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"I truly envy you… But, I finally feel relieved as well… And, that's because you have such good brothers." Gu Miao Ling gently said, "I'll thank them when I get to meet them. I'll thank them for taking care of my little brother when I hadn't been around…"

 "Little brother…" Gu Du Xing was somewhat unaccepting. So, he climbed over, and moved close to her face. He then said, "Sister Xiao Miao, did you not hear Foster Father's words? He has already approved our relationship… So, I'll be your husband in the future… I'll also be the head of the clan. So, how can you still call me 'Little Brother'? Call me something else, okay?"

"Call you something else…?" Gu Miao Ling held his hand. She then asked with a faint smile, "What should I call you then?"

"About this… you can call me 'my husband and master'… No, no… It won't do. This title reminds me of that coyote — Luo Ke Di…" Gu Du Xing scratched his head, "Or, you can call me Lord Husband…"

However, he thought about it, and felt this title to be somewhat disgusting. He then said, "Or, you can call me… Let it be… You can call me by my name - Du Xing. What do you think?"

"That's not intimate enough," Gu Miao Ling fiddled her long hair with her fingers as she discarded this suggestion.

"Then, you tell me. What do you want to call me?" Gu Du Xing hopefully asked.

"I remember that I used to call you 'Lonely Puppy' when you were little," Gu Miao Ling focused her gaze on Gu Du Xing. Then, she narrowed her eyes, "Well… how about I start using that name again?"

"Anything but that…" Cold sweat started to seep out from Gu Du Xing's head. [I'd never be able to look up in my life… if this nickname reached my brothers' ears by any chance.] He finally gave up while being disappointed, "You can call me Little Brother…"

But then, he thought for a while, and again opposed, "Or, it would be better if you call me 'Small Brother'. After all, calling me Little Brother isn't good."

It was Gu Miao Ling's turn to be surprised. She opened her round eyes wide, "Why isn't it good?"

"Ahem ahem…" Gu Du Xing coughed twice. He then moved close to Gu Miao Ling's ears, and whispered a few words.


Gu Du Xing's buttocks were kicked out of the bed… Gu Miao Ling's face had turned crimson. She stared at him in a devilish manner, "Good, Gu Du Xing… You've been away for a few years. And, you've learned to assail a woman with obscenities?! Very good… Come, come… Confess how many girls you've harassed like this?"

"I haven't!" Gu Du Xing touched his buttocks since they had become sore due to the fall. Then, he cried out as he was being wrongly accused.

"You just did!" Gu Miao Ling opened her almond-like eyes wide as she unreasonably and persistently accused him.

Sweat was seeping out of Gu Du Xing's forehead since he felt anxious at the moment. He humbly begged and swore to her. A long while passed. Then, he finally got her to forgive him. He then wiped his sweat, and intimately climbed up into the bed…

The fact was that this one-track-minded man didn't know that Gu Miao Ling wasn't truly offended... It was just that she had been bantering flirtatiously. However, Gu Du Xing had become tensed. And, his heart had thumped wildly for a while…

He felt as if he was young again, and Sister Xiao Miao had clutched his ears… as if she was fiercely asking, [Lonely Puppy! Where were you a while ago? Tell me the truth. Otherwise, I'll spank your dog ass…]

He couldn't help but feel a painful nerve reflex in his butt…

Gu Du Xing needed time to get over it… even after years and years of acquiring strength…

Gu Miao Ling saw him being extremely honest and taking her joke as if it were a big deal… So, she didn't have the heart to bully him any further. Instead, she snuggled into his bosom, and happily closed her eyes while cherishing the feeling.

The two talked endlessly without getting to any point. It seemed that their talks would never be over. Gu Du Xing had flipped the switch of non-stop talking. In fact, the sum of all the conversations that Gu Du Xing had had with Chu Yang and the other brothers up until now wouldn't be equal to even half of how much Gu Du Xing was speaking today…

Gu Miao Ling kept listening to him with a smile. She would slip in a few words into the conversation from time to time to express her own opinions. She was indicating, [You keep speaking… I love listening to what you say…]

A long while passed…

Gu Du Xing was still endlessly talking about something. But then, Gu Miao Ling stopped him in a gentle way. She then said in a soft voice, "Little Brother… quickly go to the anteroom. Father and the others must be waiting for you… Be obedient… Do as you're told."

Gu Du Xing was reluctant to leave her… He lifted his head from on top of her body, and then looked at her with his crystal-like bright eyes. He then said while hating to leave her, "Sister Xiao Miao, would you wait for me here then?"

"Why do you want me to wait?" Gu Miao Ling pointed her finger to his forehead. Then, she said while biting her lip, "Lonely Puppy… You little scoundrel…!"

Gu Du Xing foolishly smirked, and then suddenly jumped up. But then, Gu Miao Ling urgently shouted from behind, "Put on your clothes! Put on your clothes, you little idiot!"

Gu Du Xing tidied himself up in a hurry. Gu Miao Ling heaved a sigh. She then covered up her front piece, and got down from the bed. Then, she stood in front of him, and carefully tidied his clothes. Tender emotions of love were overflowing from her eyes…

"Go." Gu Miao Ling withdrew a few steps, and looked at him… She felt satisfied with his appearance. So, she finally released her man.

Gu Du Xing was continuously and foolishly smiling... He was infinitely satisfied.

He then went out the door... Cold wind was blowing, and this made him feel refreshed. He felt the wind passing through his armpits. He was fluttering in the wind... He was happy to be alive!

This was the happiest day of his life! Nothing could surpass the happiness of this day!

He charged towards the hall where the official matters were discussed, but he was continuously skipping about on the way. He was in high-spirits while being oblivious to the flabbergasted visions of the bodyguards around. He was so elated that it seemed as if he had gone crazy. The eyes of the innumerable bodyguards almost fell to the ground behind him. They couldn't believe their own eyes. [Holy fu*k! What am I seeing? This… Is this our stern and cold-faced Young Clan Lord who doesn't let strangers come near him? He looks more innocent and pure than a seven-or-eight year old child…]

He arrived in the hall, and saw that the seats in the hall were neatly and tidily occupied with people; all of them were waiting for him. However, everyone had strange expressions… They all were looking at him in a manner that made it seem as if they would swallow him whole…

His foster father — Gu Yun Lan's expression was even stranger. His expression made Gu Du Xing and the others jump in fright. In fact, it made their hair stand on end. It gave off a bizarre feeling… as if someone had stolen… and yet not stolen Gu Yun Lan's treasure… Moreover, it was a treasure that he had preserved for more than twenty years… Such a feeling!

There was even some feeling of great bitterness and deep hatred! There also seemed to be a kind of unreasonable yet understandable anger and jealousy…

"Ahem ahem…" Gu Du Xing was somewhat embarrassed, "Foster Father, why are you looking at me like that? Your expression looks weird…"

He almost jumped in fright due to the way he spoke just now, [Why is my throat so hoarse?]

"What happened to your throat?" Gu Yun Lan asked in an interrogative manner, "Why is it hoarse? It wasn't hoarse just a while ago, right?" He pointed his finger to the sky. "It still wasn't morning when you had come back. And, the sun has already set in the west now. You haven't stopped your mouth for these many hours, right?"

The more he looked at this guy, the more unpleasant this guy seemed to his eyes. [The daughter that I've raised for more than twenty years is soon going to be devoured by this guy. It is such a pity… Alas, alas…]

Everyone burst into laughter. Then, an elder among them stroked his beard, and jokingly said, "Clan Lord, please appease your anger. I believe Young Lord has been speaking a lot today… In fact, I think he hasn't spoken this much in his entire life. So, his throat is hoarse… This is excusable."

Gu Du Xing was rendered completely speechless…

"Enough… let's talk decently." The Great Elder stood up to mediate. He then looked at Gu Du Xing with a lustrous expression in his eyes. "Young Clan Lord, are you truly a first grade Sword Emperor now?"

Gu Du Xing nodded. However, speaking was useless in this situation… It all depended on facts and actions. So, he spread his shoulders, and the imposing aura of a Sword Emperor surged forth like tides!

It was incomparably sharp. It was enormous, mighty, and abundant!

The swords around the waists of the people in the hall suddenly issued a loud sword-cry… no matter who it was. It seemed as if a crowd of swords was prostrating itself in allegiance to their emperor!

[The Emperor of Swords!]

[It's the indisputable aura of an Emperor!]

The Great Elder was startled. But then, his eyes suddenly emitted an ecstatic expression… as if he had gone crazy!

Everyone behind him exclaimed loudly in shock.

Everyone was excited beyond description. It seemed to them as if they were looking at a living deity as they looked at Gu Du Xing. There was finally an Emperor Level Expert in the Gu Clan!

No Sword Emperor had appeared in the Middle Three Heavens… for around a thousand years!

Many people's eyes were brimming with tears of joy and excitement. They had an urge to prostrate themselves to their ancestors, [Ancestors… Our Gu Clan finally has a support! We finally got someone to depend on!]

[Our Gu Clan will be able to stand tall from now on!]

Many of them couldn't help but wipe their eyes with their sleeves in secrecy as they thought about the hardships that they had faced over the many years. Everyone was smiling… However, glistening teardrops could also be faintly seen in their eyes.

Clan Lord Gu Yun Lan had always been calm. But, even his eyes were moist from the corners. He was continuously making great efforts to control his emotions from welling out. But, his body was still gently shivering…

There was now an Emperor Level Expert in the clan. This had been an extravagant wish of the Gu Clan since they had been unstable for so many years now. There hadn't been an Emperor Level Expert to keep watch over the clan... There had been no strong backing of the clan. This meant that they would always have to handle every matter very carefully for the fear they might offend this… and offend that... After all, not being careful could've brought-about total destruction of the clan.

The people of the Gu Clan had been behaving themselves for these past years… They had been tucking their tails between their legs. And, they had been so aggrieved because of this that they had been going insane. Gu Miao Ling - the daughter of Clan Lord - had stolen only one elixir. But, it had still incited a thunderous fury of the entire clan. They hadn't shown any tolerance towards the matter… They had mercilessly locked her up in the Dragon Prison Cave!

The reason for all this had just been these words -'Emperor level Expert'!

The juniors of the clan hadn't had the talent and capability to regenerate or influence the clan's roots when they would grow up. And, the clan hadn't had an expert to oversee it. Therefore, they might have been doomed if they had offended some influential personality.

And, Gu Miao Ling had willfully hindered the promotion of an Emperor Level Expert. So, how could they not have been angry?

However, Gu Du Xing had fulfilled their illusory wish now. Moreover, he had achieved far beyond everyone's expectations!

There were many Emperor Level Experts in the Middle Three Heavens. Every clan — apart from Gu Clan — had Emperor Level Experts even if the said-clan's strength was only comparable to theirs. So, it could be said that Emperor level Experts were absolutely rare in the Gu Clan, but not in the Middle Three Heavens at-large.

However, what about a Sword Emperor?

There weren't many Sword Emperor in the Middle Three Heavens; let alone a pure Sword Emperor who could give off such an imperial and imposing aura.

Only one had appeared in a millennium - Gu Du Xing!

He was absolutely unique!

Therefore, the Gu Clan had naturally seethed with excitement as soon as Gu Du Xing had unleashed his imposing aura. It could be reckoned that the present atmosphere in the Gu Clan must be a hundred times livelier than the celebration of New Year!

This atmosphere of jubilation had made the people forget the mistake that Gu Miao Ling had once committed. After all, it simply wasn't worth mentioning anymore. Some people had even been dissatisfied with Gu Yun Lan for letting Gu Miao Ling out sometime ago. But, even these people were grinning from ear to ear at this moment.

Gu Clan had been in a predicament for many years. And, this had already strengthened the unity of the entire clan. Therefore, everyone always worked hard for the sake of the clan.

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