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"Let go!" Chu Yang glared at him in a fierce manner.

"You let go!" Mo Tian Ji became angry.

"Let go! Little Wu wrote this for me," Chu Yang wanted to punch this guy in the nose.

"Nonsense! My younger sister has written this, and I can't see it? But, you — an outsider — can see it?" Mo Tian Ji wasn't willing to let up.

A long while passed. Then, the two finally compromised.

"Let's divide… half each!"


Mo Tian Ji looked at the first paper of his half of the pile with a twisted face. It read, "Stinky Second Brother! I hate you! I hate you… hate you… hate you!"

Mo Tian Ji's complexion turned white. He then heaved a long sigh, and turned over the paper.

The second paper read, "Smelly Second Brother Mo Tian Ji, I hate you!"

Mo Tian Ji rubbed his temples. He went on looking at the third paper, "Elder Brother Chu Yang, I miss you! When are you coming to pick me up?"

Mo Tian Ji's face turned black.

The fourth paper read, "Elder Brother Chu Yang, I miss you. I miss you so much. I cried again today. Boohoo… the more I miss you, the more heart-broken I feel…"

The fifth paper read, "Elder Brother Chu Yang, come soon. All of them bully me. Even Second Brother bullies me. Your Little Wu is dying…"

"I miss you… Elder Brother Chu Yang."

Mo Tian Ji quickly flipped through the papers, and finished this pile. There were more than a hundred papers. And, all of them were related to her missing Chu Yang… except for the ones in which she had scolded Mo Tian Ji!

[Am I the one who had hurt Mo Qing Wu the most back then? She had already seen it coming that others would harm her… She had been prepared for it. However, she hadn't been prepared for what I had done.]

[But I… what I had done was for her own good…]

Mo Tian Ji felt a knife twisting in his heart. His hands were trembling.

"King of Hell Chu! I'll kill you!" Mo Tian Ji finally shouted with grief and indignation. He had seen the last three papers just then.

One of them read, "Elder Brother Chu Yang, I'll be your good wife if you come back, okay?"

The second paper read, "Elder Brother Chu Yang, I'll be your good wife when I grow up, okay?"

The third paper read, "Elder Brother Chu Yang, you had said that you'll marry me when I grow up… I'm looking forward to it…"

These two papers had been crumpled. In addition, they had been placed at the bottom of the stack. Apparently, this little girl had felt embarrassed after she had written all this. So, she had secretly stuffed these at the bottom…

Mo Tian Ji erupted. He looked at Chu Yang with infinite grief and indignation, "You animal! You've captured my little sister's pure heart!"

Chu Yang felt a pain in his heart. He looked at Mo Qing Wu's handwriting line by line. It was puerile yet proper. Chu Yang could feel how pitiful she must have felt back then.

[Mo Qing Wu had been missing me so much. It's clear that she had been very upset at that time.]

[Otherwise, why would so many strange ideas come in the mind of a ten year old little girl?]

Minister Chu felt sad as he saw these papers in which the cute little girl had poured her feelings out. Then, he became so angry that he couldn't contain his anger. He hadn't expected that Mo Tian Ji would be the one asking questions. It was simply like adding fuel to the fire.

King of Hell Chu erupted in a flash, "Bastard! All of this has happened because your family had abused Little Wu. Otherwise, how could she possibly miss me so much? Who am I at the end of the day? After all is said and done… what about all of you who treated her like that for more than a month? You have no sense of shame. You shameless, filthy, and lowly people… your Mo Clan is the worst! And, you're wrongly accusing me for capturing your sister… Have you been very good to her?! Would I have been able to so-called 'capture' her heart if you had been nice to her?"

[This King of Hell Chu is so doughty. He has captured someone's younger sister's heart, and he's still counter-attacking in a righteous and self-confident manner. He might be the first man to do so since ancient times.]

Mo Tian Ji seethed with anger, "So, you do admit that you've captured my younger sister's heart!"

He narrowed his eyes. "So, you hadn't meant it when you had said to her that you would marry her after she's all grown up?"

Chu Yang stared blankly. However, he reacted within an instant. He angrily said, "Hey… wasn't it you who told me that I would already be an old man by the time your younger sister grew up?"

"However, it seems to have much possibility looking at the signs that you've cleverly captured her heart." Mo Tian Ji paced back-and-forth in the room. He was extremely distressed, "Only you were there with Little Wu to comfort her when she was the most helpless. She was very young back then. So, she had built a deep-rooted dependence on you… This dependence is most likely to blossom into feelings of love after she grows up…"

He clutched his hair, and sighed in despair, "I had let you be with her and meet her frequently. That was because I had thought that nature would perhaps take its course and build a love of brother and sister between you two. However, it turned out that it was you who she missed the most while suffering hardships. You came to save her when she was the most vulnerable, and she became even more dependent on you as a result.

"…she was taken away by Supreme Experts shortly after you saved her! So, she left before the misunderstandings between her and the clan could be cleared out. She thinks that you're the only good person. Now, you two won't meet for a long time. So, how would she not miss you?

"She'll start to have intimate feelings once she turns fourteen or fifteen… Then, she'll long for you impatiently. And then, this longing of hers will carve into her bones, and engrave in her heart… It's bad… It's very bad!"

Mo Tian Ji roved around with his hair clutched in his hands. He looked like a donkey tied up in a mill.

However, Chu Yang sucked in cold air on the contrary, and continued to burst with joy.

[Mo Tian Ji is right. Mo Qing Wu would've easily developed a love between brother and sister towards me if she and I had stayed together like that more. And, that would've been very scary…]

[However, it seems that all the conditions are right now. So, success will follow by itself… even if I'm very sad that she has been taken away by those Supreme Experts.]

[Mo Tian Ji's understanding of Mo Qing Wu is matchless. And, his understanding of human nature and evolution of feelings is even better. There's definitely a big possibility of it happening since he has said so…]

Minister Chu was ecstatic. He was grinning from ear to ear.

He then put on a flabbergasted look, and asked, "It can't be, right? Brother Mo… you… you're saying this just to scare me, right? How can that little girl have such a complex heart?"

Mo Tian Ji had become very angry. He was flustered and exasperated, "Others may not have. But, Little Wu surely does!"

"What to do about this?" Minister Chu foolishly asked.

"What to do you ask? You're the one who has brought this disaster! And, you're asking me what to do?! King of Hell Chu, you just wait for your death if my younger sister comes back all grown-up and falls in love with you!" Mo Tian Ji clenched his teeth. This man would usually be calm and composed. However, he was pointed his finger at King of Hell Chu's nose at the moment. He was shouting and cussing. He was spurting his spittle on King of Hell Chu's face.

"Speaking of this…" Minister Chu seemed worried and heavy-hearted, "I'll turn eighteen this year. Most people fear that their son has become too old at this age… So, I can't keep waiting for a small girl for God knows how many years… I might truly become an old man by then."

"Huh?" Mo Tian Ji was startled. He tilted his head, and looked at Chu Yang.

"Brother Mo, it's good that you've reminded me." Minister Chu firmly said, "I should also think of my big day. Otherwise, it would be… terrible in case Little Wu becomes exactly what you've just said."

"What?!" Mo Tian Ji jumped like a cat whose tail had been stepped on. He then blinked his eyes, and thought, [Wouldn't that poor little girl die of heart break if she were to find out that her dear Elder Brother Chu Yang got married after she comes back? After all, her wait of so many years will have been in vain in that case. That girl is very stubborn… What if…]

"Brother Mo," Chu Yang said whilst being in deep sorrow, "I understand your feelings. I also understand the fact that this is an important matter. Therefore, you need not worry. I'll resolve this problem as soon as possible. What you've said is right. It's true that Little Wu is too young… I truly can't afford to wait…"

Mo Tian Ji was dumbstruck. He stared blankly.

"Let me tell you… I don't say anything, but that's what it truly is. There are many pretty girls in the Middle Three Heavens with whom I can try to develop a relationship…" Chu Yang exposed a lustful color in his eyes. He then proudly said, "Brother Mo, I - Chu Yang - have good prestige and reputation. So, it shouldn't be difficult for me to find a girl to marry."

"Find a girl to marry? You dare not!" Mo Tian Ji suddenly became flustered and exasperated. He scurried about, "Motherfu*ker, you want to pat your buttocks, and slip away after causing a disaster? Let me tell you King of Hell Chu… you won't even think of getting married before Little Wu comes back! I'll kill the girl that you find! And, don't even try to find two of them… because I'll kill both of them!"

"You're making no sense!" Minister Chu felt wronged, and shouted. "Had you not caught my words, and criticized me when I had jokingly said that I would wait for your younger sister to grow up? Moreover, you don't approve of it. You'll kill me if your younger sister likes me! I'm okay with that now. I said that I would find a wife. But, you have a problem with this too? You… you're being too controlling, okay? Do you think you're my father?"

Mo Tian Ji's entire face had turned a deep shade of red. He argued wickedly, "It won't do in any case! What would we do in case my younger sister fell in love with you? Wouldn't it break my younger sister's heart if you got married to someone?"

Mo Tian Ji was pestering unreasonably and endlessly.

Chu Yang spread out his hands. "I can't meet these unreasonable expectations of yours! You tell me… what should I do? Let me listen to you. Do you want me to abstain, and wait to woo your younger sister?"

"You dare not!" Mo Tian Ji bellowed.

"That won't do?" Minister Chu again spread out his hands, "Fine… Then, I'll hurriedly find a woman, and settle down with her. Wouldn't that be right?"

"You dare not!" Mo Tian Ji again roared.

"Fu*k!" Minister Chu was burning with anger, "What do you want me to do? Are you fu*king insane?"

Mo Tian Ji was stuck in a mental conflict. He didn't want to let his younger sister go to this animal. But, he also didn't want his younger sister to be sad. He knew Mo Qing Wu's nature very well. [She'll break down if she were to find out that Chu Yang has gotten married after she comes back! And, it won't be strange… if some accident happens due to that.]

"You're not allowed to woo my sister in any case. And, you're not allowed to get married before my sister comes back." Mo Tian Ji resolutely said.

"I won't bear this farce!" Minister Chu turned around, and started to walk. He cussed whilst walking away, "Motherfu*ker, you won't let me get married… You want to make me wait for a little loli. And, you don't want me to woo her after I would've waited for her for so long. I won't let you take advantage of me. I'll start looking for a girl to get married right now. Dammit! I'll be eighteen soon. And, I don't know how many more years I would have to wait… Then, it would be useless even if I do get married…"

"Brother Chu, Brother Chu, Brother Chu…" Mo Tian Ji hurriedly stopped him. He then thought for a long while. Then, he finally gave in. He said in a low and submissive voice, "I think that it would be good if you were to become my brother-in-law," he had said these words with his teeth gritted. So, it was clear that he didn't wish to let go of Mo Qing Wu. Moreover, he might go back on his word any time.

"I don't give a fu*k!" Chu Yang raised his head.

"What else do you want?" Mo Tian Ji bellowed, "I've already conceded."

"You've conceded? Well, let's say that I accept it. But, tell me one thing… What would I do in case your younger sister doesn't fall in love with me after she comes back? You're making me wait for her like that… and do I go on waiting after that as well? Who would compensate for… for my lost youth? I'm in the prime of my life. A man's beauty becomes outstanding in his prime. He becomes a graceful youngster! How many such years are there in a person's life? Mo Tian Ji, it seems that you haven't calculated that!"

Minister Chu spoke forcefully and righteously, "You want me to make such a sacrifice, and you think that you won't have to pay any price? Dream on!"

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