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"Those Ao brothers aren't grandiose. But, how to say it… They are still geniuses. And, they'll never think of laying their hands on those brothers of King of Hell Chu without any reason even if they are stupid. They won't attack the Xie Clan. This is simply putting the cart before the horse. After all, we are the Ao Clan's personal enemies, and not those people. What role do you play in all this?"

Young Black Devil calmly asked.

"It's very simple to deal with them." Tian Bu Hui snorted, "Their weakness is too obvious. They are blinded by greed. So, they can easily be manipulated. The most crucial point is that Ao Xie Yun hasn't died yet. And, this point is very important. This is what they are worried about."

"So, that's how it is." Young Black Devil's eyes lit up.

"King of Hell Chu and Xie Clan had rescued Ao Xie Yun. So, they are the biggest enemies to those Ao brothers. Also, they hate these people to the bones, and have the biggest enmity of their life. And, we are Ao Clan's personal enemies since we've intercepted Ao Xie Yun. But, we have instead become their greatest helpers for these few people.

"There are obviously other reasons and methods.

"But, you don't need to know about these things." Tian Bu Hui said.

"What was the result of their battle?" Young Black Devil intensely asked, "Why has the news not come yet?"

Tian Bu Hui remained silent for a moment, and then said, "Half of the Xie Clan is already destroyed. As for the rest of the news… or the final news… it hasn't come yet. However, Dong Wu Shang and Gu Du Xing have already left to rescue them. They are travelling in the starry night at double speed. Though, they won't necessarily catch up."

Tian Bu Hui exposed a crafty expression, "Actually, I want them to catch up. That would maybe save us a lot of effort."

Young Black Devil remained silent for a long while. Then, he slowly said, "Dong Wu Shang… won't die."

"Is it because he's your rival?" Tian Bu Hui burst into laughter, "It's hard to imagine that the Black Devil who has always killed people in the dark cherishes this kind of hero who has the elegant demeanor of Jianghu!"

"It's a pity that you don't feel the same way." Young Black Devil coldly said, "Otherwise, it could make me look at you in high regard."

"I won't care about any elegant demeanor of Jianghu or heroic demeanor of Martial Artists as long as I'm sure that I'll live on! Elegance of self-restraint and elegant manners are like history books. They all belong to the victors. I'll naturally make you see that my - Tian Bu Hui's - elegance of self-restraint is still unmatched when I'd win and set my foot on the pinnacle."

Tian Bu Hui changed the topic. He clearly wanted this unpleasant conversation to end as soon as possible. He coldly said, "You've decided to deal with Dong Wu Shang… So, you must make all the preparations properly. I don't want to go to your grave to find you to have a decisive duel!"

"You won't be disappointed… only if you survive from King of Hell Chu's hands. That's because you'll still have the chance to die at my hands." Young Black Devil didn't move an inch. He said with equal harshness.

Tian Bu Hui angrily snorted, and said, "Simply unreasonable! Say that again after you kill Dong Wu Shang." He then went away into the forest with a whooshing sound.

Young Black Devil looked at Tian Bu Hui leaving with an ice-cold look. A conflicted ray of light flickered in his black gem-like pupils. A long while passed. Then, he muttered, "I kill Dong Wu Shang? Why would I kill Dong Wu Shang?"

He took a deep breath, and talked to himself in a low voice, "How can I kill Dong Wu Shang… alas…"

Then, he kept standing there alone. He looked at the starry sky, and didn't move for a long time. An unknown number of colors fluctuated in his eyes in a split second.

A long while passed. Then, he took a deep breath, "Shi Clan has sent men on a large scale in the Middle Three Heavens this time to help the Tu Clan. Could it be that the relation between them has reached to this point? But, why is Tu Clan still staying in the Middle Three Heavens if this is so? Shi Clan may have something else planned. But, what could it be?

"In the end… what should be done?"

He kept standing here the whole night. His thoughts were in a whirl. He didn't stop faintly sighing.

Early in the morning… Large troops of men and horses took a turn along a mountain hollow. Chu Yang and the others suddenly became startled.

A team was quietly standing one-thousand feet away In the front of Chu Yang's troops. There were about five-to-six-hundred people. They didn't issue the least bit of sound. They didn't leak a little bit of imposing aura.

They discovered Chu Yang and the others as soon as they turned this side. Five-to-six-hundred sharp visions were immediately shot. Their imposing aura seemed to be as loud as thunderclaps and thunderstorm erupting. Everyone felt their hearts stagnate.

Gu Du Xing who had been riding in the forefront slowly straightened his body. He then slightly narrowed his eyes.

Dong Wu Shang's eyes hung down. His iron-like face was expressionless. He slightly patted his scabbard with his right index finger.

Sword energy and saber energy violently surged up.

They streaked across the sky to a thousand feet distance like a startling long rainbow. They dealt a head-on blow!

Two dignified imposing auras came head-on from inside the troops of the other side. Those imposing auras intercepted the sword and saber energies. The substantial yet invisible energies clearly clashed in the air.

It seemed as if some things had collided over the head of both the troops in the sky and mutually dissipated.

Then, a majestic voice slowly said, "Exquisite pure sword energy! Fine overbearing saber energy! Are you the Sword Emperor and Saber Emperor that have just risen in the Middle Three Heavens? Gu Du Xing? And, Dong Wu Shang?"

Gu Du Xing replied in an icy-proud way, "Yes, what of it? Who are you all waiting for?"

"Of course, for you! You have an indifferent and lonely sword-like voice when you speak. So, you must be the Sword Emperor — Gu Du Xing?" there seemed to be a lot of harsh feeling in this voice.

"Yes, this is certainly Gu! But, who… are you all?" Gu Du Xing insipidly said. He sensitively smelt that the people before him were clearly hostile. So, a vigilant feeling rose in his heart, and his sword intention was triggered. The Black Dragon Sword silently let out a sword cry in the sword's scabbard.

"And, the other one is Dong Wu Shang, right?" that majestic voice coldly and insipidly said.

"Yes, it's your Second Master Dong!" Dong Wu Shang shouted loudly. A crazy and overbearing momentum rushed out.

Dong Wu Shang had already felt like speaking for a while now. But, Gu Du Xing had already been talking to the people opposite to them. So, Dong Wu Shang didn't feel like interrupting his brother. This concerned the honor of his elder brother. Therefore, Dong Wu Shang held himself back.

The brothers had now shared joys and worries, trials and tribulations. The brothers' affection had become increasingly deep along with time. They had become more and more caring. Therefore, everyone cared about the seniority of the elder brothers.

It didn't matter if they were generally joking. But, the order of seniority among the brothers couldn't be broken in serious moments like this.

Let's imagine that an older brother is talking in front of the enemy, and the younger one interrupts him randomly. Then, wouldn't it mean… Does this elder brother have no respect? Moreover, is your younger brother too casual? Or, the brothers don't have harmony between them?

This would be a taboo matter.

"My Second Master Dong?" That majestic voice slowly asked. Then, he gently laughed, and said in a low and restraining voice, "Really, you're worthy of being a Saber Emperor. Your imposing attitude is pretty good. It's just very easy to break as well. I'll break off this Saber Emperor today."

Dong Wu Shang laughed in a rumbling manner. Then, he suddenly shouted, "Break off? You're hiding your faces, and still you think you're worthy of saying these words? I - Dong Wu Shang - am not scared to reveal my true identity to the world. I'm not scared of facing the enemy. I'm crazy, straightforward, and upright. So, I'll prefer death over humiliation! You haven't shown your face yet. And, you still dare to speak conceited nonsense. From which clan did you get your education?!"

The person opposite to them had been hiding among his troops while talking. He hadn't revealed himself.

"Ha ha ha… Fourth Brother, it seems that this guy has been taught by his master's wife." Luo Ke Di laughed whilst issuing quacking noises. "Does this guy even have a face to reveal? Maybe, he can show us his two shiny white buttocks…"

"Nonsense!" Ji Mo reproved Luo Ke Di saying, "How can buttocks speak? They don't have a mouth on top of them."

The man on the opposite had said that he would break off the Saber Emperor. So, he was an enemy that couldn't live under the same sky with them. And, Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di would always have bitter and unkind words for the enemy. In fact, they weren't showing any mercy with their words.

"Third Brother doesn't know that that man is only speaking shit!" Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo had joined hands together. They both were absolutely flawless. Especially, both of them had been mocking the man using swear words together. They were adding fuel to fire.

"Indeed…" Ji Mo suddenly had a realization, and he nodded, "I asked how the buttocks can talk. But, it turns out that this guy is speaking shit. So that's how it is… Coyote, you indeed have a brilliant mind."

Luo Ke Di became immensely proud of himself, and said, "Moreover, Third Brother, what you've previously said is also mistaken. Who said that his buttocks don't have a mouth on them? Isn't that still there?"

Ji Mo flew into a rage, and rebuked, "Coyote, that's why you're still young. You don't understand this. Is that a mouth? That is clearly a flower waiting to bloom. It is waiting to bloom!"

Luo Ke Di was in reverential awe. He willingly accepted his elder brother's view, "Third Brother, I deserve the scolding. I misjudged this person. It's just that… how would it be able to bloom?"

 "Stupid!" Ji Mo felt resentment towards him for failing to meet his expectations. His face had turned black, "Wouldn't it open up and blossom like a flower when your Fourth Brother Dong inserts his Black Saber into its scabbard?"

Luo Ke Di got fascinated, and said, "So, that's how it is. He'll probably see thousands of purple and red colors in that moment…"

"You're wrong!" Ji Mo remained silent for a while, and said, "That would have thousands of red. But, there won't necessarily be thousands of purples. There should be yellow, white, green, red, and black colors…"

Luo Ke Di scratched his head. He didn't understand a thing, "Third Brother, I understand about the reds. But, how would there be yellow, green, and black colors?"

Ji Mo became so angry that he went mad, "Could it be that there will be no green color when his gall bladder will be damaged? This man's heart is black. Can't you see it? And, as for yellow… is he not going to shit himself today?"

Luo Ke Di had been suddenly enlightened. So, he prostrated himself in admiration. "Third Brother is extremely wise. I feel as if I've read ten years worth of books after I've heard your words today…"

Ji Mo stuck out his chest. "You're flattering me. However, all of this is my lifetime experience. You're still young. So, pay attention to accumulation of knowledge. I have a lot of experience. You'll also be like me after you've seen a lot of disgusting people like him. You'll also obtain a godly insight."

"This little brother truly admires Third Brother. You're like the water of a heavenly river. You're like an unceasing torrent. You're like the waves of the sea… You're like the mighty wave higher than any other…" Luo Ke Di bowed respectfully with clasped hands. He was crazily flattering him.

The man in the opposite remained silent for a long time. Then, he suddenly bellowed in a thunderous sound. He had become so angry that he couldn't suppress it. He said in a raging voice, "I'll tear all of you alive one by one."

A silhouette came out whooshing while saying this. It changed into a cyan lightning in the air. He then crazily pounced over.

This roasting had made this man burn with anger. He had simply lost his calm. Neither side would've been affected if both of them were to approach and start a war. But, he had come far away from his troop out of anger. He had come to Dong Wu Shang's side. And, Dong Wu Shang had already occupied the advantageous position with this.

This man had a majestic team behind him. But, Dong Wu Shang had his brothers alongside him. Therefore, Dong Wu Shang was confident that he would be much stronger than that man even if they both were to be almost on a par as long as this man had been separated from his team.

If so, the winner's side would have the advantage!

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