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Chu Yang was somewhat dumbfounded.

[Human nature… is exactly the nature of a human. It's not the character of a person. I made you study human nature. But, you left that path, and headed towards a different direction altogether.]

"I know that you had meant something else. You had been talking about the human instincts!" Mo Tian Ji waved his hand to-and-fro. He then said in a serious manner, "I've also vigorously thought about the instincts of a person. But, there's nothing to study about it. It can be summed up in these few words — the strong prey on the weak!

"What I've just said may sound somewhat cruel. However, it is the reality… Even a good person has to face this fact throughout their life. Good people want to live properly. They don't want to harm anyone. However, they'll inevitably do so as long as they go on living!

"To survive is to compete… Martial Artists do it. Even common people do it! There is always someone who can do a job properly. And then, there's someone who can't do it properly. The person who can do a job properly hasn't harmed anyone. But, their boss will certainly keep them, and expel the one who isn't suitable. Therefore, the one not suitable was harmed because of the existence of that diligent person who meant no harm.

"We get used to this kind of environment because we experience it every day. Therefore, we think nothing about it. As they say —'Survival of the fittest'. Things keep changing every moment. Everyone steps on others' shoulders to gain superiority! One can stand firm only after they've defeated others even if they are merely responsible for killing pigs in a meat shop!

"This victory is bound to harm others no matter if the person has gained it by integrity… no matter if they have a good conscience and good ethics."

Mo Tian Ji let out a deep sigh, "This is how a human is! Good people follow the law of jungle. And, bad people do the same.

"This is human nature!

"It takes a mountain full of skeletons for one person to succeed. A person becomes famous at the cost of thousands. Even a poor or common person has to step on piles of skeletons so that they can chew the fruit of victory!

"The fact that others aren't competent enough isn't a justification for you to harm them. However, you will harm them even if you don't want to. A person harms so long as they exist. This has been the case since ancient times.

"Therefore, there's no need to discuss human nature. It is already obvious."

Chu Yang was pondering. He was silently digesting Mo Tian Ji's words. He slowly nodded, "You might have exaggerated it a bit. But, I have to admit that it is a bit rational."

"Apparently, this is the difference between you and me." Mo Tian Ji looked at Chu Yang with some admiration, "You are vicious and merciless, but you only see the bright side of human nature. On the other hand, I always see the dark side of it. Therefore… Chu Yang, it won't come as a surprise to me if someone kills you someday. However, no one can kill me — Mio Tian Ji — as long as some unreasonable violence doesn't occur!

"This is my luck, but your misfortune. But, it's not the other way round!"

Mo Tian Ji's voice had become serious.

Chu Yang's complexion had turned solemn. [I feel that a person wouldn't have any fun throughout their life if they focus only on the dark side whilst considering an issue… But, Mo Tian is clearly enjoying this mindset, and doesn't seem to be bored by it.]

"I like calculating… I like playing people at the palm of my hand. Forcefully manipulating the predatory behavior of people gives me pleasure." Mo Tian Ji laughed at himself.

"Therefore, I only think of a person's character when you mention 'human nature'! It is because human nature in itself doesn't have any weakness. But, a person's character has flaws! And, these flaws can be my biggest weapon to defeat that person!

"For example… I would start at the Lower Three Heavens if I want to deal with you - Chu Yang. I wouldn't try to kill you in the Middle Three Heavens. That's because it's necessary to defeat your friends to deal with you… You're known as King of Hell Chu. However, the fact is that you are a passionate and sincerely devoted man. So, you will undoubtedly die once you lose your friends!

"This is your biggest weakness as well as your greatest strength."

Mo Tian Ji heaved a deep sigh.

Chu Yang was shocked in his heart.

[Very good!]

[Hadn't I been defeated exactly like this in my previous life? The destruction of Beyond the Heaven Sect had made me a man who wouldn't think about anything except revenge. I only focused on my 'Heartless Sword Way' due to the hatred in my heart. But, it harmed Qing Wu in the end!]

[My life became gloomy after Qing Wu died. I had thought of getting rid of my inner demon by taking revenge, but I hadn't thought that I would lose my heart in the process. And, how could I possibly have had the inner demon to push me for revenge when I had lost my will to live? Therefore, I couldn't advance even an inch after Qing Wu's death!]

[Mo Tian Ji has indeed seen through my character!]

"Therefore, I'm very concerned about the lives of Dong Wu Shang and the others." Mo Tian Ji continued, "It's because I know that you'll go insane if one of them were to die!

"And, all of us will be done for if you go insane."

Mo Tian Ji forced a smile, "It is like a big circle. Every person has an important role to play in this!"

"Or, this is how you go on in your life!" Chu Yang slowly said in a tone of a seasoned person.

[After all, Mo Tian Ji is Mo Tian Ji.]

[He's on the journey of the Master of Calculation and Manipulation of the previous life! He has already turned into the man who wouldn't hesitate to collect information from anyone he would meet. Then, he would analyze that person's weaknesses and habits. And then, he would formulate countermeasures to deal with them.]

[He can even make out what the first sentence of that person will be. He can even know what that person would say next… or whether the person would change his mind or not. He can tell what all things can enchant that person. Or, what kind of words can infuriate that person in a flash. Or, what kind of words can calm that person down.]

[He's an amazing person. But, he's perhaps pitiful too.]

[It's because he would only read others all his life, and would lose all his life's joy in doing so.]

"The plan is already set. Today is September 17. The decisive battle will occur on October 10 at the Lake of Despair! Not many days are left, but we still have time. Also, we have three days of free leisure time."

Mo Tian Ji said with a smile, "What are you going to do in these three days?"

"I'll go check out Qing Wu's small courtyard." Chu Yang insipidly said.

Mo Tian Ji gawked… He shot a look of confliction from his eyes, and said, "I'll go with you." He smiled and said, "Brother Chu, I'm not afraid of your jokes. I've been feeling very ashamed in my heart these days. I don't dare to go alone to my little sister's courtyard. I often go to its door, and I feel as if I'm hearing my little sister crying. Alas… my poor little sister."

Chu Yang became speechless. He had no choice, but to pat on Mo Tian Ji's shoulder to comfort him.

The two went together, and arrived at Mo Qing Wu's courtyard.

The courtyard was very clean. It was evident that someone cleaned the courtyard every day.

Mo Tian Ji stopped his footsteps when they reached the entrance. Then, he let Chu Yang walk ahead of him… intentionally or otherwise. It seemed that he still didn't dare to be the first one to push open the door of Mo Qing Wu's room.

Chu Yang opened the door, and a creaking sound issued.

Then, a faint but familiar sweet fragrance spread out from the inside.

[This is Qing Wu's smell…] Chu Yang felt moved in his heart.

[This is Younger Sister's smell…] Mo Tian Ji felt his emotions stirring up.

The two puffed their noses at the same time, and deeply inhaled. Then, they closed their eyes. Then, they found that the other person had also done the same. They then opened their eyes, and glared at each other.

"What are you sniffing? Is your nose uncomfortable?"

"What are you sniffing? Is your nose uncomfortable?"

Both of them asked each other at the same time. They both came in their defensive mode at this moment… as if their sovereignty mustn't be violated.

"Why do you care?"

"Why do you care?"

They spoke in unison.



They both angrily snorted. Then, the two big men tried to push each other aside… They crashed into the room at the same time.

"You beast!" Chu Yang gritted his teeth, and cussed in rage.

"You beast!" Mo Tian Ji gritted his teeth, and cussed in rage.

There was a lot of dust on the table in the room. It was clear that no one had come here ever since Mo Qing Wu had left.

The quilt was neatly folded on the bed… There was a small pillow on the pink cotton-wadded quilt. And, there was a tattered scabbard on that pillow.

They both suddenly felt a pain in their hearts as they saw that tattered scabbard. [The unendurable moments of Mo Qing Wu's life had passed holding this thing.]

[Mo Qing Wu… must've been feeling aggrieved and depressed back then!]

Chu Yang felt his eye-sockets heating up. He then turned his head, and firmly glared at Mo Tian Ji… as if he would eat him alive.

Mo Tian Ji didn't have the courage to look Chu Yang in the eye this time. He lowered his head feeling ashamed.

"You did a very good deed!" Minister Chu stamped his foot. He angrily cussed at Mo Tian Ji whilst feeling aggrieved.

Mo Tian Ji sadly heaved a deep sigh.

Chu Yang took a step forward. He then gently lifted the scabbard from the pillow… The scabbard seemed light and empty. It seemed as if it hadn't changed since Chu Yang had last seen it. However, Chu Yang detected that it was slightly different from before.

The scabbard was a lot cleaner than it was at the time when he had given it to Mo Qing Wu. Moreover, its color had also darkened at some places.

Consequently, he couldn't help but form a picture in his head — Mo Qing Wu is pitifully holding the scabbard. She's sticking her little face on the scabbard. She is sitting in front of the door, and longing for him with her head raised.

"Elder Brother Chu Yang, I miss you."

"Elder Brother Chu Yang, I feel as if you've almost come to pick me up every time I hold this scabbard."

Chu Yang heaved a deep sigh. He felt a pain in his heart… as if his heart had been twisted.

Mo Tian Ji took a step forward; he was about to take a look at the scabbard. However, Chu Yang suddenly opened his eyes wide and lifted up the scabbard. Mo Tian Ji stared at him for a long time. But, he eventually retreated whilst feeling disappointed.

Chu Yang gently unfolded the quilt… A delicate but dense fragrance came out. He couldn't help but firmly sniff with his nose.

Mo Tian Ji was behind him. His expression became fierce as he saw this. He almost wanted to kick this shameless guy out.

Then, Chu Yang sat on the edge of the bed… He didn't move after that. Mo Tian Ji touched his nose for a while. Then, he finally walked over with a shameless face, and sat down on the bedside. Minister Chu naturally rolled his eyes at him once again. However, the Master of Calculation and Manipulation didn't care. He had coughed twice, and calmly sat down.

Mo Tian Ji then stroked his hands to his left as well as to his right.

Both of them traced their hands under the bedding… They suddenly felt a texture that didn't feel to be a part of bedding. It also issued a very slight rustling sound…

Then, both of them started to fight intensely.

There was clearly some paper or something like that under the bedding. Mo Qing Wu had probably made some notes, and hid them here.

In fact, both of them had come here for this.

Mo Qing Wu must've had too many feelings back then. However, there had been no one to share them with. So, she could only write them down somewhere, and then hide it… But, where could a little girl hide it?

Naturally, it couldn't remain hidden from the eyes of people like Mo Tian Ji and Chu Yang.

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