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Cai Xiao Cheng finally remembered why this aura felt familiar to him. [Such a dense and sinister aura… Isn't this the distinctive aura of Black Devil?]

[This monster has killed so many people of ours. He would mysteriously appear and disappear, and assassinate them. Perhaps, only the core assassins of the Black Devil Clan have the ability to use such a method of assassination in the entire world!]

That man was sent out flying by the impact of his palm. Then, his figure clad in black-robe finally presented itself; he was wearing a black mask as well. However, he immediately turned around, and leaped up a big tree like a meteor. Then, he said with a sinister smile, "I've changed neither my name nor my surname. I'm King of Hell Chu. I'll never pretend to be someone else. What Black Devil? Are you senile or something?!"

Li Chang Long quickly rushed over while this man was speaking. He angrily shouted out loud, "Black Devil, you're despicable and shameless! You're exposed now, but you still want to deny?! The debt of blood must be paid with blood. Die for this old man!"

He smashed the entire tree with a bang.

A black silhouette flew out floating in the wind. It flashed under the setting sun. Then, he gloomily laughed and said, "Ao Clan, you're so mediocre! You're laughable… truly laughable!"

He then suddenly flew up in the sky, and rushed away before Cao Xiao Cheng could catch up with him again. He leisurely floated high up in the sky, and soared for 170 feet. Then, his toes finally landed on a big tree branch. He was about to fly out again with all his strength using this support.

However, a silhouette flashed, and Li Chang Long appeared in front of him out of nowhere like a ghost. Li Chang then shot his palm…

The body of that black shadow took a big hit, and fell backwards towards the ground like a meteorite. His mask was struck by the strong palm-wind, and shattered into pieces as a result. The cloth pieces fluttered in the air like black butterflies. That man choked and coughed at first. He then said with difficulty, "Your palm strength is good!"

Li Chang Long had already seen the appearance of this man with his keen vision. That man had eagle eyes, sharp nose, and long sword-like eyebrows. His entire face was exuding a malicious and intense aura. Li Chang Long couldn't help but become furious on seeing this, "Black Devil, it's truly you! Do you still have something to say in denial?"

That person coldly snorted, and his figure landed on the ground.

Then, Li Chang Long and Cai Xiao Cheng quickly rushed over at the same time.

Suddenly, a 'bang' was heard. And, a pink fog rose up from the place where that man had fallen. Cai Xiao Cheng was comparatively at a distance. So, he hastily halted his steps. However, Li Chang Long had already rushed into the faint pink fog.

He only heard seven-or-eight continuous clashing sounds of 'bang' that had been transmitted out from inside the fog. A black shadow flashed a few times, and it seemed as if the space itself was distorting. Then, he puffed out blood whilst being high up in the air, and disappeared without a trace.

Then, Li Chang Long rushed out from the pink fog. His entire face had turned red.

Cai Xiao Cheng was about to pursue. But, Li Chang Long loudly shouted, "Don't pursue him."

Cai Xiao Cheng turned his head in amazement. He was startled to see Li Chang Long's body tottering. He was about to go over, and support him with his hands.

"Don't come here! Don't touch me!" Li Chang Long loudly shouted.

"Huh?" Cai Xiao Cheng was startled.

Li Chang Long distressfully smiled. "That cruel and vicious Black Devil…! That Black Devil was so obscene! I finally got caught in his trap."

Cai Xiao Cheng was gob-smacked, "What happened?" He suddenly realized something, "What's that pink fog?"

Li Chang Long exposed an expression that made it seem as if he didn't know anything. He clenched his teeth, and said with an intensely ashamed and resentful look, "This is the lust poison of the Lust Dragon! That's why I'm stopping you. We'll be done for if both of us get infected by this poison…"

"Eh?!" Cai Xiao Cheng became dumbfounded. He felt as if his entire person had been petrified.

He had understood why Li Chang Long had such blushing facial expression. Cai Xiao Cheng couldn't help but face upwards, and start to rain curses. He cursed that man in vulgar language, but he still couldn't suppress the hatred in his heart.

Who could've thought that the Black Devil would be carrying the lust poison of Lust Dragon along with him? Who could've thought that he would use such a sinister method?

The poison of the Lust Dragon didn't have an antidote. This lust poison could only be neutralized through copulation between man and woman. Moreover, the entire body of the person that had been affected would fester up, and they would eventually die… if it wasn't neutralized within 3 hours!

Li Chang Long was more than sixty years old. Moreover, he was an eighth grade Emperor Expert. So, how would he bring himself to do the deed even if he were to find a woman? After all, this was a matter of his lifelong reputation and integrity.

Moreover… where would he find a beautiful woman in this mountainous area? He could at best find a village girl. But, even that would be considered an unusual fortune around this area.

Going back to the Ao Clan was out of the question!

Li Chang Long's face had turned green and white. He said in a hoarse voice, "I can suppress it for 5 hours using my cultivation. After that, it'll be incurable..."

"Brother Li, let's just hurry up and look for a… look for a…" Cai Xiao Cheng firmly stamped his feet on the ground. He couldn't bring himself to complete the sentence.

"How can this old man lose his honor…?!" Li Chang Long's lips were quivering. He suddenly cussed using all the strength of his body, "Black Devil… I'll fu*k your ancestors!"

Li Chang Long felt an urge to cry after he had cussed out loud.

[This poison is even fiercer than a highly toxic poison that causes instant death. This poison would simply make a person toss and turn in agony… It would torment them to death. Therefore, it kills a person in the most humiliating way possible!]

[This hatred is indeed big and unshakable.]

"Brother Li, a true gentleman mustn't care about minor matters. Life is important. Where there is life… there is hope!" Cai Xiao Cheng anxiously persuaded, "Moreover, nobody knows about this matter. Only you know and I know. The sky knows and the earth knows. I - Cai Xiao Cheng - pledge to the heavens… May I die a dog's death if even a little bit of this matter leaks out! May all my descendents be slaves and prostitutes…!"

"Brother Cai! You…" Li Chang Long stamped his feet and sighed, "You didn't need to take such a serious oath!"

"We've got no time to lose. We should go on a search right this moment," Cai Xiao Cheng said, "You've injured that Black Devil. So, he won't dare to come back. We'll make the Second Young Master wait here with the others for a while… And, we both will go together."

"It would be better if I went alone," Li Chang Long refused. He obviously didn't want to die. But, how could he make someone else see… this kind of matter? It wouldn't be right even if they had been brothers for several decades.

It was very embarrassing.

"You deal with your matter, and I'll keep watch…" Li Chang Long's face turned red as soon as Cai Xiao Cheng finished this sentence. Both of them had equally good reputation and moral standing in the Ao Clan. So, they both felt embarrassed while discussing over such a topic.

"There is the Li Clan's domain 350 kilometers towards the west from here. There are cities and towns there. So, there will definitely be brothels there," Cai Xiao Cheng lowered his head, "5 hours are enough to reach there with our speed."

"Brothel…" All the muscles of Li Chang Long's face twitched. "You, you… you want me to visit… visit prostitutes?"

Cai Xiao Cheng's face flushed as he replied in anger, "You've been abstaining for so many years. And now, you've been infected with the lust poison of Lust Dragon. So, do you think that one woman would be… would be… able to satisfy you?" he said while blushing hard, "I'm afraid that… you might kill… your partner if you couldn't hold back."

Li Chang Long's face turned stiff. The color of his face had turned purple, and his face had swollen like an eggplant. He muttered, "Then… do I have no other choice but to visit prostitutes?"

"Where would you find so many women… apart from brothels?" Cai Xiao Cheng took in a deep breath.

Li Chang Long bitterly smiled, "It's very hard to imagine for me. I - Li Chang Long - have never visited a prostitute in my life. But now, I have to do so at such an old age… alas!"

He heaved a long sigh.

Cai Xiao Cheng anxiously urged him, "Don't sigh. Let's go quickly… before it's too late…!"

The two hurriedly ran over to Ao Lang Yun. They told him that something important had come up. And, they would have to leave for now because of this matter. They told him to make everyone wait in the open area, and not allow them to go far away…

The two eighth grade Emperor Level Experts explained a few things in a hurry, and then rushed off to look for brothels without waiting for a reply…

Li Chang Long clenched his teeth, and then took a vow which transmitted in the void, "I'm not a true man if I don't slaughter the entire Black Devil Clan in this life…!"

Ao Lang Yun looked in confusion towards the direction in which both the Emperor Experts had left. He was at a loss.

[What urgent matter could they have at such a critical moment? What can be more important than the plan here? You two have gone… What would we do if King of Hell Chu arrived in your absence?]

[They are ignoring the larger issue!]

He felt dejected in his heart. So, he sat down in a sullen mood. Then, an intense feeling rose up in his heart. He felt a thirst for attaining absolute power and authority over his personal subordinates as soon as possible.

Chu Yang was flying like a meteor. He was sticking close to the land, and was flying out just like a stream of black smoke.

He had covered a distance of more than fifty kilometers in a breath. The sky had finally turned dark. Chu Yang was grazing through the forest with 'shua' sounds. Finally, he spurted out the blood that he had held back with two 'blargh' sounds.

He had racked his brains to come up with this plan, and had implemented it with all of his strength. He had finally taken Sword Spirit's help, and had gotten out of the Black Pine Forest. But, he had taught the enemy a lesson of blood. And, he had also successfully placed the blame on the Black Devil Clan. However, he had paid a very big price for that.

That Li Chang Long's final hit had made him suffer ample loss!

In fact, he had already consumed two incomplete versions of the Nine Tribulations Pill because of that brief collision.

Then, he had needed one more to flee till here.

This meant that Chu Yang had encountered three deadly crises in this confrontation of such a short period of time. Li Chang Long had used half of his martial power to block the invasion of the pink smoke at the end of the fight. And, Chu Yang might've been forced to let Sword Spirit take over his body to escape from there if Li Chang Long hadn't done so.

[However, all of that was worth it.]

[The hatred of Ao Lang Yun and the others towards the Black Devil Clan would probably see a new revival after this incident. It would increase little by little. But, it would be better if that Emperor Expert started to rot by the lust poison…] 

Chu Yang hurriedly took out an incomplete version of the Nine Tribulations Pill, and popped it while spurting out blood. Then, he thought maliciously in his heart, [How much fun it would be… if Li Chang Long didn't know what poison it was and called out everyone to get close to smell it…]

[The crotches of everyone's trousers would become erect, and they all would look for brothels. Seventy-to-eighty men going around with erect tents at the same time… I think that scene would be spectacular…]

Sword Spirit in Chu Yang's mind saw that Chu Yang had finally recovered. So, it finally got the opportunity to ask, "There is one thing that I'm very puzzled about. As per your cultivation… it should've been impossible to make your voice vague to such an extent that it got concealed from eighth grade Emperor Experts. How did you manage to do that?"

Chu Yang snorted and replied with a smile, "Didn't you see that I had gently patted on many trees in each direction that I went after entering the forest. I'd basically patted on every one out of hundred trees."

"I had noticed that. But, what does it have to do with what I'm asking?" Sword Spirit was puzzled.

"I used Yin energy when I patted on the trees. Consequently, the trunks of the trees got crushed on the inside… They became hollow by my smash. Then, I deliberately aimed my voice at those several trees whenever I spoke. So, the sound would automatically echo. That's how my voice echoed in all directions."

Chu Yang said with a smile, "You have to have cleverness in the Jianghu. You need to be more cautious; especially at crucial moments. Sword Spirit, you must learn this thing from me!"

Sword Spirit didn't speak anything.

[This guy had been taking the help of my spiritual power all the time. He even saved his life with the help of my Nine Tribulations Pills. But now, he's trying to teach me instead…]

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