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Young Black Devil closed his eyes, and turned around after he issued the command. Apparently, he didn't have the heart to witness Dong Wu Shang getting dismembered.

Dong Wu Shang sneered. Then, he slowly lifted up his big saber from the ground… The saber's edge seemed cold and ominous!

[This fight is the last fight of my life!]

He slowly said, "Black Devil, won't you take my life with your own hands?"

A conflicted look flashed in Young Black Devil's eyes. He then sinisterly said, "I don't dare to."

He had said these words in a sinister manner. However, they were very honest… They weren't sarcastic in any way.

He didn't dare… He truly didn't dare! It was because the present Dong Wu Shang could erupt, and launch an attack at any time. Also, it would be his final strike!

Dong Wu Shang might die immediately after that attack. But, Young Black Devil still wouldn't be able to avoid sustaining injuries. Moreover, those injuries would be very severe!

Dong Wu Shang burst into laughter as he slowly lifted his saber to his chest. Then, he faced upwards, and let out a long cry. He then said, "I'm on the verge of departing from life and death. But, I - Dong Wu Shang - am truly honored by these words of yours!"

"You don't dare?!"

"You don't dare?!"

"Hahahaha… then who dares?"

Dong Wu Shang roared. He opened his eyes wide, and then ferociously stamped his foot forward… A divine ray burst in his eyes! Then, he coldly glanced at the crowd of Black Devil Clan's experts in front of him.

Young Black Devil's face was covered with a mask, but it had turned red in shame!

There were more than sixty high-level killers of Black Devil Clan in front of Dong Wu Shang. But, all of them were afraid of his imposing aura. All of them suddenly found themselves shaking with fear in their hearts. They felt as if their heart had suddenly skipped a beat. They all took a step back in unison… as if by prior agreement. They couldn't help but expose a look of fright in their eyes.

Dong Wu Shang was on the verge of death. But, his prestige was still suppressing more than sixty top-notch killers. None of them dared to take a step forward!

"Who dares?"

Dong Wu Shang again roared. He then again took a step forward! His black hair which had gotten dyed in blood fiercely flew upwards. They danced in the wind with fluttering sounds. He looked like a Devil God at this moment!

The subordinates of Black Devil took another step back…

They desperately wanted to stand firm on the ground… They even wanted to go forward, and face the enemy… These people were killers. They weren't considered as normal people. Who among them had ever feared death? However, they couldn't step forward at this moment; no matter what. They were eager to step forward in their heart, but their feet just wouldn't move. Instead, their feet were moving backwards...

Some of them wanted to let out a battle cry to boost their morale. But, they found that words weren't coming out of their mouth.

Dong Wu Shang's earth-shattering imposing aura was deterring them from having any thoughts of resistance!

"Who dares?! Who dares to have a fight with me - Dong Wu Shang?" Dong Wu Shang roared. He again took a step forward with a 'bang'. Then, he suddenly burst into loud laughter. "Ha ha ha ha… This is very entertaining!"

Young Black Devil felt as if he was looking at a deity as he looked at Dong Wu Shang. Suddenly, his mind shook… His eyes were somewhat enchanted at this moment!!

[He's a hero!]

[He's an unrivalled champion!]

Black Devil had a feeling about Dong Wu Shang at this moment [Let's say the sky collapses at this moment… Then, Dong Wu Shang would chop it into two halves with his saber!]

[A man who can have a spirit like that of Dong Wu Shang would be a real man… The life of such a man wouldn't be in vain!]

[However, it's a pity that such a hero will die at our hands. Moreover, he would die an untimely death. I must say that I'll regret this!]

"Dong Wu Shang, you're incredible… You have a good spirit!" Young Black Devil completely mobilized his martial power to praise him with a thunderclap-like voice.

This explosive shout severed Dong Wu Shang's rainbow-like imposing aura across the middle!

After all, Dong Wu Shang was already weak and exhausted.

More than sixty experts of the Black Devil Clan seemed to have been awakened from a dream at the same time. Everyone exposed a humiliated and angry expression. Therefore, all of them let out a cry in unison.

"Attack!" Young Black Devil faced upwards, and exclaimed.

More than sixty experts rushed forth towards Dong Wu Shang at the same time.

Dong Wu Shang burst into loud laughter. "Come on!" He straightened his saber, and rushed out taking big steps. He was seriously wounded. So, he couldn't jump. But, he had such a fearless stance while taking those big steps that it seemed as if a mountain was striding over a sea!

His one step led to creation!

And, the other led to destruction!

Both sides were soon going to engage in a fierce close-quarters fight. An intense look of ruthlessness flashed through Dong Wu Shang's eyes… Then, a sharp saber-beam flashed as he lifted up his 285 kilograms Black Saber!

Sounds of rapid hoof-beats suddenly rose up like rolling thunder from far away!

These sounds were rapid like a gale of wind, and dense like downpour!

One could tell only by listening to these sounds that the person on the horseback was anxious like anything at this moment.

All of the people who were just about to fight felt a shock in their hearts… A man was riding over from a faraway place like whirlwind. The man anxiously screamed before arriving at the battlefield, "Wu Shang!~~~~"

This scream came from the distance like a thunderclap, and echoed in all directions.

This voice had anxiety, heartache, fright, worry, love, and doting… It had all kinds of sentiments. And, these emotions were seemingly embodied in this scream.

This scream was simply a fusion of all kinds of good and bad emotions of life!

Dong Wu Shang raised his head. He then incredulously looked into the distance at the man riding over, and his eyes emitted brilliance. The lifeless expression in his eyes immediately regained a little vitality!

The horse arrived rapidly like a dragon, and stopped near Dong Wu Shang. Then, a man jumped off the horse with flying speed. He then turned towards the fifty to sixty people, and insipidly swept his eyes through them. Then, he walked taking giant steps to the middle of the battlefield; it seemed as if he had completely ignored those people.

He acted as though there was nobody else present on the scene.

It was Dong Wu Lei!

Several killers of Black Devil coldly snorted. They were going to set into action.

Young Black Devil issued a dazzling glint from his eyes. Then, he waved his hand, and snorted.

Consequently, those killers of the Black Devil remained still out of fear… They all shrank back.

Dong Wu Shang looked at his elder brother coming towards him from the front... He suddenly became very emotional. It seemed as if this was something he had been hoping for. [Is this real?]

Dong Wu Lei wasn't worried. He passed by the crowd with his nose in the air. He strode over to the front of Dong Wu Shang, and stopped. Then, he swept his sharp vision on Dong Wu Shang's body from top to bottom. Consequently, he swallowed a little saliva with a gulp sound. Then, he averted his eyes. Expressions of heartache and anxiety swept past his eyes. But, he hastily restrained them. He then said in a forcefully controlled and calm voice, "Who did this?! Who injured my brother?"

These words made Dong Wu Shang shiver. He felt a lump in his throat. His frozen heart became warm within an instant! He was unable to control his overwhelming sentiments now.

He remembered the time when he was young… He would willfully make trouble and lose in fights, and his elder brother would always promptly rush to him to take a look at his injuries. And then, his elder brother would ask in grief… as if he himself had been in pain, "Who did this? Who hurt my brother?"

[I haven't heard these words since I turned 16!]

[But, I've finally heard them again today!]

Dong Wu Shang suddenly felt weak. God knows when the word 'weak' had faded out from Dong Wu Shang's life. However, he suddenly felt like sobbing loudly…

This was simply an unimaginable thing for a guy like Dong Wu Shang who had always been as strong as iron. However, he truly felt a lump in his throat at this moment. He was unable to control the tears welling up in his eyes.

The remaining nine experts of Dong Clan shivered behind Dong Wu Shang. They were somewhat happy and somewhat worried. They were also somewhat puzzled.

[What's happening…? Why has the Eldest Young Master rushed to this place? Enemies are everywhere now. And, Dong Clan doesn't have enough military strength. But, he has still come here alone. Why would he do something like this?]

[Moreover… it's strange. Could it be that Eldest Young Master hadn't known about the ambush for Second Young Master… Could it be that he's against it? But… But, Young Clan Lady…]

They were confused. They were utterly confused!

"Black Devil! I want to dress my younger brother's wounds. Kill us after a while if you wish to do so!" Dong Wu Lei looked at Dong Wu Shang, but remained standing with his back towards Black Devil. Then, he solemnly said without turning his head, "Only I have come from amongst the important members of the clan. So, you can rest assured… There won't be any issue. You can wait while I hurriedly finish it. Tell me, are you okay with this?"

Young Black devil felt as if he had been put in a spot. He swallowed down saliva. He didn't know why the rims of his eyes had become somewhat moist. However, he still heaved a deep breath, and said in his usual sinister voice, "He's going to die anyway. So, what is the need of dressing his wounds? Would he not turn into a corpse if you dress his wounds?"

Dong Wu Lei tore a piece of cloth from the hem of his robe with a screeching sound. He then hurriedly went to dress Dong Wu Shang's wounds. He insipidly said whilst doing so, "I know that we'll die in a while. But, that's a different matter… I must dress my brother's wounds as long as I'm alive. This bastard doesn't take care of himself. He doesn't know how to stop the bleeding. But, I'll be his elder brother even if we both meet our ancestors in the Netherworlds together. So, what would I do if the ancestors ask me why my younger brother looks so miserable? Wouldn't I — his elder brother — lose face?

"I have to dress my younger brother's wounds even if we're both going to die soon!" Dong Wu Lei indifferently said, "It is my responsibility to take care of my brother. I can't get rid of this responsibility even after death… no matter if I envy him very much… or if I want him to disappear."

Dong Wu Shang wanted to say something. But, he felt his throat to be completely choked with emotions. He was unable to say a word.

Young Black Devil quietly watched them for a while. Then, he said in a hoarse voice, "Alright! This being the case… you brothers have fifteen minutes."

Dong Wu Lei stopped. Then, he said in a low and deep voice, "Black Devil, you deserve to be called a hero among killers!"

Young Black Devil unexpectedly felt very comfortable in his heart as he heard these words.

He bitterly smiled in his heart, and thought… [Your younger brother had told me that I'm not a hero just a while ago. He had cursed and berated me. You could've done that too. But, you did the exact opposite of that. You called me a hero. You didn't completely acknowledge me as a hero… You only called me a hero among killers… You clearly held back. But, you were at least more polite that your younger brother.]

He asked after he thought this, "Dong Wu Lei, are you a hero?"

Dong Wu Lei replied without turning his head, "No, I'm not. Heroes die very quickly… just like this stupid Dong Wu Shang! I'm not a hero… I can be considered as a… far-fetched, ambitious, and ruthless personality who isn't qualified enough."

Dong Wu Lei truly wasn't a hero. He had been jealous of his own blood brother, and had pushed him away. He had always fought for power and profit in the clan. And, he had exerted all of his strength to make schemes! How could a person with such behavior be considered as a hero?

However, he wasn't just ambitious and ruthless. After all, ambitious and ruthless people would never insist like he had just done… Dong Wu Shang had been on the verge of death when Dong Wu Lei had approached the battlefield. Also, the Black Devil Clan's people had completely surrounded him… Therefore, Dong Wu Lei should've taken a prompt decision, and retreated at once if he were truly an ambitious and ruthless character… He should've thought of saving his own life first no matter how sad he would've felt at that time.

However, Dong Wu Lei hadn't thought about his life, and had rushed over instead. That's because he had suddenly forgotten everything when he had seen his own brother tottering and covered with bloodstains as if he would die the next moment…!

He had forgotten power… He had forgotten profits… He had forgotten status!

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