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The Young Black Devil calmly stood under a tree outside the Black Devil Clan's camp that night. He seemed to be thinking about something. He was silent like a ghost. He seemed to be lost in thoughts. A person passing by his side wouldn't even realize that someone was standing there if they weren't paying attention.

"Brother Black," Tian Bu Hui's moon-white long robe lightly drifted as he walked over from Black Devil's behind. He seemed to be extremely carefree in the duskiness of the night.

The guards all around saw the two Young Masters, and they clearly understood that these two wanted to chat. So, the guards discreetly left the place to give them privacy.

The Young Black Devil lightly wrinkled his brows under his mask. He revealed a look of disgust. But then, he immediately hid it up. He sinisterly asked without turning around towards Tian Bu Hui, "What's the matter?"

"There's nothing important. It's just that I've been noticing that Brother Black has been very silent these days. War is upon us now. So, I'm a bit concerned." Tian Bu Hui's sharp vision flashed as he said.

"Is there something to worry about?" Young Black Devil coldly smiled. "We have several people on our side. There's no lack of experts. The strength of our great allied clans hasn't reduced. Moreover, Tu Clan has now called reinforcements from the Upper Three Heavens. Therefore, the victory is basically in our hands. So, what are you worried about?"

He had said these words in an ice-cold and gloomy manner as usual. But, Tian Bu Hui somehow faintly felt that these words had been said in anger and in a sarcastic way.

This feeling made Tian Bu Hui feel shocked in his heart. He suddenly became anxious.

"Brother Black, I don't understand why you're angry." Tian Bu Hui took a deep breath, and said, "I wouldn't have said anything to you if it was like the old days. We can't avoid a battle between me and you in the future even if this matter finishes. But, this is a critical time now. So, why has your mood become like this?"

Young Black Devil became silent. His face couldn't be seen from behind his mask. A good while passed. Then, he said in a taunting manner, "Can you clarify the ratio between the strength of the enemy's side and our side?"

Tian Bu Hui replied, "Yes. Ou Clan from our side has been wiped out, and Meng Clan has also changed into a wisp of smoke. But, our strength is still considerably imposing.

"Your clan, my clan, and Tu Clan are three great clans. Plum Clan and Zhao Clan are also intact. Li Xiong Tu has also agreed that he'll help in this decisive battle. We have more than a hundred Emperor Level Experts. And, we have more than one-thousand-and-two-hundred King level Experts. Moreover, we have additional reinforcements from the Upper Three Heavens."

"Hold on!" Young Black Devil waved his hand, and interrupted him. He then sneered, and said, "We still haven't started attacking despite having such formidable strength, and we've started to request for reinforcements?"

Tian Bu Hui's face turned red. He said, "Do you not know…"

"I only know one thing… I'm an assassin, but I know the demeanor of a real warm-blooded hero. So, we don't cower even if there's a heavenly God in front of us once we've pointed out the tip of our weapon. Besides, both sides are operating in broad daylight in this war which is going to sweep away the entire Middle Three Heavens. The majestic experts will have the decisive battle under the banners and fight for dominance!

"This is a kind of war that is destined to go down in history. But, you all are tarnishing it!" Young Black Devil sneered, "The fight hasn't even started, and you've invited reinforcements. Tian Bu Hui, you aren't as good as Tian Bu Ru. Are you actually afraid of this war?

"You've invited Li Xiong Tu. But, I won't say anything about it. After all, the people of Li Xiong Tu's clan also belong to the Middle Three Heavens no matter what is said. But, why did you invite people from the Upper Three Heavens to meddle? What relation does the Shi Clan of the Upper Three Heavens have with the war of dominance in the Middle Three Heavens?"

Young Black Devil coldly said, "Tian Bu Hui, you're deplorable!"

Tian Bu Hui's face turned red. He angrily said, "Do you know who the enemy that we're facing is? You're saying these words now. Don't you think that you're being deliberately provocative?"

"I'm being deliberately provocative?" Young Black Devil suddenly turned around. His jet-black pupil flashed in the dim light of the night. They looked like two radiating gems. "Tian Bu Hui… are you even worthy of speaking to me like that?"

Tian Bu Hui blew his top. He was about to erupt. But, he endured it in the end, and said, "Our opponents this time are Ji Clan, Luo Clan, Gu Clan, Dong Clan, Mo Clan, and Xie Clan… And, none of the three clans besides Ji Clan, Luo Clan, and Gu Clan are weaker than the clans of the two of us."

"I certainly know this." Young Black Devil's voice turned feeble on hearing the words 'Dong Clan'.

Tian Bu Hui didn't pay attention to the change in his tone. He was in the midst of his fury. He said like in quick-fire succession, "They have newly promoted Saber Emperor and Sword Emperor in their lineup. They have other people also…. Ji Zhu, Ji Mo, Dong Wu Lei, Luo Ke Wu, and Xie Dan Qiong are outstanding people of the younger generation. Mo Clan has declined a bit because of their internal stifle. But, don't forget that Mo Clan is now being operated by the Master of Calculations and Manipulation - Mo Tian Ji!

"On top of that, the invincible King of Hell Chu is also in their camp!

"They don't have fewer Emperor Level Experts than us. King Level Experts also might be in similar number. They'll be like a gridlock once the war starts. Both parties will end up being on the road of destruction if we let them join together like that. And, everyone has their individual rivals in this decisive battle. The experts of the previous generation will naturally deal with their matches of same level. Therefore, Monarch Level Experts will inevitable fight with Monarch Level Experts when the time comes and the fight is started. Emperor Level Experts will fight with Emperor Level Experts. But, the number of high level experts on both sides is almost the same. So, we won't be weak even if the opposite party occupies the dominant position.

"The fight between King Level Experts will inevitably be fierce. There's eighty-percent or more chance at that time that they'll take each other down with themselves considering their strength.

"Therefore, our younger generation will decide the outcome of the battle. But, who can deal with Gu Du Xing, Dong Wu Shang, and Chu Yang from our side? Besides, who's there on our side that can be compared to the sly and crafty King of Hell Chu and the Master of Calculations and Manipulation - Mo Tian Ji?"

Tian Bu Hui angrily said.

"Haven't you been saying all this time that you aren't afraid of them? What's wrong? Do you finally admit now that you're inferior to them?" Young Black Devil looked at him in a mocking way.

"I have to admit that their strength is greater than mine no matter whether I say it or not. Especially, Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang." Tian Bu Hui sighed. "I had a lucky event in my childhood. The meridians of my whole body got unclogged. So, I never relaxed practicing over all these years. I kept on practicing martial arts unimpeded, and I've just broken through to the Emperor Level. But, those two men are pure Sword Emperor and Saber Emperor. You can judge their relative superiority at just a glance.

"However, I'll never admit this in front of people even though I'm admitting it now. I must belittle them!" Tian Bu Hui said, "That's because I refuse to accept their superiority… and also because of the morale of the troops."

Young Black Devil smirked, "You yourself don't realize why you do this. You basically want to belittle others to show your superiority. It's quite amusing that you feel this in your heart. It's a great achievement. This is your innate dark mentality that your Tian Clan is nothing but trash!"

"You!" Tian Bu Hui flew into a rage.

"Isn't it right what I said?" Young Black Devil didn't show the least bit of weakness. He raised his head, and contemptuously looked at Tian Bu Hui.

He was shorter in height than Tian Bu Hui. His stature seemed a little thinner than him. But, the imposing auras of both of them were ferociously surging up at this moment. None of them were falling in the disadvantageous situation.

Tian Bu Hui finally swallowed his anger, and said, "Black Devil, you've changed."

He finally took the last breath of tolerance, and said, "Your personality has changed a lot ever since you've returned after intercepting Dong Wu Shang."

Young Black Devil seemed to be stunned. He didn't speak anything for a long while. Then, he turned his head, and said, "It's not that I've changed. Instead, I'm thoroughly abiding by the dignity of a martial artist. But, you've lost that dignity."

Tian Bu Hui mockingly said, "You have always been an assassin of the Black Devil by profession. Do you even have the dignity of a martial artist?"

"Tian Bu Hui, do you want to see for yourself whether… I have or haven't the dignity of a martial artist?" Young Black Devil suddenly turned his head. He already had a long sword in his hand. The sharp tip of the sword was pointed at Tian Bu Hui's throat like a spirit snake.

Tian Bu Hui's eyes flashed. He didn't dodge. He just said, "You…"

He hadn't finished saying, and he felt a sword-light flashing. A fierce and swift murderous aura emitted straight out of the sword. He turned pale in fright. Then, he faced upwards, and angrily said, "You truly want to kill me!"

He got a fine scar from the sword on his chin. The blood splashed out from the scar.

"I'm leaving you with a warning this time. You would've been dead right now if I wanted to kill you!" Young Black Devil shook his sleeves. Then, his black sword vanished without a trace. He then coldly said, "But, I won't mind killing you."

He insipidly yet sinisterly said, "I've been in a good mood for the past few days. Wait for my mood to turn bad if you want to die. And then, come back, and question my dignity of martial artist again."

Tian Bu Hui's lips quivered in anger.

He hadn't thought that his own faithful ally truly wanted to kill him at this moment.

"Black Devil, wait for this war to be over. I'll definitely come back to settle the account for today's sword." Tian Bu Hui became sullen. He almost vomited out blood. He doubted if this guy in front of him was a psycho.

"You don't have confidence in yourself. You would've fought with me now if you had been self-confident." Young Black Devil coldly said, "Coward! You can't even be compared with a strand of Dong Wu Shang's hair!"

Tian Bu Hui breathed heavily like an angry bull. He then maliciously said, "Black Devil, you're disregarding the big picture."

Young Black Devil snorted, and said, "Big picture? What do I have to do with it?"

Tian Bu Hui swallowed saliva with gurgling sound. He resisted his urge to kill the man in front of him. He suppressed his emotions, and said, "I don't want to bicker with you. I'm only asking you who would you take responsibility for when the war starts?"

Young Black Devil coldly snorted. He turned around, and softly said, "Dong Wu Shang."

Tian Bu Hui heavily said, "Alright!"

He turned around to leave.

He didn't want to stay with this dangerous fellow for another moment.

"Who would you take responsibility for?" Young Black Devil calmly asked.

"I'll take responsibility for King of Hell Chu!" Tian Bu Hui maliciously said.

"You're very courageous." It wasn't known if these words of the Black Devil were praising or disparaging.

"And, we both are in the same boat. Your Dong Wu Shang is also very fierce!" Tian Bu Hui snorted. He left taking giant steps. His silhouette was soon about to vanish in the woods.

"My Dong Wu Shang?" Young Black Devil muttered in a low voice. His voice had become very strange.

Young Black Devil suddenly asked as he saw Tian Bu Hui leaving, "How did you manage to convince those people of the Ao Clan? Why had they changed their minds and decided to deal with King of Hell Chu and the others? Is there a reason behind it? Moreover, is it supposed to be kept secret?"

Tian Bu Hui suddenly stopped. He seemed to be caught off guard. He said, "Why do you ask this?"

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