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"I was obstructed only by the Ao Clan on this journey. So, there's obviously something fishy," Chu Yang muttered, "I massacred the Ou Clan. But, Ou Du Xiao and his father are keeping their composure? They haven't come to take revenge?

Sword Spirit said gloomily, "It's not that they don't want to take revenge… It's just that they're waiting for the right time."

"Fu*k!" Minister Chu snorted and stood up, "Let's get going!"

He thought in his heart, [Du Xing and the others have already passed through Ao Clan's ambush. But, it appears that Luo Ke Di has sustained injuries. I don't know how grave his injuries are…]

[Ao Clan is taking such unexpected actions at a time like this… This has surpassed all of my expectations!]

[It's a calculation mistake on my part as well as Mo Tian Ji's. How should we deal with this contingency?]

[Ao Clan is causing chaos without the slightest bit of reason. They're stirring things up so unreasonably. Consequently, it seems as if the entire Jianghu is being pushed towards doomsday!]

[Everyone is trying their best to cause trouble. Everyone is trying wholeheartedly to just sit idly on the sidelines, and watch the fire take its course. Everyone is waiting to benefit at others' expense. And, their wild ambitions are surging in the Jianghu.]

Chu Yang looked up to the sky, and heaved a deep sigh; [Perhaps, not even half of the original clans will survive after this storm… Perhaps, even fewer…!]

[Countless King Level Experts and Revered Martial Artists will perish in this storm.]

Chu Yang had never felt such a sense of urgency to see Mo Tian Ji!

The current situation had become tangled to the point that it could make one's hair stand up. Chu Yang believed that there were only two people in the entire Nine Heavens who could skillfully deal with such a complex situation.

[One is Diwu Qing Rou, while the other is Mo Tian Ji!]

[Even I can't deal with it on my own.]

In another direction… at night…

Cai Xiao Cheng and Li Chang Long finally came out of the brothel, and raised their head to look up. There were stars twinkling in the sky even though the break of dawn was approaching. Seven or eight prostitutes were lying down naked here-and-there in a room on the top floor of the brothel behind them. They had so little strength left in them that they couldn't even turn their head or move a finger.

All of them were faintly blushing. And, their limpid eyes were hazy.

[So satisfying… so fulfilling… I truly hadn't expected that an old man would turn out to be so fierce. He was at it for three hours straight. So energetic! Extremely ferocious! Which young guy can have such stamina…? Damn, I'll especially pick older patrons while welcoming guests from now on. I won't even charge money…]

[Besides, this customer was so generous...]

[Look at all those gold ingots on the floor… Ah, I'm so blessed...]

Emperor Expert Li Chang Long's legs had turned somewhat limp. He didn't care about the shocked onlookers after he came out of the brothel. He just lowered his head, and dashed forward for dozens of miles.

[Too disgraceful!]

"Brother Li, Brother Li..." Cai Xiao Cheng came over rushing from behind, and caught up with him. He asked while blinking, "... you okay?"

Li Chang Long's complexion turned dark, "...okay!"

"Eh, cough cough... Brother Li is old but vigorous..." Cai Xiao Cheng gave him a thumbs-up, "This Old Man was listening to the constant cries coming from upstairs the entire night... Many people had gathered downstairs. And, all of them were betting..."

"Betting…?" Li Chang Long's face turned red as he angrily asked, "What were they betting on?"

"Everyone was betting... on how long you would be able to keep going on so vigorously... Everyone lost in the end..." Cai Xiao Cheng coughed a few times.

Li Chang Long's face turned black like charcoal… as if he couldn't help but recollect that experience in his heart for some reason...

"Brother Li... Um… how did it feel?" Cai Xiao Cheng smiled mischievously.

"Feel..." Li Chang Long's daydreaming eyes suddenly woke up to reality. He then immediately became furious, "What feeling?!" He rushed ahead first…

Thereupon, it seemed as if some taboo had been shattered. This Emperor Expert Li Chang Long would mysteriously disappear for some time at every place he visited...

Cai Xiao Cheng was greatly puzzled by this. So, he trailed him several times. And, he discovered that Li Chang Long would change his appearance, and then hastily burst into a brothel at every place he visited...

He had become addicted...

Henceforth, the world had one fewer honorable gentleman, and one more old lecher!

This was the evil created by King of Hell Chu...

Chu Yang was swiftly rushing the entire way. Two days had passed. It was noon time when he finally saw chimney smoke rising at a distant place.

He was startled in his heart. He trod to the hilltop, and looked around. [There's no sign of human habitation here. So, how come there's chimney smoke?]

He then proceeded along the main road, and saw a fully-loaded caravan of carriages and horses coming his way.

There were twenty people in this caravan. And, all of them were covered in sweat. They looked exhausted from their faces. It seemed at a glance that they had had a long and difficult trek.

Chu Yang felt something strange in his heart. And, he halted his footsteps as a result.

The old man in front of the caravan saw Chu Yang coming head-on, and ran over to him while wiping his sweat and panting, "Young Master, Young Master... cough, cough. Excuse me… may I ask how far Song Clan's Fort is from here?"

"Song Clan's Fort?" There was no way Chu Yang would know where Song Clan's Fort was. So, he replied, "I'm so sorry. I'm just a traveler who's passing by. I don't know where Song Clan's Fort is."

The old man looked simple and honest. He nodded and bowed. "Never mind… Thank you very much, Young Master. You are indeed a very kind and nice person..."

Chu Yang nodded, and then asked casually, "You're delivering goods on such a hot day?"

"Yes," The old man was clearly very talkative. A bitter expression appeared on his face as he said, "This poor old man is trying hard to make a living by delivering goods. Sigh… There's no other way. There are many elderly and children in my family… So, I have dozens of mouths to feed."

Chu Yang nodded and said sympathetically, "It must be hard."

Suddenly, it seemed like the old man would burst into tears, "There's no other way. Life forces us to persevere."

Then, he politely said, "Young Master hasn't eaten yet? Moreover, you aren't carrying a water bottle on such a hot day? This mountain road is very-very long. It'll prove to be a long and difficult trek with the scorching sun in the sky. It won't be easy."

Then, he shouted, "Hey Sonny, hurry up, and bring a water pouch. This Young Master here needs to moisten his throat."

Then, he turned towards Chu Yang, "Young Master, we've met by chance… that is… we've been brought together by fate. This might seem like a trivial gesture, but I still request you to not blame me for being presumptuous."

Chu Yang gently smiled and said, "Of course, not. Sir, you're showing kindness. And, I appreciate your kindness. So, why would I want to blame you?"

The old man laughed gently and said, "Young Master, you're truly a good person. This humble old man has been travelling through the Jianghu and delivering goods to make a living. I always make it a point to be of service to others. I tell you… there are still many good people in this world."

Chu Yang nodded repeatedly, and said, "Sir, you're truly a good person."

Chu Yang received the water pouch from that 'Sonny' as he said this. He then nodded to express his gratitude.

The old man looked at the water pouch in Chu Yang's hand with his turbid eyes, and said politely, "Young Master, please drink."

Chu Yang smiled warmly and said, "I'm not thirsty right now. But, I've firmly engraved your kindness in my heart, Kind Sir. I'll drink when I will feel thirsty."

The old man smiled joyfully, and said in a gratified manner, "That would be wonderful. That would be awesome. Alright then! Young Master, you take care of yourself on the way. This humble Old Man will take his leave now."

Chu Yang gratefully smiled and said, "Thanks a lot, Sir. Have a pleasant journey."

The old man then yelled loudly, and the caravan set out on its journey once again. Chu Yang slowly stopped on the roadside. He then noticed that the carriages were exuding lingering fragrances in the air. He could tell that each of these carriages was carrying spices.

The old man would constantly turn his head, and wave his hand.

Chu Yang smiled, and waved back. He then turned around, and walked on. However, his entire body suddenly started to shiver after he took just two steps. In fact, it had begun to shake violently. Then, a look of hatred appeared in his eyes, and he let out a loud scream, "You... who are you?"

The old man looked this way from afar, but didn't seem to have heard what Chu Yang had said.

Chu Yang snorted. His body violently shook a few times. And, his eyelids seemingly came to a close. Then, his tongue burst out a thunderous bellow as he tried hard to open his eyes, "Who are you?!"

He then sat down, and his head started to spin in an instant.

The old man saw that Chu Yang had collapsed. Suddenly, he slowly ran back, and stopped 30 feet away from Chu Yang. He then cautiously asked, "Young Master, what… what happened to you?"

Chu Yang shook his head with all of his strength… as if to shake the dizziness off his head. Then, he powerlessly threw the water pouch to one side, and muttered, "How can... how can I get poisoned? I was clearly very careful... how did I get poisoned?"

His eyes seemed to have lost their light. He was muttering to himself; he was acting as though nobody else was present there. Apparently, he was having regrets.

The old man gathered around along with the 20 carriage drivers. They were cautiously watching Chu Yang on the ground. Then, the old man said with an uncanny laughter, "Poisoned? Ha ha, Young Master, this Old Man forgot to tell you… You were highly vigilant, and didn't dare to drink my water. However, you couldn't have expected that the water pouch itself would turn out to be poisonous. So, you were going to get poisoned as long as your hand touched the water pouch."

Chu Yang weakly said in rebuttal, "Nonsense... there was clearly no poison on the water pouch… I completely made sure of… this point..."

"He he, there was a certain medicine on the water pouch, but it isn't poisonous," The old man's eyes shot an ominous glint, "But... that medicine would blend with the fragrance from my caravan, and turn into a potent poison as long as you touched the water pouch and passed by my caravan! Now, this poison will paralyze your entire body… and there's no antidote for it! King of Hell Chu, can you close your eyes and die contentedly now?"

"So that's how it happened..." Chu Yang sighed sadly, and closed his eyes. Then, he opened them again, and asked feebly, "Who are you? He he... I, Chu Yang have been invincible my entire life. I've even used my power to overturn the Nine Heavens alone. So, it's just hard to imagine that I would truly die here... today... Tell me who you are… Let me have some peace of mind before I die."

The old man laughed grimly and said, "King of Hell Chu, you naturally can't die so easily. You massacred about 8000 members of my Ou Clan! Don't tell me you still think that you can die so painlessly? He he, you're dreaming!"

"So, it turned out to be the Ou Clan..." Chu Yang smiled bitterly and said, "It's indeed a natural cycle of… divine judgment... I killed your entire clan, and I finally die at your hands now... You are Ou Cheng Wu, aren't you?"

The old man burst into loud laughter. However, his laugh had a bit of sadness to it. He then exclaimed loudly, "Correct, it's me!" he wiped his face and removed the disguise as he said this. And, his true face appeared as a result. It was indeed the Clan Lord of Ou Clan — Ou Cheng Wu!

Then, the youth who had handed-over the water pouch to Chu Yang also removed his disguise, and transformed into the valiant and formidable-looking Young Lord of Ou Clan, the Poison Spirit - Ou Du Xiao!

Ou Du Xiao's complexion was pale at this moment. He looked at Chu Yang with extreme resentment, "King of Hell Chu, you couldn't have imagined that you'd meet a pathetic end one day when you had attacked our Ou Clan so viciously and mercilessly, right?"

Chu Yang choked and coughed as he laughed-on. He nodded repeatedly, "Ou Du Xiao... you're right. I hadn't imagined this ending. But I - King of Hell Chu - am neither dying an unjust death… nor did I have a loss. Close to 10,000 lives of Ou Clan perished in-exchange of my one life. So, what did I lose? Ha ha ha... Instead, I earned… I earned 8,000 times over! He he, Ou Du Xiao, you've killed me. But, I'll go and terrorize them in the underworld now, wa ha ha..."

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