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Ao Tian Feng could clearly understand that Ao Tian Xing hadn't thought about Ao Tian Feng's son — Ao Qing Yun — when he had said these words… He had thought about his own son — Ao Xie Yun!

[How can we not take revenge for our sons' enmity?]

So, who was Ao Xie Yun's enemy?

Who was left apart from Ao Qing Yun and the other dead Young Masters?

Where had these Young Masters gotten so much courage from? Where had they gotten such strength from? Could it be that their fathers hadn't added any fuel to fire?

From whom did Ao Tian Xing wish to take revenge?

The blood in Ao Tian Feng's whole body almost froze and became ice-cold.

He faintly felt that his Elder Brother had become heartless and callous as he looked at Ao Tian Xing's indifferent and as-cold-as-iron complexion. Then, he took a quick glance at the fierce battle in the battlefield. Ao Tian Feng bitterly smiled in his heart. [Sixth Brother, we want to take revenge for our sons. But, our desire to do so isn't as strong as Elder Brother's.]

[It seems that our sons have died in vain… Moreover, it might be difficult for us brothers to escape by luck!]

Ao Tian Kong and Chu Yang had finally fought to their heart's content in the battlefield.

Ao Tian Kong launched an attack with his sword. But, Chu Yang cut off his sword, and his sword turned into powder. But then, Ao Tian Kong immediately took out another sword. This sword also couldn't launch more than a few sword-blows. It was also chopped by Chu Yang, and it turned into broken pieces of iron. Then, Ao Tian Kong unexpectedly drew out another sword!

Chu Yang's sword had soon destroyed seven swords of the opponent. But, Ao Tian Kong still had another sword in his hand.

Chu Yang was amazed. He was unable to tell where this Sixth Master Ao had hidden all these swords. But, the more he fought, the bolder he became.

The Nine Tribulations Sword hadn't shown the ability to swallow myriad things ever since it had swallowed Young Master Yu's White Crystal ore. It seemed that it was resting and building up strength.

But, Sword Spirit had once again launched the Nine Tribulations Sword's power of swallowing things. In fact, he was somewhat regretting it.

How could Sword Spirit have held back the Nine Tribulation Sword's swallowing power for all this time if he had known earlier that Chu Yang would receive such a serious injury to his spirit?

The Nine Tribulations Sword's swallowing power wasn't infinite… It came in stages. Its swallowing power would drop down after reaching to a fixed point. Then, it could again begin with the swallowing. Young Master Yu's stock of White Crystal ore was tremendously enormous. It almost reached to its current saturation point after Nine Tribulations Sword had swallowed it.

It could naturally continue to swallow even after reaching the saturation point. But, the sword would get messed up because of indigestion when it would be the time for the Nine Tribulations Sword to become whole.

The sword would need to be quenched with the Nine Firmament Divine Thunder at that time.

The Nine Tribulations Sword wouldn't be destroyed. But, that kind of feeling would make Sword Spirit feel as if he were dead for several years…

Sword Spirit didn't have the luxury to save himself from that pain of several years now. So, he hurriedly unleashed the Nine Tribulations Sword. [Swallow! Swallow!]

[The more you swallow, the better!]

The more Ao Tian Kong attacked, the more sullen he became. [My cultivation is far greater than King of Hell Chu. But, his weapon is way too sharp!]

[My swords aren't too precious… But, they are still not some ordinary ornaments to be worn on the body. But, how do my swords turn into iron slag that seems to be rusting for thousands of years as soon as his sword touches my swords?]

Ao Tian Kong was known as 'Emperor of Ten Thousand Swords'. He had always been famous for using swords. Moreover, swords would emerge more and more from his body. The method that he was the most expert in was that he would approach the enemy and let the enemy send his own sword flying. Then, he would take advantage of the enemy's delight, and pull out another sword. He would catch the enemy off guard, and launch a surprise attack.

He could sometimes even pull out five swords at a time in both his hands, and then attack! The name 'Emperor of Ten Thousand Swords' had come from here.

But, this Emperor of Ten Thousand Swords had encountered Chu Yang's Nine Tribulations Sword this time. It immediately seemed as if a flock of mice had met an old cat. Those swords were being defeated by the opponent one by one. And, all of them were being devoured one by one!

A 'ding' sound came. And, the last sword of this Emperor of Ten Thousand Swords changed into fragments. He then opened both his hands, and drew back in fright.

Minister Chu issued a long and loud shout. He was high-spirited. His sword vigorously attacked with the spreading potential of rain!

He was hitting a drowning dog!

Ao Tian Kong repeatedly dodged. But, he was battered and exhausted. He hurriedly turned around, and looked. He only saw that his own party had held back the troops without moving. His eldest brother Ao Tian Xing shot his cold vision like lightning. His face was cold, and didn't have the least bit of expression.

Ao Tian Kong felt cold in his heart… almost like a sword.

He immediately understood that his eldest brother had determined to purge all these people!

He suddenly felt regret. [It is so good to be so calm, safe, and secure. Then, why do we fight, and for what do we take such pains…?]

Chu Yang hadn't killed him yet. He looked at the reactions of those people of Ao Clan. It would mean that Ao Xie Yun had guessed it wrong in case the opposite side were to send out help. Then, Chu Yang would have to adapt himself according to the change in the situation.

He finally felt relieved now… So, he coldly smiled. Murderous aura flowed all over!

Then, countless sword-beams suddenly appeared like twinkling stars in the sky. They all overwhelmingly fell down.

[One ray of cold light pierces ten thousand fathoms!]

Ao Tian Kong issued a cry. He was hit by the sword-beams in three places of his body. He was a fifth grade Emperor level Expert. But, he had lived like a prince all these years. Forget fighting… Even the skin of his finger had never been peeled off in any fight. He had suddenly sustained so many injuries now. These injuries were negligible for an ordinary man of Jianghu, but the pain of his injuries went deep into his soul from his body.

He rolled over in distress. And, blood unceasingly flowed out from his body. His voice was already shivering as he shouted out loud, "King of Hell Chu, you've bullied an unarmed and defenseless man? What kind of hero are you?"

The people of Ao Clan of that side turned red with shame as soon as these words came out.

They lost faces!

Forget about the six geniuses of the Ao Clan… Even the ordinary people of Jianghu would never have said these words.

These words were equal to begging for mercy.

"I'm no hero!" Chu Yang held back his smile, and said, "I like to bully the weak using my strength. I hold a sharp Heavenly Armament weapon just to bully unarmed and defenseless people."

Ao Tian Kong rolled and crawled… His hair were disheveled. "This isn't fair! This isn't fair… Elder Brother… Elder Brother… Help me…"

He had cried out for help!

He was generally regarded as a deep-minded person with wild ambitions and trickery. But, he had lived like a prince for more than twenty years. So, he had already lost that hot-blood of a man of Jianghu… He had become timid. He was now facing a boundless murderous aura. A feeling of death had shrouded him. Consequently, his mind was in chaos, and it had become inferior to that of an ordinary man.

Anyone or any powerhouse would immediately collapse as long as one can hit their psychological nerves no matter how powerful they are.

Ao Tian Xing was at a distant place… His complexion had turned deep and scary. There were expressions of shame and anger in his eyes at the same time.

Chu Yang burst into loud laughter. He then again launched 'what harm is there in slaughtering the entire world'!

Ao Tian Kong screamed, and burst into tears. He did his utmost to escape whilst rolling and crawling backwards.

However, a sword-light flew high in the air, and crashed down. Blood splashed, and Ao Tian Kong's body was nailed firmly to the ground!

The Nine Tribulations Sword issued an umbilical-red brilliance. And, Ao Tian Kong's body slowly got withered like firewood. Then, he started to rapidly decay like a skeleton would for hundreds of thousands of years, and changed into white bones.

Chu Yang pulled out his sword with a clanging sound. He then deeply glanced towards the opposite side. Then, he turned around to leave.

There was no sound of activity opposite to him.

Chu Yang was here. So, it was natural that there was no sound of activity.

Both sides had a tacit mutual understanding. This fight was just an excuse. Or so to say, it was 'to throw a brick to attract jade'.

The real dialogue would begin from here. In other words, things would proceed to enter into Ao Clan's established plan.

"King of Hell Chu, you think you can walk away like this even though you've killed my Sixth Brother?" Ao Tian Xing took two steps forward with his horse, and deeply asked.

[Sure enough.]

[Just as expected!]

Chu Yang and Mo Tian Ji exposed a mysterious smile out of the corner of their mouths. They totally understood that everyone's facades were falling. Ao Xie Yun was on another side. And, he had a bitter and astringent smiling expression on his face.

Chu Yang stopped. Then, he sneered, "I think the Clan Lord of Ao Clan didn't see. I would've lied down on the ground if I was defeated. Jianghu is a battlefield. Some die, some live… This is very normal."

He paused for a second, and then continued, "Besides, your Ao Clan had attacked us first. Should we have just suffered humiliation again and again?!"

"What are you talking about?!" Ao Tian Xing wrinkled his brows. "You're talking rubbish. How can our clan unceasingly attack you?"

He had said it in a way as if he was totally unaware. In fact, he had become furious.

One naturally must set the preface when acting in a play.

This old fox and this small fox had never met each other before… They were meeting for the first time in a hostile situation. They had developed such a mutual tacit understanding that they were in perfect harmony!

Chu Yang snorted and said, "Can't you see? They hadn't just attacked us. They had also attacked the Xie Clan under Ao Clan's banner! They had almost exterminated the entire Xie Clan!"

"It's simply intolerable!" Ao Tian Xing gritted his teeth. "Who is so maverick? Could it be that they don't know that Xie Clan is the most firm and sustainable ally of the Ao Clan?"

This sentence had set the tone!

"Maverick?" Chu Yang sneered, "Don't you know about the many 'maverick' matters happening under your nose? Do you even remember your son — Ao Xie Yun?"

"Of course, I remember my puppy Ao Ao. My son is missing. We haven't yet gotten his whereabouts… alas…" Ao Tian Xing sighed. Everyone knew that these were just crocodile-tears. But, they seemed real looking at his expression and listening to his voice.

"Ao Clan's six geniuses had done their utmost to kill him without the slightest of hesitation. They had forced Ao Xie Yun to remain in hiding! You being his father were kept completely in the dark!"

Chu Yang angrily said.

"Who has dared to kill my son?" Ao Tian Xing became angry, "My son is Ao Clan's future successor!"

"That's why they had tried to kill your son." Chu Yang resumed.

"Impudent!" Ao Tian Xing roared.

They both seemed to be singing a ridiculous play. People of both sides had been listening to them. They found it amusing. But, it was very dangerous for them to discuss about it.

"Elder brother, you…" Ao Tian Feng hurriedly called out. His faced had turned ashen.

"Shut up! This matter hasn't been clarified yet. I'll tear whosoever dares to interrupt into shreds!" Ao Tian Xing bellowed.

Ao Tian Feng mirthlessly smiled.

[We're done for.]

"How do you know about this matter?" Ao Tian Xing asked Chu Yang as he didn't trust him.

"How do I know? It's because I had saved your son!" Chu Yang laughed heartily.

"You had saved my son?!" Ao Tian Xing clearly became emotionally moved. He shouted whilst being overjoyed, "Where is he? Ao Ao! Where are you?"

Ao Xie Yun walked out with a sullen look on his face under everyone's strange and attentive gaze. He then removed his mask, and looked at his father with a sad expression.

[I know that you're just acting. I know that you're purging. But, was it necessary to call me by this 'puppy Ao Ao' name in front of everyone?]

[All of my brothers are here… How would I raise my head and conduct myself in front of them from now on?]

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