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Dong Wu Lei had only had one thought in his heart during that moment, [This is my younger brother! I won't let him die even if I myself die! And, I'll die together with him if his death is certain!]

[That's because my younger brother is too young… He can't go alone on the road to afterlife… He might feel scared there.]

Therefore, Dong Wu Lei had impulsively rushed over to his younger brother's side even though he had always been jealous and suspicious of him.

[I want no tears for myself, but I also want him to have no injuries!]

Young Black Devil heard Dong Wu Lei's words, and became silent… Any person who understood Young Black Devil would've found out that this future ruler of the world of assassins was silently smiling.

Dong Wu Lei had begun to quickly bandage Dong Wu Shang's wounds. He tore off piece after piece of his soft underclothes, and bandaged his younger brother. Consequently, this immaculately dressed Eldest Young Master of Dong Clan was soon in rags.

The people of Black Devil Clan were silently watching the two brothers in the field… One of the two stood upright and motionless, and had tears in his eyes… The other was busy at work. He was carefully and unceasingly dressing the wounds. He was doing so very gently and with utmost care.

However, Young Black Devil hadn't given any command. Therefore, no one had dared to set into action. Besides, the Dong brothers were already trapped. They just couldn't escape. So, there was no need to hurry for the time being.

Dong Wu Lei's heart sank while he dressed his younger brother's wounds… A cry of despair had welled up in his heart.

The wounds of big or medium sizes on Dong Wu Shang's body were nearly a hundred in number! The most serious one was the bloody hole in his chest; it had linked his front to his back! Then, there was the injury caused by the fist blow to his waist. The spot of impact had concaved in, and the area around it had swollen outwards.

[This is a serious internal injury!]

Dong Wu Lei's hands were trembling. He'd had some hope initially, [Younger brother is a rare martial arts genius. He's the only Saber Emperor in his generation! He can escape if his wounds are dressed properly. My nine subordinates and I will go all-out to defend the rear. And, this will provide Dong Wu Shang with an opportunity to rush out of here.]

However, he had given up all hope now.

[It's already a miracle that Dong Wu Shang didn't die on the spot with such injuries! He might die if he tries to push himself. Then, there will be no way to save him!]

[He'll undoubtedly die!]

Dong Wu Lei's breathing was getting rougher and heavier. He was snorting more and more heavily… like a bull. He was trying his best to restrain his sadness and heartache, but he still couldn't do so. He only felt more and more tight and sorrowful in his chest. He was so grieved that he wished he were dead.

However, Dong Wu Shang stood content. He now felt joyful in his heart! [My elder brother is still the same old elder brother! I'm so content…]

Dong Wu Lei bandaged Dong Wu Shang's most grave wounds. Only then did he turn his head over. He raised his head to look at the nine remaining people of Dong Clan whilst dressing the less serious wounds of his brother.

Those nine people felt like averting their eyes, but Dong Wu Lei's gaze had already shot over sharply, "Were you the ones who... hurt Wu Shang?!" his voice was serious and awe-inspiring. His voice sounded calm and insipid, but he had spoken with clenched teeth.

Everyone could sense the bitter resentment contained in his words.

"... Yes," the nine people answered in unison. They lowered their heads, and realized, [It's all over now. It seems that all of this was arranged by the Young Clan Lady… Eldest Young Master wasn't even aware…] 

However, they weren't afraid of death… What they feared the most was the fact that they might be branded as traitors before death! After all, their wives, children, and relatives would be done for in that case.

The muscles on Dong Wu Lei's face twitched a little. And, this revealed traces of deep fierceness. However, all of that disappeared the next moment… He then heaved a sigh, and indifferently asked, "What about the others?"

"Dead... All of them are dead... Even Second Senior Elder... is dead..." The nine people felt sad in their hearts. [Why would we have bothered to do this if we had known that Eldest Young Master didn't want this? Didn't all those people die... in vain?

"It's good that they're dead! It's truly good that they're dead! It saved me some effort."

Dong Wu Lei nodded his head. He then took a deep breath, and asked, "Were they killed by the Second Young Master… or Black Devil?"

"Yes… by Second Young Master." The nine people didn't dare to hide anything, and nodded at once.

[It's good that they are dead? It saved me some effort? Is this Eldest Young Master's view on those people?] The nine people nearly fainted.

"It's good that they got killed!" Dong Wu Lei nodded. He clenched his teeth, and said, "They deserved to be killed! They had it coming!"

'It's good that they got killed...' was his next comment.

"You nine… why didn't you die?" Dong Wu Lei's gaze suddenly became cruel and vicious… like that of a vulture gazing at a corpse. He coldly said, "You blocked your Second Young Master, and attempted to kill him… despite the fact that you people are his subordinates. You people are disloyal, unfilial, heartless, and unjust traitors. What are you still alive for?!"

The nine people's faces simultaneously revealed a terrible color of despair and guilt.

"I've already punished that slut, Yu Wen Xiu! And, you people are her accomplices!" Dong Wu Lei coldly said, "When has an order of the Dong Clan ever come... from the mouth of ignorant women and children?

"You people readily believed it like a bunch of naïve morons. And, we two brothers here will perish together today because of your stupidity. The Dong Clan will be left with no successors, and will soon fall into ruins. You people have no qualms about what you've done?"

The nine people's faces turned ashen... They were on the verge of collapse.

"And, don't even think about saying that you're loyal to me… or that you did it because you're so utterly loyal to the Dong Clan. You men stopped being the people of my Dong Clan the moment you attacked Second Young Master."

Dong Wu Lei's voice seemed gentle. But, it was still somewhat stern.

Bean-sized beads of cold sweat sprouted out on the nine people's faces. They just lowered their heads, and couldn't say a word.

"Elder... Brother..." Dong Wu Shang was overwhelmed with emotion, and was unable to speak.

Dong Wu Lei heaved a long sigh. Then, he said in a gloomy voice, "Wu Shang, would you believe me if I said that I didn't know anything about this whole matter?"

"I believe you!" Dong Wu Shang nodded again and again. He was truly glad in his heart.

Dong Wu Lei had disregarded his own safety, and had jumped into this certain death scenario just to save him. So, how could Dong Wu Shang not feel reassured? What was there to distrust now?

"Thank you, brother!" Dong Wu Lei smiled in a straightforward manner… He looked like a treacherous guy from his face. So, his face looked somewhat weird now that he had put on such a frank smile.

"I indeed dread you and your accomplishments! I can't wait for you to disappear!" Dong Wu Lei looked at his younger brother with a complex look in his eyes, "But, I'll come to you myself if I can't take it anymore! I'll make you leave the clan. And, I'll kill you if you don't leave! I've been working hard for more than 20 years to become the Lord of the Dong Clan! I won't give up! Do you understand?"

"I understand!" Dong Wu Shang nodded heavily.

"I feel much more comfortable in my heart now that I've said this out loud," Dong Wu Lei smiled, "I wouldn't have said it openly if not for this completely hopeless situation that we're in."

He then looked at his younger brother with a concerned look, and asked, "Can you still go on?"

"I can!" Dong Wu Shang heavily nodded. He still looked weak from his facial expression. However, his spirit was stirred up.

"Good… It's been a few years since you and I have fought alongside." Dong Wu Lei smiled faintly, "I hadn't thought that I would get to fight the final battle of certain death shoulder-to-shoulder with you! I guess I'm somewhat grateful to that slutty sister-in-law of yours for this. But, that's only because she has preserved a root for the Dong Clan."

He smiled, and said in a soft voice, "I had originally planned to banish her so long as I managed to return. However... I'm somewhat reluctant to do it now, hha..."

Dong Wu Shang swallowed his saliva, and said in a low voice, "Elder brother, elder sister-in-law also wants good for you."

"Good for me..." Dong Wu Lei smiled coldly, "But, her reasoning doesn't represent my feelings! Even the most heinous people have a well-founded reason behind their actions. So, I never listen to reasons and explanations… I only look at the outcome.

"Even the biggest or noblest reason would be pointless if the outcome makes me unhappy."

Dong Wu Lei sighed… He felt pain in his heart as he regretfully looked at Dong Wu Shang, "Younger brother, Wu Shang, it's so unfortunate... Today we're going to die… This is so unfortunate for a youthful and unrivaled genius like you. This elder brother has brought harm upon you!"

However, Dong Wu Shang's eyes exuded an earnest brilliance at this moment… Then, his hand reached into his bosom as he said, "Elder brother... we may not die!"

Dong Wu Shang was feeling an intense will to live at this moment… This feeling had suddenly erupted in his heart.

[I don't want to die!]

His hand had tightly gripped that jade card on his chest!

This was the trademark of the Heavenly Armament Pavilion!

Dong Wu Lei felt the rim of his eyes turning hot as he looked at his younger brother's joyful face. He couldn't help but feel as if a knife was being twisted in his heart. He knew full-well why Dong Wu Shang was so happy despite being so seriously injured.

[It's because he has been longing for me this entire time. He has been longing for the recovery of our brotherly sentiment.]

[It has finally happened today. But, it's already too late. However, the happiness that's welling up from my brother's heart is genuine… even if death is near at hand.]

Dong Wu Lei felt a severe pain in his heart. But, he somehow endured this strong sadness. He then slowly stood up, and turned his back towards his brother as he said in a mournful manner, "Yes, we may not die."

The fact was that… he was secretly determined in his heart, [I won't let you die even if I die!]

[I'll make sure you that you don't die as long as I'm alive! I can't stand to see my younger brother being killed in front of me.]

Dong Wu Lei started to walk toward the Young Black Devil after he thought this… The look on his face was tranquil, and his gait was steady.

Young Black Devil seemed to know what Dong Wu Lei wanted as he watched him coming over… He waved his hand to stop his men from interfering. So, Dong Wu Lei went unhindered and unimpeded to the front of Young Black Devil.

Young Black Devil's sharp gaze fell on him. He then sinisterly said, "Have you come to beg for mercy?"

The mark in Dong Wu Shang bosom split with a gentle 'pop' sound. There was a flattened and compact purple jade bottle inside it. Dong Wu Shang shook it, and said in his heart, "Big Brother, thank you."

The incomplete version of Nine Tribulations Pill was popped into his mouth the next moment!

Dong Wu Shang felt a sudden burst of heat in his Dantian. This energy then spread throughout the damaged meridians of his body. This was just like how the rice seedlings would welcome the spring drizzle after a prolonged drought.

The meridians in Dong Wu Shang's body were recovering rapidly in this moment. And, he could even feel that the muscles and flesh in all of his wounds were wiggling about and itching whilst fusing up.

The repair of his meridians was completed in the blink of an eye. The repair of internal injuries was completed the next moment. Then...

His primary power which had dried up suddenly gathered together. The mighty waves of energy gradually surged into his Dantian… just like thousands of brooks merging into a river!

His wounds turned into scars in an instant, and then fell off…

The stab wound on his chest got filled up at a speed that was visible to the naked eye! It slowly turned into a very small hole-wound which eventually got covered and smoothened up.

Then, Dong Wu Shang suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes shot two sharp divine-rays, and they came out just like saber-beams!

Meanwhile, Dong Wu Lei said this to Black Devil, "Let my younger brother go! You can do whatever you want to me!"

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