. He attentively watched this fight with his sharp eyes.

Several people next to him exposed colors of resentment, and looked at this side.

"What's going on?" this middle-aged man insipidly asked.

"They're going too far! This King of Hell Chu and his brothers went too far. They aren't only bullying unreasonably, but are also vicious and merciless. This generation of evil juniors must be eradicated in its entirety!" A middle-aged man next to him gritted his teeth. He couldn't hold back the angry expression on his face.

This person was Ao Clan's Ninth Brother - Ao Tian Feng. Ao Qing Yun who had been killed by Gu Du Xing… was his son.

"Well?" The previous middle-aged man in majestic robe was Ao Clan's Clan Lord — Ao Tian Xing. He meaningfully said 'well', and looked at his Ninth Brother.

"Elder Brother, we must be repaid for this enmity! My Ao Clan mustn't lose face. We can't lose!" Ao Tian Feng clenched his teeth. He had tears in his eyes, "Moreover, they are the ones who had killed your nephews… How can we not avenge our sons?"

Ao Tian Xing's vision slightly flashed. He sighed, and then leisurely said, "You're right here… How can we not take revenge for our sons' enmity?"

He had said this as if he agreed with Ao Tian Feng. But, he had said these words in a very dull and average tone. His words didn't have any enthusiasm. His face was expressionless and blank. Moreover, his voice had also become strange as if he was saying something strange. However, he seemed to have another intention.

Ao Tian Feng listened to these words, and felt a chill in his heart without any reason… His heart couldn't help but throb wildly for a while. His complexion changed. And, a wave of fear rose like a tide in his heart.

The anger in his heart was pressed down by fear for a moment.

"The troops will stay stationed. Behead anyone who dares to rush rashly into action!" Ao Tian Xing resolutely ordered. He then looked at Chu Yang and Ao Tian Kong as they fought in the battlefield with his nimble eyes. Then, he carefully narrowed his eyes, and a cold light flashed from his squinting eyes!

Everyone all around complied at the same time.

Ao Tian Feng looked at his own Elder Brother with an incredulous look. He only felt a chill in his heart… A chill went straight up to his soul from the soles of his feet!

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