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Gu Miao Ling's eyes were dim. And, tears were almost coming out of them.

It was unknown when these two had silently held hands.

They both had a vague and strange relationship of little brother and elder sister. Gu Miao Ling had always treated Gu Du Xing as her little brother in the past. She had always showed meticulous care and concern towards him. And, she hadn't held back in sacrificing herself for him even until later. However, Gu Du Xing had been unknowingly ignorant towards her sacrifices in the past. He hadn't had the least bit of idea that he was a perfect husband in his Sister Xiao Miao's mind.

Gu Du Xing hadn't gotten enough time to respond to her feelings, but Gu Miao Ling had still stolen an elixir to assist him with his martial arts practice. However, the clan had gotten very enraged due to this… They had locked up Gu Miao Ling in the Dragon Prison Cave. And, she had endured myriads of pains and hardships there…

It had already been too late to regret when Gu Du Xing finally became aware of Gu Miao Ling's deep affection towards him... In fact, he didn't even have the permission to meet her at that time…

Afterwards, the clan had settled a marriage for him. So, he had abandoned his clan since he hadn't had a better option. And, that was when he had run into Chu Yang!

After that, he had gone through lots of twists and turns, and had eventually returned to the Middle Three Heavens. Then, he had finally advanced his strength by leaps and bounds, and in-turn gained the recognition of the clan. This had then enabled him to visit Gu Miao Ling.

They had seen each other in the front of the Dragon Prison Cave, and had realized that they both were in love with each other. It was their first meeting after having realized each other's feelings.

She had become thin and pale in that world of ice and snow inside the prison… The ice-cold metal bars had gotten in their way during their meeting back then… They had been separated for more than a year since then.

However, these two had exchanged love vows at that time!

However, these two lovers had been able to hold hands only today. Moreover, they didn't have any worries at this time; this was happening for the first time in their lives.

All sorts of feelings welled up in their hearts as they passed through this section of road while holding each other's hands. Gu Miao Ling recalled that her legs had been broken at that time. And, she had been thrown into the Dragon Prison Cave even before her injuries could heal!

Her experience had been worse than death during those years in the Dragon Prison Cave. In fact, she would've committed suicide out of depression if she hadn't been concerned about Gu Du Xing.

Her whole body had become stiff in the Dragon Prison Cave… In fact, it was a place which could even freeze the will of people. However, her heart had remained warm. And, this warmth was intended for her little brother Gu Du Xing. [The heavens have shown mercy… We're finally meeting each other today!]

Gu Miao Ling's eyes became fuzzy as she thought about it. [The heavens have luckily shown mercy. I've finally got what I wished for. I'm finally walking shoulder to shoulder with my little brother under this sunlight…]

Gu Du Xing was also thinking about those few years as he walked. He was thinking how insensible, how stupid, and how dense he had been… [Sister Xiao Miao had always shown her affection towards me without holding back. But, I only noticed that once Sister Xiao Miao had been imprisoned because of me…]

[And, I've felt as if a knife was twisting in my heart every day and night for so many years ever since. I would dream of her late in the night… I would even hear her calling me, "Little Brother~~"]

[I'd laugh happily in my dream. But, I'd feel as if my liver and guts had been cut into pieces when I'd wake up…]

Both of them had never pledged undying love earlier. In fact, they didn't even know that they had feelings for each other at that time. However, the years of separation due to Gu Miao Ling's imprisonment in the Dragon Prison Cave had made them eternally faithful towards each other… And, this stood true regardless of life and death.

Gu Du Xing had been the glimmer of hope for Gu Miao Ling during her sufferings... Gu Miao Ling had already been secretly in love with him. But, the intense longing she had felt during all those years in imprisonment had made her feelings stronger than any metal!

Gu Du Xing had lived in regret during those years. He had been feeling guilty and deeply distressed in his heart. And, this had made his feelings towards Gu Miao Ling so deep that he didn't want to look at another girl in his entire life.

They hadn't shared any romantic moments before the day they had vowed undying love. However… their feelings towards each other had still reached an extent where they couldn't be shaken even by thunder!

Or, it could be said that… their heartbreaking reunion in the Dragon Cave Prison had enhanced their relationship to a whole new level! It had made this couple eternally faithful towards each other.

But… how many lovers are there in this day-and-age who can withstand such kind of torment for their love?

It hadn't been easy for these two to be here like this. It hadn't been easy at all! Perhaps, all the lovers of the world would be overwhelmed with emotions if this love story was spread. And then, they would feel blessed. They would feel gratified!

The two slowly entered the lady-chamber hand-in-hand. They felt as if their feet were as light as feathers… as if they were walking on clouds. Their minds were in disarray… as if they were in a dream…

This kind of happiness was hard-won…

"Sister Xiao Miao…" Gu Du Xing's voice was shaking.

"Hmm…" Gu Miao Ling lowered her head, and gently replied. She was feeling her heart beating more and more wildly.

"I've missed you so much." Gu Du Xing muttered. The voice of this steel-faced swordsman was shaking at the moment. Even his eyes had suddenly become moist. He was feeling sour, sweet, bitter, and spicy-hot… all at once.

He was clearly very happy. But, he still couldn't help his desire to cry.

He also felt a kind of pain in his heart. His heart was beating loudly for the fear that all of this was just a dream. It was because this was too beautiful… It seemed too good to be true!

"Me… too…" Gu Miao Ling gently said, "I'd been thinking for the past few years… my little brother is out there in the world. What if he is being bullied… or being treated unjustly? Nobody is there to take his side… Does he miss me or not…?"

Gu Miao Ling was speaking as if she was sleep-talking. She fondly looked at Gu Du Xing. Then, she muttered, "Little Brother, you've lost a lot of weight…"

Gu Du Xing felt his heart burning with passion... He couldn't hold it back anymore. A muffled groan came out from his throat. Then, he finally took a step forward. He hesitatingly extended his trembling hand to embrace this tender girl in front of him.

He felt that Gu Miao Ling's body was trembling a little. However, she didn't resist him. Instead, she gently and agreeably snuggled up into his arms. Gu Du Xing tightened his grip little by little after this hesitant embrace… until there wasn't any gap between their bodies…

Suddenly, a feeling of infinite satisfaction emerged in their hearts.

Gu Miao Ling issued a gentle sound. She was apparently choking with emotions. Her body had been stiff a while ago. But, it was completely relaxed now. She had surrendered herself to the man standing before her…

It had nothing to do with lust. It was only the whole-hearted devotion of a woman…

Gu Du Xing felt warm in his heart. And, this warmth suddenly welled up in his body. He extended his head without thinking about anything, and his lips kissed Gu Miao Ling's delicate earlobe. Gu Miao Ling issued a delicate sound, and her entire body became weak. She then felt that an overbearing and big mouth had already covered her soft lips…

Gu Miao Ling felt an explosion in her head… as if a galaxy had suddenly exploded therein. Then, everything happened so swiftly that she couldn't understand anything…

She found herself in bed by the time she regained her consciousness. She was in her little brother's arms. His muscular and strong body had tightly pressed her. And, the heat was penetrating into her flesh, and was making her flustered…

A pair of big and mischievous hands had already reached into her front-piece. Then, she looked at her own body… She didn't know when she had become half-naked...

"Little brother… Don't… Don't do this…" Gu Miao Ling weakly struggled to resist.

Gu Du Xing leaned over her body. He then muttered, "Sister Xiao Miao… I love you very much…"

The present Gu Du Xing was no longer the stern swordsman of the Jianghu. Not the least bit of his ultimate demeanor of a Sword Emperor could be seen at this moment... He was only the man who deeply loved the woman in front of him.

He could loosen himself up to this extent… But, only in front of her!

He was completely relaxed and full of warmth amidst this urge of sensuality. He was in deep love… He looked like a passionate young boy who was eager to make love to his sweetheart. Moreover, he also looked like a dissolute little brother being cheeky in front of his elder sister.

Such complex affection… such complex love… such an uncontrolled deep-attachment… and such a complicated relationship between an elder sister and her little brother was truly indescribable!

However, both of them felt that they most-strongly relied upon each other in this mortal world.

She resisted the numbness and limpness of her body as well as her emotions with great difficulty. She pushed away Gu Du Xing's head from her chest with great effort. Then, she said while gasping for breath, "Hold on… wait a minute… tell me… about your experience of these past years…"

"Experience of these past years…?" Gu Du Xing's mind became sober and calm. He then said, "What experiences?"

"I want to know how my little brother kept holding-on without his Sister Xiao Miao at his side for all these years."

Gu Miao Ling looked at him with affection, and gently combed his hair with her slender lily-white hands. Then, she said with infinite love, "We're people who practice martial arts… So, I obviously know that the journey from a Martial Great Master to a Revered Sword Artist; then Revered Sword Artist to a Sword King; and then from a Sword King to your present cultivation of peak of first grade Sword Emperor… must have been difficult!

"Even a god-gifted and outstanding martial artist might not be able to achieve this in his lifetime. But, you took only two years to reach to this point?!" Gu Miao Ling spoke till here. Then, she suddenly felt like crying. She was choking with emotions, "How did you achieve it? How much pain have you been through…"

She became increasingly sad as she thought about this. Tears started to stream down her face, "You staked your life… for your Sister Xiao Miao? You little fool…"

"No… I only worked a little harder than an ordinary person," Gu Du Xing recalled his experience of these last few years. And, all sorts of feelings welled up in his heart, "I have a few brothers. All of us have promoted our strength very quickly… because we've decided that all of us will be together. All of us will become legends of the Nine Heavens. None of us dared to be even a little lazy. We practiced martial arts in this way. We would finish our training together during the day. Then, we would again practice during the evening. Then, we would lie down in the bed, and secretly practice again… This wasn't painstaking by any means. In fact, it was joyful."

"Brothers…" Gu Miao Xing thoughtfully asked. "Are you talking about the one who gave me the fire essence?"

"Yes. That's my big brother!" Gu Du Xing got excited while speaking of Chu Yang. He said, "Ninety percent of the credit for the quick promotion of my strength goes to Big Brother! The same goes for the rest of my brothers."

A color of gratitude flashed in Gu Miao Ling's exquisite pupils. She then said, "Little Brother, you mustn't let down your brother if that's the case. God knows for how long I would've suffered… in that Dragon Prison Cave… if it weren't for him…"

"Yes." Gu Du Xing felt a slight heartache as he tightly hugged Gu Miao Ling in his arms. Then, he started to tell her about his experience of these past two years. It was obviously beyond Gu Miao Ling's expectations. What Gu Du Xing told her wasn't at all giving an intense vibe of helplessness and despair like she had imagined. Instead, it was full of joy.

She felt as if she herself had met these men as Gu Du Xing kept-on telling her about them.

The one who was calm, wise, farsighted, and multitalented was Chu Yang… The one who was steady, imposing, and as majestic as a mountain was Dong Wu Shang… The one who was jocular, humorous, and lazy was Ji Mo… The one who would act mindlessly, but was kind-hearted deep down was Luo Ke Di. The one who was usually shifty-eyed, was as lithe as a swallow, and had the spirit of loyalty and self-sacrifice was Rui Bu Tong… And, the one with a super-eccentric and super-narcissistic personality was Tan Tan…

The living images of these men kept popping-up before Gu Miao Ling's eyes as Gu Du Xing told her about them one by one.

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